RYB 869: How To Guarantee RESULTS (T.E.A.T. Method)

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 08/17/20 •  4 min read

Today I'm going to share a simple method that will guarantee you results! I'm going to tell you about the four things that will help you a results machine and see progress in growing your business. By implementing this method, you'll be able to easily identify the areas that you can improve on and be prepared to take action. Let's get right to it.

Don't Focus Your Efforts on Consuming Content

It's much easier to consume content than taking action, and you can get caught in an endless loop of learning and never getting anything done. I only consume Information when I'm focused on learning how to do one thing. I want to have a roadmap where I learn something and then immediately take action.

It's important to put your blinders on and focus on getting that one thing done before moving on to the next. You're going to learn much more by doing something, and you'll also get a result that will help you in the future. Make the commitment to shift your mindset to focus on doing more and learning less. 

For example, get your lead magnet created right off the bat to get started. Don't overthink it. It's as simple as using old blog posts you've already written and turn them into your lead magnet by adding a nice cover and building a landing page. Within a couple of hours, you've taken action that will benefit you for months to come. 

TEAT Method 

Keep in mind that you don't need to have everything figured out to take action. It's a continuous cycle where you'll start by learning something, taking action, evaluate the results, adjust based on what you learned, and take action again. If you adopt this method, you will be a results machine in no time. The four parts of this method are: 

  1. Take Action 
  2. Evaluate
  3. Adjust
  4. Take Action 

You have to take consistent action on a regular basis to create the results you want to see. 

Plant The Seeds To Take Action

It's actually fairly simple if you think about it from this perspective. During the past few weeks, I've talked a lot about creating email lists. I talk about it a lot because I'm helping my students and all of you to plant to seeds so you can take action and start implementing an email list for your own business when you're ready. It's not hard, but it does take commitment on your part. 

If you want to join us each week and become part of our morning coffee talks, we'd love to have you! All you have to do to join is head over to takeactioncrew.com

Take-Aways From Today's Episode 

  1. Don't Focus Your Efforts on Consuming Content (5:40)
  2. TEAT Method (15:45)
  3. Plant The Seeds To Take Action (26:35)


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“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 


“Make a shift to start doing more and learning less”. 

00:01 Gotta be able to take consistent action on a regular basis that generates a result.

00:08 Wait, Hey, Hey, what's up, everyone. Welcome to the rock, your brand podcast. I'm your host, Scott. Bowker a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help you. This show is designed to teach you to inspire you, to motivate you, to take massive action and build a future proof business. So whether you're just starting out or taking your existing business to the next level, this is your home. Now, if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's rock your brand. What's up guys. Welcome back

00:41 To the Rocky brand podcast. This is episode eight 69. And today I'm going to share with you a simple method so you can guarantee results. And what I actually did was I did one of my morning coffee talks, and this is exactly what we went over. And there's actually four things that I cover here. And it's the T E a T method. I had to look at that for a minute there T E a T method. And really, if you follow this method, you will get results. The problem is, is we get ourselves in this row of learning in a sense. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to break this down for you. So you can number one, identify the areas that you need to improve upon, which for a lot of us, it just means getting out of our own way and stop learning so much and start doing all right.

01:38 So that's what I'm going to be covering here. In this episode, I'm going to share this coffee talk that we recently did, and you can kind of sit in on this, on this coffee talk if you weren't able to make it. Now, if you do want to join one of these coffee talks, by the way, uh, you can, uh, well you can head on over to take action crew.com. Again, that's take action crew.com. As of right now, you can go on over there to the Facebook page, be notified when we go live. And that is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And that is at 10:00 AM Eastern time. And on Fridays, we are doing our jam sessions and that's where I answer all of your questions there live. So if you want to be part of that, definitely make sure you're there on a Friday. So guys, I'm going to stop talking now so you can listen in on this conversation that I have with my take action crew and where we talked about how to guarantee your results and get out of your own way and really install this four step method to get results.

