RYB 883: What’s Best Way To Sell My Digital Product? – Jam Session

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 09/18/20 •  5 min read

Welcome to this week's Friday jam session. I'm so glad you joined us and become part of our Take Action Crew, head over to takeactioncrew.com. You'll be able to ask your own questions and get some answers that will help you improve your business. Today I'm sharing five ways to help you sell your digital product and answer all your questions relating to this topic. 

Five Ways to Promote Your Digital Product 

1. Put It On Your Website

Once you've created your digital product, the first thing you should do is put it on your website. Create a sticky bar, sidebar, or add it within relevant blog posts to promote your new product. The more places you add it to your website, the better chance you have of website visitors seeing it. 

2. Create Content Around Your Digital Product 

The next step is to create content on your website, specifically for your new product. This will help drive organic traffic to it. If you have a YouTube channel, go ahead and create videos dedicate to the product as well. You can always add those to your website. Pinterest is also a great way to promote it. You can create pins that go directly to your digital product and other pieces of content that also promote it. You don't need to do all of these things at once. Simply choose one or two to focus on from the start to drive traffic to our digital product.

3. Send The Offer To Your Email List

Create a promotion around your new product. Always make sure to add a deadline to create scarcity. When you have a brand new product, you want to sell a few right from the start so you can get testimonials to quickly gain momentum. You can also include a reference to your digital products within your autoresponder emails, so anyone who is new to your email list will get notified about your product. I also recommend creating a super signature. After the P.S., add a one or two-sentence sales pitch for your new digital product.

4. Social Media

If you have social media, use it. Talk about a problem that your product is solving and promote it that way. Don't push it on anyone, but it's worth utilizing social media, but only if you have it.

5. Paid Facebook Ads

A digital product can be as simple as using a free lead magnet to drive people to your paid product. The other thing you can do is drive people directly to your paid product. If you can recoup your money within 15-30 days for each lead, you're in great shape.  

How to Collect Payment for Your Digital Products 

A simple way to sell your products is to use a WordPress plugin. An example is WooCommernce. Gumroad is also a great option and will allow you to take payments, create a sales page, and allow you to deliver the product through them. I've used it in the past, and it was a great experience. If you just want to collect a payment, I recommend starting with PayPal. Just add a PayPal button. It's that easy. 

Start By Building Your List 

The goal is to start building your list first and launch your offer from there. If you do start with Facebook ads, take them to your lead magnet and advertise your product on the thank you page. This will also allow you to email them at a later date if they don't purchase when they first see it.

The problem with going direct to sell it will be harder to get the sell without people knowing your brand. Don't expect that you are going to be able to sell immediately. You have to give someone a reason to trust your product before you can expect them to make a purchase.

My Brand Creator Playbook was created to help guide you through the entire process of starting your brand and is a valuable resource if you have any questions. As always, I am here for you, I believe in you and am rooting for you. It's time for you to take action and go rock your brand. 

Take-Aways From Today's Episode

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 



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00:37 Hi, everyone. Welcome to this Friday jam session. Super excited. You're here. And if you haven't heard me say it before, I'm going to say it right now. This is probably one of the highlights of my week because I get to hang out with some cool people every single Friday and answer some really awesome questions. Now you might be asking Scott, how do I get my question answered? Well, all you need to do is become part of our take action crew. How do you do that? Very easy head on over to take action, crew.com. It's totally free. And we do it every single Friday and it is a blast. So what you're about to listen to is one that we did last week. So this way here, even if you can't attend, you can always show up here to the rock, your brand podcast, and listen to our live jam session.

01:25 All right, guys. So sit back, relax and let's jam. All right, guys. Welcome to this Friday jam session. You guys know if you guys have been paying attention or listening, or maybe you are attending these live, or if you're listening to this on the podcast, this is one of the highlights of my week. I get to hang out with some really cool people on our Friday jam session inside of the rock, your brand group. And we get to discuss things like today's topic, which is going to be all about how do I sell my digital product. We've talked about in the past, how to come up with your product. We talk about minimal viable product as well, but how do you create the product? We've already talked about that in the past. So you can go back and listen to one of those episodes or you can, uh, uh, well, I've done it here on the coffee talks, but you can also go on the podcast.

02:15 But today what I'm going to be talking about is actually how to sell that product. And the reason is, is because I've had people say, Scott, that's great. We've got the product created, but how do I sell it? Okay. So I'm going to give you guys five different ways to sell the digital product. Now that we have the digital product, how do we get it out there? How do we get people to see it? Right? And there's some organic ways and there's some paid ways and we're going to cover all five of those here today. Now here's what I want to do, though. If you're listening to this on the podcast and you want to be part of our live jam session on Fridays, all you need to do is head on over to brand creators.com forward slash R Y B. And then what you can do is request to join the group.

03:00 Once you're approved, then you'll get notified when we go live and you can participate. All right, that's what we want you to do. So again, if you head on over to brand creators.com forward slash R Y B, you can request to join. If you're not already a member and that's where you'll get notified. When we go live and you can participate in these live coffee talks. If you're watching this on YouTube, then you can see me. I'm actually having a cup of coffee. That's why it's called coffee talk. And I usually have a guitar hanging up behind me because it's my jam session. But today I don't have it behind me because I'm at a different location. If you're listening to this, you don't realize this, but I'm at my Lake house. Uh, we're celebrating, uh, labor day weekend with family. And I decided to do this jam session anyway, because well, I'm consistent.

