RYB 871: How Do I Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened? (Jam Session)

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 08/21/20 •  4 min read

Welcome to this week’s Friday Jam session. It’s always one of the highlights of my week. I enjoy being able to hang out with some awesome people and answer some great questions to help you grow your business. Head over to takeactioncrew.com to join us every Friday to get your own questions answered. Today I’m going to teach you how to write awesome subject lines and get more clicks in the process. 

The Basics of Email to Get Started 

It’s important to keep your emails simple. We want it to show up in the inbox and avoid having it go to the junk or promotions folder. When you first start your email list, make sure to keep your subject line clean and make sure to avoid adding a lot of photos and links. The goal is to get your audience to open and read your email and encourage them to take action based on our CTA.

I always ask questions in my emails because it’s normal for people to want to respond to an email. The lead magnet you created should be based on your target audience. Take the time to test out your email subject lines to find what works best for your market because it will vary depending on your audience. 

9 Effective Subject Lines 

Here are 9 subject lines that I use that will help you get more opens on your emails and help get more clicks to your website in the process. 

  1. Want to Catch More Bass? Check this Out
  2. Tips to Catch Bass In a Pond, #4 is My Favorite 
  3. Avoid These 5 Tips of Bait 
  4. Quick Question? Need Your Help
  5. Are You Struggling to Catch More Bass?
  6. Weird Bate That Caught a 7 Pound Bass
  7. Pros and Cons: Rubber Worms 
  8. Top 5 Fishing Lures: TESTED 
  9. Do You Want to Catch More Bass? 

A lot of people build a list but don’t spend the time to nurture it. Personally, I will always send at least one email each week to my list and follow up 24 hrs later with another email to the unopened list. You could also use these subject lines as inspiration to help you create your lead magnet as well. 

Best Times to Send Your Emails 

I don’t send out my emails at the same time every day. However, I will send most of them out before 10 am Eastern time. Most people are checking their emails first thing in the morning, so you have a better chance of getting your email read if you send it during this time. I’ve also found that it’s most effective when I send them out Monday-Friday because people open their emails more at work then on the weekend. 

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take-Aways From Today’s Episode 

  1. The Basics of Email to Get Started (2:20)
  2. 9 Effective Subject Lins (5:47)
  3. Best Times to Send Your Emails (36:43)


“The goal is to get your audience to open and read your email and encourage them to take n action based on our CTA”.

00:01 Yes, what time it is? Friday jams. Hey, Hey. Hey, what's up everyone. Welcome to the rock, your brand podcast. I'm your host, Scott. Bowker a serial entrepreneur.

00:11 We're on a mission to help you. This show is designed to teach you to inspire you, to motivate you, to take massive action and build a future proof business. So whether you're just starting out or taking your existing business to the next level, this is your home. Now, if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's rock your brand. What's up.

00:37 Hi, everyone. Welcome to this Friday jam session. Super excited. You're here. And if you haven't heard me say it before, I'm going to say it right now. This is probably one of the highlights of my week because I get to hang out with some cool people every single Friday and answer some really awesome questions. Now you might be asking Scott, how do I get my question answered? Well, all you need to do is become part of our take action crew. How do you do that? Very easy head on over to take action crew.com. It's totally free. And we do it every single Friday and it is a blast. So what you're about to listen to is one that we did last week. So this way here, even if you can't attend, you can always show up here to the rock, your brand podcast, and listen to our live jam session.

01:25 All right, guys. So sit back, relax and let's jam. All right, guys. Welcome back to another Friday jam session today, we are going to be talking about how to write amazing subject lines that get opens, and then ultimately that is going to get clicks. And what we're really doing here guys, is we need to understand that the subject line is one of the most important pieces of writing email, because let's face it. If the email does not get opened, then it can't get clicks. It can't get read. Right? So we got to get it open. One of the things that we talked about this in the Wednesday, uh, coffee talk, we talked about, um, writing emails, right? And in those emails, we also want to write in a way that is not, uh, full links and full of images because that can also, um, make it hard for our email to even get in the inbox.

