RYB 896: (Live Case Study) How To Get Paid To Create Your Digital Product

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 10/19/20 •  4 min read

Today I've got something special to share with you. I'm sharing with you a real-life case study of a digital product that I'm in the process of creating. I've been talking a lot about email list building the past few months. If you trace the steps of what I've done, you'll see that I used a simple strategy that I've used in all of my businesses. The workshop I'm working on is called the “Email Fast Track.” 

As I share my own experience, I want you to think about what you already have or could create to build your own digital asset to bring in leads and additional revenue. 

How to Create a Digital Product and Get Paid for It 

It's important to start with the validation process. To start, make sure that people know that what you're creating is a paid product. For my Email Fast Track workshop, I created a post to introduce the workshop that is coming up. Keep in mind I haven't created the entire course yet. I've simply outlined the three things that I'm going to teach.

  1. How to reach the right people 
  2. How to contact a landing page to your lead magnet. 
  3. Lastly, how to get traffic to your lead magnet. 

In my initial communication announcing the course, I shared that the workshop's goal is to teach people how to grow a list of 500 people on your email list in 30 days. This gives people a visual of what to expect from the course. By preselling the course and gaining validation, I'm able to make sure that there is a need before I take time to create the curriculum. 

The whole idea is to avoid spending time creating something that people don't want or need. I've used the validation process several times throughout the years, and it's saved me a lot of time. You can also take your recent or upcoming blog posts and create an eBook or digital course. So, you're able to recycle the content that you create. 

Create Digital Products That Will Become Evergreen Assets

I'll market my workshop up until the day that it's live. Instead of selling a recording right off the bat, I'm going to host a second live event a few days after the first one. This gives us a chance to market to our audience again for those that missed out on the first workshop.

 It also gives us two recordings so we can get the very best audio. From there, we'll create an evergreen recording that we can sell on our website. You'll be able to create an ecosystem of products as you grow. 

Steps to Create Your Own Digital Product 

There are four key steps that you need to take to create your own digital product: 

  1. Validate Your Idea  
  2. Create Awareness 
  3. Collect Payment 
  4. Create the Product 

Stick with the minimal viable product method. You don't have to start creating the content until you know there is a need for it. For my own product, I created a video after collecting money. I asked people what they expected from the course to give me a better idea of what to include when I create it. 

I'm giving you the overall picture and want you to see that it doesn't have to be difficult. I've never shared a behind the scenes of how I've created a digital product before and am excited that I was able to share it with you today. 

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take-Aways From Today's Episode:

  1. How to Create a Digital Product and Get Paid for It (4:10) 
  2. Create Digital Products That Will Become Evergreen Assets (16:03)
  3. Steps to Create Your Own Digital Product (19:50)

• Email List Building Workshop: Brandcreators.com/list 


It's important to start with the validation process. Make sure that you're creating a product that your audience wants and needs”. 

00:00 How would you create a digital product and get paid for it?

00:07 Hey, Hey. Hey, what's up everyone. Welcome to the rock, your brand podcast. I'm your host, Scott Voelker a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help you. This show is designed to teach you to inspire you, to motivate you, to take massive action and build a future proof business. So whether you're just starting out or taking your existing business to the next level, this is your home. Now, if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's rock your brand. What's up guys.

00:39 Welcome back to another episode of the rockier brand podcast. This is episode eight 96 and today I've got something special that I want to share with you. And that is a live case study of myself, building a digital product right in front of your eyes. And you might kind of understand what's been happening by this new content that I've been publishing on email list building. You've probably heard me talk about the email list, building fast track workshop, which by the way, is a digital product that was built all from following this process. And if we go back and trace the steps of what I've done, you really can see what has been happening here right in front of your eyes. So I wanted to turn this into a lesson because I think a lot of times, if you're able to follow along with something that's happening in real time, makes it super simple, right?

