RYB 873: 14 People That Failed, But SUCCEEDED (Your Motivation and SUCCESS Playlist)

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 08/26/20 •  7 min read

Today I wanted to call a little time out and reflect on the past 14 guests that we've had on the show. Therefore, I wanted to give you a place that you can find all the episodes that I'm going to touch on in one convenient location. When I decided to rebrand the podcast, I had already been doing it for over 4 ½ years.

A common thread with all of the interviews that we'll review is that every person has had pivots. So, as you grow and circumstances change, you'll have to change how you operate and do business. I want to share this with you to see the evolution of a business. 

Take some time to use this as your own personal playlist and listen to each of these interviews. You'll discover that each person was once in a similar place that you are now, and success is much closer than you might think. 

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“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

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00:01 One of the common, common threads that you're going to hear over and over and over again is that there have been pivots along the way

00:12 Way. Hey, Hey, what's up everyone. Welcome to the rock, your brand podcast. I'm your host, Scott. Bowker a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help you. This show is designed to teach you to inspire you, to motivate you, to take massive action and build a future proof business. So whether you're just starting out or taking your existing business to the next level, this is your home. Now, if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's rock your brand.

00:44 What's up guys. Welcome back to another episode of the rock, your brand podcast. This is episode eight 73. And today what I'm doing here is, well, we typically have an interview in this Wednesday slot. And depending on when you're listening to this, this is airing on a Wednesday and all of our Wednesday episodes are usually with a guest. And what I wanted to do today is I wanted to call a little timeout and I wanted to reflect on 14 of our past guests. I also wanted to kind of give you an area where you could go through pick which ones you want to listen to, and you'll have them in a nice, easy to find location. So by me doing this episode, there will be show notes, which will also have all of these episodes and the links to them inside of this post. So that's another reason why I decided to do this.

01:41 All right. Now you can find all of these episodes that I'm about to touch on here over@brandcreators.com forward slash eight 73. Again, that's brand creators.com forward slash eight 73. And before I start going through this here, I did want to just let you guys know, like when I decided to do this, as far as switch up the brand and any of you that have been listening for well over the past year, you might realize that while this podcast was once called the amazing seller. And I haven't said that in a long time, over a four or five months now, and a while, it feels really good because now we are the Rocky brand podcast, but that happened, uh, let's see, here it happened. I'm looking at my notes here May 13th was when I announced that. So it was four months ago that I announced that here on the podcast, and that was episode eight 28.

02:39 So again, I want you guys to take this episode. Also, this little part here that I'm sharing with you is that, you know, I decided to do something after I was already up and running and doing this podcast for over four and a half years. And I decided it was time to pivot. And you're going to hear with all of these guests that I had on one of the common, common threads that you're going to hear over and over and over again is that there have been pivots along the way. There's going to be because you, as you learn, you grow, as you grow, you want to try new things or maybe your interests change, whatever or circumstances change right now, the time that I'm recording this, we're in a pandemic we're in COVID-19 thing, which is crazy, right? It's changed everything. And there's a lot of businesses that have had to change the way that they operate, the way that they do business.

03:34 All right. So understand that me sharing this with you is also just another way for you to see the evolution of a business, an evolution of a person, and that's including myself and possibly you. And if you haven't yet evolved yet, you will trust me as you go through this journey, you will evolve. All right. So that's why I wanted to kind of call a little time out here on the interviews. We've already done teen amazing interview, and I've got a bunch more to come. All right. And the other thing I want to highlight here before I start going through these episodes, and I'm just going to highlight each one of these, and then really what I want you to do is go find the one that speaks to you right now. Now I would personally create like a little playlist here. I would make this something that you listened to maybe over the next two weeks and just listen to all of these episodes.

