RYB 901: How Do I Send Email And Sell Stuff Without People Getting Mad? – Jam Session

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 10/30/20 •  8 min read

Welcome to this week's Friday jam session. It's one of my favorite times of the week when I get to hang out with some incredible people and answer some great questions. To join us, head over to takeactioncrew.com to sign up for free.

We'd love to have you! I also wanted to let you know that moving forward, we'll require an application process for our Brand Creators Acamedy to make sure that we're bringing in people who are ready for the program. 

Today we're going to talk about what to do after you create an email list. I'm going to share with you how to send something for sale without your subscribers getting mad at you. Therefore, this is one of the most common questions that I get, and I am excited to break down the process for you today. 

So, If you are looking for additional help, I encourage you to head over to takeactioncrew.com. So you can join our Facebook group where you'll receive additional tips and communications from me and others within our community.

It's a great place to network and meet other people who are working on growing their own businesses and learn from each other. However, Just make sure you have a profile picture and can answer the three simple questions that we ask. Thus, this gives us the ability to make sure we don't get people spamming our group. 

Build a Relationship With Your Subscribers 

The mistake a lot of people make is to start an email list and strictly focus on launching a product and selling it to your subscribers. However, it's important to remember that each person that you're communicating with has certain wants and needs. They are real people with real feelings. Make sure that you deliver something of value before you ask them for anything in return. 

While you're providing value, you can also offer something to your list as long as you weave in a subtle offer and avoid making it solely about asking for them to give you something. People who sign up for an email list are usually looking for help in solving a problem or want to learn how to do something. Make sure that you're providing your list with a solution to their problem and always start by providing goodwill. Don't worry about giving out too much information because you can always go deeper.

The key is to attract the right people and repel others. I recommend always start by selling passively, and as you get closer to the launch of your product, you can transition to a hardcore sell. I do this in my own businesses and have seen a lot of success. As you start out by selling passively, you're going to show that you can deliver goodwill and establish yourself as an expert within your niche.

When you're ready to start promoting your products more aggressively, most people on your list will be found with it. Especially if they see the value that you can offer them. You can sell all you want, but you need to deposit goodwill into your list beforehand if you want to see the best results. 

How You Can Sell From The Start 

If you want to start selling right off the bat, there are ways to do that. Just make sure that you do it strategically. For example, when a person sign-ups for your email list, you can send them to a thank you page with an exclusive offer for a paid product. They'll get something for free, and you're simply informing them about a special offer after they've received their goodwill. 

For the most time, people are going to be ok with it, and if they aren't, then repeal those people. Remember, you only want to focus your time and efforts on those who are interested in what you have to offer. From there, your audience will know about the offer, and you can continue to subtly touch on your paid products moving forward. 

You can't do any of this if you don't have an email list, so it's time to start growing yours today. 

I want to help you build an email list with up to 500 subscribers within 30 days. We do all of this within the Brand Creators Academy. We have a full community who are sending out emails, running promotions, and building their website.

Every time I send an email, there is a marketing lesson, and you can always learn from what I'm doing. So even if you're a part of the Academy, I encourage you to take time to read over my emails and take what you've learned to create emails for your own list. 

Questions From Our Take Action Crew 

How do I decide how much to charge for membership fees?

I would recommend starting out by looking at what others within your niche are charging for similar products. This will give you a better idea about what people are willing to pay and how your competitors are successful. I would always start by offering an early member price to get some founding members on board.

They will be able to help you build and grow your community and get reviews in the process. You can always increase the cost as time goes on, and you build up your library of content and what you have to offer. 

Do you have any advice about what to include in emails sent to my subscribers? 

Keep your emails light and simple. Don't use spam keywords so you can avoid getting sent to the junk folder. I also recommend only including one or two links, especially when you're starting out. The goal is to get your emails through the spam traps, so moving forward, your emails will be sent directly to your subscriber's inbox moving forward, and you'll be able to reach more of your subscribers. 

Do you plan out your year per quarter?

