RYB 866 The ONLY 3 Things You Need To Start Email Marketing

Today we’re going to talk about the only three things that you need to start email marketing. If you haven’t started implementing this into your business yet, you need to!

Email marketing makes it easy to reach out to people in our market and stay front of mind. The idea is there are a lot of people who aren’t ready to buy right now. However, they may be looking for tips to help them out in the moment and eventually will be more inclined to make a purchase at a later date.

When we have an email list, we can control the communications with our customers, and it will change the game. Email marketing has been a part of my business for many years, and today I’m going to break it down for you to simplify it so you can implement this strategy in your own business. 

If you are interested in building your email list and have been following what I’ve been sharing, pick up a copy of our playbook. It’s the exact process and steps that I use for all of my businesses. There is an entire section dedicated to email marketing to help you out. 

1. You Need To Have Your Lead Magnet 

Now let’s get right to the three things you need to do email marketing the right way and to keep it super simple.

Before you even start, you need to know what your market wants so you can create a valuable lead magnet. Make sure that it’s niche-specific and isn’t too broad. If you haven’t decided what your lead magnet is going to be, that is what you need to work on.

The market may not even realize what they need until you create it, and that’s ok. Just make sure that it’s specific and calls out a problem, solution, or something that your audience wants. Make sure to keep it simple, especially at the beginning. 

2. Create a Landing Page 

All you are going to do is put the lead magnet on the landing page and drive people to that page so they can sign up to get their freebie. On the landing page, you’ll be collecting their email address that you’ll add to your email list. Don’t talk about driving traffic to your site until you have your landing page ready to go. 

3. Email Auto-Responder 

We use Converkit and absolutely love it! Inside Convert Kit, you can actually create landing paging so you can do it all in one place. Make sure that you dont overthink it. Simple is always best when it comes to email marketing.  

Bonus Tip – Add a Thank You Page 

The thank-you page will let people know you’ve sent their freebie and will include an offer for one of your products. It’s an easy way to upsell and promote your product. Even if they don’t purchase the first time, you now have access to their email and can reach out again at a later date.

I recommend always creating your own custom thank you page and avoid using the word “subscribe” to make it more personal and provide added value. 

If you haven’t started email marketing or haven’t leverage your list, its time to get serious about building your own email list. There is so much you can do to have it help you positively promote your business while providing genuine goodwill to your audience. 

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Take-Aways From Today’s Episode 

  1. You Need To Have Your Lead Magnet (9:31)
  2. Create a Landing Page 11:50
  3. Email Auto-Responder 12:45
  4. Bonus Tip – Add a Thank You Page 14:20


“If you haven’t started email marketing or haven’t leverage your list, its time to get serious about building your own email list. There is so much you can do to have it help you positively promote your business while providing genuine goodwill to your audience”. 

00:00 Before you ever decide to build your list, you need to understand your market and you need to understand what they want in what they need

00:11 Way. Hey, Hey, what's up everyone. Welcome to the rock, your brand podcast. I'm your host, Scott. Bowker a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help you. This show is designed to teach you to inspire you, to motivate you, to take massive action and build a future proof business. So whether you're just starting out or taking your existing business to the next level, this is your home. Now, if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's rock your brand. What's up guys. Welcome back to

00:44 Another episode of the Rocky brand podcast. This is episode eight 66. And today we are going to be talking about the three things. The only three things that you need to start doing email marketing. And if you are not doing email marketing yet, you really should be, and it should be at least one component in your business. If you guys have been listening for any period of time, you probably know by now I'm a huge fan of email marketing. And yes, there's a bunch of different advantages and perks that we get to have for having our own email list. But one of the main ones is, is we're able to follow up with people that are in our market on a regular basis and stay front of mind. We all know that, you know, the person that's looking to buy something, they're looking to buy something like right now.

01:40 And again, let's take Amazon. For example, if you're selling on Amazon right now, people will queue in, you know, or key in their, uh, their search inside of Amazon. And they will want to go buy something, right? Like bass fishing, Loris, boom. I want to go buy it. Right. There's probably only 5% of the market, the entire market. That's looking to buy something right now. Maybe that's a little bit higher. I don't know the exact thing it's going to probably vary within markets and niches. Right. But the idea here is there's a lot of people that aren't ready to buy right now. Right. They're just not ready. Right. Like maybe I'm not ready to buy new fishing lures because I have enough and I'm okay. But I'm probably trying to figure out a way to catch more bass or maybe I'm looking to, maybe I'm going to buy a new kayak, a new for bass fishing or, you know, whatever.

