RYB 899: How Dean Will Grow His Traffic and Profits In 30 days (Recent Hot Seat)

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 10/26/20 •  5 min read

I’m excited to share a recent coffee talk I did, sharing a hot seat session I did with Dino, a member of Brand Creators. He recently purchased a niche site that is currently getting 65,000 page views and 7,000 unique visitors per month. Today I’m going to share some low-hanging fruit that he can take advantage of and how you can do the same in your own business. I wanted to provide you with some key takeaways, so you know what to look for and how to successfully build your own brand.

My Initial Evaluation of Dino’s Website 

When you’re looking to buy a website, you need to start by looking at the opportunities that could come from the current site. Can you increase the value? The key is to know the building blocks and principles, so you’re off to a good start. 

Dino approached me and asked if I thought he should buy a particular website. When he was looking at the site, it was making $800 a month in ads. Now he’s making over $1,500 a month in ad revenue alone. The one thing I saw when I was evaluating the site was that there was no lead magnet. The previous owner never had one.

My first recommendation was to get one up asap. It’s important to capture leads from website visitors so Dino can instantly start to grow his email list. Over time, he’ll build a nice solid list from the steady flow of traffic he has coming to the site. Every time he posts new content, he can send it out to his email list so it’s essential to get one started. 

Don’t Wait to Create a Digital Product 

Dino had a digital product that the previous owner had created but never sold. He needs to get that up on the website for sale soon. He can always play around with the guide's price later, but it’s important to get a digital product up on the thank you page once a visitor has signed up for the free lead magnet to give them a follow-up call to action. 

I also want you to keep in mind that Dino took a shortcut by purchasing a website that already had a library of content already created. The website started out with content only until Dino purchased it. He is now starting to add additional elements. Whether you start your site from scratch or purchase one, you’re going to have to pay for it either in money or time. 

Brand Creators Virtual Event Take-Aways

In our recent Brand Creator online event, we had Cassidy Tuttle come on as a guest speaker. She shared how she has been able to take advantage of selling her own digital products and uses email funnels to make over $15,000 a month. If you missed our Brand Creators event, you can purchase the recording now. There are some great insights that will help you grow your own brand. We walk you through how to create content and how to get traffic and monetize your site. 

There you have it! I hope you learned something from our hot seat session reviewing how to take existing traffic and turn it into profits and a growing email list. Remember, business drives traffic and offers. Whether you start a brand from scratch or purchase a website, it’s important to understand what areas of the business to look at and where to focus your attention so you can grow your brand from the start. 

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take-Aways From Today’s Episode

  1. My Initial Evaluation of the Website (3:59)
  2. Don’t Wait to Create a Digital Product (10:10) 
  3. Brand Creators Virtual Event Take-Aways  (11:50)


“It’s important to understand what areas of the business to look at and where to focus your attention so you can grow your brand from the start”

00:00 Our goal is to get it to that thousand to $1,500 per month, but then also be able to take these digital products and wrap them in there and then build an email funnel sequence. And we'll see where that leads way. Hey, Hey, what's up everyone. Welcome to the rock, your brand podcast. I'm your host Scott. Bowker a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help you. This show is designed to teach you to inspire you, to motivate you, to take massive action and build a future proof business. So whether you're just starting out or taking your existing business to the next level, this is your home. Now, if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's frack your brand. What's up guys. Welcome back to another episode of the rock, your brand podcast. This is episode eight 99. Can't believe it. We're almost at 900, but Hey, today I'm excited because I'm going to share with you a recent coffee talk that I did going over a hot seat that I did inside of brand creators Academy, with a member who just purchased a niche site for around $30,000.

01:13 That's getting already 65,000 page views a month, about 47,000 unique visitors, but it was lacking a few things. So what we decided to do in this hot seat session for our Academy members was go over what he can do immediately. And inside of this coffee talk, I break it all down. I talk through it and really share with you some of this low hanging fruit. No matter if you already have a website and you want to add some of these components, or if you want to work towards adding these and not making the mistake that the previous owner had made. So this session was dedicated to really taking everything that I talked about in the hot seat, breaking it down, distilling it down and giving you those big takeaways. So you know exactly what to look for, but also what to work towards in building your brand.

02:11 So again, this is episode eight 99. If you want the show notes, the transcripts, all the links, all the stuff we talk about, you can head on over to brand creators.com forward slash eight 99. You can get it up all over there and a, well, if you want to join one of our coffee talks and be on one of these calls, well, all you need to do is head on over to take action crew.com, which I'll also link up in the show notes, but that's where I jump on every single week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And we do a session just like this one that you're about to hear right here on this podcast. So guys, sit back, relax and enjoy. Here's what we're going to do. We're going to dig right in. Um, this is going to be exactly kind of like an overview of what happened here.