03:47 And I talk about being consistent. I talk about committing to, you know, what you're doing and I'm practicing what I'm preaching. I'm here. I'm going to take a half hour. We're going to cover some questions and then we're going to move on. We're going to go out there. And today we're going to play a little bit, but normally we go on out there and we take action. All right. So let's talk about this. I have my product created my digital product, and this actually goes for any product for the, you know, for that matter, just with a digital product, there's a few more things that we can do with it because we don't have to worry about inventory. We don't have to think about how do we fulfill it. All of those things, it's pretty easy to deliver a digital product, right? And if you guys don't have a digital product, yet you really should be thinking about creating a digital product for your business or a few of these.

04:27 Okay. So let's talk about this. All right. So the very first thing, the very first thing that I recommend doing the very first thing is putting it on your website. Now I know that seems kind of obvious, but a lot of people don't do that and they wonder why they don't sell any more of their product. Now, I don't mean it has to be a blatant, like, you know, thing on your website, but why not put maybe, maybe you're gonna use hello bar or maybe using convert kit. And you can use a little, a little sticky bar at the very top, and maybe you're going to run a promotion for the week, or maybe you're just going to draw attention that you have a brand new product, put it there, right? If you have any traffic at all, I don't care. If you have 50 visitors a day, that's 50 people that get to see that you have a product for sale.

05:09 Okay. The other place to put it on a website is on your sidebar. Okay. I'm a sidebar, create a little, a little image graphic of the product. And then from there it's clickable that can take them over to the sales page. Okay. Another place to put it is if you have a, you know, different content that is already kind of designed around this, right? Or around the topic or the, whatever the digital product is, then why not just go to those posts and add in a graphic, right? Or some type of call to action. It doesn't have to be a graphic. It could just be a text link that basically talks about it. And then you just link over to the product. So that's the S the most simplest one is make sure that you are putting this on your website. I know it seems obvious, but make sure you do it.

05:54 Okay. Make sure that's like, that's the obvious one. Do it. Okay. Put that on your website right now. Number two, start creating content on your website that is specifically around the product, right? So if you're selling a, maybe you're selling a, I don't know how to catch more bass in a pond, right? And you have a post that talks about how to catch more bass in a pond. And you have one of the things that's included in there. Just use one of those things as the blog content. It's also cool because now what we have is we have a piece of content that, that is organically indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo, any other search engines it's able to be found, right? So you want to create these different pieces of content that are around that product. Okay. And you can find different angles. Okay. Different angles.

06:48 A perfect example is you guys know that I have a book out called brand creators, the playbook. Okay. Well, playbook. There's some areas that we cover. Okay. One of them is how to create content so you can get organic search. Right? Well, there's a whole section in there so I can write it whole blog post, which I've done. I've done podcasts episodes too, where basically we talk about creating content. Well, in there, I can also say if you want, you know, a, a whole process to help you with this, check out the playbook and then boom, it would bounce over to the playbook. Right? Same thing with email list building. And I'm talking about email list building, I'm going to create a blog posts about email list building. And it's going to link over to the playbook because there's a whole section in there about email list building.

07:29 So even though the book might have multiple topics or multiple areas, call out each specific one, write content about it. And then from there you can get traffic from that organically that'll naturally becoming, okay. So that's number two, create content. The other thing is if you have a YouTube channel, create a YouTube, the video about the topic. Okay. And then you can also take that and embed it on your website. Okay. Uh, another thing is Pinterest, if you have Pinterest going, which I recommend that you do, if you have Pinterest, you know, if you have a Pinterest account and you're actively using it, create pins that will lead people to maybe a blog post that talks about the product. Okay. That's why the blog, the blog posts that we create can also be used, not just for organic traffic, as far as like getting picked up by Google.

08:18 We can also amplify that content Pinterest. Right. And then it brings people over that I wouldn't have normally found us. Okay. So that's another thing. Okay. So those were, there's really like three things. Write blog, posts, YouTube video, Pinterest. Now you don't have to do them. All right. Pick one and do it again. That's an evergreen asset that we're putting out there that could lead people back that could buy the product. Okay. Now let me call a time out here real quick. That also works. If you have a physical product, by the way, right. If you have a physical, you should be creating content around it, the physical product that could lead people there that would be potentially, uh, wanting to buy it. Okay. So again, this isn't just for, but it does work really well with digitals, you know, at the same time. All right.

08:58 So that's number two. Number three. Okay. Email list. Okay. If you have an email list is why I talk about this. So darn much, do a promotion, let people know it. You just created this thing. Or maybe they already know it because you've been letting them know that you're building this thing or creating this thing, and now they're ready for it. But the one thing I will say, and this is a big mistake, a lot of people make is they don't create a promotion around it. They just go, Hey, it's for sale. Go buy it. No, we have to have some type of promotion. You have to have some type of deadline in here because we need that scarcity piece in there in scarcity. A lot of people look at that like, Oh, you're tricking people. No, we're actually saying, we're going to give a discount for three days.

