RYB 863: Avoid These 5 Email List Building Mistakes To Help Grow Your BRAND

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 08/03/20 •  5 min read

Today we're going to talk about five mistakes people make when creating their email lists and how to avoid them. Email marketing doesn't have to be complicated, and I'm here to share some ways to help make it easier. Let's get right to it! 

I actually just sent out an email to my list, letting them know that we're focusing on email marketing for the next few weeks. It's been very useful for my businesses and has worked for me for over fifteen years.

Over the years, I've followed the email marketing formula that has worked well for me. There are a few common mistakes that people make when they're implementing email marketing, and we're going to talk about how to avoid those to successfully grow your email list.  

Start With a Lead Magnet 

To start, you need an effective lead magnet, landing page, and a place to collect your emails, such as ConvertKit. Next, you'll need to figure out how to get people to your landing page and what to send to your email list each week. You'll change up your lead magnets as you go, and your product offerings change. However, to start, you need to have a good understanding of the basics before getting started. 

The goal is to simplify the process to make it easier for you. Your first lead magnet may not be your most successful, but you need to start somewhere and start testing to see what is the most successful.

Keep in mind that marketing isn't just selling your products and services to your audience. You need to gain good will with your audience and give them something of value before selling them anything. This will help build trust in the process and show them that you're a reliable source in your niche and genuinely care about helping them.  

5 Mistakes To Avoid

1) Choosing the Wrong Lead Magnet 

Your lead magnet needs to be directly related to your niche and repel people who aren't interested in your product or service. Your lead magnet needs to be directly related to your target market so you can attract the right people. Niche it down and call out their specific problem, so they're more likely to sign up. 

2) Asking People to Join Your Newsletter

I prefer to create a precise lead magnet instead. A newsletter doesn't show your audience what you're actually going to give them. Always include a call to action and always have them answer with “yes.” To confirm that they actually want the lead magnet and know what they're signing up for. 

3) Not Building Your List at All 

You should start building your email list the right way. Create a lead magnet as soon as you have your website up and have your first blog posts up. It can be as simple as transforming a blog post into a lead magnet and creating a landing page for it. 

4) Not Sending Emails

If you have an email list, you need to start sending emails to your list, don't wait! If you have a list and haven't sent anything for a while, there are ways that you warm your list up. To start, send them a recent blog post or update to check in on them or let them know what you've been working on and get the dialog going? 

5) Only Sending Emails When You Want to Sell Them Something

I'm not saying you can't put a promotion on an offer page, that's actually a good idea. However, always lead with value and goodwill, and make sure you're smart about when you send promotions. Once you have your lead magnet dialed in you'll start to see success. 

How to Use The Brand Creators PlayBook 

Content is the long play. Once you've posted a piece of content, it should start ranking within 3-4 months. From there, your email comes into play so you can get eyeballs on your content without having to wait for so long for organic traffic to come to your website. 

In a perfect world, you will build a website, add content, build your email list, and do Pinterest off on the side where you can create pins that go directly to your lead magnet. Part of the email list building will include Facebook Ads. That is the formula that I would use. The money coming in on the backend comes naturally as you bring traffic to your site. 

Creating a lead magnet doesn't need to be complicated. Take time to go back and review the five mistakes to make sure you avoid them! 

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take-Aways From Today's Episode 

  1. Start With a Lead Magnet (5:48)
  2. 5 Mistakes To Avoid (11:42)
  3. How to Use The Brand Creators PlayBook (31:58)


00:03 Hey, Hey, Hey, what's up everyone. Welcome to the rock, your brand podcast. I'm your host Scott. Bowker a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help you. This show is designed to teach you to inspire you, to motivate you, to take massive action and build a future proof business. So whether you're just starting out or taking your existing business to the next level, this is your home. Now, if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's rock your brand. What's up guys. Welcome back to the rock, your brand podcast. This is episode eight 63. Now let me just set up today's podcast episode because you're going to hear a little bit of a difference in the audio quality and it's for a good reason, by the way, uh, that is I was recording this from my daughters in Virginia, who just had her baby four weeks early. So, uh, I have shared this on our coffee talks.

01:05 I may have even shared here on a podcast. I don't know lately. My world has been a well, a little turned upside down, but in a good way, because I just welcomed my first granddaughter, my grand kid into the world. And it's been awesome. It's been amazing, but I did find some time to record an episode and actually it was during one of our coffee talks. So this conversation today, and this topic is all about some mistakes that people are making when really creating their email list or building their email list, and then also messaging their email list. And I go over five different mistakes and how to avoid them in this session. So again, that's what you're going to be listening to. I'll also be talking really the importance of email marketing and how to do it properly. A lot of people think that it's this, uh, you know, really hard, complicated thing, and it really doesn't have to be, and I'm going to help you actually simplify this and part of today's episode, we'll do that as well.