04:26 And you're going to hear a common thread, but you're also going to see that a lot of these people are not far off from you. They're probably where you were or are. And you're going to see how they were able to, to turn things around. And it wasn't, isn't always easy. All right. So I do want you to really, really like, listen to me, do these and think about them as yes. Inspiration and motivation, but also what can you pull from that? There's going to be some nuggets in here in some of these interviews, we got a little tactical and we started talking strategies and I try not to do that cause I always want to dig into their story. And I really want to hear about their take action moments. That's really what I'm doing here as well. And for those of you that don't know, I did write a book called the take action effect.

05:09 And if you're watching this, you see me hold it up right now. But uh, this in this book, it was all about my moments that I've changed. And in those change comes fear and, you know, comes all of these things that we don't want to, I do because it's uncomfortable, but also has led me to where I am today. I mean, even me sharing with my audience, you guys, the yeah, the time that I started to think, I want to change the name. I don't want to keep the name, the name, amazing seller. I want to make it the rockier brand podcast. I want to be helping brand creators. That was a scary time for me, in a sense, right. So I got through it, but I also shared it with you to let you know that the people that you look at that are successful, if they're not sharing the things that they struggled with, you know, that's, to me, it's not being transparent because we can't look at the highlight reel always.

06:01 Right? The highlight reel just shows all the good things. What about all the bad things? What about all the days that didn't go well, right. And that's really what I want you to take away, because if you're feeling that if you're feeling like things, aren't going a hundred percent, your way it's normal and it's normal to doubt yourself, it's also normal to go back to what's easy. Right? So again, I just wanted to share this and this little intro here to let you know that, uh, you know, you're not alone in feeling that, all right. The other thing I want to say here, before we jump into this little a playlist that I'm going to kind of run through here with all of these amazing guests, if you missed any of these. Uh, but also that's why I run an event called brand accelerator live.

06:43 It's a way for me to share what's working right now, but also I get to invite guests on. Now, if you are listening to this before September 12th, I'm going to throw a little shameless plug in here. Uh, we are having brand accelerator live this year. It's virtual. So we're not doing a live event, obviously because of COVID. And if you want to attend that, where you're going to be able to hang out with myself, Chris Schaffer, and a few amazing guests that I have lined up, all you need to do is head over to BA L tickets.com. Again, that's B a L tickets.com. But this show here is not about promoting that event. It's just something that I wanted to mention just in case you miss that, because it is an amazing event, but it's also a workshop where we can help you get through all of the obstacles out there and really just give you a clear path.

07:33 That's really what we're trying to do here inside of our brand accelerator live event, our virtual event, and also in any of the trainings that we ever do, it's really about what can we do to simplify things, but also create a less friction path. So you can go down and actually get results. All right. So let's dig in here, guys. Like I said, all of these episodes are going to be linked up on the show notes, brand creators.com forward slash eight 73. And I titled this 14 people that failed, but succeeded. And it's true. All of them will say I failed at something, but a lot of them don't look at it as failure. They look at it as a learning experience. They might have learned that later as I have, but it's really important to highlight that. And then I also titled it, your motivation and success playlist, because it will give you motivation.

08:23 If you're feeling down, pull one of these up, listen to it. You're going to be like, Oh my gosh, they were worse off than me. Right? So I want you take that page on that, on that a website brand creators.com forward slash eight 73, bookmark it, save it, go back to that. Okay. Make that a GoTo, motivation, inspiration type playlist. All right. So let's, let's dig in my, my first guest that I reached out to, which is a funny story on how I was able to get in contact with him, Colin Castella. And, uh, he was actually to me by my son who is 22 years old, going to be 23. And, uh, he introduced me to him because he's into basketball. My son's into basketball as well. And he watched a lot of his training videos. And my son was like, you should probably reach out to him.

09:08 And I said, well, why don't you reach out to them DM on Instagram and see if be willing to come on the show. And he did. He agreed. And man, Oh man, let me tell you something. He is so, so aligned with my values, but also so aligned with, uh, just the way that I believe business should be done. He started as a school teacher, a former school teacher, kind of what my son's doing. He's going to college to be a school teacher, but also he wants to train people online and that's what he's done. He built a massive YouTube channel. He talks about on that episode. Also some of the hurdles there and how he, he failed miserably at his first product, no one bought it, thought he was done, but then he moved on and now he's built a very, very successful business off of the YouTube traffic, but also talks about how important an email list is and all that stuff.