09:43 Okay. Here's why it's a brand new product. We want to get it in people's hands so we can get some testimonials. Right. It's real. So always have a deadline baked in somewhere. Okay. So email, hands down is going to be a really huge driver for sales. And the only other thing that you can do is in an email, uh, is you can then put it into your auto responder sequence. So again, if you're listening to this and you're like, Scott, I don't know what an auto responder is. It's basically just an email, a sequence that's automated. You write it. But then you say, after they opt in, I want them to get email number one immediately. And then two days later, I want him to get email number two. And then three days later, I want him to get email number three and so on, and we can continually educate, but then also we can promote our products.

10:31 Okay. And one thing that you can do, which we've been doing, it's been working pretty well is you just create what I call a super signature and what that is is after you get done, writing your email, even below the PS, you just add a little line break, and then below it, you just say something like, want help catching more bass question Mark, grab our ultimate guide to catching more bass here. Right? And then you can put in there, this has helped so many, uh, you know, catch, you know, five pound plus bass, you know, in, you know, their weekend outings or something like that. And that's it. That's the super signature, right? It's after the email, it's a slight little promotion on the end of all of your emails, we call that a super signature. Okay. So that's number three, email. That's why I'm big on building an email list.

11:20 All right. If you're listening to this, uh, when it airs, which is going to be, after we get done with brand accelerator live the virtual event, we're doing a whole session on email list building. Uh, and if you want to get access to the recordings from, uh, the brand accelerator live event, if they're available at this time, I'm just going to Bal tickets.com and you may be able to purchase a virtual ticket there. Okay. So just again, this is going to be aired after the event. So again, you want to watch, you can go there and see if there's any virtual tickets, which is going to be basically the recordings. Uh, okay. So one, put it on your website anywhere you can. Number two, create content around it. Blog YouTube, Pinterest, anything that you can do, right? Three email promotions. If you're not building your list, this is why we want to build our list.

12:14 Okay. Do a promotion, put it in your super signature, put it in your weekly content, put it in your autoresponder, you know, nurturing campaign, all that stuff. All right. Moving on. Number four. Number four is social media. If you have social media, use it. If you don't, don't worry about it. Okay. I'm just putting this in here because most people are going to have a Facebook fan page or a Facebook group. So you might as well put it out there, right? I'm not saying that that should be your strategy to sell your products because the organic reach on Facebook pages is really low. They want you to pay for it, but you need a, you need a Facebook page in order to run a Facebook ad. Okay. So you might as well put it there anyway. Okay. And if you have a group, put it in there group, right.

12:57 And the thing is, is put it in there with not like you're just pushing the product again. It's kind of like you're writing a blog post, talk about a problem that this is solving or a thing that it's going to help them win. And then you just say, if you want more like this, go here and then you just promote it that way. All right. So that is number four. If you have a Facebook fan page, a Facebook group, or if you have Instagram sure. Put it there. It's not going to be evergreen. I'm not a fan of non evergreen stuff. As you guys know, I like to create the, you know, the, the thing, the asset and let it keep working versus it being Instagram. Or I gotta keep feeding it every 24 hours. Um, that's why I like Pinterest better. And I don't look at really Pinterest as social media as much because it's a search engine for content.

13:43 People go there to search. It's also picked up by Google. You won't find usually an Instagram search result for a piece of content on a how to, or a question you usually just dump, right? It's not, that's not what the platform is built for. All right. So that's number four. And number five is paid ads, Facebook ads, right? If you have a digital product, if you've been going through what we've been talking about, it can look like this is it. It can look as simple as this. You have a lead magnet, which is a free thing that you're giving away. And then immediately the lead magnet will lead to the paper. Okay. So a perfect example is you guys know, I have the checklist, a checklist that helps you validate your niche to make sure before you do anything and waste any time that your market lends itself to building it out, right?

14:35 So the checklist is free, right? So if you go to a brain creators.com forward slash checklist, there's going to be a little page there that will allow you to download the checklist. There's also a video. There are now two. I added a video there. If you guys haven't been there, you might want to go. Cause if you haven't been there in a while, you wouldn't see it. I recorded like a 25 minute little case study video around the checklist and then the checklist and that is available for the optin. But then immediately after that, I'm going to offer you the playbook because it's the, it's the next natural step, right? So again, that's what you want to do. So in the Facebook ad, what we can do is we can drive traffic to the free thing, the email list, and then on the thank you page, offer the playbook.

15:17 Okay? The other thing we can do is we can just drive directly to the page thing, right? The thing is, when you're running paid ads, you need more of a backend in order to recoup, or at least you need to know that you have stuff that they can purchase. Additionally, because they might've come in on something. Maybe it's the free thing, but then the thing you're offering on the backend, they don't need it right now, but there's maybe two or three other things that they do need that you have. So that's where you can follow up and make those offers. So really, if you can recoup it within 14 days or even 30 days, that's good. And then we get that lead for free or better yet we can make a small profit, maybe put a dollar in and get a dollar 10 back. I'll take that all day long, maybe more, maybe a dollar 50 back.