02:55 Okay. So probably about a week ago, well, a little bit longer now, a couple of weeks ago, Dino had said, Scott, I'm thinking about buying a website. And I said, okay, give me a little bit more about it. Now. I'm not going to reveal the niche here inside of BCA. We do, but we do keep things a little bit more private, uh, outside of it because we obviously, we don't want to blast it out to everybody, but give you the overall idea here. So he wanted to buy this website, the website at the time, I think a couple of weeks ago, it's actually growing. I was getting around 35,000 uniques, a unique visitors that is, and probably close to like 45, 55,000 page views. Okay. And so he was, I wanted to buy this website and he asked me about it and I said, it looks like a great website.

03:47 It's very niche too, by the way. And, uh, what I was looking for and any time I'm looking at a website, whether I'm going to buy it or I'm going to help someone build it, it's like, where are there opportunities that could be a, you know, that, that we could take advantage, right? It's kind of like if you buy a house and you see that it just needs to have fresh paint, maybe, you know, some updated flooring, maybe some new cabinets, and you're going to be able to add a whole bunch of value to it and bring up value. That's kind of how you look at a web property as well. And again, while we're doing this, we're looking at it and going, okay. Uh, you know, we know the building blocks to a brand, right. And we know how to, uh, take these assets and then either leverage those or increase those or add monetization to it or any of that stuff.

04:35 Right. So we understand those principles. Okay. Um, so we got on the call after he purchased it. Cause I said, yeah, scrape. I took a quick glance at it. I go, you know, a few things here immediately that I see that we could probably, uh, take advantage of. And so, well, the very first thing that I want you guys to be aware of is again, once you have traffic coming to a website, okay. There's things that we can do immediately. One thing that we discovered after we got on this call, and by the way, let me just throw it out there. The site, when he was thinking about buying it even a month ago, I think it was making around $800 a month in ads. Okay. So media vine, once you hit 50,000, you can start running media vine. And I think it was doing around $800, just shy of a thousand.

05:28 Now it's doing like $1,500 a month. I think it's just shy of 1500, but he said, it's going to probably do $1,500 this month, just ad revenue by the way guys, because he's on media vine and then media vine is paying right now around $24 per thousand, which is your RPM. Uh, don't worry about all this terminology, but just understand for every thousand people are page views, not even people, page views, he's getting paid $24 in like 52 cents. It's almost 25. Uh, normally, uh, we have a couple of brands right now and we're averaging actually we have three brands that are running ads. Uh, one of them is averaging around 20 to $23. Um, but that has dipped it's, it's went down, uh, to about $15, but then it's, it's comeback. Um, there's another one right now in a completely different niche. That one is around $9 per thousand.

06:22 So it's low, but that will increase as the, as the seasons change. Then the other one, uh, is doing around 13, $14 touching $15 at times. So that's good. Right. Just so you understand that when traffic is coming into the site, if all I did, if all I did was say, I want to get 50,000 page views, okay. On my website, nothing else. I'm not going to worry about digital products. I'm not going to worry about physical products. I'm not gonna worry about affiliate stuff. If all I did was looked at that, right. I looked at, if I get 50,000 page views and they're paying what they're paying, therefore, you know, for Dino, you know, that's, you're going to be up there around 1500 bucks, right. 1200 to $1,500. I don't know about you guys, but that's usually around, depending on where you live a mortgage payment, I mean, heck right.

07:14 So a website is paying your mortgage. So anyway, I'm looking at that. Right? So now the cool thing is, is when we looked at this, I said, okay, we're looking at the homepage. We're looking at all the different pages. I don't see an opt in form. I don't see a place where there's an email capture. And he goes, yeah, no, he doesn't have an email list. So when he bought this website, did not have a, a, an email list. And so your very first thing, my first homework assignment for him was what do you think? You got to get an opt in on there? I don't care what it is. Right. You know, five tips to catch more bass, like whatever. I don't care. Right. Take a blog post. And we did this twice, by the way, in I'm in brand creators Academy where we used it as a case study for building a list, we took two blog posts that gave good information.

08:08 We created a little PDF. And then we offered that as a download and we built an email list. One of them's converting at like 42%, the other one's converting at like 36%. Right. Just put something there. Right. And so that was his homework assignment. So he's getting right now over 40, I think it was 45,000 unique visitors per month and around 60,000 page views. Okay. If all we do is put a lead magnet up there tomorrow, we're going to get email opt-ins period. We're going to get email opt-ins. So my suggestion to him was I want that lead magnet created by the end of the weekend. And then I want you to put it up on a landing page, and then I want to build a basic thank you page. And we're not even going to say the thank you page has to be a, an offer, which we'll do later, which is going to lead me into my second thing here.