02:11 So make sure you listen to this entire session. You are going to hear me answering some questions that I received during this coffee talk and Oh, by the way, if you want to join us on an upcoming coffee talk, all you need to do is head over to take action crew.com. But these show notes here will be over on the blog. You can head on over to brand creators.com forward slash eight 63. And you can go there. You can listen and well, you can grab all the show notes there as well. All the goodies will be over there. All right guys. So I'm going to stop talking so you can listen to this episode all about the five mistakes to avoid when doing email marketing in your business. All right. So enjoy. We are going to get straight to it. Uh, I just literally sent out an email to my list, letting them know that in the next

03:00 Several weeks, we are going to be going hard on email marketing. And if you've been on these coffee talks, you know exactly why number one, it's been something that's worked for me over and over and over again. And it continues to work. And the reason why it's not the shiny object is because it's been around forever and it's not the new hot, sexy thing, right? It's not the chat bot. It's not tick tock. It's not any of that stuff. And what we're talking about guys is email marketing, right? Like email marketing has been working for me for over 15 years. And actually if I went back a little bit further before I even know what email, what I knew about email marketing was I was using it in my photography business, collecting emails by hand with a fishbowl, for a contest, seriously, I was doing contest back then before I even knew what an auto responder was or email marketing or any of that stuff.

03:50 I just knew if I could get the right people that were interested that had kids, I could probably get in front of them and take pictures of their children, or at least advertise my services worked really well, but I had no idea what I was doing. Then after that, I started to learn a little bit more about email marketing way back in the day. And, uh, that's when I really got serious about it because I built a very small list, um, probably less than a thousand people. And I was able to launch my first digital product and that went on to do that. One launch did over $12,000, my first one ever. Uh, so it was just amazing and it just made me go, wow. Right? And then over the years, I've continued to follow the email marketing formula, if you will. Um, so today, um, we are going to be talking about some mistakes.

04:39 Uh, I'm going to go over five big mistakes that I see people making. And it's not anyone's fault. I'm not sitting here saying like, see, they're making a whole bunch of mistakes. They're bad people. They don't know what they're doing. No, I'm not saying that I'm saying that I've made these mistakes myself, not all of them, but some of them, um, and they're very common, but they're very easy to fix. Right. And so that's what I want to talk about here today is these five mistakes to avoid and also getting you set up in the right way now last, uh, let's see. Last Friday, our jam session, we talked all about lead magnets. All right. And it's really, it's, it's this simple. If we think about it, right? We want to get a group of people, uh, basically on a list. We know if we communicate with these people, well, they're interested in this market.

05:26 And if they're interested in this market and we are serving this market with our content, with products, whatever, there's a good chance that we're going to get in front of them. There's a good chance that we can probably turn that into revenue down the line. Right. And that's a, that's an asset that we're building, but it's really simple. It comes down to really three things. Number one is a lead magnet. We need a lead magnet. Okay. And, um, would that lead magnet, you would say, okay, so Scott, what, what goes next? Well, the next thing is, is we need a landing page. And really, I don't even look at a page as being like what we, we need that, but it's not the core thing. The core thing is the lead, the lead magnet. That's going to get the attention. And then from there, we have to have a place that we collect the emails, that's the landing page.

06:07 And then we connect it to an auto responder, such as convert kit. And then from there, it comes down to getting traffic to it. And then the last thing is, is really the messaging, right? Is how do you message? What do you write to that list? What do you send out? Can you send promotions to those people? Is it too much to send three emails a week? Right? All of these things are discussions after you've built the list, right? And when you're building a list, you're not like ever stopping to build a list. You're always going to be tweaking. You're always going to be coming up with maybe a new lead magnet and all of these things. Right. But if you are at the very beginning stages, you need to understand all of the components, just understand, stand them. And then from there, you have to understand how to create the first piece in that first piece of the lead magnet.

06:49 Last Friday, I talked about how to come up with irresistible lead magnets that will attract the right person in your market. So if you miss that, go back and listen to that. Um, this, uh, this may also air this, this session here may air on the podcast. I don't know. Um, haven't decided that yet, but you guys know, I've been talking about how you build a promotional roadmap, right? And you do that by delivering Goodwill along the way. And that roadmap can be a week long. It can be two weeks long. It can be a month long. It can be six weeks long. Well, what I'm doing right now is I'm demonstrating even by teaching this to you, what it looks like to seed the market, right? Getting people that are interested in this topic, by letting them know maybe that email is the right thing for them, or is it the right thing for them, and then educating them on that.