01:43 It makes it a lot easier to see the different moving pieces. It also allows you to see that it doesn't have to be complicated. And what I'm talking about here is, again, our email list building fast track workshop was created exactly how I'm basically saying that you should do it as well. And I've said it numerous times and I'll be talking more about how to build a digital product and all of that stuff from scratch here in an upcoming fast track workshop. All right, now today's little coffee talk that I am going to share with you. I actually break it down. I actually go through and identify those different posts that I created, the different messaging that I created, the different, the different ideas I put out there and got feedback on before I ever did anything. Okay. So what I want you to do is listen to this.

02:35 I want you to be thinking to yourself, is there something that you already have or something that you could create similar to this and do it in real time? So this way here, you can start building a digital asset that can start bringing you in leads and also start bringing you in some additional revenue. So one little caveat here is if you're listening to this and you're noticing that I'm talking about a workshop coming up, the workshops already have, all right, but I was doing this to kind of allow you guys to see what it was like as I was building up to releasing this workshop. All right. But if you want access to this workshop, which it's really good yeah. By the way. And you want to see exactly what that finished product looks like, which is going to be just over three hours long.

03:21 Plus I added some new bonuses to it. You can head on over to let's see brand creators.com forward slash list. I had to think about that here for a minute, a brand creators.com forward slash list. And that'll take you over there. You can actually get access to that product now has been created following this process. And one way that I was able to get over a hundred people join me in that workshop was this little thing called email. I emailed some people and I let them know about it. So again, that's why we want to be building that email list. All right, guys. So I'm gonna stop talking now. So you can listen to this coffee talk that I did going over this live case study on how to build a digital product. I actually get paid for it in the process. Here you go.

04:06 How would you create a digital product and get paid for it? Well, this what you're watching right now, what you are experiencing, or that you've maybe seen on some of my recent posts, or you've seen a coffee talk talking about this whole, do you want email, all list building training, or do you want digital product training? Those are two options that I know that my audience wants. So what I decided to do, and you guys probably remember any of you that have been on these coffee talks for any amount of time, right? You seen me do that. Okay. What I did there is I validated the idea, okay, I'm not going to go ahead and go. I'm going to create this full fledged, you know, workshop for people that don't really want it. Right. I need to know that you want it. Number one. Now I need more than you just saying yes, I want it right?

04:58 Yes. That would be great. I need to know that you're willing to pay for that training. And the way that you do that is again, through the validation process is you get people to say, yes, I'm in, but you also let them know ahead of time that there's going to be a price associated with it. Right. So I actually put a post up on Facebook and inside that Facebook post, I should have pulled that up. I should have pulled that up. Okay. Bear with me real quick. I'm going to go try to dig this up. Um, so you guys can see what I'm talking about here and here was the post. Um, let me see here. I'm scrolling. I'm scrolling. All right, here we go. Here we go. So, uh, let's see. And so Scott, you posted a lot of stuff here. Uh, okay. All right, here it is.

05:46 So I'm going to go ahead and, uh, I'm going to copy this in the comments. And this one here was the original post that I officially announced that I was going to do this thing before. I bet. Now guys, I have not created the workshop yet. Okay. I have the outline. I have what I'm going to teach. I'm going to teach three areas, lead magnet, how to attract the right person. So you get a list of subscribers that are the right people that want what you offer. The second thing is a landing page and how to get that connected to an email service provider. So we can start collecting the emails, but we can also drive the traffic to a landing page that converts them to a subscriber. That's number two. And number three, how do we get traffic to that thing and start building the list?

06:32 How do we do it? So that's exactly the three different components I listed that here. Okay. So what I'm going to do, and basically the post said this, if you're listening to this, you aren't going to see this, but basically I'll just read it first. Let me go ahead. And I wanted to post that in the comments. Can I do that inside of here? I think so. Let me see if I can, um, that wasn't the, uh, hang tight here, guys. Hang tight, hang tight. All right. Cool. Here we go. All right. I'm going to go ahead and boom and boom. Let's see if this works. I'm doing this from stream yard. So it's going into to YouTube. It's going into Facebook. Yeah. So it's posted for me. Okay, cool. Let me know if you guys can see that link by the way. All right.