15:58 Okay. So Facebook ads can be tricky, um, if you allow them to be, but what actually again, at brand accelerator live, we had a whole session that Chris Schaffer, uh, put together that actually shows a very, very simple strategy that you can use and literally get results. Seven days, like get the data in seven days. I'm less than seven days at, at times. Um, so again, that's a great session that you should probably attend if you're at all interested in driving traffic to anything, um, we're just going to be using it for a digital product because we're teaching that at brand accelerator live. So why not use that? But it can be applied to anything. Okay. I mean, let's just face it. There's two elements. I talked about this there's two elements, there's traffic and there's offers, that's it. Right. I got to get traffic.

16:47 There's multiple ways to get traffic. Right. But I need traffic. I need eyeballs the right eyeballs. And then two, I need office. If I can come up with those two things and just focus on those two things, it's a good chance. I'm going to be able to grow my business right now. Email is a big thing in there, but email kind of has to do with traffic. Right. We get the right people. We start sending traffic over to, you know, over to the, you know, the product or the offers or our content or wherever we want to send them. Right. Or maybe we just want to get engagement or feedback. Alright. So again, let's just recap here. Five different ways. Okay. Number one, put it on your website. Number two, create content around it. Number three, email list. Okay. Email the list. Number four, social media, Facebook page, group, Instagram, whatever you have available.

17:34 Five run Facebook ads. Okay. So there's your five ways to sell a digital product or a physical product or anything? A service? It doesn't mean it it's, it's five things that I would use in order to try to sell my, okay. So there they are. Okay. Now what we're going to do is this is what we do on the jam sessions. We're going to open it up for some Q and a. Okay. I already see there's a bunch of comments in here, so I'm going to go through them and if this makes it to the podcast, uh, then we'll go ahead and, uh, we'll air it. Um, but if not, then, uh, we'll probably just have this in the rock, your brand private group. All right. So we're going to go ahead and open it up for some questions. Let's see here. Alright. Okay. Here we are.

18:21 Wow. Awesome. Abinov Zack. Did I pronounce that right? Abinov uh, hello from India. I mean, how crazy is it right now that I'm sitting here in North Carolina and I'm connecting with someone in India? Like how crazy is that guys? I mean, it just blows my mind every time I see that. But, um, apnea. Thank you for attending. It's awesome. Uh, okay. Corey says Facebook that's must be where you're at. I'm there watching from. Oh, cool. Okay. Karen's in the group. Cool. Okay, cool. Uh, okay. I'm watching through. Oh, okay, cool. Uh, Adrian, what's up. Good morning. I'm watching through the group. Awesome. Thank you. Okay. How do we get tickets to the event? Well, if you are watching this live right now and it's before September 12th, you just need to go to Brett or a, B a L tickets.com. So if you go to Bal tickets.com, right now, you will get access to the September 12th all day event.

19:22 It's literally starting at 10:00 AM. Eastern time. We're going through six o'clock at night. Plus we have a networking cocktail hour from, I think, six to seven, or I forget the details. We have the schedule, but I don't have it in front of me. Um, so yeah. So that's how you get the tickets if you're interested. Uh, let's see. Uh, okay. Derek says, I'm going to get my ticket today. I'll get the VIP. Yeah, VIP, just to kind of throw it out there. A VIP ticket. We have two different options. One you can attend live. Okay. And just watch it all day long. Okay. For one price. And then if you want the VIP, what that gives you is it gives you live access. It also gives you the recordings. Plus it gives you recordings to last years, brand accelerator live 2019 event, which was a two day event, which was awesome. And it was an in person event. Um, there was over 200 people that showed up to that. Uh, it was awesome. Uh, cool. Derek. Yes, group working properly now. Awesome. What's up Karen? Good to see ya. Kay. What's up? Good morning to you.

20:24 Uh, yes.

20:26 Oh, cool. Adrian. How to become a home baking pro goes live tomorrow. Awesome. Congratulations. That deserves a high five. Boom. Great job. Awesome. Okay, Derek, this is a good question. Do video. The, uh, I think the question is, does video have more SEO value? Uh, no, I don't believe it does. Now, if you are talking, putting a video on YouTube or putting a video on your blog. Yes. If you put it on YouTube, it's going to have more SEO for that platform. Okay. Plus YouTube videos do get picked up in Google search. Okay. So I would say if it was me and well, if it was me and I was going to be able to do the videos myself, I would say, do the video, then take the video, transcribe it, edit it, make a blog post out of it, embed the video on the blog post.

21:22 Now I've got two different pieces that will work on YouTube. It'll also work on my blog. So that's what I would do there. Uh, I keep hearing about Google map first. Not sure what this all means. Um, I'm not really sure either. So Moby first is edit. Um, yeah. Um, I'm not sure I'm that, uh, can't give you a great answer on that. Can you sell your digital PR uh, through convert kit or you need another way to take payment? Great question. Convert kit just came out with a merchant feature. The issue is it's not available to everyone right now. Okay. Uh, right now, currently we have three different occur, you know, four different convert kit accounts, and none of them have it, even though, um, we signed up to be one of the beta testers. It just randomly is out there. It will become something where we will be able to use it probably in the next, I would say one to two months.