09:05 But what we want to do is we want that lead capture. Okay. We want to have people that are coming to that website to see an opt in and be able to opt in. Right? So again, looking at this as a piece of real estate, the person that sold it did not take advantage of this. Traffic did not think to do this. We're saying we're going to plug that in. And now I'm instantly going to build an email list, even if I only get 20 people a day. Right. Which I think you're going to get more, but 20 people a day, right over time, we're going to go the nice solid list. And then guess what? Every time that I post a new piece of content, I get to send my list, the new piece of content, if I want to write, or I can send them to a product post, you know, or I can ask them a questions.

09:50 Right. So all of that stuff lends itself to an email list. Another asset that we would have that the business didn't have when he purchased it. Okay. So that's a huge opportunity. Okay. So that's number one. Okay. Now the second thing was, okay, now we've got the email capture. We got a thank you page, you know? And, uh, well we have a landing page and we have a thank you page. We need to put something on that. Thank you page that makes a slight offer for like five bucks, 10 bucks doesn't matter. Right. And so what I said was we got to come up with a digital guide of some kind. Well, he went on to tell me that the owner had created an ebook, but never sold it. He didn't know how to sell it. He didn't know how to connect it to a, you know, to a payment processor or any of that stuff.

10:46 And I'm like, okay, well, let's take a look at it. Right. And we go ahead and we look at it, it's over a hundred pages, a really, really good guide. And the cover is pretty good. It's not, I thought at first I'm like, well, we're gonna probably have to redo the cover. Probably tweak it a little bit. No, it's ready to go. So now he's going to take that after we did that first part, right? We're going to take that, that, uh, that digital product, and we're going to create an offer out of it. And I don't care if it's $2 and 99 cents. I don't care if it's $4 99 cents, nine 99, you can play with all that stuff because we got the traffic, right? We're not even talking about paid traffic yet guys, like he's already there to get steady traffic. Why not put an email in front of it?

11:30 And then when people opt in, they immediately get the thank you page. And when they get the thank you page, it says, Hey, we just sent you your free download to your inbox. But while I got you, here's everything you need to know about X, Y, and Z. Here's a special offer, normally sells for nine 99. You can get it for four 99 for the next five days, something like that. And then we can follow up through email, right? And remind them about that. And by the way, Cassidy toddle who spoke at brand accelerator live 2020, uh, broke down her email funnel okay. Of how she's building her list. And then how she's leveraging that list, rate through the email sequence in the tune of like $15,000 a month from a $10 digital product. But I think there's like four, four eBooks that she also has that are, that are, that increases the cart value.

12:19 It's all digital though. Right? And so, uh, I guess I should probably say here too, if you're interested, if you, if you missed brand accelerator live 2020, and you want a full eight hour, day of training on how to build your list, you'll see Cassidy's a funnel. And then also I'll be teaching you how to build a digital product from scratch. If you want those recordings, they are going to be available probably right now, as you're watching them, depending on when you're watching this, but they're supposed to go live this morning. So again, if you go to Bal tickets.com, you should see an option there to purchase the recordings. I would strongly recommend it. Not just because there are recordings, it was an amazing event. And it's, it's packed with actionable workshops, right? So this year, when I'm talking about today, it goes all in exactly on what we're talking about here with this site that he bought.

13:13 Now, what Dino did is he took a shortcut. Okay. That shortcut cost him around $30,000. Okay. Which to me is pretty reasonable. Okay. So he bought a website, that's getting this traffic, it's art at revenue coming into the business and he paid $30,000 for it. Okay. Now, do you, you might be like, Oh my gosh, that's so much money. Like, I can't imagine that. And it can be, but if you think about it, if you took 12 to 18 months to get it to that point, either you're going to write all that, content, yourself, produce all the content, all of that, or you're going to pay someone. It probably won't cost you 30, but it's still going to cost you something. Right. So you can, you can totally shortcut that process. And once you understand the skillset, you can take that. And then, you know, two X, three X, 10 exit over time.

14:08 Um, but I just wanted to throw it out there exactly what we teach inside of BCA or at brand accelerator live, or here on these coffee talks or the podcast understand this website that he purchased started with just content. That's all it's had. And by the way, this person that was building it stopped posting content in February stopped just totally stopped. And it's still starting to take off. All right. So just understand that what we're talking about here and in, at brand accelerator live, we went through this entire process from start to finish pretty much like content and then monetization, but then what does the content strategy look like? Right. And then after that, we got to build an email list. And once we build the email list, how do we sell them products? How do we create products to sell them if we don't have our own physical products?