02:31 Right. Like there's always going to be things that I'm probably going to be doing in that market. Okay. Or at least if I am building a brand in a market, I want to have that type of reach or I want to be able to have that ability. Right. I don't want to just sell, you know, a water filter necessarily. Right. So the idea here is, is when we have an email list or a channel of any kind that we get to communicate with our audience on a regular basis, just email we can control. It really, really does change the game for you. Okay. And I've been doing this for a very long time. Email marketing has been part of all of my businesses that I've ever grown even way back in the day before I even knew what email marketing was, I was doing it.

03:16 Um, but what I wanted to do though, is just really break this down for you and simplify it. I'm all about creating, you know, these assets, but also doing it in a simple way where we don't have to get overwhelmed and make it so complicated. All right, now this episode, I'm actually going to play a recording that I did for another one of our coffee talks. The other thing is, and I'm going to leave in most of this coffee talk because this one here was pretty special. Uh, and that is I was holding my granddaughter the entire time I was at my daughter's. Uh, if you guys are just tuning in, or maybe you, uh, have heard of this podcast for the first time, uh, I just had my first granddaughter. I'm a grandfather. Now I'm a pop pop is I'm called. Uh, but um, I was actually holding her.

04:07 And, uh, at first I was just going to kind of share her with, uh, you know, with my coffee talk people, but she ended up staying in my arms the entire time. So she actually was learning about email marketing at a very, very young age. I'm talking just less than two weeks old. Right. So why not start them early? Right. So, uh, I am going to post this video also in the show notes. If you want to go check it out for this coffee talk, you can head on over to brand creators.com forward slash eight 66, all the show notes, transcripts, and this video will be there as well. All right. So I'm going to stop talking now though. So you can listen to this episode, but before I do, I also wanted to say this, if you are interested in building your email list, but just really building your brand and following a lot of what I've been sharing with you, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of our playbook.

05:01 This playbook is the exact process, the exact steps that we use to build our brands. And there's a whole section in there that is dedicated to email marketing and really building your list. It's I call it email list building one Oh one, and you can grab a copy by heading over to brand creators, book.com. Again, that's brand creators, book.com. It's 107 pages. I have a physical copy that I've printed out and you can do the same. You can download it and print it out. Have it spiral bound. It'll look just like this. All right. And if you're listening while it's a bright yellow cover that says brand creators, the playbook and, uh, yeah, it's a pretty good book. You ought to check it out. Brand creators, book.com. All right guys, like I said, let's get to it. Here are the three things that you need. The only three things you need to do, email marketing and really keep it super simple. All right. So sit back, relax and enjoy. So I'm glad you guys are hanging out with me today. We

05:58 Are here today, a little bit different. We've got a baby in hand. We've got a cup of coffee like this pretty darn good. Um, the other thing I do want to highlight here is the beautiful thing. Something that I did years ago, which was when let's see here, Alexis was probably four. And, uh, my son Scotty was around two that's when I made the decision officially and I left my job and I never looked back. I never went and worked for anybody else in my life. And the reason was, is because I wanted to be able to choose my own schedule or be able to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. And I do not regret any of those decisions now, was it always easy? No, but I always built our schedule around the kids and the family coaching.

06:49 My son baseball, never missed a game. Uh, Alexis, if she was at a recital, I was there. If she was at a basketball game, I was there volleyball. I was there. Right. So that was always been a priority. And perfect example is I was, we were planning on coming here this week just to visit. And, uh, we were planning on leaving Tuesday, I believe. And we ended up, um, we ended up actually getting a phone call Monday morning at like, well, it was like 12:05 AM. And, uh, we ended up, uh, you know, hearing that my daughter's water broke. So we jumped in the car and away we went and I've been here, actually, I'm going to be here a week longer than I expected. The reason why I'm able to do that is because I'm remote. Right. I can do this stuff on the road.

07:37 Now I'm limited a little bit, you know, with podcast episodes and stuff, but I'm still able to do it because I chose to be an entrepreneur way back in the day. All right. And I'm talking like back, uh, let's see. Or 2003, 2004, I think it was. And that's when I made that decision and I've never looked back. So guys, if you have your why, and if you want this, you gotta go out there and get it. And whether that's building your own brand online, whether it's doing a brick and mortar, like, I don't care what it is. You need to figure out what that is. Obviously on this, on this coffee talk and stuff. We talk about building an online, remote business. Now, whether that's e-commerce, whether that's building a blog with traffic, whatever. Right. Um, that's why we do what we do. So this is a perfect example.