02:20 Right? So when we're writing an email, we're doing a few things. Number one, we need that email to show up in the inbox, not in the promotions tab and not in the spam folder. So what we need to do is we need to keep that email really, really clean and really light as far as how many links we have in there, different languaging, as far as like money signs or save or how to make money or any of that stuff. Anything that could seem kind of salesy. We want to avoid that as much as possible unless we are promoting, right? But in the very beginning, we need to have that email come through and land in the inbox. So when you're first starting your email list, it's really important that you follow those rules. You really, really to keep your subject line clean. You also want to follow some of these principles.

03:03 I'm going to share with you today, which is really how to write it, where you're, you're, you're giving them a sense of curiosity and also intrigued. You're like, okay, I want to know what this thing is. Right? And so from there, what we'll do is we'll get them to read the email. And then from the email, we're going to get them to do what we want them to do. That could be click on a blog post that could be go to a promotion that could be go to our Facebook page and leave a comment. Any of that stuff. We're not going to go into that today. Um, but we are going to talk about the subject line because it is one of the most important parts of that email. All right. And so we're gonna go over, I'm going to give you guys nine different subject lines.

03:41 We'll talk a little bit about each one, but this is a question. I get a lot, Scott. I want to get my emails opened. I want to send to my email list, but I don't know what is the best subject lines to use and why should I even really spend that much time on the subject line? Well, I just kind of went over why? Right? So now let's kind of go through some of these subject lines. All right. And then what I'm going to do is I'm going to open it up for some Q and a. So if you're listening to this on the podcast, you're not gonna be able to do that unless you show up and attend one of our Friday jam sessions that can be done by heading over to take action, crew.com. Again, that's take action crew.com. That'll take you to our Facebook page from there.

04:21 You can get notifications when we go live and we'll do those Q and A's and every Friday, 10:00 AM Eastern time is when we do these. All right. So now that that's out of the way, let's talk about this first subject line. So this one here is really good because number one, it, it asks a question and you're going to notice a lot of times I'm asking questions in my email, because whenever you ask a question, the normal response for someone is to try to answer the question. Now again, remember, I'm assuming that your lead magnet that brought people into your email list is, is on point, meaning it is around your market, right? It is something that they raised their hand for. And now we know that, right? So assuming, so let's just say I put out something that is a 10 best bass fishing hacks to catch more bass, right?

05:10 Like something like that. They eat, they, they entered their name and email address to receive that. And now this would be an email that I would send to that person. Right. So I know that they're into bass fishing. I know they probably want to catch more bass. So this year would be a great subject line. Right? Want to catch more bass question Mark, check this out. Right. So immediately I know that they're probably like, yeah, I want to catch more bass. So their answer is going to probably be in their head. Yes. I want to, and then I'm saying like, we'll check this out. Right. So it's a very simple, simple way to do it. Call it out. Like, what is it that they signed up for? Uh, I talked about gut health before. Right? Um, want better gut health question, Mark. Check this out.

05:48 It's super simple to do. Like, you can just fill in the blank, right? Like want to blank, you know, in your market. Right? Like, so gut health, we're putting that in there because health calls out the thing, right. It could be, um, want to crochet better question Mark. Check this out. Right. Um, anything in your market, you just want to call it out in, you know, with a question and then say, check this out. Right. So really, really simple. Okay. So that's subject line number one. Alright. Now subject line number two is this seven tips to catch bass in pond? Number three is my favorite. All right. Now let's break this down a little bit. Okay. The seven is a number that people will be intrigued by. They'll be like, well, wait a minute here. Seven. Why seven? Why not? Why not four. Right? Why?

06:39 Why not? Five? Right. So seven seven gets the, the, uh, you know, the mind to say, okay, I want to know what those seven tips are. Right. I'm calling it out again, right. Catch bass. Right. And then I'm also mentioning in a pond because a lot of people that are bass fishing are probably, uh, catching or trying to catch bass in a pond. Here's the other thing, though. Now I can look at this email and I can look at the open rate and I can go, Oh, my open rate was good or it wasn't so good. And that might be because I called out fishing in a pond. Maybe they're not fishing in a pond, maybe they're fishing in a Lake. Right. So that would be a way for me to also see where my market is at. And if they want to know more about catching bass in a pond.