Right now, I'm thinking about Q4 but am also looking forward to what I'm going to do in the beginning of 2021. It's always flexible, depending on what we have going on and the opportunities that come up. 

Should I test my lead magnets before adding a bump?

An order bump is offering a promotion on a more expensive product during the checkout process. The thing is, if you don't have the front edit converting at a decent rate, order bumps and other things you've added to the backend won't matter.

Start by getting the front end built out and working well before adding anything else to the backend. Always start with a lead magnet, create a landing page for it and start driving traffic to it. You can always build out from there. 

Do deadlines really help?

Yes, it's important to set deadlines for yourselves to keep yourself accountable. You'll be able to get much more done this way. 

Final Thoughts From Scott 

We have to take what we learn and put it into action because actions bring results. The quicker you get in the game, the better. If you're interested in joining us for our next coffee talk, head over to takeactioncrew.com. We'd love to have you, and you'll be able to ask your own questions if you have any! 

I wanted to let you know that our new workshop is available, and it's one of the best investments that you'll ever make for under $50. There is so much helpful information and will be very helpful. Head over to brandcreators.com/list to get access to the course. It'll only take you a couple of hours to go through the course, and within a couple of days, you should be able to get everything set up so you can get started on building out your email list. 

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take-Aways From Today’s Episode

  1. Build a Relationship With Your Subscribers (4:51) 
  2. How You Can Sell From The Start (13:38)
  3. Questions From Our Take Action Crew (18:14)


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00:37 Welcome to this Friday jam session, super excited. You're here. And if you haven't heard me say it before, I'm going to say it right now. This is probably one of the highlights of my week because I get to hang out with some cool people every single Friday and answer some really awesome questions. Now you might be asking Scott, how do I get my question answered? Well, all you need to do is become part of our take action crew. How do you do that? Very easy head on over to take action, crew.com. It's totally free. And we do it every single Friday and it is a blast. So what you're about to listen to is one that we did last week. So this way here, even if you can't attend, you can always show up here to the rock, your brand podcast, and listen to our live jam session.

01:25 All right, guys. So sit back, relax and let's jam. Hey guys, before we get into today's jam session, I did have some time sensitive news that I wanted to share with you. If you are listening to this on the day at airs, October 30th, 2020, and that is today is the last day that we'll be open for public enrollment to brand creators Academy. So if you're interested in joining us and you're listening to this on Friday, October 30th, 2020, head on over to brand creators, academy.com, you can get all the details. There also you'll have the opportunity to join us there for our last open enrollment. And the reason why I say last open enrollment, because if you go to that page and it's after October 30th, you can still apply, but not everyone will be accepted. So once again, if you're interested head on over to brand creators, academy.com, now let's get to the jam session.

02:22 All right, guys, welcome back to another Friday jam session. You guys know, I say this every single week. This is a highlight for me because, well, I get to hang out with some pretty cool people over here on the coffee talk and the jam session over on the rock, your brand Facebook group, and also on the brand creators fan page. That's where we're broadcasting. But if you're listening to this on the podcast, well, you get to be able to listen to it on the podcast because I'm recording it here in front of a live audience. And from here, we're going to turn this into a podcast episode. So you're listening to this and this question today, the whole, the whole thing we're going to be answering here today is this question that comes up quite often

03:03 After you've built a, uh, email list or an email list, and you want to start sending them stuff. One of the biggest fears that people have is what do I, what do I send them? Or how do I send them something for sale without them getting mad at me? That is the big question.

03:23 And I get like, what do I send them? But also what do I send them if I want to sell something without them getting mad at me. Okay. But that's what we're going to talk about.