09:53 And now he's launching a TV network for athletes. So it's pretty crazy, but great story. That was episode eight 31. That was my first, uh, interview after I announced the Rocky brand podcast. So that was Collin. Then I interviewed Matt [inaudible], who was eight 34. And he got fired from his, a pool company that he was working for a pool company that I was working for out of high school. He was working there. He was like the lab tech got fired because he was doing a blog on the side. And all he was doing was trying to answer people's questions on a blog and thought maybe I don't know, something will come from him. He wasn't competing locally, but he has since built that over the past 15 years, by the way, but he's built other businesses as well, but he took that blog and made that the top swimming pool and spa educational it's called swim university.

10:45 Now he's built that business and it's amazing because he gets a lot of traffic. I think he gets over 7 million visits a year. Um, and he was doing really, really good lately, uh, with, uh, Amazon associates doing really good over six figures a year in income, but something happened. Amazon came out with a little change in their affiliate program and they reduced their commissions, cut his business almost in half. He talks all about that and how he's going to get through that. But also he's got other revenue strings, but just a great interview. Cause someone that's just a go getter at someone that you'll learn from. So definitely check out that one. That's eight 30 for the next one. This was a highlight for me. Name is John Gordon. He wrote a bunch of books. I read the energy bus, which was introduced to me by my wife.

11:34 And she said, you got to read this. It's a great book. It's a great, quick read. And I'm not, I don't want to read a long book. I'm not a long book reader. And it was just amazing on the lessons of us just slowing down, but also appreciating the people in our lives and, uh, and not taking them for granted. So it was a great book. And then that turned me on to his other book, the carpenter, which is another great book, great principles inside of that book, but he's, he's written many other books. Um, but my wife was able to get him on the podcast. My wife does a lot of my outreach and man, that was, that was awesome. And he talks about how he was rejected multiple times, I think over 30 times. And he finally got someone to say yes to signing his first book, which was the energy bus and is sold now over 2 million copies worldwide.

12:22 And he helped it's like sports teams, like high level successful people, but at all, it came from him continuing to push and push and believing in what he wanted to do out there and reach out there. So another great interview, the next interview was Amber Mazola, who is the, the executive director of the profit, the TV show, the profit, the show that I watch every single time that a new episode comes out, I'm watching that episode and I was able to get her on, or actually my wife was able to get her on it. She was amazing, but also talks about how she almost said no to a small little project, which led to her being able to do big TV shows. Right. She almost said no. Uh, so she's got a great story on what she shares there. She also shares the story on how she was able to get, um, Alex Rodriguez to do his show back in the game.

13:13 Uh, so it's just a crazy story, uh, but a really great guest in someone that was willing to share some of her failures, um, and how she was able to turn that around and also how she, you know, how she looks at things now, even that is not easy. Like it's not easy to put on a big TV show. So that was just a great, great interview. The next one was episode eight 43. That was Jasmine star. Now Jasmine, my wife and I have been following her for years more, my wife than I, because we were in the photography space. Some of you that have been following for a while, you know, that we were in the photography space. Well, my wife was following her because she was a photographer, but also someone that was sharing her, uh, her photography style tips and, you know, just different things in photography.

13:56 And then here we are almost 12 or 13 years later. And, uh, we had her on the show and she's not teaching photography anymore. She's teaching marketing and social media and things like that. And so, uh, I was able to get her on and it was amazing. My wife was in awe when I was able to get her on. And then actually after my interview, she stayed on for a little while and talked to my wife. So it was pretty cool. Um, but again, her story's amazing because, uh, she was going to college to be a lawyer and then dropped out and then didn't know what she was going to do. And she's like, I think I want to be a photographer. I didn't know anything about photography, kind of like our story was, and then ended up believing in herself and doing it wasn't easy and then became one of the top wedding photographers in the industry and then how she pivoted out of that business into marketing and social media and stuff, so great interviews.