07:39 And I'm doing this also because aside of brand creators Academy, I'm building out, we're going to be starting this year, very shortly. I'm going over this entire process. And we're going to be building out a full training, all right. A full training inside of there that our Academy members are going to be getting. The other part of this is in about six weeks. We're probably going to offer this to the public, okay. As a standalone product. So our brand creators Academy members get it for free. Cause there are members, there are people, there are tribe, right. Then anyone that's not in there, they can get access as to what it's going to be more expensive, but they can still get access to it. And it will be a full training. Right. But during this time I'm not selling anything. Right. So understand this as well.

08:18 Before I get into these five big mistakes, when you're doing this type of stuff, I'm creating this piece of content here today. I can email about it tomorrow. Right. I sent out an email this morning that talked about Friday's coffee talk, right? So did the coffee talk? I got some feedback on it. I think it was pretty good. So then I emailed my list about it. Hey, if you're not creating an email list, here's why you should, and it starts with a lead magnet. I just did a copy talk last Friday. You should go check it out. You see? So that's how we can, we can constantly be bringing our email list into it and then the word spreads. And then if we want to start driving traffic to any these pieces we can. Right. But understand that in the very beginning, it starts with the lead magnet.

09:02 We gotta have the right thing. Now you may start with one that isn't going to be the one that's going to be the best one for you forever. Right. But you got to get something out there. So what we're teaching is really how to create some, how to come up with something and get it out there so we can start driving traffic to it and we can start testing. Right. It's how do we simplify this process? So it's lead magnet. It's getting those emails collected in a autoresponder, such as convert kit and then from their messaging. Right. That's what it's about. Yes. We got to drive traffic. Yes. We got to build a landing page, but the root there's really only like four, four components. If you really let's see lead magnet landing page, the landing page and the thank you page. So let's just say there's two pages or let's just say landing page.

09:42 And then from there we have to connect it. And then from there we have to write a, uh, uh, you know, a brief sequence, you know, and then we've got to drive traffic. That's what we got to do. And then once we start building the list, then we got to the message. We got to market to the list. But marketing to that list doesn't mean that you're just selling to the list, right? When I'm S I wrote an email today that has nothing to buy, you cannot buy anything. Only my playbook right now, that's it. Right? So there is nothing in that email other than Goodwill. And it's also bringing attention to email marketing. So the people that are interested are going to pay attention. When I release that, that training, there's going to be people that are going to be ready because I've educated them through that process.

10:27 And they're gonna want that. Right. So understand marketing, isn't just selling. Marketing is not just selling. Understand that really, really important. Okay. Right now, in a sense, I'm marketing guys, I'm marketing by giving you Goodwill. I'm giving you something for free. I'm sitting here an hour and a half before my granddaughter is going to make an entrance in my house here or in my daughter's house, in this house. And I'm doing this because I'm showing up to you and with you, because I've committed to Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays. Right. And I am in, in a sense marketing to you because I am showing up and I am delivering value. So part of marketing is education. It is helping. It is building Goodwill. It's doing all of these things. It's not just selling. All right. So with that, all being said, let's get to it. All right, take a sip of coffee. I got my coffee. I'm like, I bring it everywhere I go. You know that.

11:24 Alright, here we go. Do you guys have any question? She's do drop them in there. I'll try to get to them if I can't I'll come back. Um, so we'll, we'll do that. Alright. So let me just get to my notes here. All right. So there's, like I said, there's five email list, building mistakes, email marketing, mistakes, really, um, that I want you to avoid. So number one. Okay. And I've already kind of alluded to a lot of this stuff, but I'm going to break it down so you can see these in like five different ones. Right? So number one is choosing the wrong lead magnet. And I see this a lot where people are like, you don't want, if I give away an iPhone, I'm going to get a whole bunch of emails. Okay. Are those emails targeted emails that people that really want to pay attention to you?

12:03 Probably not. There might be. I present if you're lucky, right? So the right lead magnet. Now, if you're brand new and you're tuning in, you're like Scott, I don't even know what a lead magnet is. Well, go back and, and go to the, uh, coffee talk, um, on last Friday, but I'll just give you a quick little brief summary here. We want something that is going to attract the right person. Not everyone. We want to repel people and attract people. Right. If you're listening to this right now, and you're not into building a brand, you're gone, you don't care about this. You don't care about me. Right. I mean, let's get to it. It's not about me anyway. It's about you. You're showing up here. Yes. You want to hang out with Scott. Okay, cool. Right. We're hanging out, but ultimately you're thinking of yourself, how can I get this?

12:46 Right? How can I get to a place maybe where Scott is right now, where he has multiple email lists, where he actually has figured all of this stuff out with email marketing, how can I get to that place? Maybe I can pay attention. Maybe he can share some things with me. Right. So that's what we're doing here. So you need to have the right lead magnet and not be too broad. Okay. And there's a bunch of different ways that we can do lead magnets. One of the easiest ways. And we've done this numerous times, we actually have a full case study inside of the Academy, where we showed how we built the list from scratch all the way from not having an idea at all. We recorded a whole brainstorming session, about an hour long brain storming session with myself and Chris shaper and our community inside the Academy.