22:15 But in the meantime, a simple way to sell your product. There's actually a couple different ways. There's plugins for WordPress that allow you to do there's. Um, Oh, blue commerce will allow you to do it. There's also, Gumroad Gumroad will allow you to take payments. It'll also allow you to create a little sales page. It'll also allow you to deliver the product through them. So I've used them in the past. It's a great little company. Um, and it's pretty simple to use. So you don't have to worry about anything other than just creating the product, putting it up there, and then you can actually embed that on your website or even on a page on your site. And then it will take the payments for you. Uh let's see. How would you sell if you have no subscriber, Facebook ads. Yes, but I wouldn't go direct to sale.

23:01 You gotta remember. Most people are not going to buy immediately. Right. So what I would say is let's start building the list, right? Let's get that list built up. And I don't mean it has to be massive. Let's build the list and then let's start to slowly make offers. Right? Um, that's what I would probably recommend, or what you could do is if you are going to run Facebook ads, run the Facebook ads to a lead magnet that on a thank you page, we make an offer. And then from there we can get maybe even 2% of people that, that buy it, that'll help offset the cost. But then we can also follow up with those people through an autoresponder to try to get them to buy later. Um, so that's what I would probably say your quickest way is to be Facebook ads, but I would also develop content on the back end that will bring people in on a regular basis.

23:53 Ah, is it better to create a product once I have a list? How many? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I would not worry about building the product as of yet. I would try to figure out what is the problem that you're going to solve or what is the thing you're going to help them with. If you're helping someone learn how to play guitar, it might be like how to learn, how to play three songs in the next 24 hours or something like that. That would be your lead magnet on the back end of that would be the product, which might be a more robust, you know, ebook or something like that. But I think you've got to figure out what is it, it is that, that you're going to help some with one with or something that they would want to enter their email with. And then we start talking about like, okay, how do I build my list?

24:33 And you know, what is a good lead magnet, those things, do I recommend Facebook ads over Google ads or Bing ads? Yes. Facebook ads, a hundred percent. Google is going to be more search and Facebook is going to be more of a, almost like a pattern interrupt in a sense, but you can target so, so crazy good. Um, so I would personally Facebook ads is where I would go. I wouldn't go to Google myself. Um, now if you have experience with Google, it might be different for you, but for me, I'm going to Facebook ads all day long. Uh, how do you put a time offer on the thank you page? It's a great question. There there's different plugins that you can get out there for WordPress. There's probably some out there for Shopify. There's also a tool called deadline funnels, which I think is about 50 bucks a month.

25:21 So if you're not really doing that much, it might be a little pricey for some people we use deadline funnels, um, on all of our pages. And you know what I'm curious right now, if you go to, let's see, uh, if you go to get, if you go to, uh, Bal tickets.com right now, you're going to see an early bird pricing ends on Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern time, which that needs to be fixed. It's actually Monday. Um, so that has to be updated. Uh, Chris Schaffer, we gotta, we gotta, uh, let Chris know that's supposed to be Monday. Uh, but anyway, we're gonna fix that. But, um, yeah, so it's an actually it's an extra day, but see, right now you're not seeing this. If you're listening to this on a podcast, but there's a little banner at the bottom, or if you're on mobile, it might be at the top and it's basically just a countdown.

26:10 So right now it's two days, 13 hours. It's going to be actually three days and 13 hours and so on. Um, but anyway, that's what that looks like. Um, and that's how you would do that. Uh, can we just use Facebook ads to promote products, just to grab interested people, emails? Uh, yes you can. The problem is, like I said, if you're going direct to sale, it's going to, it's going to be harder to get the sale without people knowing who you are or the company or the brand, so you can test it. Um, I personally think to myself, I'm not expecting here we are on expectations. Again, I'm not expecting that I'm going to be able to sell immediately. Right. I know that I have to nurture them. I have to teach them. I have to educate them. I have to give them more reasons to want to trust.

26:59 Right. So that's what I would say, um, that there, uh, let's see here. Okay. What tools would you pay monthly for you, uh, for your business when starting a tools? Well, convert kit would be a must. Okay. Um, and if you guys are interested in going through our affiliate link, uh, we also will give you a bunch of swipe, copy and files and stuff. That's a little bonus that we're offering. If you go to brand creators.com forward slash convert kit, um, all together convert kit. So brand creators.com forward slash convert kit, you can sign up for a trial. There are two, um, but I would recommend convert kit. Um, that would be number one, cause I'm building my email list almost day one out of the gate. Um, the other thing is hosting. I gotta buy hosting, but that's not really a tool. Uh, and as far as any other tools, you know, off the top of my head, maybe a couple of plugins for SEO, uh, Yoast.

27:56 Well, we actually use Yoast pro on the one, but the others were using the free version. That's about it, keeping it simple guys, right? Like I can't think off the top of my head of anything else I would need. Um, he, my domain name, I need my web hosting. WordPress is free. My theme. I'm going to buy my, uh, generate press ad-ons, which is about 50 bucks a year. That's about it, you know, not much. Um, let's see here. Uh, would you run ads on YouTube and Google to, uh, maybe YouTube? I haven't had a lot of experience there. Google I'm going to wait. Um, uh, Derek, some people have a problem identifying their offers. They do not know how to explain what it is they're offering, but I think the big thing Derek is we need to get familiar with our list. We need to get familiar with our audience and how do we do that?