02:39 All right. So sit back, relax and enjoy. So let me ask you guys something if, and maybe, you know, maybe you're willing to admit it. Maybe you're not, I don't know. Let's just go ahead and let's kind of air it out here. Okay. Are you right now, or maybe you been in the past, do you notice that you consume more content or consume more? How to then you actually do anybody ever been like that? If you were to have a scale, right. And you had a scale here and we have on the left side here, maybe on the right side, if you're looking at this the other way, right. But this side, we have all the content that you're consuming. Right. And then we have all of the stuff that you're actually doing. Right. It's probably going to look like this. Right. And it's normal, but I'm just curious. Is that something that you find yourself learning more consuming more than actually pen to paper, fingers to keys, right. Like be honest. I want to know, drop it in the comments down below it's okay. We're all friends here. Uh, I'd love to know that. So drop that in the comments. Let me know. And then I'm, we're going to dig in here and I'm going to give you my thoughts.

04:06 Alright. Most definitely. Yeah. Well, there we go. We've got an honest, we've got an honest person here today. Thank you, Salma. Debbie. Good morning to you. How are you Kimberly? First time here. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for tuning in and Kimberly, let me ask you, maybe you'll comment back. Um, how did you, how did you hear of the, of the coffee talk? Did you hear of it through a friend? Uh, did you just happen to be on Facebook and you've seen us go live. I'm just always curious how people are tuning in, uh, handsy. Uh, yes. Okay, cool. Uh, Karen says not anymore since joining BCA, I believe you have been a big help. It's a big one, right? Karen. I mean a lot of learning. We all love to learn. Learning is exciting. Learning is kind of easy to be honest with you.

04:59 Uh, Oh, Facebook. Cool. Awesome. That's awesome. Well, thanks for sharing for sharing that. Mike smiley in the house. What's up, Mike? Good call. We had the other day. Hey, Mike has as, has it been helpful since we got off as, as far as like when we were on, did it clear things up a little bit? Let me know, uh, Helene, what's up? How are you? Morning in the beginning, but not now. Yup, exactly right. Uh, let's see here. Yes, there is so much great content on how to grow your brand. I get behind on it. It's okay. It's okay. Uh, it's a tough balance, but I'm guilty of this. Yep. Well, you know what? We all are. It's easy to consume and go, you know what, before I actually do that over there, I'm just going to, I'm going to watch this one video, right?

05:50 I'm going to, I'm going to, I'm going to read that one book, right? The hard part is actually doing it, right. That's why inside of the Academy, I am a big, big fan of creating like little roadmaps, right? So like right now, I'll give you an example. Inside of the Academy, we are going through a full training on email marketing. It's called email marketing accelerator. It's not available to the public right now. It will be in the future. But right now it's not inside. We're building this training and we're rolling it out for our Academy members. Right. It is very deliberate that we learn this. We do this. So it's like, if you went, imagine this, if you went to your high school classroom and you learn something, they're going to give you a homework assignment. That's to actually now do the thing that you just learned, right.

06:44 Or to do your own research and then come back with the answers. So you've actually done the work, right. Or maybe it's in science where you have to actually do the experiment and see what happens. Right. So many people, including myself at times, not anymore. Uh, honestly, I don't, the only time I'll consume something is if I'm trying to accomplish one thing. Right. So if I'm looking to, uh, let's just say, um, I want to learn Facebook ads, right? Which I'm very fortunate because I have Chris Schaffer who he is my educator on Facebook ads. He just did a full training this past week on Facebook ads. And you know, that's where I get my education from. But if I'm going to go through something, I want a roadmap. And then I want to, I want to do it. I want to learn it. And then I want to do it.

07:33 Right. We all know that you learn by doing much better. Right. But the problem is, is we learn and we might start something and then we learn and then we start something and then we learn, right. We need to blinders. Right. Get rid of all of the distractions and we need to actually do something I guarantee. Okay. And I don't guarantee anything really, because I can't say what you're going to do. But I guarantee that if you just take this one little shift, this one little shift, you take one area of your business. Okay. Or I don't even care if it's business life. Right. And you go, I am going to do this for the next seven days, 14 days. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to learn something and then I'm going to only do the thing. Right. I'm only going to do that.