14:59 Right. And then from there, uh, Chris went on and taught some Facebook ad stuff. We did some Pinterest training, but all leads back to traffic. And then how do we monetize it? Right. And the quickest way to monetize it is through an ad network. To be honest with you, it's the quickest way, right? Because all you do all you need is the traffic coming in. And then those ads are going to display that are targeted to that user. And then you're getting paid per impression basically. Right? So that's the easiest way. So we actually have a brand right now that we're using as a case study and inside a BCA where we're sharing all of that. And we're using egoic ads. I'm not a huge fan of Zohak. And I'm going to talk more about this inside BCA, because we've been running it now on two different brands.

15:42 I'm not, I'm not a fan of Zohak, it's not bad if you have 10,000 page views or less, but we have more than that. Now we have like over 28,000, almost 30,000, but our next milestone is 50,000, because then we get to apply for media vine. Right. So anyway, I'm just kind of ranting there a little bit on the, on the ads, because it is the shortest path. Um, and if you think about it, if you can get to 50,000 pages, which isn't all that hard, it does take time, you know, and this isn't a, I'm going to go ahead and create content. It's going to all, all of a sudden be a, you know, you know, ranking tomorrow. That's going to take time, but you can speed that up by building an email list. And the easiest way to do that is to start that even if you started from scratch and then just go ahead and use Facebook ads, even if you just spend five bucks a day, it doesn't matter.

16:34 You want to be building that email list as you're building your content site. It just makes things a lot easier. So let's just recap real quick. All right. Dino has a website that he purchased. It's getting 45,000 uniques, 60,000 page views. It's making around just under $1,500, uh, per month on just ad network or ad networks, no email list. The digital product is not seeing, you know, is not being seen by anybody. We're going to fix those two things. And then what we're going to do. And I know that he's going to get results, but then what we're going to do is inside a BCA. What we're going to do is we're going to track this progress. So this is going to be kind of like a new case study. That's already at the 50,000 Mark, as far as page views. And now what can we do with it once we get it to that level?

17:26 The one that we're building is just under 12 months, I think just about 12 months. And so again, the site that he just purchased is about 18 months, maybe a little bit over 18 months. So give us another six months. We'll definitely be there. And our goal is to get it to that thousand to $1,500 per month, but then also be able to take these digital products and wrap them in there and then build an email funnel sequence like Cassidy did, and we'll see where that leads. But again, it comes down to traffic and then making those offers. And that's exactly what we talked about, uh, during a brand accelerator live. And it's everything that we teach inside of brand creators Academy. All right, guys. So there you have it that they're, my friends is how you take traffic, existing traffic, and you turn it into an email list and you turn it into profits.

18:19 You guys know, I talk a lot about those two parts of your business, because that is what drives business, traffic, and then offers. And in this case, we were able to identify a couple of these immediately, that Dean is going to be, or also known as Dino is going to be able to, uh, to take advantage of. And I really wanted to share this with you, because I think it's important that you understand that when you're building a brand, these things are important, but also if you're ever to acquire a brand or purchase a brand, these are different components that you want to look at and go, Oh, they're not doing this. We can do this because I understand how this process works and what it will take to add these components. Now there's a whole bunch of other things that we're going to be doing.

19:08 And, uh, the one thing that we wanted to do here with Dino is we did not want to overwhelm him. So we said, listen, the first thing we want you to do is get that lead magnet up and running. As soon as you do that, we're going to then bolt on this digital product. That's already created that you purchased, uh, with this, uh, this website. So those are the only two things that we're focusing on right now. We're not even talking about adding new content yet, which that will come later and we're going to do followup calls with Dino inside of the Academy. And that's where we're going to be able to kind of share the play by play. In the case study, I'll be giving you guys the outside play by play as far as like what's happening, but really inside of the Academy.

19:49 That's where we dig deep. And by the way, if you're listening to this and you would like to be part of our brand creators Academy, which is not open to the public, we are accepting applications. And what we do there is it's just a really, really quick way for us to, to really see where you're at and to see if it's the right fit for you right now. If you're at all interested, then I would head on over to brand creators, academy.com again, brand creators, academy.com, or just go to brand creators.com forward slash join. And you can do it right there. All right, guys. So that's it. That's going to wrap it up as always remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you

20:31 Have to, you have to come say it with me, say it loud,

20:34 Say it. Proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here.

20:40 Next episode. Now let's rock your bread.


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