13:27 And we just went back and forth, like what would make a good bundle? What would make a good product that we could give away that would attract the right people? And so we did that. Then we set up the landing page. Then we set up the email auto responders. Then we created the Facebook ad. Then we turned it on. And then we started driving traffic. We started to get emails and then we had one or two emails that would follow up with them while they were joining 9,332 emails. Following that formula. Now I have an email list that I can write an email. And actually I just wrote an email the other day as another case study test, which if you're on here and you're part of the Academy, I'll be sharing this inside of the email training that's coming up is I did a split test because in convert kit, we can actually, we can split test two titles.

14:08 And all I did is I, I put in like, uh, the one was like 10 tips for gut health, right? Let's say we were in the gut health market, 10 tips for better gut health. And then the other one was top 10, uh, tips for better gut health. Right. And the one that one, uh, was the one that was G that was just 10. The not the, just the, just the number 10, 10, uh, you know, tips for better gut health. The top didn't convert as well. Now it's still converted decent, but it was like they were neck and neck one was a little bit higher. So now I can test that. Right. I can do that. Cause I have the email list. I have an email list of the right people that signed up through a giveaway and a contest of a prize that was targeted towards, right.

14:52 You, if you guys have been, you know, surrounded in my world, uh, for any period of time, you know, the Amazon was a big part of that probably three years ago. Um, but it sense kind of graduated into more of this online, digital marketing side of things. Right. And that's by design, by the way I've been doing this for years just e-commerce was like a part of my journey. Right. Um, but you probably remember, you know, these review groups, right. Or these giveaway groups where people were just like, yeah, I'll take free product from Amazon and I'll do a free review. And it was on any product. It could be sunglasses, it could be a water bottle. It could be a coffee mug. It could be a microphone, it could be anything. Right. And you're just like, send me free product that I'll be happy to review it for you.

15:37 Right. And then you're building a list through that way, but you don't know that, that person's actually interested in bass fishing. Right. So we need to put out the right lead magnet. If it's a contest, has to be the right content, the right targeting, right. If it's a digital checklist, it has to be a checklist that's pertains to their problem or the thing that they're trying to achieve. If you're going after guitar players, it's going to be, and maybe it's blues guitar players, how to play blues scales in the next seven days. Right. That's your little lead magnet. Right. And that's it. Right? So lead magnets. I see a lot of people going too broad. We want to niche it down. We want it to call out their specific problem or the thing you're trying to achieve. Right. Or that's, it makes something easier. The next one, number two is a big one.

16:20 I see this a lot. Sign up to my newsletter, sign up here, subscribe here. Right. Newsletter. Mmm. If that's the only thing that you can think of, I would say, put something on there, like, um, join our insider's list for bass fishing. Right. Or receive weekly bass fishing tips, uh, bass fishing insiders, something like that. Right. Weekly tips. It's better than a newsletter. The other thing is, this is when you put some, I think on your website to join don't necessarily say join, if anything, it might be like, yes, send me this. Or yes. I want more bass fishing tips, right. Or yes. Uh, you know, always answer with the yes. Cause that, that confirms that yes. I want to be a part of this or yes. I want to download this thing. So newsletter, it's a big one that I see a lot of people making and it's usually hidden somewhere too.

17:19 Right. So newsletter get it out of your vocabulary. Okay. Because newsletter isn't like, you're going to get something right now. That's going to serve a purpose or something that I want right now. Right now I want five tips or I'll give you one five email list, building mistakes and how to avoid them, download this list now. Right. You're like, yeah. I want to know what they are. Right. That'd be a good lead magnet. Right. Or how about five subject lines to increase your open rates by 22%? You'd be like, yeah, I want those subject lines. Right. It's just like that five foods to avoid when trying to have better gut health. I want to know what those five are. Right. Or how about five foods you must consume to improve your gut health. Right? You see where I'm going. Right. That's what we want to do. Newsletter and get rid of it. All right. Number three.

18:13 Okay. This is another big one. Not bad

18:16 Building a list at all. You're like, wow, I gotta wait. I gotta wait. You know, one thing is better than nothing. Now there's two brands that we're building inside of the Academy. Okay. One of them is a public one. One of them is semi-public is where we're sharing all the stats and all the things behind the scenes. But we're um, but we're not sharing the actual niche yet. We will, but not yet, but here's the deal. We're not building an active list in there as far as like aggressively building a list in that one niche, the one that we're publicly sharing, we are. Okay. And actually we kind of only did the giveaway at, at this point, we're actually gonna be creating a digital guide of some sort that we're going to be using as part of this case study too. Um, but in that one niche, um, we're not actively building a list right now.