14:46 Right. But it shows how, and she actually talks about one thing that had happened probably two, three years ago and how they, they burnt through a lot of money and learned a valuable lesson. Um, but in her eyes failed and learned a ton from that. And she shared that on that interview. So that's eight 43. And again, guys, I'm going to link all of these up inside of this one, uh, post in, um, you know, at brand creators.com forward slash eight 73, the show notes we'll have all of these links and all of the episodes and the titles and all of these guests. So that's that one moving on 46 Dean Graziosi. Who's also a buddies with Tony Robbins. Holy crap. That was amazing. Uh, actually it's funny. Cause someone from Dean's team reached out to me to come out of my show, which was, I was like, okay, okay.

15:37 Yeah, let's get them on. And so that's how that worked. My wife didn't even have to outreach and we had a great conversation. We really hit it off. Um, and his story he shared cause I read his book, um, the, uh, the under, uh, I think it's the underdog advantage. I'm looking over there cause I have it on my desk. Um, and it talks about a story in there about a Motley crew and uh, and uh, how he was able to get Tommy Lee, um, and almost did a deal with him in the beginning, but then that fell through and just a crazy, crazy story. Um, but also how he almost gave up almost never went on to do his next thing. He was just gonna kind of stay in his own little world of blue collar and he was going to just, you know, be an, uh, basically a auto body, uh, mechanic or a, you know, doing body shop work.

16:27 Cause that's what he was, that's what he was used to great story. And again, definitely recommend you listen to that episode, but that was a highlight for me as well. And the cool thing is, is now that connection's been made, uh, Dean is actually gonna come back on the show at a later date. You know, he actually said that on the interview, he wants to come back. Uh, we really, we really hit it off. Um, the next one, eight 49 was Todd Herman. Now I met Todd Herman in Puerto Rico when I was at Puerto Rico masterminds. And Todd was one of the speakers there and it's a really small event that was only like 30 people. And then we got to hang out and we were climbing Palm trees, um, which was, uh, not Palm trees, a coconut trees. And, um, it was awesome.

17:06 It was awesome. But anyway, he wrote a book called the, uh, the alter ego effect. And uh, I ended up getting him on the podcast obviously after we were there, uh, we reached out to him and he said, yeah, I'd love to come on, but what a great story, he talks about how to unlock your secret identity. So you can become more of who you really are. Um, but he, he coaches like athletes like top athletes, like Olympians, like crazy, crazy, uh, people that he, that he coaches and, and, but the thing is, it wasn't always like that. And he talks through some of those things I even had COVID he talks about that. So just a great guy, truly just a great guy, but he's a no BS. Like let's just stop excuses and let's get your life to where you want to go.

17:53 But he talks also about the struggles that he's also went through. Um, so that was a great interview. Um, eight 52 Abel James man, I seen his podcast years ago, uh, called the fat burning man and my wife reached out to him, got him on the show. We hit it off. I didn't know he was a listener of my podcast. Didn't even know that. And I'm actually scheduling another interview to have him come back on. So we don't just talk about his story. We're going to talk about the actual help part of being an entrepreneur and really how to become healthier so you can focus better. And so we can just live a happier, healthier life, and I'm going to get him back on to discuss that. But his interview was awesome because he had health problems and that's what led him to his business.

18:38 Again, a lot of times what, where we are right now is what is going to take us to where we need to go or where we want to go. And Abel James is a perfect example of that and not to mention, he's a musician. I can sing, the guy can play guitar, he can play piano guys. Amazing. Um, so just a great, great guy. And, uh, he talks all about his struggles and how things changed and things were going really well. And then all of a sudden he got a Google slap and he lost all of his traffic or a lot of it. And the sales tanked talks all about those things, right. And how he had to pivot, uh, just, just a great interview. Uh, the next one was eight 55 with Jordan harbinger, Jordan harbinger from used to be the art of charm, which is a podcast that has gotten millions, millions of listeners.