07:19 So this is a great way to see your open rates to see, okay, how many people actually clicked on it to read it. And I can see that in my email autoresponder. Now, the other thing I've done here is I added some curiosity there. Right? So number one, yes. Seven tips to catch bass in a pond. That's like, okay, I want to know those seven tips. If I'm into, you know, catching more bass, I want to know what they are. Right. Well, the thing that I added here was number three is my favorite. It makes you say, wait a minute, number three. I wonder what his favorite is. Right. So now automatically I added another element of curiosity there, right? So this is just another thing that you can do to get more people to want to open your email again, this year would probably, if it's in your inbox and you are someone that wants to catch more bass, it will grab your attention.

08:07 Right. It's not a long subject line. Right. It's pretty short. Um, but it does in the very beginning, it says exactly what it is. Seven tips to catch bass. Right. So if it got truncated, meaning if you're reading this on mobile, you might not be able to read the full subject line. So I always try to make the front end of the subject line where they can see it and go, Oh yeah, that's for me. Right. So again, just use something like this. It could be seven tips, five tips, three tips. I always like an odd number. So seven tips to catch bass and upon seven tips for better gut health. Right. Um, number four is my favorite. Something like that. Okay. Okay. Moving on subject line, number three, avoid these five types of bait. Right. So right away, what I'm doing here is I am also giving them something that they are like, well, wait a minute here.

08:58 What do I want to avoid? I want to avoid this because if I don't, I might not be as effective catching bass. Right. So this could also be five foods to avoid for better gut health. Right. So we can always flip it around. So avoiding things, we always want to either achieve something by, you know, following these two chips or we want to avoid doing something. So we don't all into the trap of, you know, or a mistake that could be made. So avoid these five types of bait. Right. And they could be five different types that I've just learned over the years that you want to avoid because they don't work as good. And here's the reasoning why? Right. So avoid these five types of bait or avoid these five types of blank or avoid these five types of food. Right. Whatever. Right. So something like that, you just have to kind of tailor it towards your niche.

09:48 All right. So here's another one. And this is super simple, quick question. Question, Mark. Need your help. Right. So any time that someone sees quick question, and they've been on your list for any period of time, and you've already kind of established yourself as far as who you are now. I wouldn't necessarily put this one as my first like email followup, because I would want them always to see bass fishing in this case, or better gut health or whatever. Right. Okay. But once they start to get that relationship built with me, I can do stuff like this. I can say, quick question, need your help. Because now they see that it came from me or you, and then they're going to go, Oh, what do they need? What do they need help on? Right. What did, what did they have a quick question on? Right.

10:27 And so in here I could be like, Hey, it's Scott. I just wanted to drop you a quick email. I wanted to see what is, what is the one, the thing that you're struggling with, uh, when trying to catch more bass in a pond, you know, I've been doing a little bit of, uh, research and I've had some emails from people asking me about this, but I'm just wondering, like, what is your number? One thing that you're frustrated with, it could be like maybe fishing on the bank. It could be, um, not being able to find, um, you know, a certain area that has a lot of, uh, uh, maybe a lot of trees that are overhanging because maybe that's a thing. Right. So all I'm doing here though, is I'm trying to get them to reply or at least see that I am there to help them.

11:09 Right. So it's another, it's another way to layer on a Goodwill, right. In your marketplace. And again, everyone, uh, usually we'll look at that and go quick question, did your help, right? What do you need your help with? Or what do you need my help for? So again, we've done this over and over and over again, it works really well, but it does come in at a time that you've already established yourself in the market. I wouldn't use this as one of my first, you know, my first emails that I send out. So that's another one, another one. Are you struggling to catch bass? Right. So very similar to the question thing, I'm now calling it right out. Right. So if you're into bass fishing, you're either yes, you are struggling or you're not. And most of the time, if you're a bass fisherman, you're always struggling.