08:22 Like I'm able to do this with you guys here today. Right. Still check in, still delivering Goodwill to the marketplace, but then we're able to, uh, you know, shut this thing off, do a little bit of extra. I might do a little bit of work and then I'll go hang out. Right. But yesterday my son in law and I played some disc golf, um, we barbecued, right? Like, so there's things we're able to do and enjoy ourselves. And we're not committed to that job now, do I still have to work? Yes. But it's on my terms. And I think that's the big thing that I want to kind of point out here. What's up Debbie? Good morning to you as well. Yes. MEK a cool, that's got a great ring to it. Doesn't it? Uh, Derek what's up Derek. It's good to see the baby is helping and doing well.

09:00 How is your daughter? She is doing well very, very well. Very well, very happy, uh, is what she is. Um, all right guys. So let's do this. I do have a little bit of what I want to share with you guys here. And I'm just going to let MEK sit right here with me because she's content. So she might want to hear about this. So MEK, we're going to talk about the only three things you need to start building your list and start email marketing. So pay attention. All right, here we go. So number one, you guys have been hearing me talk a lot about this lately. I did a whole coffee talk on this and that is you need to have your lead magnet. So before you ever decide to build your list, you need to understand your market and you need to understand what they want and what they need.

09:45 Right? If you are in the gut health space, it's going to be five foods to avoid for better gut health, right? Or it's going to be the five foods you must consume to have great gut health, right? So we need to figure out what that thing is. And then we need to test it, right? But the very first thing before we start building anything, before we start, you know, connecting an autoresponder, any of that stuff, we need a lead magnet. So if you have not yet decided on what your lead magnet is going to be, that's what you need to work on. And you need to start understanding what is the market looking for or what do they need help with? They might not even know that they need it, but you're going to be the one that's going to deliver that thing to them.

10:28 If it's bass fishing, five tips to catch more bass in a pond, that's something that someone would sign up on an email list for. Right? And then you're going to deliver content. But the lead magnet can't be too broad. It needs to be something specific. It needs to be something that calls out either a problem or a solution or just something that they want. Right. Um, so that's first. So number one thing, and again, my big thing is guys is simple, simplifying things. We don't want to overcomplicate this. So instead of thinking about like all of the different automation things you can do and the, the auto sequences and broadcast messages and connecting this, you know, this, the auto responder to this, you don't need any of that right now, what you need is your lead magnet. So my question to you is how many of you right now, whether you're on here live or later, have your lead magnet picked out?

11:19 Like, do you know what that is? And if not, that's your homework. All right. Make sure that you get that lead magnet identified. First part of that is though figuring out what the market wants and needs. And you might want to do a little investigative work and look at some of your competitors. Are they using lead magnets? If they are, maybe you can model it. Okay. So that's number one. Number two is then the landing page. Okay. So we have a lead magnet. Now we need a place to display it. Right? And that's what we call a landing page. It's basically one webpage, one webpage. That's all is, it's just one webpage. Okay. So all we're going to do is we're going to put the lead magnet on the landing page. That could be a little, a little image of a guide. It could be, um, it could be a, an image of you doing the thing, whatever it doesn't matter, but it needs to have what it is.

12:11 And you want what we call a title or a subject line or a headline, right? You're heading, you want that to say what it is, five foods to avoid for better gut health, right? And then you have a little guide or a checklist, and then you'd have enter name and email address right here in order to download it. Like, that's it, that's your landing page. Right? So one lead magnet, two landing page. All right. Now on that landing page, we are going to be collecting an email address. The third thing that you need at this point is you need an email autoresponder. Okay. Email autoresponder is basically just an email collection service. We use convert kit. If you want to go through my affiliate link and buy me a cup of coffee, you can go to brand creators.com forward slash convert kit. And that will take you there.

12:56 And I'll also, if you do go through my link message me, or send me an emailScott@brandcreators.com, and I'll send you some email swipe files that you can use and you can model. Um, so that's a little bonus that I'm giving for anyone that does go through my link. All right. So that's that. So, and also inside the convert kit, you can build landing pages. So inside of convert kit, you can basically build your landing page and connect it all in one, and then you're all done. So really those two pieces can be done inside a convert kit. All right. So that is number one, lead magnet. Number two is your landing page. Number three is your email auto responder or your email capture. All right. So what you want to make sure is make sure that you don't overcomplicate this. So again, if you understand what the market wants, then you need to test that and then we need to drive traffic and things.

13:46 But right now, if you don't have any of this stuff done, don't worry about the traffic. Talk about that another time. Right then it's just, okay. I got my page set up with my lead magnet. I have a way to capture emails. Now I talk about driving traffic. You see what we did there? We didn't think about the traffic piece yet. We don't need to worry about that yet. All right. Now I do have something that I want to share with you a little bonus here. Okay. And this would be a fourth thing. And if you put this in there, you could potentially start making money day one. All right. And what that is is a thank you page. All right. So here's how this looks. Okay. So if you, and actually, if you want to see this in action here, let me put up a link here.