28:47 Right. That's the big question. Well, to me, it's very simple. You might have to take a lead magnet and put it out there and see what it does after you throw 50 bucks at it, right? So you might create a lead magnet, create a landing page, drive some traffic to it and go, Oh, it's only converting at 5%. People don't want it right. Or maybe I got my targeting wrong. As long as you got everything dialed in, I can test that offer really quickly without even building anything on the back end. Okay. Now we've done that in a brain creator's Academy, we did two different examples while we were building a list as a case study inside of our training inside of the Academy, a brand accelerator, our email marketing accelerator. And we built two different lists using two different lead magnets. But one lead magnet was converting at 30%, which is great.

29:34 We're shooting for 20% or more. The other one's converting a 41%. So we took the other one and paused it. And we're going with the 41% one. Right? So we just tested those side by side, but you can test it very quickly inside of Facebook ads, if you're targeting the right people and just put up a lead magnet and see what it converts that, then once we get that at like 30%, then we can say, okay, what are we going to offer on the thank you page? And we just kind of keep going down that, down that line. What's up jail happy Friday to you too. Uh, Adrian, uh, how would you build buzz about something as simple as baking, especially people who have zero baking skills? Well, I would probably, I would probably put it out there as like a, do you want to be a better, a better cook?

30:19 Or do you want to, do you want to be a, you want to be the star of the party, uh, you know, cooking everyone's favorite dish or something like that. It might be something along those lines, right. Or maybe it's not about like, cause you're saying like a bill buzz about something as simple as baking. Maybe it's just like, you're helping people with different meals that they can create or different baked goods, right. Uh, for them to entertain. Right. Because we all know that when people come to a party or an, and right now it's tough with, you know, the virus and all of that stuff. But when we're out of that stuff, it's like people want to entertain or another angle again. Maybe you're not going to go after everyone who's baking. What you're going to do is you're going to go after, go after a specific part of the market.

31:12 So let's say that you're going after baking and just baking stuff. Like, I'm not like, let's just say it's like even just desserts, like let's just say we went into the, into desserts. Maybe we go after, um, paleo, right. How to create awesome, you know, uh, muffins, you know, for paleo, I don't even know if he can have muffins, but there's probably a paleo type muffin, but anyway, you get what I'm saying, right. You can go after WeightWatchers, uh, you know, how to become, you know, uh, or how to create a delicious baked goods for weight, you know, while doing weight Watchers or something like that. Right. So if you, if you carve out a sub niche inside of baking and you're not just like, I'm just going to show people how to become a good Baker, um, we can find another angle. So that's what I would probably do is try to find an angle and then go there.

32:00 Um, so just a little bit of advice there. Um, Karen, I have several digital products and yes you do. We'll be adding more. Should I bundle on the upsell or is it better just to promote one item at a time we could change the upsell. Often I liked the idea of creating a really irresistible offer. Karen. So the more products that you're adding, the more value it seems, and it also, you can reduce the price because now you're saying like, okay, each one of these is $10. There's four products, it'd be 40 bucks. Get it today for just $13 and 95 cents. Right? So to you, it's a onetime offer. It's also way for you to make that offer and get your ad, spend back immediately. And then there's only going to be a small percentage that take it anyway. And then on the backend you can sell it maybe at another discounted price, instead of it being a 60% discount, maybe it's going to be a 25% discount.

32:55 Right. So I do like the idea of having a bundle because it makes the value seem more, um, because every product will sell individually for something, but then you can bundle it and make it be like, Oh my gosh. If I was to buy all these together, to be 50 bucks, I can get it today for $19. Like that would be great. Right. And I would love to see that offer fall between nine 99 and $19. Like somewhere in that range for someone that's coming in that doesn't know your brand, that would be a good offer. And especially if the price was like 40, 50 bucks normally. So just the value seems really, really incredible. Uh, India's on the other side of the world, it's amazing how we can reach people so far from the U S I know. Isn't that awesome. Geo is the new time for coffee talks? No, it's 10:00 AM just came late, man. Oh, what's up geo. Glad to have you, man. Uh, let's see. Okay. What is an easy way to transcribe video, Google voice? Uh, you probably could, uh, Temi, T E M I, I believe.com uh, just search Temi, um, really inexpensive, uh, just really, really just a good job. It's probably about 90% there. And then you would hand it off to an editor or you'd edit your yourself. Um, so Tammy and it doesn't really, really quick. Uh, let's see.

34:23 Okay.

34:23 Yeah. I see a Google Moby first means that Google is ranking a site for mobile usability first, instead of desktop usability. That's very, that could be very, very true. That's why I'm always looking at my analytics. And I can tell you right now on most of our stuff, 70% are viewing on mobile. So you do want to definitely, definitely, definitely optimize for mobile. So I agree with that. Um, yes, I did say gum road, Derek. Uh, okay. Uh, thanks. I have researched this. Keep, uh, getting emails. I just ignored it. Uh, yeah. Okay. Is that for gum road? Uh, are you going to show us how to do a podcast later? It's funny because in the new group, uh, rock your brand. Uh, and also it's funny inside of a brand creators Academy. We have a few people that have started podcasts, which is awesome.