19:00 Now do we have something on the website? I have to even go look, I don't even think we've installed anything yet. So are we guilty of this too? Yes. The reason why we're not in that one. Cause I got multiple, multiple lists that I have to manage and then I have to tend to, so that was kind of something like, we're just going to build out the site as a case study. It's not something we're going to actively be, you know, emailing our list. We don't want another, I right now I have to write to three different markets right now threaten actually for four different markets. Right? So I have to write four different messages a week. Right? One of them is twice a week. One of them is three times a week and one of them is three times a week. So there's a lot of email, right?

19:36 So we're not doing it in that one and I'm guilty of it and we will be soon, but it's another list I got to maintain. If you're building just one brand, you have to do this first. Right? If, if all I'm doing is starting from scratch on something, I'm building that list. If I have three or four different things going, maybe not. That's why I don't recommend you do three or four things. Right? Figure out the one thing and focus all your time and energy on that one thing. All right. So not building a list at all, create something as soon as possible. I don't care if it's a blog post that you turn into a free download, right? It doesn't matter. Put something on the website so people can enter their name and email address. Okay. So that's number three. Number four. It's not sending emails to the list.

20:18 They build the list and then they just let it sit there. But I don't know if I should send them a, I don't know. I'm going to wait another week. I'm going to, I'm going to wait another week. I'm going to wait another week. And then what happened? This is or six months go by and you have an email, the list. Now there's good news here. If you have a list and you've never sent them anything in the past six months, there are ways that we can warm up the list, right? There's simple ways that we can do it. And actually, that's another thing we're going to be teaching inside of the Academy inside of our email course. But I'll share some of that here at another time. But there's ways that we can warm that list up. But the simple way is this, send them something, right?

20:56 Send them something. You send them. Your recent blog posts. Send them just an update. Hey, I was just checking in on you still, are you still interested in catching more bass, right? Haven't heard from you, right? Or maybe you can say, Hey, I know you haven't heard from me in awhile. I've been busy doing XYZ. I'm going to start posting some new content. What's something that you'd like me to create to help you catch more bass. Don't even have a link in it. Just ask a question, get the dialogue going. And it gives you an excuse to send an email, send an email. Let me, let me ask you guys something. Is anyone here now live that has an email list that they haven't sent in the past two weeks. Hey, just drop it in the comments. I want to see if there is anyone.

21:35 Okay. Um, it's really important that we understand that we gotta stay in front of these people. Even if you don't have anything to send them, you're always going to find something to send them. And I don't care if it's like two lines, there's something you're going to send them. Okay. You should be. So number four is not sending emails to the list. They're like, I'm going to wait until I get, you know, something to say, or I'm going to wait until I have the perfect sequence or I'm going to wait until I have this. No. Right. And that's why, you know, inside of our brand, creator's playbook, by the way, we talk about building content because it all feeds itself. Right? Once we have our home base, we have a place that we can put our email, uh, our email capture form, right? Our landing page.

22:15 We can put our lead magnet there, right? And then we can start creating content. And then guess what? Every time we create a new piece of content, we've got a new thing that we can talk about. So it just kind of self feeds itself. It's self feeds itself. And then we would want to create something new and we don't want to, and we don't want to just direct people to the blog. We want to maybe, maybe we're trying to post on YouTube and we want to get our YouTube channel going. We can let them know about YouTube. Maybe it's a Facebook post because we want it to get shared. We do that right. There's ways that you can create content. Doesn't have to be a massive post, right? Your style could be just like a really short to the point. Here's what I just did. You should go check it out. Here's why, you know, here's what I got. Here's what it'll do for you. And here's what to do next. Right? Super simple framework. All right. Um, and then the last one here, number five is only sending emails.

23:02 When you want to sell him something. Now let me ask you something. If I met you for the first time and we sat down,

23:08 I had a drink and then you said, uh, Hey, uh, can you buy me a drink? Just out of the blue? That'd be weird. Right? It would be weird. Now I'm not saying that you can't put a little offer on the thank you page. If something, when someone down something, I download something. I think that's a great idea. Actually, we're doing that. It works really well. Right? But not in the email immediately after and be like, Hey, thanks for signing up

23:34 This thing. Then you send him another email.

23:36 Hey, uh, remember me, want to buy this? Hey, remember me? Want to buy this pretty soon. You're like, I'm not opening anymore. Emails from that person. All they want to do is sell something, right? If you lead with value, always, always lead with Goodwill and sprinkle in the offers. And the offers could be in the PS. The offers can be in what we call a super signature. There's all different things we can do, but you gotta be smart about the promotions, right? Here's the deal though. You're still gonna get people that are going to get mad at you for, uh, for sending them promotional stuff. It's going to happen. I'll give you a short little example here. All right. We still got time here.

24:14 Okay.

24:14 Recently we did a full open for brand creators Academy. Now we don't open at this current time that you're listening to this. We don't open brand creators Academy, but um, every three weeks

24:25 Months, sometimes four months, three to four months.