07:20 So basically I'm going to read it real quick. It says a hundred spots. It's $27 and it's happening beginning of October. Interested, drop a comment below and get, and I'll get you a special link to sign up. As soon as we open registration, the price is only for a hundred early bird spots and then price to attend will increase. Now the image that posted was this list. Building fast track workshop, I'm running a workshop where I'll share exactly how to build an email list of 500 subscribers in 30 days or less. That's the promise? The promise is I'm going to teach you how to build an email list of 500 subscribers within 30 days. Okay. That's the goal. Okay. Now again, I can't guarantee that you're going to get those results because there are some very in factors, but if you follow this, there's a really good chance that you're going to get 500.

08:10 And a lot of times it's more than 500, right? But the process works the same, but we have to get a good lead magnet that attracts the right type of subscriber. We have to create a really good landing page, which doesn't take a lot of work. It's pretty simple. And then we have to connect it to an email responder, an autoresponder that can collect the emails and send out a message on your behalf. And then we have to get traffic to it. That's it. That's all that we need to focus on. And I, I am pretty sure that we're going to be able to build a lot of people's lists. Following that framework. It's worked for me. I think it will work for you. Okay. So this was the, here's what I'm going to do. I have not created it. It's coming up. Now, if you wanted to do this for an ebook that you're creating, which by the way, I've done this as well, let's say, I don't want to do a workshop.

08:56 Maybe you don't have a, you know, content that you're going to be putting out on a workshop, which I think that you probably could and Octavio, that's what you and I are going to talk about. Cause I think this is perfect for your market. So it also forces you forces you. It forces me to basically go, Oh, wait a minute. People signed up. I got to create this thing. I got to help them. I got to show up on this date and teach this right. So the way that I always imagine it is if I'm going to sit down with 10 people that I know here in my local area. And they said, Hey, show me how to build a list of 500 people in 30 days. Can you do that Scott? And I'm like, sure. And then I'm going to take a day and I'm going to map it all out and I'm going to then teach them that right?

09:34 And say, here's everything you need to know. Here's everything you got to do. So it doesn't matter if I'm teaching people how to catch more bass, or if I'm teaching people how to play guitar, or if I'm, you know, I'm going to be doing a workshop to help these people. But if you wanted to do an ebook, you could totally do an ebook too. You can just tell people, Hey, I'm, I'm thinking of creating a guide on this topic or this topic, which one are you more interested in? Right? And then they vote, right? You can do it on a Facebook page and a Facebook group wherever. Or you can do it in. If you have somewhat of a small email list, you can even do through an email list to grow your email list. Right? So we just want to get some validation there.

10:13 You could even run a Facebook add to it. If you wanted to and pay 50 bucks and validate the idea, you can do that. The whole idea here is I don't want to spend the time to create something that people don't want and that they, that they don't need. Right. So I'm validating this piece way before I ever create anything. So just think about this. And again, I've done this numerous times, I've done it in my photography training business. I've done it with, uh, you know, showing people how to use Photoshop. I'm like, Hey, I'm thinking about doing this, this and this. Which one do you want to learn? First? A, B or C B. Okay. B a. Okay. It's going to be for early, uh, early adopters. It's going to be whatever, uh, 57 bucks. It's going to be a $99 product. If you want to get in for, well, let's call it 49 bucks for $49.

11:01 Get 50% off for the first 50 people. Boom. I email my list, bang, bang, bang. Now, if I don't have a list yet, cause in this case, we're trying to build a list. Maybe I do it on social. Maybe I run a Facebook ad to it. Okay. But I've validated, I've done this same exact thing. When we launched private label classroom, like five years ago, I got on a webinar and I basically told people, I outlined what I was going to teach. And I said, if I get 25 people that are interested and they want to join and they sign up tonight, I'll create it. I had 25 people join for a $497 product, by the way. Um, at that time that's when I first introduced it, that eventually went to a $1,700 product. Um, and that there, uh, sold 25 spots in less than a minute.