11:53 Right. It's because you're always trying to learn to be better. You're always trying to find that special lure or whatever. Right. So again, we're asking another question. So see, that's a question, here's a question, uh, this one's not, uh, let's see, this one is not right. And this one is right. So we've got a couple of questions. Not all of them are right, but this one here is, are you struggling to catch fast? All right. So what I'm going to do here too. And if you're listening to this on the podcast, it doesn't really matter at this time. But if you are watching this live, if you have any questions on this now would be the time to drop them into the comments. I'll answer them after I get done with the last subject line. All right. So if you have any questions, let me know.

12:34 All right. So let's move on to subject line, number six, weird bait that caught a seven pound bass. If you're a bass fishermen, right? You want to know what this weird bait is. Like I know all the baits out there, right? I mean, that's maybe what you're thinking. Right? And I'm like this weird bait that caught a seven pound bass who doesn't want to know that if you're a bass fisherman. Right. So again, it gets your attention. Weird. People want to know what kind of weird bait. Right. Um, and then again, a seven pound bass. That's what they're trying to catch. Right? A seven pound, 10 pound, whatever, five pound even. Right. So anything in there we can be specific, but also it's the curiosity of it, but we're also, we're, we're throwing in there. The thing that they want to achieve, right. You could put in here, weird food that helped my gut help.

13:23 You want to know what that weird food is. Right? So again, it's a curiosity piece. All right. Subject line number seven, pros and cons always work well, pros and cons rubber worms. Right? So now what we're going to do is we're going to do pros and cons on the rubber worms. So if you're into bass fishing, I don't have to put bass fishing in there. You're probably using a rubber worm every now and then maybe you're testing that and I'm going to put pros and cons. Everyone wants to know the pros. Everyone wants to know the cons. Right? So that's again, another great subject line. You can just throw pros and cons and then put, um, something like a foods for gut health or, uh, three, I don't know, um, super foods for gut health, right. Or maybe it's a specific thing in this case.

14:07 Maybe it's like pros and cons nuts and gut health, right? Like maybe, maybe that's it. Maybe you call out the specific food. Right. Um, so that's another way that you could use that subject line. All right. Here's another one, top five fishing lures tested. Right? So all caps, right? So top five fishing lures. Okay. If you're, again, if you're into this market, this is going to resonate with you, right? Imagine that you just got eight emails, all of them you're going to be in that market. You are going to be like, you know what? It makes sense. I want to see what that is. I want to know what the top five fishing louvers are. I want to see the ones that are tested. I mean, we see this in magazines all the time, right? Especially like, uh, photography, like shootouts, right. We have Nikon versus Canon shootout, 2020, right?

14:52 Like this, that could be a blog post that you wrote. And then you're just going to let people know about the blog post. All right. So top five fishing lures tested. Right. That's it very simple. Right. You can have here top five gut health foods tested, right. Something like that, or, um, experiment, uh, or results, something like that. Right. And then the last one, and this is a good subject line, if you want to. And I know, did I use something similar up here? I just wrote this and I didn't even look, are you struggling to catch bass? Okay. Or this one here, just calling it out. Do you want to catch more bass? Now this one here, this one here would be a great subject line to send to a cold list, a list that you haven't messaged in a while. And here's why, what we're doing is we're calling out exactly what they signed up for in a sense.

15:43 And now we're just kind of seeing, are they still interested in this thing? Right. If, if I, if I had a lead magnet that was about you buying a new house and I haven't heard from you in awhile, and I wrote an email that said, still looking to buy a house question, Mark, right. I'm calling it out in this case, do you want to catch more bass? Or you could even say something like, are you still wanting to catch more bass? Right? And then you would just call that out. Now, what this is going to do is this is going to warm the list back up, the people that are still interested in catching more bass, they're going to open the email, right? So this is a great email that you could send just to get that list reengaged. Right? Cause a lot of people, they, they build a list, but they don't nurture the list.

16:24 They don't follow up with the list. Like I have a rule one email a week minimum. Right. And generally I'll send anywhere from two to three. Um, this also allows me to do the unopened, you know, they're the send to the unopens 24 hours later. Um, so an example would be Monday, I send out an email Tuesday, I'll send out to the unopeneds people that haven't opened the email and I'll use a little bit of a different headline or a subject line. And then Wednesday I'll do the same thing. I'll send an email and then Thursday I'll send to you and opens a little bit of a different subject line. And then Friday, same thing. So three a week. And a lot of people say, well, Scott, what do you write? I've talked about that. I actually did a, uh, I actually did a, uh, an, uh, a coffee talk the other day about, um, you know, emails and reviewing them.