24:29 And so during that time, I'm not selling anything other than a mentioning the playbook. And at this time that's all we have to offer. There's going to be other trainings. Actually we have our Pinterest traffic, uh, training that we're going to be, um, probably making an evergreen product that will sell on its own. Um, the email marketing course that will sell on its own. We also have another training. We're going to be creating inside of the Academy. Um, that's going to be about how to create your first digital product and sell it in 30 days. That's coming. Right? So all of these things are going to come in, but right now I got nothing. I got nothing to sell you right now. Right. Other than my playbook, which is a cup of coffee. Okay. But here's what I'm doing. I'm emailing you. I'm coming here, I'm showing up and I'm letting you guys see that I'm delivering value over and over and over again.

25:13 Right. The emails that I send are not pitches. They are content. Right. So if anybody gets mad at you for sending content to them, that you don't want them on your list anyway, you're like, I'm trying to help you, man. Right. But here's what happens. I did that for three months, three, three over a little over three months. And I still had people when I went into promotion mode. Right. I still led with, with a Goodwill, but I also was a little bit more aggressive on selling. Right. Cause I got, I got five days. Right. I got five days to let the world know that brand creators academies open everything where we've been doing for the last three months is going towards there now. Right. The minute we close, we're done. Right. So it's my job

25:53 Now to become a promotion.

25:56 Yeah. Right. Like I got to basically promote, but there's a, a good way you can do it. Right. You can still share examples. You can share case studies. Like you can still give value as you're promoting, but you're still gonna get people. I had someone that reached out to me and said, Scott, man, I've been listening to you for a long time and I love your stuff. But man, this week, little too many emails.

26:13 And I'm like, alright, well, first off, I'm not going to

26:17 Offended by that because I get it. Right. But he's also someone that probably reads every single one of my emails. Most people,

26:24 People don't, it's just the

26:26 Reality guys. Right. So I know if I don't send right. If I don't send up, you know, like reminders or a second email during that time, people are going to miss it. Right. And so the one or two people that are going to see all of your emails, they may get upset. Most people won't go by the way, most people are like, yeah, Scott's in his promotional mode. I get it. And you know what, maybe I'm going to join. Right. It's okay. Cause then I go right back to delivering, you know, Goodwill content. Right. But he said, I'm not going to stop listening, but I just wanted to let you know, it's getting out of, it's getting a borderline, uh, what was the word he used? Um, like spammy or something like that. And I messaged him back and I go, Hey, you know, I appreciate your feedback. I truly do. And I appreciate you being a listener. Um, but um, just try to understand that for the past three months, all that I've done is given value, including yourself. And right now I'm still giving value, but I'm also, I need to let people know that this is open. And even though you're reading these emails, there's a lot of people that aren't right. And it's just the reality. So I apologize that, uh, I've, uh, I've offended you. Right. Um,

27:31 But I'm, but I'm doing this

27:34 For the right reason. And next week we'll resume the, you know, as, as normal schedule. Right. And he emailed me back and said, you know, Scott, no, I didn't mean anything bad, but I just wanted to let you know, and I totally get it. And I'm still a fan and I'm still gonna listen and blah, blah, blah. Right. And so you're still gonna get those people. Right. You're going to get some people that are going to say stop sending me stuff. Cool. On subscribe. Right. So it's a way of like pruning the list, the way of like making the list more concentrated. Right. And it's going to happen no matter what, but you have to sell, but you can do it in a way that still delivers value and do not show up and just pound people over the head with promotion after promotion, after promotion just don't do it. All right. So that's the five. Okay. So number one, the wrong lead magnet, two broad, okay. Number two, the newsletter.

28:23 Join my newsletter. Um, no

28:26 Number three, not building a list at all because you're waiting until you get everything perfect. Right? No, start building a list as soon as possible. Okay. And for not sending emails to the list, once you built it. Cause I don't know what to send them. I don't know. I don't want to, I don't want them to get mad at me. Right. And then number five is only sending emails when you're selling. Right. And we don't want to do that either. So those are the five mistakes that I see people making. And I want you to make sure that you do not make these right. So make sure that you, you get your lead magnet dialed in and we'll be doing more talks here on the coffee. Talk about lead magnets. I've done several so far. They're always a hot topic. Go back and listen to the Friday's a jam session.

29:07 It was all on lead magnets. The second one is the newsletter thing. Like, listen, just don't do a newsletter. If you want to do insider tips right now, or if you want to do weekly tips, whatever you can do that, I would prefer to get a really precise, um, lead magnet. Um, and then three, again, not building a list at all. Just, just give them something of value, turn a blog, post into a, a guide of some kind. Right. Um, and then send them emails. Like don't not send emails. All right. And then just don't send emails when you only want to sell. That's where you become bad and people don't like that. Um, okay. So that's what I got for you guys. Um, and then let me just give you a reminder Wednesday, I'm going to be talking about this, the only three things you need to start email marketing.