11:47 Okay. But I also built up a lot of Goodwill along the way. I did a lot of things to get to that place. Right. But I validate it. And then Chris Shaffer and I, we go get on the phone. We go, it looks like we're building a training and we're getting paid to build it. Right. So we're not creating a course and hoping people buy it. I've done that before. And that's why I won't do that again. That right. There is a way for you to waste that a lot of time. And then not sure if people want it. Now, if you already have stuff now I know like Octavia was digital guide right now, basically an ebook. He's taking a lot of his existing blog posts and turning that into an ebook. I'm fine with that. I'm fine with that because you're not taking like in starting from scratch to build this thing.

12:32 Right. I also tell people, I taught this at brand accelerator live. If you want to take your, um, uh, your next 10, I posts and plan them out into sequential order of what you would teach in book or a course or something like that. Just map it out. And then each post is going to reside on your blog, but then it's going to basically build the digital product. So you're not building for nothing. You're building it to provide content on your site. And then you just take that and make it a digital product. So anyway, that's the post. This is the post that set the stage stage for me. Now here's the deal I screwed up. Okay. Let me talk about how I screwed up here. What I did was I said, Hey, if you're interested, say I'm in, in the comments. And then I had a whole bunch of people say, I'm in right now.

13:24 They didn't pay. They just said I'm in. But I told them the price. Nice. I told them what it was still not enough for me. I need to know that people are going to pay to show up to this workshop. Right? And so what I ended up doing was I started private messaging, everyone. And at this time we had about 90 people on that one post. I did another post in the, in the page. Um, and then I did one in the group and the one in the group. I know the one on the page actually got more engagement again. Facebook's algorithm, right? Organic it's it's just it's they there's, they just pull back the organic reach. It kills me that I can post something on the group, right. That has just under 500 people in that new group, brand new group, fresh group. And I still post something there.

14:13 And it's crickets a lot of times. Right? So depending on where you're watching this, who knows you might, you know, you might see it. You might not, I don't know. Right. The page, same thing. You'll post something. Boom, soft, organically. Another time crickets. Right. It's just not being reached. All right. But the one post that I did, the first post started getting reached. Okay. And I had over 90 people, I believe it was a little over 90 people that said yes I'm in. So they wanted me to send them a link. Cause it said in there I'll set, drop a comment, say I'm in and I'll send you a link. Right. Privately when it's available. So I started messaging people I got to about maybe 50 people. And then I, I kept doing it. I kept sending, uh, you know, these private messages. And then I looked down and it said, message, failed message, failed message, failed message failed.

15:01 And I'm like, what the heck's going on? And then did a little bit of digging and come to find out, uh, Facebook. Doesn't like when you send a lot of messages with links in it. So then I was like, okay, maybe I shouldn't do it that way. You know, maybe I should just give the link out and then anybody could go there, but it felt better if I private message people. So then I was like, maybe I'll take an image of it and it won't be a link. So then I'll just send an image in my Facebook message to this way. Here we get around the link being sent. I did that a few times and now kind of like, okay, now we're kind of open for registration. So it's like brand creators.com forward slash list. And you go there and then you can register for the workshop right now, um, up until let's see, we were going to do it next Tuesday.

15:45 Okay. So up until next Tuesday, you can, you can register to be there live after Tuesday. It won't be well, we'll have another live one. So here's what we'll probably do. Giving you guys a little, a little yeah. Insight information here. What we'll probably do is we are going to kind of market it all the way up till the date live. Hey, last chance to get in here on this one live workshop. Right? And then after that workshop, we could just sell the recordings. But instead of that, we're going to open it up for another live training that we're going to do at a workshop again, same one and one, a couple of different reasons why we're doing this by the way. So the, the one reason is now I can promote it for another three, four days and say, Hey, you missed that one, but we're going to do another live when you still got a chance to get all your questions answered.