35:15 Cause I never, I never thought that I would actually be giving advice on podcasting, although I'm probably qualified because I've done one now for over five years and we've just reached over 16 million downloads. I think we're 16 million, three, or something like that right now. Um, and continuing to grow. Uh, so I probably could help in that area. Uh, but inside of the Rocky brand group, I actually had a few people ask if they should start a podcast. And I do have some thoughts on that. Podcasting is a long play podcasts. I think it's a great way to have people get to know you before you ever sell them. So if you guys are listening to this on the podcast and you're not watching this, um, you're listening to this, you might've been listening to this for 20 minutes. You and I spent 20 minutes together.

36:02 If you guys are here on a coffee talk, we're now 41 minutes into this, right. We spent 41 minutes together, anytime that you can spend 41 minutes together or even 15 minutes together and not bouncing around from YouTube video to YouTube video, right? You build this trust, this, this bond, you get to know someone quick, you get to know like, and trust them, right? So then you start to build this relationship. So I am a big believer in podcasts. I just say this podcasting is not a way to start something and get traffic fast. It's not something that I look for that people are going to search and find me. It's a way that I can then either have people recommend the podcast or I can let people know after they might, you know, maybe they get the, uh, you know, the, the checklist. I can let them know that I have a podcast, right.

36:51 Or maybe I'm on a, on a podcast myself and I'm being interviewed. I can point people to the podcast. So to me, it's the best relationship builder, but it would not be my way that I would say I'm going to start a podcast and monetize it. It would be a, that would be a longer way of doing it. Um, so I wouldn't add that first. Um, I don't want that to be something that you spend a year on and then you'd say, well, why, why am I not able to get traffic? Um, I look at podcasts. It's not really a traffic play. Um, so anyway, yeah, I could definitely, I could definitely teach on that for sure. Uh, okay. Sound, what is plugin to collect payment on WordPress? Uh, on WordPress, I mean on WordPress. I mean, honestly, if you just want to collect payment, just use PayPal.

37:34 Like PayPal allows you to take credit card. It allows you to take PayPal directly. So, um, I would say keep it simple. I mean, when I first started, I was just using PayPal. Um, that's it. I just put a PayPal button. I just figured out how to create a PayPal button and put it there. I even did my first membership for my photography stuff with a PayPal membership subscription button. And that was it. Uh, okay. Um, we're selling on Amazon. So how would we make the coupon code from the thank you page only last 72 hours we can discuss and BCA for more appropriate there? Yeah, it is more appropriate there. And I don't know who this is. I, cause it doesn't, it just says Facebook user. It might be can. Um, cause I think you asked this the other day. Uh, okay. So what you may need to do there is you may need to have a batch of different codes. You might also maybe have something that you might have to have written in some type of code. Um, but what I would honestly say is for the most part, people aren't going to go there. So you might just want to offer it and then just give it to them and say, it's going to expire. And then you can just update them every week. You know what I mean, with a new set and then just put a new number in there. Um, but yeah, I mean, that would probably be the easiest way.

38:52 Um, but I, I think

38:53 You don't have the answer to that. To be honest with Chris Shaffer might have the answer. That's why you should ask him,

38:58 Excuse me, in BCA.

39:02 All right. I, how to take a sip of coffee there? Um, is there a hosting service you recommend over others? I use HostGator. I've used them for years. Um, there's other ones out there it's like ground, um, Bluehost. Um, they're all pretty good. Um, but I've had good luck with, um, HostGator myself is convert. Get better than Klayvio Klayvio was built to for me honestly, is like more for e-commerce uh, convert kit is like all of it. Right. Um, I think Klaviyo is probably more powerful in some areas, but I think there's a steeper learning curve I personally would do convert kit just me. Um, I think it's really, really robust. How do you decide between creating an ebook versus a course pros and cons? Well, an ebook is you're gonna be able to do it faster. So I would do MVP most, you know, like a minimum viable product, right?

39:55 Minimal viable product, get that ebook done. And if you're attending the, uh, brand, uh, accelerator live, I'm going to actually outline exactly how to do it. I'm going to show you examples on how we've done it. And there's actually one that hasn't been released yet, which is going to be released. We just created a full guide over 75 pages. I'm not going to give it away here. It's going to be released at brand accelerator live. We just had it finished and we are going to give that away, but I'm going to walk you through the process and how we actually did it. And now I have this asset that we can sell or we can give it away like this. Um, I would start with an ebook. I would totally start with an ebook, not a course. Uh, Derek, will you be showing us during the event, how to retarget responses to Facebook ads during the event?

40:44 Uh, well, okay. So there's going to be a full session on that. Um, and we're going to have about 45 to 50 minutes to go over everything. So there will probably be a little bit of time to talk about retargeting, but there's when you're talking retargeting, we're way down the line. Now let's not go there yet. We gotta get the ads dialed in first, we gotta get our cost per lead down. Right. We gotta get that stuff dialed in. Then we can talk about retargeting, but Chris will definitely be there to answer any questions you have on retargeting. Also, we are going to do a full, uh, tactile, our networking questions and answers and all of that stuff at the very end of the night. Um, so any questions there, we can go into deeper as well. Um, and, uh, yeah, so definitely retargeting would be a next step.