03:30 How about here in this coffee talk now, here's what I want you guys to do. If you want to be part of this

03:35 Jam session and you're not here live right now, watching this,

03:38 Listen to this on the podcast, I would encourage you to head on over to take action crew.com. That'll take you over to our Facebook group, the rock, your brand Facebook group, and you can join there. You can request to join. You do have to request to join. You need a profile picture and you've got to answer three questions. They're pretty simple questions, but this way here, it keeps this group, uh, really tight. And it also keeps it where people are willing to be in the group. And you know, really sharing that they are a person. Cause a lot of times people will just put in like, uh, you know, like a random picture or no picture at all. And from there, uh, it doesn't say who you are. And it also looks like you could be just trying to get in the group to kind of spam the group. We don't want that. So that's why we have this little filter mechanism in place. So if you're interested

04:23 In joining us inside of that group and inside of

04:25 These take action, uh, crew little coffee talks, head on over to take action, crew.com. All right. So go ahead and do that. All right, here. Here we go. Also, if you guys are joining us here, live, drop your questions in right now. All right. All right, here we go. So how do we do this? How do we send email to our list and sell stuff without them getting mad? Well, first off it starts with a relationship. All right. It starts with a relationship. So the mistake that a lot of people make is they build the email list with one intention. And that is to either launch a product or sell them something that they have for sale. Right? A lot of times people are like, Scott, I want to build a list and I want to sell my product. When I launch it on Amazon, I want to sell my product that I have already on Amazon. Or I want to have a list that when I get stock back, I can go ahead and let them know, and then they will buy my stuff, right? So it's always about buy my stuff, buy my stuff, spike sales, buy my stuff, right? It's the wrong mindset. I want you to think about this. You are here

05:29 Right now, whether you're listening on the podcast,

05:32 Whether you are watching this on a live stream, think about yourself for a second. You are a person you're an individual and you have wants and needs and things that you're trying to achieve. Right? And you are probably on either my email list or someone else's. And how does it feel if just get hammered with an offer after an offer, after an offer, without giving any value. Right? So just think about that for a second. That's what you really need to understand. So what I recommend, okay. Is number one, deliver something of value now yesterday. Well, depending on when you're listening to this, uh, yesterday, we actually did our second round of our email list building fast track workshop. Okay. And by the way, if you want to access that the recordings are available now. So now it is going to be on demand. You can go there, you can sign up register, go through that two and a half hour training and then start building your list.

06:38 The goal is to follow three steps and build a list of 500 subscribers in 30 days or less. If you're interested, head on over to brand creators.com/list. All right. So call a little time out there. Do you see what just happened there? That's natural. I'm still delivering value too, but I let you know that there's something that's there for sale as well. Okay. So I didn't even intend on that. It just happened. It flowed because we're talking about this topic. So whenever you are communicating to your list, there's ways that you can weave in content and then weave in a subtle offer. Okay. I just made you an offer. Did that feel sleazy? I don't think so. Right? Because I'm giving you value. I'm showing up here on the podcast. I'm showing up here on this YouTube live stream or Facebook live stream, and I'm giving you something for free, right?

07:34 I'm giving you something that will help you. If you already have a list, this is going to help you because it's going to change the way that you think. And I want you to always be thinking about delivering value first, right? Yesterday, what we did on that workshop. That's what led me to talk about that is what we talked about is I showed people that you want to give someone a quick win. Okay? There's two different things. People are looking for either to solve a problem or to reach a desired outcome. Okay. That problem could be, uh, let's see how to, how to get better gut health, because I have, you know, stomach problems, right? That could be a problem, right? You're going to help in solving that. What's the first thing that someone might need to know what foods to avoid or what foods to make sure that you have or three foods to make sure that you have for better gut health right now on the other side of the spectrum, let's say that you want to learn how to play guitar.

08:27 So you're starting, you're brand new. You've never picked up a guitar. The first thing you need to do is you need to learn how to position your hands, to play a chord. So how about three chords? You can play in the next 30 minutes, three easy chords. You can play in the next 30 minutes, right? That's your quick win. The second piece now is you're going to deliver an email after that, that you know, that they're a beginner because they signed up to know the three chords for beginners, right? The next email is going to basically say, Hey, how was that last video for you? Or that last piece of content? Did you get your three chords? I hope so. Because today I'm going to teach you how to strum those three chords, three different ways. You can pick them or you can strum them, something like that.