19:21 Well, he talks about how he basically got kicked out of his own business from his business partners and how he had to start over from scratch and how he did. And now he's got a thriving new podcast, but it wasn't easy. He was doubting himself. He was kicking himself. He was thinking the world was going to end because now he couldn't do anything out there. They were going to tarnish his name and sponsors wouldn't want to come on. His show, talks all about that. And he gets a little, he gets a little feisty with, uh, you know, what he had to go through and what he still goes through, um, you know, with those partners. And so how it's still not done and not over, but how he deals with that on a regular basis. So that's a great interview with Jordan. Um, eight 58, another highlight for me, Dave Terryn from gold rush, the TV show, gold rush.

20:07 You heard me right. I love that show. Uh, I've been watching that show since the beginning. And Dave turn was introduced probably about midway through gold rush. And now he has his own show, uh, show on there as far as, uh, you know, them taking him and building a show around Dave turn because everyone loved Dave turn. Well, I got to sit down with him. He was in his, in his, uh, library in his office area and I was in mine and we were just jamming. We were talking as though we were just a couple of buddies hanging out, talking about life, talking about how he went from running his father and his family businesses or his FA his family business. Uh, isn't a rock quarry where they basically manufacturer manufacturer rock. And so he went through that entire thing and, uh, and how he actually got involved in gold rush and how, you know, how he was able to get into that show.

20:59 And we got, we, we talked a lot, we talked a lot. It was just great because he also talks about life lessons. He talks about how just growing up the way that he was raised a lot, like I was like, things don't come for free, you gotta work for them. Um, and believe it or not, the guy's an entrepreneur. The guy has tried other projects after gold rush when he was kind of done with that because he got out of the show because he was, uh, more or less having issues with that, that crew. Um, and from there, he tried to start something else and it failed and he talks about that and he talks about how he was able to overcome that and say, you know what, maybe that wasn't the right thing. Maybe I need to try this thing. And so just a great interview, love Dave.

21:38 And I actually want to schedule a time where I actually meet him in person. And we talked about that is a, I'm thinking about doing a little road trip here eventually, and I might make it a point to kind of see where he's at and just drive through there and do a, an in person interview. I think that would be awesome. Uh, Shannon urban. So Shannon's a good friend of mine. I was in a mastermind with her in, with, uh, Pat Flynn and, um, just a great, great person, but really knows a lot about the neuroscience on why we don't, you know, get results. Like why are we holding ourselves back and how to unlock that? And I had her come on, but, um, she's just great because she talks about herself. Like a lot of this was done because she was working on herself.

22:24 Right. And then wanting to figure out like, how, how does the brain work? Why are we being held back? How can we, how can we rewire this? Or how can we reprogram our brain? Um, so the episode that I'm referring to is eight 61, and I titled it secret mind hacks to reach your full potential and success. And it's exactly what she does. She gives us some tools to do. Like, you can literally listen to it and just run through those yourself. But she also talks a lot about, like I said, what has held her back and why she decided to even get into this, um, in some of those struggles along the way, um, eight 64 was Prerna and Mayank, and it took me a while to even, to even be able to pronounce their names correctly. Uh, and I apologized to those guys, um, but I got it.

23:08 I got it's Prerna and Mayank and what a great couple, a husband and wife team, and they're all about building themselves, a lifestyle business, not one, that's got a hundred employees, I'm talking a business that supports them. And they talk about, again, how my UNC was working for, I believe it was American express, a pretty high level job, six figure job, and how he got sick. He had health issues and had to basically leave his job. So they had no choice, but to do what they were doing. And that was, uh, they were blogging at the time and not in what they're doing right now, either by the way. Um, and so how that actually forced them kind of, kind of like a lot of right now, what's going on, like in COVID is forcing people to make changes and pivots it's a lot like that.