41:32 Um, but I'm sure will be touching on that. Alright, well, you guys got a lot of questions today. Uh, don't forget to take a sip. I already did. Uh, let's see here. Okay. Uh, there was a conversation about podcasting in the group. I think a few got discouraged. I hope not though, because it's an awesome experience. Yeah, it is. And uh, you know, some people might get discouraged. I'm probably going to respond to that, Adrian, to be honest with you, like, I'll literally I'll come on video and kind of help in that area because I they're asking, should they start a podcast? But my question is going to be, why do you want to start a podcast? Right? What, what are you looking to get from the podcast? Right. Um, if you're looking to start the podcast to get traffic, I don't think that's a great, great idea if you're, if you're looking to do it so you can build a relationship with your audience over time and then lead people to the podcast, um, by you either guest podcasting, guest blog, posting creating your own content on blog posting, or are you tubing or any of that stuff then.

42:33 Great. But I agree. Um, I'm going to definitely jump in and help with that. Uh, does Temi make it SEO, optimized blog for your videos? Or I know you gotta do that yourself. Yeah. Tammy's just going to transcribe verbatim what you say, that's it? Uh, Adrian agreed. I'm back to podcasting after a five-year break. Yeah. Podcasting is fun.

42:55 Um, you had,

42:55 I got the membership, you and my husband probably should connect. He's just starting in photography. Yes. We had one for over six or seven years. Um, and, uh, it was great. Served us well served the audience well. Um, but you know, after, you know, five years of doing something, a lot of times you pivot, uh, I talk a lot about that, but, um, yeah, I'll be sharing actually, uh, more on that at, uh, at the live event. Uh, but also I'll probably do even a coffee talk or I'll probably do stuff in the, in the membership, you know, BCA more on really what that looked like. Um, and actually inside a BCA, I announced this inside of there, I'm actually going to be kind of documenting and really giving more of behind the scenes of us building out brand creators Academy, our membership there, um, cause people inside the Academy want to know that they're like, I may want to do a membership one day.

43:49 So I'm like, well, why shouldn't I share us building this and what we're doing and what our strategy is. Right. Um, cause you know, there's a lot to it, but I would never start with just a membership. Me personally, some people would, I wouldn't. Um, but um, yeah, the photography membership for us did well. Um, and the model that we had, I don't want to get too deep here. I got to get going here. Kids are gonna be waiting for me. Great. And ready to go out in the boat. The model I did for that one for the photography was kind of like a BJ's warehouse, uh, model, which was pay a membership fee. Okay. Monthly or yearly. And then you get discounts on products. Right? So what we would do is we would charge 10 a month or a hundred bucks a year. And then what we would do is give them 50% off any of our digital products that we were selling on eBay.

44:41 Or we were selling any other place, even on our website that weren't members. So we would do 50% discount. So if we sold it for 20, we would give them, you know, the price of 10. Um, and it worked really well. Right. But just, it doesn't work for everything, not in BCA, it's a monthly or a yearly right now. And basically there's no discount on like future products. Although we do give like I'm a BCA or I'm sorry, brand accelerator live tickets. They're getting a huge discount if they want to attend live, but they're getting all the recordings for free. So there's things like that, that we're doing. How do you overcome tech overwhelm? Uh, it's a great question. Um, you do what you need to do and keep it super, super simple. Like simplicity is my motto. You have to keep things simple or you're going to get bogged down and then you're not going to, you're not going to stick with it.

45:32 A coupon is, or is one of Scott's old podcasts episode, 2017. That's funny. Uh, let's see. Okay, cool. Uh, so pay PayPal square or Stripe plugins. Yeah. There are some plugins out there. Uh, tech overwhelm. Yeah. wordpress.org. Overwhelmed seems to be a roadblock for me. Uh, well, wordpress.org. So I don't know if you're talking about like the, the self hosted or if you're talking about them hosting it, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about you actually setting it up in case. I think you got the playbook. If you have the playbook, like I'm literally walking you through that process. Um, so that should help you. Um, but uh, inside of BCA, we have a full detailed, like step-by-step Chris is like walking you through the setup, but once you get the blog set up with WordPress, you're just in an editor. It's not that hard guys.

46:30 It really, really isn't. I know it can seem overwhelming and it doesn't have to be, is there a minimum number of pages that digital product or guide should have? I know it depends on the information presented. Yeah, it depends. I'm going to give a Chris Shaffer answer, but it needs to be enough to where it's not, you're not just giving them fluff, like give them what they signed up for. Right. Give them the information. And if anything, over-deliver add more in there that they're not expecting make them go, wow. I can't believe you're not charging more. Right? Like if you get the playbook, if you print the playbook, it's going to be 107 pages. You're going to go, wait a minute. He charged me less than $10 for this. That's crazy. Like this thing is worth way more and that's by design by the way, guys.

47:14 Right. So it doesn't have to be, um, I've had other guides that were 45 pages and still are, you know, immense amount of value. But I might follow up and give them a free video, right. Something walking through. So I always want to overdeliver though on that. Alright. Well, I hope you enjoyed that Friday jam session. And like I said, in the beginning, if you want to attend one of our live Friday jam sessions, all you need to do is head on over to take action crew.com. That is where we show up every Friday, 10:00 AM, Eastern time and you can join us. You can ask a question and then, uh, I can answer it and we can go ahead and also publish it here on the podcast. So once again, I just want to say thank you so much for listening. This is always one of the highlights of my week. And until next time, remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it. Proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now go rock your brand.

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