17:07 Um, so, um, basically we talked about that, you know, we talked about, you know, what to write and how to make that, make that all kind of connect together. Um, so anyway, that's what I would do. So guys, if you have any quick questions, let me know. I'm going to go ahead and switch over to we'll remove that. I'm going to come back. Um, okay, cool. So geo says, why are certain words all in caps? How do you know which words should be bolded or in caps? Well, number one, I wouldn't go too crazy with bolding. Okay. So actually let me go back here. I'll add this back to the stream and let me go, let me go back here and let's see, let me get back to my doc. Okay. So here you see, there's nothing really capitalized, right? This here tested. That's what I want to bring attention to, but I don't want to do it all right. And I'm capitalizing the first word, but sometimes I'll write an email that will just be lowercase, right? It could be just like quick question. So this subject line here

18:09 Be this, it could be quick.

18:12 It shouldn't kind of like we would do to a friend. Oops. It wants to correct me here. I would do something like that. Quick question, meet your, and then I might go here and go, I need your help. So that stands out, right. That might be the way that I would do that. So there's no hard, fast rule. Um, but I would make it seem really, really simple as far as with like, if you were to email a friend, like what would that look like? Like you're not always going to capitalize your stuff. You're kind of in a hurry. Just kind of want to send him this cool tip. Right. So in this one here, I didn't, I didn't really capitalize only, but the front letter, um, let's see this one here pond. I wanted that to stand out because I wanted that to just look a little bit different, break it up.

18:51 And then here I did this all lowercase C number three is my favorite. Right? So there's no hard, fast rule, um, bass. I wanted to stand out because you know, it's bass fishing. Right. Um, and then this one down here, seven pound bass. I wanted that to stand out. Right. And bait. I did that one. So there's no hard, fast rule this year. I use brackets sometimes to just separate it and break it up. But pros and cons that'll catch your eye. Right. So you got to remember when people are seeing the subject line, they're scanning as well. Right. So we want to, uh, you know, we want to allow people to really scan it and then see it and then want to click on it. Um, so hopefully that answered your question there, geo

19:30 Uh, okay. Okay. So

19:33 Salomon wants to know, would these subject lines work, uh, for lead magnet too? Yes, they could. Absolutely. Right. So you could, you could take one of those that I wrote there. Um, let's see here. I would say if we went back here, let's see, uh, this would be a good one, right? Um, weird bait that caught a seven pound bass. Right. And, uh, and then you might even put under it, um, uh, something that you can find in your local supermarket or something like that or something you can find in your backyard, right. Or something like that. And that would just create curiosity. So you could put this into a checklist or a guide, or even just a, here's some weird bait and, and maybe this weird story on how someone caught a bass. Right. And then you could turn that into a lead magnet.

20:20 Someone would want to, to download that, to see what kind of weird bait that, that was. Now, you might want to say like five weird, uh, you know, types of bait that caught a seven pound bass or that catch seven pound bass. Um, something like that. Um, let me see another one here, avoid these five types of, of, uh, bait maybe. Um, so yeah, so this one here is good seven tips to catch bass in a pond. And I might not use number three is my, but I'd say seven tips to catch bass and upon guaranteed to work, um, proven by whatever X or even like current, uh, bass masters or something like that. Right. If it's true, obviously it's gotta be true. You don't want to make stuff up. Um, so anyway, it's a little bit of an idea there. Uh, okay. D is it okay to you use emojis on your subject line?