16:32 Right? So now we get a chance to market to those people once again. Right? And then the other thing that we get to do here is we get to have two recordings and then we get to take the best of both of those recordings and make the final product. Right. And then the idea after this is all done, we get an edited version. We now put it into a little product, right. A little area where people can access it. And then from there we get to evergreen it, meaning we get to then start selling this thing later that also will bring people into the world of brand creators, right. And brand creators Academy and all of that stuff. So again, let me just kind of walk you through, I kind of bullet pointed out some things here, just so you guys can have like a framework to, and if you guys have any questions, let me know.

17:21 Um, but again, me doing this today, here's the other cool thing, right? So I'm teaching you guys how to build a brand in various ways. Right? But one of the main things is you got to have a website, you got to know your market, right? You got to start producing content. Right. What I'm doing right now is content guys, this is content I'm not selling, but I am, I am selling. Right. I'm selling the, the idea of joining the email fast track workshop. Right. Because I'm talking about it, but I'm teaching at the time, right. I'm giving you guys a valuable lesson and I'm giving you guys the play by play. So again, you can always take what you're doing and then just create a story or another angle around it. So just use this as I wanted to title this a case study, live case study, because that's what this is.

18:08 So if you're following along, you're going to kind of see all of these different parts and pieces. Now, inside of the Academy, I've already, I've already mentioned this. I'm going to go in greater detail on everything, all the moving parts, all of that stuff. As another way to show people inside the Academy, how to market something like, cause marketing to me is a skill that everyone needs, everyone needs. Right. Um, but uh, if you don't understand it, uh, you need to start understanding it because it's just really, really super important. And um, it could be small. It could be big. It doesn't really matter. All right. So let's talk about this. So the number one thing we need to do is validate the idea. Okay. And again, I did, do you want to do a digital? I thought everyone was going to say, I want to create a digital product.

18:57 So that would have been the first workshop. Now I was going to do them both probably regardless. Cause I know that people want email list building. I know people want a digital product. Right. And they really go hand in hand because if you have an email list, there's a good chance that you could sell a digital product. Right. If you have a digital product first, then you're gonna have to build a list. Right. So one or the other has to come. But instead of doing it all in one and making it seem overwhelming, let's start with the first thing and that's building the list. Okay. So digital product or email list building, we decided on email list building. That was the, we needed to validate that idea. So we asked, we got the answer and then we put out that, Hey, we're going to be doing this workshop.

19:35 We're going to be creating this thing. It's going to be $27. If you're interested, say I'm in and you'll be in the early bird list and get a discount. Right. And you'll get first access. Right. And then from there we had, uh, you know, over 90 people, uh, raise their hand on that. Right. So then what we're doing is we're creating awareness now around this, right? So now all that I'm doing at that point is I'm posting on Facebook. I'm messaging, making sure that I'm commenting when people comment, they have questions or I'm doing another post that kind of again, brings up the idea of why you should build a list. Right? So creating awareness is like the next thing now, right? We're kind of creating that little bit of a runway to the actual thing. We're bringing up awareness and that's getting the attention of the market.

20:23 Right? And so now the next thing that we need to do after we're doing this awareness thing or during this awareness phase is we need to start collecting money. We need to start getting people to actually vote with their credit card. Okay. And so that's, that's what we need to do next. Right? So that's the next piece. Right? And honestly, the simple way to do it, like we didn't even build a sales page. There's no sales page right now that exists for this email fast track workshop there's going to be, but there's not one right now. So, uh, another thing here, I talk about MVP product, minimal viable product guys. This is like stripped down, right? If you go to email, uh, or I'm sorry, it's the brand creators.com forward slash list. You're going to see it's a checkout page. That's it? It gives a little bit of copy as far as like what this workshop is going to be.