09:06 Right? So I delivered value. And then I can go onto the next email maybe three days later and go, Hey, just checking in again, see now you're making out, you should've gotten the chord. You should've gotten the strumming exercises and now let's put it all together and let's make a song. Or maybe we do one more. Maybe we say, let me teach you a simple guitar riff. And then that's the, that's the next thing. And then maybe the fourth email is like, let's tie it all together. Right? But now the cool thing is, is in every single email there, if you had something to sell, let's say that you sold, um, maybe a video training on how to play guitar, right? You could say, uh, Oh, by the way, guys, if you want my full, uh, you know, six week guitar training to play like a pro go here.

09:49 This is one of the lessons we teach inside. That's it? That's all we're doing. Actually what I'm doing right now, that little piece I taught that yesterday at the workshop I showed, uh, an actual example of like a, you know, this little, this little stick figure on the left-hand side, looking like, Oh my gosh, like, what am I going to do? Like not smiling. Right? And then you show these different milestones. And then you see at the, at the goal of where they want to be, they want to play a song. They're happy. Right? So in between there there's milestones, right? I just basically pulled that out of that little piece of content and said, that's exactly what I talk about inside of the workshop. If you want the full workshop that teaches you how to build a list from a to Z, go on over and check out brand creators.com forward slash list.

10:35 You see how that works. It's not forced. It's not hard. I'm still delivering you something. I'm giving you something. Right now we go into greater detail. Of course we show examples. We show examples of other lead magnets that are really good and, and how you would lead people through different examples. So again, I can give that stuff away. It doesn't mean you're not going to get value. If you, if you go through the workshop, it just means that I'm helping you along the way. But a lot of times people think, well, I don't want to give them too much information because then they want me to buy my stuff wrong. All right. That's another big, uh, big mistake that people make. They, they, they try to hold stuff back, right? No, give it away. You can always go deeper. You can always go deeper. So how do you sell?

11:16 You sell passively a lot of times, but then you set yourself up to do a hardcore promotion. Okay. So a perfect example of this is leading up to our workshop. I was basically sending out emails, really highlighting why it's important to have an email list and giving examples. Right? I was basically sharing all of that and then letting people know I'm going to be doing this workshop. If you want to go sign up here, it is. Right. So I'm just passively kind of doing it. It's not a hardcore promotion. The last three days before we were going to do the workshop I switched into, I'm going to start promoting harder. Right. And the list is okay with it. For the most part, you're going to get some people

11:54 That are going to unsubscribe it.

11:55 Okay. We've just, again, we attracted and we repelled, right? That's something else I talk about in the workshop is how to attract people and repel people, because we don't want everyone. That's another mistake that people make is they want everyone. We don't want everyone. We want to attract the right people, repel the others. Okay. That's exactly what we do. So again, you want to

12:17 Be able to allow yourself we're dropping good,

12:20 Good will in the bank. Okay. And what I mean by that is, is every time you drop a piece of Goodwill, you start to get people to take their guard down a little bit. And they're like being able to breathe a little bit. And you're like, okay, this person's, this person's okay. They're not

12:34 Just trying to sell me stuff something all the time. They're occasionally letting me know they have it

12:38 Something, but they're not being forceful with it. And then when I get to the point where I am promoting, it's still not like buy my stuff or you're, you're going to be a loser. Right. It's not that it's just, here's this thing I have. It's going to be

12:51 Available. We're going to be teaching it live. If you want to be part of that,

12:55 You better hurry. Right. That's what I would tell a friend, if they're dragging their feet, I'd be like, Hey, you better get that thing going. We're going Saturday, man. You better get you better get your stuff together. We're we're going on Saturday. And then on Friday, I'd be like, Hey, I noticed that

13:08 You didn't get your backpack ready. We're going hiking on Saturday. Right?

13:12 I need that. If you're going to be part of this hiking trip, right. It's the same idea, but you'd got to build the Goodwill along the way. So my big thing here is, is you can sell all you want, but you need to deposit Goodwill into your list before you actually sell. Now, are there ways that you can sell immediately after someone joins your email list? Yes. And we've done that. You can do it in a cool way. One way is

13:41 Sign up and immediately you send them to a thank you page and it says congratulations or thank you.