08:29 One thing, if you do, you will get results. Okay. Now, does that mean you're going to be a millionaire? No. Does it mean that you're going to have a successful product launch? No, but here's the deal. You are going to learn more by doing. And then once you learn that, guess what you get, you get a result. And then when you get that result, guess what you get to do next. You get to learn from that result. And I don't mean just learn like, Oh, that's how it works. It's like you get data, right? We're running two campaigns right now. Literally they are brand spanking, new to brand new campaigns. As a case study inside of our new email marketing accelerator program. Chris just started these two ads. We're already getting data. Guys. I looked this morning, we had like 25 email opt ins on the one lead magnet.

09:18 And we got like 12 on the other one, right? A day and a half ago we had nothing, zero. Right. But now we have a lead magnet because we went through that process. Right. We built the lead magnet. We built the landing page. Now it's time to get traffic. We set up the landing page. We put a, or we take Facebook ads. We drive it to that landing page. Boom. We're getting results. Now. Arc pages are actually, you know what? I'm going to jump in here real quick. Um, and I am going to look at our stats. See, now I can get stats because you know why? Because we've done something and now we have something to measure off of. All right. So I'm going to go ahead and log in here real quick. I'll give you guys, I'll give you guys a little bit of some data here.

10:05 All right. So this is so fresh, right? So we started two different lead magnets. If you're inside the Academy, you're going to know what these two lead magnets are. You probably already do. And you're going to see this campaign here. That's already running out of the gate. Um, but I'm looking at two landing pages that we started literally just the other day. So one of them has had 47 visitors from paid traffic from Facebook ads. We've had 15 email subscribers and that there is 31.9, 1% so far. Now that's too early to determine if it's doing well or whatever. It's doing pretty well right off, right out of the gate, 31.91%. But it's not enough data, but I've got data, right? I didn't learn about how to build a lead magnet, how to build a landing page. I learned it and then guess what? I did it.

10:53 Then I've got a lead magnet. Then I've got a landing page. Now I've got Facebook ads that are driving traffic. Now I'm looking at numbers and now I can go, Oh, it's doing pretty good. Let's keep scaling this thing and see if it breaks. Right. And then we can start to measure, right? There's another lead magnet. Uh, let's see here. Uh, this one here is okay. Now this one here has had more. Th this one was the first one we rolled out a day and a half ago. That's had 140 visitors with 38 subscribers. So that conversion rate is a 27.14%. See, we've got data now it's too early to tell, but still we've got data. I can look at the numbers now. Right. Then I can go and look at the Facebook ad. I go, okay, how much did I spend on those emails, subscribers, right?

11:41 We're out of the learning phase because now we're doing now, the cool thing is, is like, now you're at the point where you're like, okay, I've got a result, right? I've got a result. I didn't have this result a week ago, but I've got it now. Right. It's a small result, but it's a result. Right. So now, okay, what's my next thing, huh? Let's go ahead and look at the Facebook ad and see how much we're spending and see if I need to trim any of those audience that I'm taught that I'm targeting. Right? That's the next part that I'm going to, going to evaluate. And then I'm going to look at and go, Oh, I need to make an adjustment. That audience isn't doing well, that audience is doing better. Turn off, turn on. Right. And I keep going. So now you're not learning how to build a full fledged funnel yet, but we're kind of working towards that.

12:30 Aren't we? Right? And at the end of this, this particular training, this, this outcome, we're looking to build an email list. Right? And then what we do with it later, that's the next part. We're not going to learn that yet. Don't need to learn that right? During this process, by going through this, we learned how to basically create a lead magnet from scratch. So now our students know how to create those lead medics. They're getting that result. Right. They can take that and bring it into their next thing. Right. They knew what they know now, how to build a landing page. That's a skillset now because they've done it. They didn't just learn it. They did it. Did it all work out perfect. The first time? No, they're like, Oh, wait a minute. How do you do this? Uh, Oh man, when I connect this, it doesn't work.