21:10 Right. But it's just basic like 27 bucks. Here's what you're going to learn. Um, if you're in, go ahead and register. Right. And then from there done, right. There's no, actually after that, there's a really cool thing I've been doing. And if you guys, if you guys have joined the, um, the workshop or registered, you guys know what came next. Um, and I'll probably do something inside the Academy for this too. I'll talk a little bit on the copy talk here. It's not that I'm holding anything back guys, but uh, it's just a little bit more intricate. But basically what I was doing is I created what they call a video and I is his suit. Soon as you registered, you went to a page where I shot a video and I basically said, Hey, congratulations, super excited to have you share with me. One thing that you're excited about for attending this workshop.

22:05 And then they can either record a video or send me a text message back. And so that was the first step. The next one was like, after they get done with that question, then it would come up to another video. And that video, I would say. Awesome. Thank you so much. Now I got one more question for you. Okay. W what will having an email list do for your business? Go ahead. Answer it. Boom. They would answer it. And then the last question was more like, is there anything else you want to let me know before the workshop? Right. So this took me about 10 minutes to set up. It's a tool called video, ask really, really cool tool. I'm going to keep using it. I was blown away at how many people actually they responded. Right. And yeah, the cool thing is, is like, it's an instant connection.

22:51 It also let's me prepare better for the workshop, but what they're expecting, what they want, what they need. And it also allows me to see in their words, how they're describing what it will do for them. So I can take that information and write really good sales copy. Right? There's all of those things that go with it. I get to connect with people. I get to hear what they need. I get to deliver a better experience and I get to learn their languaging. Right. Really cool stuff. So that was something that I did in the background. So not it's, it's not hard, but it's one extra little step. Right. So literally created a Facebook post, said what I was going to do, said the price. If you're in, say I'm in and I'm going send you a link. I did that. I failed at that because I had, I had a Facebook blocked me from sending messages.

23:35 So then I had to go and reply to everybody, um, on their post and give them a link and all that stuff. Um, which took some time. Um, but basically I set up a checkout page. And from there, I just a little thank you page from there that just asked a few questions just so I can better prepare them. That's it? That was done. So it's really, really MVP guys, minimal viable product. Okay. We're not building anything yet. I haven't done it. Right. So same thing with an email list, you might be like, well, I want to build an email list, but I need to make sure that I have like 10 pieces of content already created. No, you don't, you don't have to just start right now and then start building the content and then sharing it with those guys. Right. It'll also get you wanting to share content.

24:13 Right. Um, so anyway, okay. So, uh, validate the idea, create awareness of the thing in this case, it's our workshop, um, collect payments. And we have about two weeks, uh, of a, of a lead time into this. I know some of you asked like how long it does. It doesn't matter. You can do it in a week. You can do it in three weeks, usually shorter, a little bit, you know, no more than three weeks, I would say, because you want people to stay fresh and you want people to be excited and not have to wait too long. So we gave it two weeks and we set the date of when we were going to do the workshop. And we did that after the fact. So when people were signing up, they didn't even know when the workshop was going to be right. So they're just saying like, yeah, I want it like, yeah, I want to attend or I want the recordings.

24:53 Um, and so then we announced the date, another reason we were able to then, uh, let people know another awareness piece, like, Hey, we just set the date here. It is. If you haven't joined, go here. Right. Um, so that's that, and then the next part is creating the product, right? So now I've set aside this week sometime to basically go ahead and build out the curriculum, right. The training right now, the cool thing is, is I've got a little bit of an advantage because I already built Chris Shaffer and I inside of the Academy, a full fledged, email marketing accelerator training. It's literally building your list all the way to marketing and using promotions and just really, really like intricate stuff that you can do, right from the beginning all the way til like now you're sending email and you're sending promotions and all of this stuff, but what we wanted to do is we wanted to strip all that away and really just give the stuff that you need to build the list.