29:51 I'm going to cover all three of them and we'll go in depth in each one of them. I kind of touched on them today, but we're going to go deeper into those, those three. Okay. So there's three things that you need to start email marketing and that's going to be coming. And then Friday's coffee talk. I've already got the, uh, I've already got the topic that I want to talk about. And I want you guys to ask any questions if you have any, but that is what do I write and send to my email list? Like, that's a big question. So I will give you guys five different things that you can do. All right. And then also, um, possibly, uh, we'll even go over a few examples. Okay. I got to see how my week is here. I think I'm gonna be staying through Friday.

30:29 I'll probably be leaving here Saturday. Um, so I'll be here all week. So that's Wednesday, Wednesday is, uh, really the only three things you need to start email marketing in your brand and then Friday will be, what do I write and send to my email list. All right. And if you guys want to submit like your market, your niche or something, you want me to give you some ideas, send them in. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and post these. As soon as I get off here, I'm going to schedule them. So both of them will be scheduled. Go ahead. Drop the comments in there when I do. All right. All right. So let me just look at your questions real quick. I didn't get any notifications that anybody's coming home yet. So we got time. Uh, let's see here. Uh, let's see. Oh, what's up Mike smiley and how's good morning. Pop, pop. What's up. I love the ring of that too.

31:17 Uh, okay.

31:19 I see here Derek says, what is the best method you recommend at this time to drive traffic? Should I start with Pinterest or Facebook or combination or just organic traffic using Pinterest Derek? Um, well, okay. I'm going to throw this out here. I am going to sell you right now. Okay. I'm I'm going, I'm going to make you an offer. Uh, let me throw this up here real quick. Uh, and anyone, if you have not grabbed the playbook, grab the playbook. Okay. Yes. This is my one promotion guys. You'll buy me a cup of coffee. Um, but inside of the playbook, it really all builds off itself. So it starts with, it starts with the content. The content is the long play. Okay. The content, if we start a piece of content, now it can start ranking in three to four to six months, right?

32:05 Maybe even quicker, right? Depending you need to start with that content piece. Once you have the content piece, the email comes in next two because the email, we can then promote the content. So we don't have to wait right. Six months for the content to rank. We can get eyeballs on it immediately. Right? And to build that list, we go over that inside of the playbook, as well as you usually start with a contest. So you can literally be having an email list of 500 to a thousand people or more that you can be sending stuff to every single week right now. Right? So we don't have to wait around for that. So I like if in a perfect world, this is what I, this is what, see you build your website, you start adding content to the website on a regular basis. You build the email list.

32:45 You start letting the email list, know about the content. And then you do Pinterest off on the side. And the Pinterest side would be a little bit quicker than waiting for your content to get ranked, right? So this way here, you can then create a pin, put it on your website, people that visit your website, even people that come through the email and then share it on their Pinterest board or pin it to their board. And then it can start getting traffic they're inside of Pinterest. We're creating our assets inside of that Pinterest account, which are our boards, which are all indexed by Google, by the way. And then also our pins in individually. Right? So that's what I would do. I wouldn't overcomplicate it. Like that's what I focus on. Now, part of the email list, building part is going to be Facebook ads.

33:26 So you're going to learn some Facebook ad stuff there too. Right. And that's what I would do, right? And that's the exact same formula that I'm following everyone. Pretty much everyone inside a brand creators Academy is following that is the formula and the money on the backend. That just comes naturally. Because once you get enough traffic to the site, whether it's from your email list, whether it's from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, doesn't matter. Once we get our page view up, we can start running ad networks. It's such as easily click, right? And then we can start making some money as soon as we get to that number. And usually it's about 10,000 pages, right? And then from there we can start sprinkling in affiliate products, right? Or here's another thing. And I don't want to go too deep into this, but you can take your lead magnet.

34:09 It could be a guide. And actually the guy that does the woodworking site that I shared before he, uh, he basically does a shopping list for tools that are affordable. Right. And he gives a review on all of them. So basically he took like his blog posts and he wrote reviews on these certain drills and routers and bandsaws and all of these different things. And in the book, that's what he gives you as his lead magnet. Well, those links are also affiliate links that he can make money on. So if you have an email list, you can almost just drive them from the book, even though they haven't purchased anything out of it, they might, but you can drive them over to the individual blog posts too, that are inside the guide to give them a more in depth look, which could lead to a sale.