14:28 Uh, let's see if you go to there it is. That should go to our checklist. So if you go to brand creators.com for slash checklist, that is what we call a landing page. Okay. That is going to give you our brand growth validation checklist. All right. The next thing do it. You're going to go to a thank you page on that. Thank you page. It's going to say congratulations or thank you've. Um, we've just sent you your checklist in the email or in an email before you go here's our brand creator's playbook, right? So it's a slight little offer. That's like, Hey, if you have the checklist, you're trying to figure out your market. If you want to really build the brand out, following these six principles and then grab the playbook, the playbook is $4 and 99 cents at this time. Right? So that's your thank you page.

15:16 So your thank you page could just say, Hey, go to your inbox, get your download. Or you can just give the download right there if you want to. I like to have them go to the email because then it also allows them to go and open the email, which then also increases our open rates. Um, which is always good. That's for another conversation though. So the thank you page, and honestly, it's super simple. It's just another page that says if they do this, send them here. And then on that, thank you page. It could be a video of you saying like, Hey, thanks so much for downloading our checklist. Um, now what I would have for you before you go, I just sent that to your inbox. If you want the full brand building process, go to brand creators, book.com or just on this page, I'm going to put a special offer for you.

15:54 And we do have a special offer there. So if you want to check that out, go to brand creators.com forward us checklist, enter your name and email address, and you'll take the thank you page and you'll see that special offer. All right. And what we've done is we've just taken people and brought them to the next logical step. That's it. And now immediately you can start turning that into a paid customer. And there's a lot we can talk about as far as like taking someone that's a free lead from someone that's a paid lead, even if it's only $4 and 99 cents, they're actually worth more as far as people that would spend money in the future, but we still want to take care of the people that are free. You know, they want to download the free stuff too. So, um, anyway, let's just recap here real quick.

16:37 Okay. And actually I'm gonna put that up there and brand creators, book.com. That'll just take you right to the book if you wanted to grab a copy of that. So, okay. Number one, lead magnet, you need to make sure that you understand what your market wants and what they need, and it can not be so broad, right? Our checklist is specifically to help you identify your market or take your existing market and see the opportunities and if it's even possible. So that's number one. Number two is the landing page. The landing page is going to deliver the asset or it's going to, or I'm sorry, it's going to collect the email to get the asset, to get the download, right. And then three is the email autoresponder, which is connected to the landing page that will actually allow you to take that and put it on a list that you can then communicate with down the line.

17:26 And the thank you page is something that I would always suggest you put in there, not just the default one that they give you. Like thanks for subscribing. I don't like using the word subscribe. I want the word. Um, thanks. Uh, thanks for downloading the checklist. We just sent it to your inbox, whatever. Um, I don't like subscribe. Um, I don't like that. That verbiage. Okay. So one lead magnet, two landing, page three autoresponder. And if you don't have those three things in place right now, then you shouldn't be worrying about traffic. You shouldn't be worrying about an automated sequence. You shouldn't be worrying about broadcast messages opens, clicks, all that stuff. That's later.

18:05 All right, guys, that's a wrap. Hopefully you enjoyed that episode. And hopefully you enjoyed that video. If you watched it, if you're listening, you didn't get to see it, but you got to see myself and my granddaughter, who didn't make a peep the whole time for about 25 minutes, sat there and listened to me. Talk about email marketing and those three things that you need. But seriously, if you have not yet started email marketing or, you know what, if you have started building your list, but you haven't really communicated with your list or you haven't really leveraged that email list. Well, you need to consider getting serious about building your email list. And there's just so much that you can do with it in a positive way, too. It will positively really add to your business, but it will really add to your bottom line at times, right?

18:52 Depending if you're running promotions and there's a way that you can do it without being sleazy and without being spammy or any of that stuff. That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about genuinely adding Goodwill to the marketplace by showing up in their inbox. All right. So again, do not overcomplicate this. If you do want more information on how to do this, or really how to build your brand and follow these principles inside the playbook, I encourage you to head on over to brand creators, book.com. Again, that's brand creators, book.com. You can grab yourself a copy over there, and yes, you will buy me a cup of coffee. And yes, I would love that. I love my coffee as a lot of, you know, Bulletproof coffee, by the way. All right guys. So this is eight 66. If you want the show notes, transcripts, or you want to just watch that video head on over to brand creators.com forward slash eight 66, and you can get it all over there. All right guys, that's it. That's going to wrap it up as always remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come up, say it with me, say it loud, say it. Proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now let's rock your brand.

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