25:50 So I have a lot of that framework already done. I just got to basically compile it so I can compress it into a, uh, you know, into a, you know, a two hour window, um, which we will be able to do. Okay. So again, that's exactly how we were able to do this, but again, if you don't, if you're starting, like now my digital product, what I'll be doing next, I have a little bit of framework. Cause I taught some of that at brand accelerator live, but I'm really going to be doing that almost from scratch. Um, so again, then you just have to bullet point out what your topics are, what are the points that you're going to be teaching and then what do you need to create to fulfill it? And that's it, if it's an ebook, it's basically coming up with your chapters and then creating the chapters and then compiling everything.

26:32 Like that's it. Um, so create the product and then after you create the product, the cool thing is, is we're gonna want to get some quick wins, right? One of the reasons I'm doing this is because I want testimonials guys. I want you to say, wow, I attended that email fast track workshop thing. And I was blown away at the value, but I already built my list of 672 people in like 20 days. I want that testimonial. And why do I want it? Well, because number one, I want to know that you're getting results. That feels really good. And I get to share them with other people. And they're like, cool. Maybe I want to take that email, uh, you know, list building training. Right. So that's why, okay. So there's a lot of different reasons, but I can't create the sales page yet really until I kind of go through it and I get a little bit more information and I get to lay everything out.

27:20 And I don't want to worry about the sales page right now. Right. And so the sales page comes later and then once that's done, then we talk about, okay, let's now start bringing this into be becoming an evergreen asset for our brand creators brand. Right? It's like, so now that's going to be a product that lives on its own, but will lead people into our ecosystem of other workshops. We're going to do other fast track workshops. There's going to be another one on digital product creation. That'll probably be the next one. They'll probably be one on content creation. They'll probably be one on email marketing itself on how to actually do the email marketing, uh, you know, more advanced, right? So there's going to be all of these little mini trainings, but also inside of our Academy, which eventually we would love you to join.

28:10 They're going to be inside there with other training and also the support of the community live Q and a calls, hot seat sessions, a website reviews, like all that stuff is in the Academy, right? So you see how it's kind of all, it's all tied back, but yet these little workshops, whether you join or not the Academy, you're going to get value. And that might be the only thing you need right now. And maybe a year from now, you want to join the Academy, right? So again, I'm just giving you guys the overall picture, but it doesn't have to be hard. And right now exactly what I'm doing is I am creating a digital product right in front of your eyes, like is exactly like, I'm not, I'm not holding anything back. Like I'm telling you exactly how it is like, this is it. All right.

28:51 And this is how you do it. I've never, I've never shared behind the scenes of this part. Um, but I am now and actually feels really good. Cause I've always wanted to, to share isn't like that. I didn't want to share it. I just didn't think people cared. Um, so I'm really excited about it because it makes it easier for me to even teach. Alright, so there you have it. I don't think I need to say anymore. There it is. There's the live case study. And if you want to follow along, well, just keep following along on this podcast or keep following along on the coffee talks because I'll be sharing with you guys, how I'm going, wanting to do another workshop or another product. And I will be kind of showing you in sharing with you all the ins and outs. And I'll just say the next fast track workshop that's going to be coming down.

29:37 The pipe here is a well, it's going to be how to create a digital product 30 days and sell it. That's going to be the next one coming up. So you're going to hear a little bit more about that in the future, but for now, definitely start building that email list. And uh, yeah, I would definitely check out that workshop that was created out of this live case study. So again, head on over to brand creators.com forward slash list. You can go over there. You can get access to this workshop for a ridiculously low investment under 50 bucks. And, uh, the idea here is to help you build a list so I can help you further in the future grow and promote your brand. All right, guys. So that's it. That's gonna wrap it up as always remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come up, say it with me. Say it.

30:22 I'd say a proud take

30:24 Action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now let's rack your brain.

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