13:45 Awesome. Uh, you, uh, you know, you just, uh, you know, are once you just got one step closer, uh, to becoming a guitar hero, something like that, we just sent you your free download to your inbox, check it in a few minutes. But while I have you, I want to give you an opportunity to join our six week program for 50% off. Boom. I can put that right there.

14:07 Most of the time people are going to be okay with it. And if they're not guess what?

14:10 Tell those are the ones that aren't the right ones for me and my market. Right. And the ones that are they're okay with it. They're like, nah, not good for me right now, X off. Right. And then we were able to show up, they know about the offer. We're able to show up

14:25 In their inbox, deliver the free thing, give them more

14:28 You and just subtly touch on that thing that they already are aware of now. And that's it. That's the magic guys. That is the secret sauce. All right. So if you guys have any questions

14:39 On this, let me know. But hopefully, hopefully

14:42 This is sinking in for you. All right. But the other thing that I should say is you can't do any of this. If you don't have an email list. Right. And that's little, uh, well, spoiler alert, I want to help you build an email list up to 500 subscribers. Because once we do that, I can help you. Now with email marketing, I can help you send promotions. I can help you write more emails and better emails. I've done it. Right. And that's what we also do inside a brand creators Academy, spoiler alert, right? Get you results, build a list. And then you are now more qualified to come into brand creators Academy, right? It's a, it's an, it's a no brainer, right? If you're ready for that, right. That's where you have a full community. That's already building their list and sending emails, right. Running Facebook ads, building out content, building their website, all of that stuff. Right. So the other thing I really want to say here is if you guys are paying attention, watching what I am doing, this is a marketing lesson right in front of you. Right? And so you

15:48 Should be taking that as a lesson. I had a guy

15:51 The other day, he said he emailed me real good guy. And he's been a subscriber for a long time. He actually went through the workshop, actually registered for the workshop.

16:00 But before the workshop, I was still sending emails to my entire list.

16:04 Yes. That of that segment of the list that was interested in the workshop. I was still sending it to those people and he met

16:10 And he says, Scott, I already signed up. I'm just curious. Why are you still

16:12 Sending me that stuff? And I said, well, number one, it's not set up yet to remove you. It will be right. But I also said, maybe you should just kind of stay on that email list and pay attention to what's happening to people that haven't joined yet. Right. There's a marketing

16:31 Lesson happening. Every time I

16:33 Send an email. Right. So for you to open my emails, you can be learning something every single time that you open that email because you, even if you already purchased, right. I honestly, I would rather still

16:47 Be on the list to see all the marketing stuff that's happening, even though I've already purchased.

16:52 Cause I'm learning along that way. Right. As like watching and seeing what's done what email is sent out next, if people have, how are they handling people's

17:01 Issues or things that they're they're saying

17:04 Is, is holding them back. Right. All of that stuff. So I actually look at that as a marketing lesson. So little side note there for you. Right. And, uh, it's something that I think that a lot of people don't look at as an opportunity. Right.

17:16 You can be learning just by following along just what I'm doing right

17:21 Now. Right. So again, think about that. All right. So, all right. Let's go ahead and see,

17:27 We've got any questions in the queue and then I got to get going here. I still got some things to do before

17:31 Daughter gets here. Uh, so let's go ahead. Uh, okay.

17:34 We got, Oh, what's up Octavio. One of our Academy members. Good morning brand rockers. What's up? Good

17:39 Morning roof. Uh, this one

17:42 Here, my website has a product not linked to Shopify, but why Amazon to fulfill the orders? Where do I find the answers to do this? Or should I think it, or should I link it to Shopify and fulfill myself? That's a loaded question. There's a whole bunch of different areas. We could go there. Uh, but it is going to be easier. Uh, if you have Amazon fulfill it, but you're going to pay more. So it really just depends on what your main goal is and, and how, um, how much you want to fulfill orders. Um, but you will save money if you have Shopify do that for you. Uh, let's see. Oh, Steven, uh, how do I decide membership fees do a test at different price points. How to know how high market will bear as I sell a service, not a product. Uh, yeah.