13:10 Right. Okay. Well let's, let's, let's figure that out. Right. But if you're just learning it like, Oh, so if I was to build a lead magnet, this could happen. Right. It's it's all like hypothetical. We need to make a shift to start doing more in learning less. Okay. Learning is a lot of times a way for you to get out of the actual doing, because doing it as work and doing it also requires you to do it maybe a little bit more thinking, not just consuming. Right? So again, I'm not saying this to pick on anyone I've been there. Right. And anytime that I start, you know, like going down that road of trying to learn stuff that I'm not even going to work on right now, I'm like, Whoa, wait a minute here. Why am I doing this? I'm doing this. Cause I'm trying to avoid this over here because I don't want to do this.

13:59 Right. Because either it might fail or I know it's maybe it's too hard for me right now because I got to figure out, you know, the tech side of it, like, whatever. Right? You gotta put the blinders on and you gotta start doing more. If you want results, you make that shift. You're going to get results. Like these results are here. I'm getting now the next part is you have to ask the question and that's the other cool thing that happens is we ask ourselves questions. Okay. Now what? Well, let's see, I'm getting email opt ins. I'm getting them for a pretty decent rate. I wonder if I could maybe, I don't know, create a sequence that offers some affiliate products or something. Maybe that's it. Right. Or maybe I can then drive them to a product that I do sell on eBay or Etsy, your Amazon.

14:40 Right. Maybe I can do that. Maybe I could start selling t-shirts to this market. I don't know. I never thought about that, but I can do print on demand. Maybe I'll do that right now. You have these questions that you can ask yourself as monetization. Like how does that all tie in? Or maybe okay. Now I got to build an email sequence. How do I do that next part? Right. Then we learn it. Then we build it. Right. So all of this stuff it has to be learned. Yes. But then it has to be done. It has to be actually implemented. All right. So I had this, uh, this little, uh, actually I changed it. It was like T a, a E a T a. Right. And I'm like, yeah, it's too long. And it doesn't really need to be, there's actually four, like four points here.

15:22 Right. So I actually, I, I kind of changed it. It's T E a T. I'm calling that the T E a T method. Does anybody want to guess what that means? T E a T. Okay. Each one of them is the beginning of the word. So I'm going to take a sip of coffee here. Let me know if you guys have any questions by the way. But if someone can guess that I would be amazed, but I'm just curious. That's my, that's my little abbreviation for a method that I believe if you adopt this method, you will get results guaranteed. You will be a, you will be a result machine. Okay. Let me know in the comments and man, that coffee is good. Let me go over here.

16:16 Let's see. Cool, cool, cool. We got a lot of comments coming in. Yeah. Robin says there's so much great content on how to grow your brand and Oh, okay. So the, I already read that. What's up. Try a doula. What's up. How are you? Good. Yes. Very much appreciate, uh, for use of your shoulder. No problem, Mike, uh, Octavio. Uh, absolutely. But focused on one thing currently BCA and that has made a huge difference. Great to be back with y'all. What is, yes. I love it. Octavio. Love your energy, man. Uh, I wrote a book, uh, exactly what the hell is small yet? How do I make it a brand? Okay. Hm let's um, we could address that for sure. Uh, I guess the big thing here is, um, I guess what are the key factors, right? Uh, what are, what people are getting stuck with or hung up on that you can help them with and then how can you create content around that?

17:24 Right. So you need to kind of figure out your, you know, your ideal person, your avatar, and then you need to start addressing different content pieces that can call out the problem and then give them a small win. Right? However, you can do that. That's what I would recommend doing. Um, the book is like your, you know what I mean? Like you're like, I'll give you an example. So my book here are the take action effect, right? Like if you looked at this, you'd be like, okay, take action. What does that mean? Well, it's proving steps to build a future-proof business and create your ultimate freedom. Right? So in here I cover mindset. I cover, you know, different things along the way that you will, um, that you will, that you'll identify through taking action, but that will lead you to kind of what we're talking about here today to the next thing.

18:15 Right. And everything is there to help you and build upon each other. And that's the effect of taking action. But like here I can talk about, uh, the business stuff. I can talk about like the five things that I, I address in here about building a brand. Right. But also I can start to address some of the mindset pieces too, and then it always kind of links back to the book. So you gotta, you gotta kind of see what does your, what are your principles? And then from there you would, you would address them in content. Uh, let's see. Oh, Selma. Are you just changing the titles of the lead magnets for the two new campaigns or the whole lead magnet? No, actually we created two lead magnets and here's the crazy thing. We, we actually taught this. We took to, we were actually in a hurry to create these lead magnets.