24:00 So their story is really, really inspiring and motivational, but it's also actionable. And that's what I really love about these interviews. We, we, we talk about their story. We dig in, we see the take action moment. And then from there we talk about what are those lessons? How do we apply them to ourselves? How can we learn from this? Um, so that's another great interview. Uh, eight 67, Josh Felber. Um, again, my wife reached out to Josh seeing that he was doing some really cool things. He actually interviews. And one of his main things is he interviews people. But his main core principle is really about building things around your, your why your, and in his case family, right? So he's got like four pillars that he goes through, but if it doesn't match up there, you don't do it. Right. And, you know, he talks a lot about like, what do the 1% of successful people do we actually dig into that in this interview?

25:00 The other thing that we dig into, which wasn't, it wasn't expected is we started talking about something recent that happened to one of his businesses, a very successful business, and how Facebook decided to shut all of his ads down and he couldn't get them reactivated. So, and that was driving a good portion of the business. So basically overnight their business, you know, their, their sales were chapped almost in half. And so what he was able to do and what he's doing right now to, to, you know, basically fix that. And so we talk a little bit about Facebook ads and about that situation. So how those things can happen. They do, you gotta be ready, but you also need to deal with them. And so we talk all about that. So that's another great interview. And my most recent interview was with Daniel [inaudible]. Now he was introduced by a good friend of mine, Nick Loper, from the side hustle nation.

25:51 And he said, you know what, Daniel's a great guy. You got to get to interview him. He's got a great story. And his story is really how he risked, uh, after going to college to be an engineer, how he risked leaving that job to basically after he, uh, after he won a competition for something he had never done before, it was actually, uh, a copywriting. And if you don't know what copywriting, and it just means that you write a persuasive, uh, messaging in ads or in a sales page, or in just an email that will get people to feel what you want them to feel, and then take action. And, um, he actually wrote something as, as a entry in a content test, not thinking he would win and then ended up winning. And that changed his life forever because it made him realize that I kind of want to do this, but how can I do, and then started doing some, some freelance work.

26:45 And then he started finding out that, you know, that would dry up after a while, and then he wouldn't have any work. And then how do you, how can I, how can I create some steady revenue and, and all of that stuff. So he went from going to college to be an engineer, doing that, getting a really good job, enjoying that job, not really totally hating it, but knowing that wasn't his life's mission. And then from there making a leap after he had won a contest for something he had never done before and never really was trained in, he just did it from just what he thought would work. Um, so just another great story, but guys that is 14 interviews that I've done so far over the past four months. And I will probably do this again and kind of do a pause and then a recap.

27:32 And then that way there, I can have all of these in one location. Eventually I'll have one area on the website that will be just all past interviews and I should probably do that sooner than later. But right now, if you want all of these episodes, you don't have to go find them all over the website or go through iTunes or any of those platforms, which by all means go there. And if you're there, make sure you subscribe and make sure you leave a review. Uh, but I want to make it easy for you, right? So head on over to brand creators.com forward slash eight 73, all of these guests will be there. All of the links to their episodes will be there, just bookmark that page or save that page somewhere where you have access to it and go back there every now and then if you want a little bit of a pick me up or a motivational push, uh, any of that stuff, go there and keep these close by.

28:27 Cause I'm telling you right now, guys, to get out there and really understand that yes, we are where we are right now, but where we're going, we need to go through these things in order to achieve that next thing. And I truly truly believe that even though it's not always easy, just like this podcast, right. Started it as the amazing seller podcast and then have since rebranded it to the Brocker brand podcast. And why did I retitle that? It made more sense for me, for where I am now and where I'm going. Right. And it sounds pretty cool. All right. So guys, brand creators.com forward slash eight 73, stay on the lookout for more amazing guests. I've got lined up. I can't wait to share them with you guys. And if you have any guests that you would like to, uh, have me potentially have on the show, just email meScott@brandcreators.com and who knows. Maybe I'll get them on the show. Alright, so that's it guys. That's gonna wrap it up as always remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to

29:32 Come on. Say it with me, say it loud, say it. Proud. Take

29:36 Action. Have an awesome, amazing day. I'll see you right back here. Next episode. Now let's rock your brain.

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