18:26 That's something that you would have to test. I would look at other people in your market that have something similar and get an idea. Uh, but what you really want to think about too is your first group of people. You always want to have a founding members launch. You're never going to be really want to go lower than that because then you would refund everybody and lower their monthly rates. So I would always, I was always lean on the side of lower and then increase it as you start to grow. Um, so I would always say lean on the side of less and then start to grow it over time and start to raise the price, uh, but get those finding founding members in because they're going to help you build it with just their stories of what, the results that you are able to deliver in the community that you're building.

19:07 Uh, D you completely made it simple and step by step. There's no excuse after watching yesterday, how to build a lead magnet and what to give them for free. Awesome. D I am so, so happy to hear that. I appreciate that day, uh, Ruth, I'm getting ready to do three email profit push next week for prime day. Yes, I can't wait. And Ruth posts that stuff in the Academy. I know that your Academy member drop that stuff in the, before you send them, let us all see them and we can give you our take on it. Um, and we can kind of chime in a little bit. So make sure that you do that before the, the three email profit push. All right. And what that basically is guys, if you don't know, it's, you're sending out three emails, sometimes four, and it's basically, you're going to let them know that there's a flash sale happening right now.

19:51 The second one is going to be the second email is going to remind them of what you just sent them the day before reminding them about that. And then the third one is like final reminder about this, but I'm day three, you could send two, one in the morning and one in the late, uh, late afternoon or early evening. Um, so that's what I would suggest doing there too, but it's really the three day email profit push is what we call that. It's also inside of the audience accelerator, which is our templates and stuff inside of the Academy as well. Uh, happy Friday, K uh, Selma. Um, have you made some key pieces that have helped you, your email get opened? Yes. Keeping it light, keeping it simple, keeping it, uh, not talking about like how to make money or spam keywords like that. Like, we, we don't want to keep that, you know, we don't want to add that stuff in and we want to keep it really, really light.

20:40 Uh, and I would suggest in the very beginning, no more than two links, because that will also flag. Uh, so I would just say, keep it light in the very beginning. You want to keep it to maybe one link, um, because the goal is to get it through the spam traps and all of that stuff in the very first pass that way follow up ones will, the email service will acknowledge that you've had a two-way conversation or that they've at least opened it. You plan your goals for the quarter. Do you do anything different for the last quarter? Um, yes, I do look at quarterly. Actually. I look at the full year, but then it always changes. So then we go quarterly. Uh, but yeah, it's generally quarterly, but like right now it's, uh, we're, we're thinking about fourth quarter, but we just wrapped up this workshop.

21:25 We're probably going to do another workshop in the next six weeks. So we'll start planning that one out. Um, but yeah, usually it's quarterly, but it's always flexible. Always flexible. Uh, yeah, no problem, Steven, uh, Selma, the workshop learning can be implemented within a week. Yes. It can actually be done quicker if you have some of those assets already built. And if you do not stand in your own way, right, we gotta get out of our own way. Uh, D I don't have any questions, but I can't wait to share with you and the group, my lead magnet and their free infographic. I love it. This is what I taught. This is what I'm talking about. Action steps, man, action steps. We have to take what we learned and put it into action. I have a shirt that I wore at brand accelerator live. I worked during, during the workshops and the, the shirt says, action equals results.

22:12 We can sit here on the sidelines guys, but until we actually get in the game and run a play, we can't say what's going to happen. Right. We got to get in the game. All right. So the quicker we get in the game, the better. All right. So get in the game, uh, Salomon, should you test your lead magnet first before adding bumps? Uh, yeah, you can. Absolutely. And what we're talking about as far as bumps, if anyone wants to know it's an order bump. So if you drive someone to a paid offer, you can have like a little order bump there. So an example is if you go through the workshop, a little mini funnel, it's not even a big funnel. It's like two pages, um, not, yeah, it's two pages. Um, so basically you go there right now, depending on when you're listening to this or watching this, you'll go to either a checkout page or a sales page.