19:01 And this is where a lot of people get stuck. They spend weeks trying to come up with a lead magnet. So our job with teaching, this was this, we're going to give you this week. We're going to teach it to you. And then by the end of the week, we need a lead magnet. And I don't care if you think that lead magnet is the right lead magnet yet, or not create the lead magnet. What am I doing there I'm more or less forcing you in a good way to create your lead magnet? So what we did very, very simple. We took two blog posts that were about 1500 to 2000 words, already had some images and we basically created a downloadable PDF from the blog posts. Just like I've talked about here on like on the coffee talk guys, we took those, we went and created a nice cover okay.

19:48 In, uh, in CAMBA. Right. And then from there built a landing page in convert kit, and then boom started Facebook ads. Here we are. Right. And I'm kind of blown away that I'm already, that we're already getting opt-ins that we're already getting email opt-ins for these like seriously, um, which is kinda surprising, but also pretty cool. Um, Debbie, I wrote and posted four blog posts in the last two weeks and have learned so much already, so excited to learn more. Yeah. Isn't it crazy on how you learn by doing those four blog posts, right. There's so much that you learn and it becomes easier. And now you've set four seeds on the internet that lead back to you and your brand. Right. You're you're planting seeds. So love that. Uh, okay. Take action. Yup. Uh, turn education. Okay. Uh, take Epic action today. Ooh. I liked that.

20:43 I do like that. Uh, that's not it though, by the way, take action or take effective action today. Nope. Not sure what the rest of it stands for. Uh, Oh yeah. Karen says we have misdirected, but we have, uh, T uh, good Mo what's up. Good morning to you, Hunter. Uh, I am stuck exactly there on creating my lead mag. I have to book my 20 minutes with you soon. Yes. Alma. Absolutely. What you're, what Salim is talking about is she actually sign up for our Pinterest traffic workshop and was one of the first 10. So she's getting a, a 20 minute coaching call with me. So yeah, we can totally do that. I can't wait to know what it is. All right, here it is. You guys ready? I'm going to read it to you. Okay. It's very, very simple. Number one. Okay. And this is basically, let's say, for example, you've learned something, right?

21:41 You've learned one part of the equation, not timeout. A lot of times people want to know the whole equation. They want to learn all of the thing before they actually start. Don't need to do that. If we know that that's the direction we're going, and we're convinced that that's where we want to go. And we can just start here even though we don't have everything else figured out yet. Okay. So the first part is take action. Okay. So the T is the take action, right? I, at first I had taken an action and then blah, blah, blah. Right. I'm not doing that for four lines here. Okay. So take action. The E is evaluate. Okay. So take action then evaluate. Okay. We get to look at the data, look at the results, right? Because we are going to get some results, whatever we're doing here. And then from there adjust. Right. And then the last thing, take action again.

22:37 So take action. Evaluate, adjust, take action. Right? So all that's all we're going to follow guys. Right? So we're going to learn something right. Once we learn it, we're going to take action. We're going to evaluate, we're going to adjust. We're going to take more action, right? That's that's all, that's all we're going to do. That's the method, right? In order for you to get results over and over and over again. Okay. You got to get into the mindset of taking action. It's the only way. It's the only way that you're ever going to get a result on the other side. Right? So if I, if I took this into, like, let's say, for example, a lead magnet, okay. I'm going to learn how to create the lead magnet. Then I'm going to build the lead magnet. Right? I'm going to take the blog post.

23:27 I'm going to maybe send it off to five or have someone put it into a PDF. Or maybe I'm just going to use pages on my Mac and I'm going to create a cover in Canva, or I'm going to hire it on Fiverr for five bucks. And then from there, I am done with that. So now what I can do is I can go, okay, I've got this thing now. Right. I started with nothing. And now at the end of that one phase there, that one thing I wanted to have the lead magnet done. So let's say you gave yourself up. I don't know, three days to get your lead magnet done. Okay. So at the end of those three days, now you can look at it and go, okay. I took action. Okay. Now I'm going to evaluate it. I'm going to look at the ebook or the cover or the guide or whatever.