21:11 I do not. I believe that that will flag the spam filters and it'll also probably get dropped in promotions, I would say no. Um, I don't want any graphics. I don't want any HTML. I don't want any graphics in my emails, especially when you're first starting to send emails to your, uh, you know, to your, um, your list. You don't want to do that, uh, resources to learn more about subject lines. Really. There's a lot of testing, um, again, and I wouldn't overthink it. Um, so I wouldn't, you know, I, I wouldn't worry about it. Um, I would just test something. I just gave you a nine, right. Um, so let me see here. Uh, Oh, geez. Scott, these copy talks to me, BCA are better than the semester I spent learning about marketing in college info, taught in college is outdated. That is so funny that you bring that up because I had a conversation with this with someone the other day, it's like, like eight or nine grand for a semester, generally.

22:07 Sometimes even more. And you're absolutely right. The marketing is way behind. When, when kids tell me they're going to school for marketing, I try to figure out what they're learning. And it's, it's like basic like one Oh one like old school, like how to build like branding. Right? Um, Selma, if you're doing blogs and YouTube, should they both be on your website or one of them for speed? Um, I would always put it on my website, but if you have YouTube, then I would take the YouTube and embed it on the website. I mean, it's a natural mix. You might as well embed it, but I always start with the home base and with the website. Um, and I think that just about wraps up the questions, those that are coming in. If you guys have one or two more quick questions, I can answer them here.

22:52 And, um, just to remind you guys, if you're listening to this on the podcast, this is our Friday jam session. This is our coffee talk. If you want to participate and ask questions, hang out with us. You can head on over to, uh, take action crew.com again, that's take action crew.com. And we'll do this again on Friday. If you're listening to this on the podcast and just means that I took that recording, and now I aired it on the podcast because some of you are not coming up. Well, a lot of you aren't coming over to the coffee talks cause we have a small group on our coffee talks and there's a lot more people that are listening on the podcast and that's fine wherever you want to hang out. But I am, uh, over there doing these Friday jam sessions now.

23:32 Alright, so let's see here. Octavio, what kind of engagement do you see over time when emailing regularly increasing or decreasing opens? I know my list was not ideally targeted, but just setting expectations. Thank you. So I have a few different brands that I've been running email campaigns for, for a long time. Um, one of them is the one that we're talking about that I've been talking about. That's going to be sold here very soon. Still wrapping the details up on that. SBA has been just so crazy. Um, as far as, um, it's just taking a long time, um, because they're just bad,

24:05 But, um, to be honest with you, Octavio,

24:10 I've seen it very, very steady over time if you email more regularly,

24:15 But it also needs to be

24:19 Like, I just did their curiosity based. It has to be because people are, are, they're just, they're overwhelmed with email that they're getting. So yeah,

24:27 I have to stand out. But

24:30 Yeah, when your market, I think you totally can email at least twice a week. I would encourage you to do twice a week, maybe Tuesday, Thursday, right? And it gives you enough time to do on opens. I would not do three times and then not really be able to keep up with that. And then also not be able to send to the on opens. I think it's really, really important because the, the thing we have to understand is even though you sent out an email today, not everyone's opening it and then you send another or the unopens the next day, you can do that same exact thing the next time. And there's people that are opening your email that didn't open at all. I'm the last one. So people just think that, Oh, part of my list is dead maybe, but there's also, there's like a cycle there's, there's probably people that are opening this email, but then they're not going to open the one that you're going to send, you know, in three days from now, even if you send, you know, to the unopeneds on that one, it's just the way that it is.

25:19 Um, so I think that the,

25:21 A better relationship that you have with your list and you show that you're delivering Goodwill on a regular basis and the targeting is right, Octavio. I think your new list is going to be more engaged. But I also think that, um, there was a little bit of a slight problem with convert kit because you were flagged in a sense. And I think we're actually experiencing it in one of our brands right now, which we're looking into. Um, we've seen a drop in our open rates because of, um, we think that we've been dinged. So we're going to figure that out.

25:48 But, um, I do think

25:51 That you just need to send to good content and let the content do the selling. And then when you have a promotion, do the promotion and run up a, run, a promotion, like it should be run, right. Have a start time and an end time and then follow up with those people.

26:03 Um, let's see.