22:52 And on that, you'll go to a checkout page on the checkout page. It'll have a little, a one-time bump there, like a little offer. Um, and currently right now it's like email templates that you can add to your order. Um, so that's that I would say, yeah, wait until we get, like, the other thing is people try to build out the entire thing. First. They want to build the landing page. They want a lead magnet, the landing page. They want to add a product. They want to put a bump in place. Then they want to put a nine day email sequence on the back end of that, and want to hook up all the automation. The thing is, is if we don't get that front end, converting at a decent rate, other stuff on the back, doesn't matter, right? Because think about it. If we get a hundred people to visit our page and we get 20 people to see it out of that, that's good. 20% is pretty good, but that means that only 20 people are going to see the rest of the stuff, right. If we do this and we only a 10%, we only

23:46 Get 10 people. Then we got half the people that are going to be able to see the next stuff. So we got to get the front end work in first, right. Um, we shared, uh, an example of a niche that we built a lead magnet in two lead magnets that are converting between 30 and 36%. One of them was as high as 40%. But think about that once we get that to that level, now we can start adding in bolting things on the back. But if you put out a lead magnet and start driving some traffic, and it only gets a 10% conversion rate, we got to fix that. All right. So there's no sense in building anything on the back end yet. Right. So always start with the lead magnet, put it up on a landing page, drive traffic, like that's step number one. Uh, yeah, no problem. Selma. Um, let's see here. Uh, hi Scott and Brian Rackers. What's up Karen? Uh,

24:34 It says heading the Boise for a Sona basketball tournament for a weekend goal lead magnet done by Sunday. Uh, brought all my stuff. Awesome. And I love that because that's the other thing that we talked about,

24:44 The workshop is giving yourself a deadline. There's no reason you can't do this. And you know, Kate, you went through the workshop. Don't worry about the Facebook ad stuff yet. We'll get there. Don't worry about building a landing page yet. We'll get there, build the lead, the lead magnet first. That's the first piece that we need in this, in this process. So make sure that you get the lead magnet done. All right. So guys and girls, I say guys, I mean guys and girls, so you guys know that, um, this is going to wrap up this, uh, little Friday jam session. I want to thank you guys for stopping by. If you're listening to this on the podcast, what you need to do is you need to come on over and hang out with us on Friday or Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm here. 10:00 AM Eastern time, pretty much every single week.

25:24 Actually. Not pretty much. I am. I haven't missed one. Uh, so if you're interested in joining us head on over to take action, crew.com request to join the private Facebook group for the rock, your brand podcast, we'd love to see you over there. And, uh, if you guys are interested in joining the workshop, it's ready, guys. It's ready. You don't have to wait and register anymore to wait for the event to happen. It's happened, it's recorded. It's broken up into bite sized pieces. The downloads are added. There's a case study of a 30 day case study, where we built a list of 9,000 subscribers in 30 days. It's all inside of the portal right now. So all you need to do to get access to that. And it guys, it's the, probably the best investment for under $50 you'll ever make. I promise you that.

26:10 All right. So if you're interested in checking that out, head on over to brand creators.com forward slash list, and you can get your hands on that and you can go through it literally in a couple hours, two, three hours, and then you can have everything set up as quick as you want to get at it. And I really think a couple days you can have everything set up and ready to start driving traffic. So that's it guys have an awesome, amazing day weekend, whatever time it is for you and as always take care, take action. And I'll see you on Monday. Take care guys.

26:40 All right. Well, I hope that you enjoyed that Friday jam session. And like I said, in the beginning, if you want to attend one of our live Friday jam sessions, all you need to do is head on over to take action crew.com. That is where we show up every Friday, 10:00 AM, Eastern time, and you can join us. You can ask a question and then, uh, I can answer it and we can go ahead and also publish it here on the podcast. So once again, I just want to say, thank you so much for listening. This is always one of the highlights of my week. And until next,

27:13 Remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it. Proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now go rock your brand.

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