24:05 Right. I'm going to look at it. I'm gonna evaluate it. I'm going to say, okay, good. Ready to go. Take more action. Right. Then I go into the next thing. Okay. So what is it? Uh, let's see. Um, I got to build a landing page. Let me give myself three days to build a landing page. That's long. You can do it in, in like an hour, but let's just say I gave myself three days. Right. So I build it. I got to get my colors. Right. I gotta get my layout. Right. I gotta connect it to my auto responder. Right. I'm gonna do all that. So I'm going to load up my ebook covers so I can show it. Right. I'm gonna do all that stuff. Take action. Evaluate it, look at it. What do I gotta tweak? Do I gotta tweak anything? I like that.

24:42 I don't like that. Right. That's the adjustment side. Right. And then boom, move on and take more action. Right? So it's constant. It's not, I'm going to learn for a week and then I'm going to apply. No, I'm going to learn. Do learn, do learn. Do right. And the only thing you're learning is the next step. It's all you're learning. You're not learning 20 steps, right? Like I'm not going to teach you Facebook ads before we even have a lead magnet done or a landing page. Right. We're not going to do that. You don't need that yet. Okay. And that you can be in that hamster wheel, if you will, of content and learning before you ever do anything, if you just kind of, I always want to learn that next piece, but then what happens there then? How do I connect it to a shopping cart?

25:23 Then once I get my shopping cart, how do I do a thank you page? And when I do my thank you page, how do I do this? How do I do that? I'm going to learn it all. What am I going to do anything yet? It's the wrong way. Gotta be able to take consistent action on a regular basis that generates a result. The result on a lead magnet is creating the lead magnet. The result on a landing page is creating the landing page. The result next is to get traffic to it. We got to do a Facebook ad. After that, we got to build a sequence in our autoresponder and follow up. Then we got to learn messaging, right? And then once we do all that, guess what we've learned that process, we can then plug in it in a different lead magnet and everything else flows.

26:00 Okay. So we got to learn. So again, take action. Evaluate. Okay. Adjust, take action. There it is. All right. All right. You can tell, I get a little fired up about this. Uh, yes, it is easy. It is easy when you think about it this way, right? You totally do. All right. So, uh, now I am okay with you learning something okay. That you might not rate now, like let's say, I'll give you an example. Okay. I've been talking a lot about building an email list lately. And if you guys have listened to the past coffee talks like probably a week and a half, two weeks ago, I talked about planting seeds for your next thing. Right? So for the next thing, we are building an email marketing accelerator program inside the Academy in probably, I don't know, four weeks, five weeks, maybe a little bit longer.

26:57 We're going to probably offer it to the general public. Right? So I'm planting seeds along the way on email marketing. So if I'm talking about email marketing and you're not there yet. Okay. And you're tuning into this coffee talk. It's okay. That you're, I don't even want to say learning it. You're hearing about it. You're being convinced in a sense that you should be doing email marketing, whether you're doing it now or not, doesn't really matter. Right. But I would not then leave this coffee talk and then try to figure out the email marketing side, if you're not ready yet for it. Right. So that's where you gotta draw the line. All right, guys. So there you have it. There is exactly how you can guarantee your results. It's not hard, but it does take a commitment on your part. And that's why I wanted to share this here on the podcast.

27:44 I also shared it as you just listened to on our coffee talks, which if you are not part of our morning coffee talks, you might want to come on over and hang out with us. It's where we hang out. We talk about business. We talk about email list building. We talk about content for our websites. It's a, it's really just a great group of people where we are surrounding ourselves with other brand creators. And if you want to be part of that, well, head on over to take action, crew.com and you can be a part of that Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. And once again, Fridays are our jam session. So if you have a question that you want me to answer, that would be the time to be there. 10:00 AM Eastern time, every single Friday. All right, guys. So that's it. That's going to wrap up this episode as always remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come up,

28:36 Say it loud, say it, proud take

28:39 Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here. Next episode. Now let's rock your brand.

Scott Voelker

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