34:48 Right? So there's ways that we can speed up this process, but it comes down to content, email lists. And yes, I would say Pinterest, if your market is there, we'd have to do a little bit of validation there and make sure that the market is there. The other thing would be yes, Facebook. You're going to be there, but you're not going to be using a Facebook fan page as a traffic vehicle. The Facebook fan page is just there so we can run Facebook ads. That's it. All right. So let me go back over here. Uh, let's see. Uh, let's see. Okay. Uh, Oh, Chris has a newsletter. Insider list is better than nothing, but not by much. Yeah. Uh, Chris is joining us. What's up mr. Schaffer. I was actually just talking to Chris. Um, Chris and I have been talking actually we had a full conversation yesterday, about an hour and a half long and, and brand creators Academy members.

35:36 If you're on here, we mapped out pretty much everything that we're going to be covering. Um, and, uh, we're excited about it. It's going to be a pretty awesome, uh, training and it's going to be an awesome case study. We got an actually a couple of members that are going to be using their brands as, um, case study. So we're going to build lead magnets with them and see how they do with that market. So, uh, pretty excited about that. Uh, and Chris said, if you have a created a single good blog posts, you have enough. Really?

36:03 Exactly. Uh, let's see.

36:06 Oh, so geo says, I believe this is me, meaning that you have a list, but you haven't really sent them much in the past two weeks. Same thing with D same thing with Tanner,

36:18 Uh,

36:20 Henry says, good morning, morning listening, live and direct your on-point. Thanks man. Thanks Henry. Um, so Derek says I'm creating guides and tips to get them on my list. I'm using constant contact and convert.

36:34 Uh, what, uh, is that con you're using convert kit too. And I don't know what that is.

36:38 Is that a landing page builder? Cause convert kit has their own too. I've cast account tech integrated on my website. How do I get people to subscribe? But I am changing that, um, from subscribe to get free tips and how to do versus using them. Yes, exactly. You're right Derek. That's what you mean

36:54 Want to do? Uh, let's see.

36:57 Better, late than never. Good morning, grace. Oh, grace. Thank you so much for sharing the take action effect book. You got it in the mail. You got us a signed copy

37:06 For doing that. I appreciate that. Salomon,

37:08 The content you choose initially would be steps to playbook or keyword research topics. Not necessarily. Um, I don't care if my topic is searched for if I'm doing it as a lead magnet. I just want to know that it's something that the market wants. Right. So if I was in bass fishing, I'm pretty sure that people want to know how to catch more bass. So it would be something like nine things, um, nine must or nine things, or how about nine lures to, uh, to try to, uh, or to use, um, on your next bass fishing outing to catch more fish, like something like that, right? Or, um, nine places you must try to catch more bass, right? That would be it. I don't know if that's being searched for on Google. I don't really care. I just know that the market would love that. Right. And you can do some research on, on your market by just seeing what other people are offering as lead magnets.

38:07 Uh, yeah. Grace, I appreciate that. That was awesome.

38:10 So guys, again, let me just do a little recap here and then we are gonna wrap up cause I gotta go. Um, I've got my granddaughter going to be making her a grand entrance here pretty soon. And we got this house decked out. Uh, we got some cool decorations. Uh, okay. So, uh, number one. Um, so you can avoid these email list. Building mistakes is number one, wrong lead magnet, make sure that you choose a good lead magnet. Number two, the offer. And don't do that. Number three, not building a list at all, create something, no excuse Christian actually posted here as well, take a blog post, turn it into a, uh, some type of guide or write a blog post that is 10 things, uh, or 10 foods to avoid, uh, when trying to get better gut health or, you know, for better gut health, whatever.

39:01 Right? Write that post, turn it into a lead magnet. Boom done. You got two things now. Right? Um, and then four is not sending emails at all right to the list. You're like, ah, I don't want to send something. Right. I encourage you to send something. And if you're, if you were one of those that were on here that said, yeah, that's me. I haven't sent anything in two weeks. I want you to just send them a question and that subject line could be like, um, let's say that it's in gut health. Um, is your gut health still bad question Mark or still need help with your gut health question Mark. And then inside it go, Hey, it's geo I haven't talked to you in a little while. I just wanted to check base with you or touch base with you and see if there's anything that you need help with with your gut health. How are you doing with that? If there's anything I can do, I'm looking to create some new content I'd love for your feedback. Do me a favor and hit reply. Let me know. Talk to you later. Geo. That would be the email guys.

39:53 All right guys. Well, that's going to wrap up that episode. Hopefully you got a ton of value. You may want to go back and listen to that one again, because those mistakes I see happening a lot and I want you to avoid them and just also understand it does not have to be complicated. I would recommend heading on over to the show notes page over@brandcreators.com forward slash eight 63. This way here, you can actually go through this process, these five mistakes and you can see it visually. And also you can bookmark that page. So when you start to do your email marketing, or even if you're continuing in your email marketing journey, you can go and make sure that you do not do not make these mistakes. All right, so guys, that's it. That's going to wrap up this episode as always remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come up, say it with me, say it loud, say it. Proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now let's brass your brand.

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