26:05 Is it better to start with one lead magnet first or segment? I would say start with one. Cause if I tell you to do two, then it's going to get overwhelming and then it'll, you know, it'll just take longer. Um, I'd rather get one up there and start testing. Uh, do you help both beginners and current business owners who are further on journey? How do you target both? I would start with one part of the market. So if I'm going to go into the bass fishing market, I'm going to go after either new newbies, like beginners people that are just looking to get started or I'm going to go after people that want to, uh, they want to advance, right. They want to be more competitive maybe, uh, or they're a little bit more seasoned. Right. Uh, and then Karen, you send emails out at the same time of day each time.

26:47 No, not, not all the time when it's a broadcast message. No. Um, usually it will be in the morning, but I don't say it's gotta be at seven Oh five every, every day. It will be usually before 9:00 AM. Um, the latest would be 10:00 AM Eastern time because I find that in the morning is when people usually check their email, whether they're at work or at home. Uh, and I would also say Monday through Friday works best. Although I have sent emails on the weekends and it depends on the market on how they will do, but typically if people are working, they tend to open their emails more at work. It's kind of funny, but no, it does. I would just say make it before 10:00 AM Eastern time. And that way the West coast people are going to get it when they get up as well.

27:32 Um, uh, do you have a nurture sequence and how many? Yeah, actually we just built one inside of brand creators Academy for one of our brands that we're doing as a, as a case study for, um, the email accelerator, uh, email marketing accelerator training. And we actually built that out. We intended on doing five emails. I always tell people, try to do four to five emails as the welcome sequence and space them about three days apart. And then, um, we actually did that and I was running people through that process. I think I did 10 or 11 emails in that sequence. So that means that when someone opts in they're going to get those emails for the next, you know, maybe like three weeks. Um, and then that way they're, they're, they're constantly getting Goodwill pieces of content. And that's really our goal. There is to again, show up in their inbox as someone that's giving them Goodwill, that's something that's giving them good content and that's also there to serve them.

28:25 But then once we establish that we can start to sprinkle in some offers and we can also do some creative things in our PSS. We can also do some things in what I call our super signature, but again, don't want to go into all of that here on today's jam session. That's a whole nother conversation. Um, so, okay guys, I think that's gonna wrap it up. Do me a favor though. Um, you know what, let someone know about the coffee talks. If you think that this is valuable and you think people would, um, they would get use out of this and enjoy this, invite them to a coffee talk, just head on over to take action crew.com and or send them there. Um, you can do that. The other thing is, let me know. Um, is there any topics that you want me to go further on in an upcoming coffee talk?

29:08 I'm probably gonna do another niche drill down. I have one that I want to do just because I just discovered it here, not that long ago in my own research. And I wanted to kind of share that with you because of course I'm always then going to say, okay, this is a market I'm looking into. Um, are other people looking into it? I'm curious. And then I'll go and I'll start exploring that. So that'll be coming. Uh, I'll be doing that on a coffee talk. We'll do, we'll be doing more email, uh, you know, discussions. Um, I will be more than happy to do another email review. Um, and just like I did the other day. So if you have one that you want me to review, just submit it@scottatabrandcreators.com and I can do it there. And, uh, yeah, we can, uh, we can do more of these coffee talks.

29:48 All right. So, um, that is going to wrap up this jam session. If you want to join a jam session on Friday 10:00 AM Eastern time, just head on over to take action crew.com and we can do that. And you can hear in the background, Emmy Kay is saying, you know what? It's time to wrap up the jam session. It's time to unplug. You got to go, man. You got to go. Uh, so guys, thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate each and every one of you. And I'll see you guys here on the podcast for back here on the coffee talk. All right, guys, take care. Take action. I'll talk to you soon. All right. Well, I hope that you enjoyed that Friday jam session. And like I said, in the beginning, if you want to attend one of our live Friday jam sessions, all you need to do is head on over to take action crew.com. That is where we show up every Friday, 10:00 AM, Eastern time, and you can join us. You can ask a question and then, uh, I can answer it and we can go ahead and also publish it here on the podcast. So once again, I just want to say, thank you so much for listening. This is always one of the highlights of my week. And until next time, remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to

30:59 Come on. Say it with me, say it loud, say it. Proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you

31:06 Right back here on the next episode. Now go rocket,

31:10 Your brand.

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