RYB 862 What Are The Best Lead Magnets To Build My Email List? (FRIDAY Jam Session)

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Today we’re going to talk about what makes a good lead magnet and make sure that you’re attracting the right people to your website. The goal is to always be driving people to your lead management. Once someone has opted into your lead magnet essentially, they’re raising their hand saying they’re interested in your content.

We’ll also cover some things that you can do to improve your lead magnets to make them successful. Think about what you’ve entered your email address to get and what made that content appealing to you. The goal is to deliver goodwill and set the seeds for things that are coming in your market. 

How to Create An Irresistible Lead Magnet 

There are a few ways that you can successfully build your email list by implementing a lead magnet. I’ve used all of them at one point or another. The one you’ll use just depends on your niche and what your target audience is looking for. 


A giveaway is a great way to build your email list fast and attract the right type of people. The one mistake people make giving away a prize that everyone wants. You need to make it appealing to your target market, so you’re capturing the right people and repelling those who just want to participate in the giveaway to get the prize.

You can use a giveaway for both physical and digital products. However, keep in mind that physical products do very well because they are tangible, and people have a visual of what they could win. 

Digital Checklist

It can be a super simple checklist, even just one or two pages. People want something they can consume quickly but want to have some direction in helping them complete a task that they can check off as they go. 

Digital Guide

An organized guide will help give your target audience direction as they learn a new skill or are working on a project they need guidance on. 

Digital Temples

This would be good for digital drawings or templates that people can use for a product. This is very helpful for those in the art and education niches. You’ll need to identify a problem and create something to help feel a need. 

Shopping LIst

If you’re in a DYI or food niche, this is a super helpful lead magnet. People want to have direction when they’re working on a project, so create a shopping list of things they’ll need for their project, so they don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. 


You don’t have to create an entire eBook to give away. You can just pull out one or two chapters as your lead magnet and give away for free. This will also help bring attention to the whole book if you’re planning to sell it so people can see the value and will want to get the entire thing. 


This is great to help promote your products by sharing ways to use them/implement them into their daily routine. 

These seven simple types of lead magnets are super easy to implement. Make sure that the landing page for these is super simple, and after they’ve signed up, you can direct them to your “ultimate guide” or product you want them to purchase. Your lead magnet won’t always be the same but should match the product/service that you’re currently selling.

How to Create Your Lead Magnets 

If you’re going to create a guide or eBook, I would recommend pulling content from your blog posts. You can always reach out to someone on Upwork or Fiverr. You can have them go through, edit, and format it for you. so it’s ready to send out.

Also, You can even have them create it from scratch if you just tell me what you want. You can use always use Canva or another platform to design a checklist or formula if you want to do it yourself. There are plenty of simple resources out there for you to use. Just don’t overthink it. 

I’ve tried almost every platform to send out emails. I have to say that ConvertKit is, by far, my favorite. I’m sold on it and think they have the best platform. 

Typically we’ll give our lead magnets around 30 days before we move on to another one. I don’t recommend using the word “newsletter” because it’s so generic. Instead, give your audience a specific description of what to expect when they sign up.

How to Use Quizzes to Help Segment Your Email List 

Quizzes aren’t always the best for a lead magnet. However, they are great to use in emails. We send them out to our email list and use them as a survey. The only people who would be lead to another offer or promotion would be the people who responded to the survey.

It’s a great idea to use within your list and segment your list. As you build your list, you’re going to have segments, and everyone will be at different points in their journey. Quizzes will allow you to easily segment your list and pinpoint what everyone’s needs are and what they are looking for. 

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Take-Aways From Todays Episode 

  1. How to Create An Irresistible Lead Magnet 12:13
  2. Able to Create Your Lead Magnets 41:10
  3. How to Use Quizzes to Help Segment Your Email List 50:25


  • “The goal is to always be driving people to your lead management. Once someone has opted into your lead magnet essentially, they’re raising their hand saying they’re interested in your content.”
  • ” The goal is to deliver goodwill and set the seeds for things that are coming in your market.”

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01:25 All right, guys. So sit back, relax and let's jam. All right. Welcome back to another Friday jam session, as you know, well, if you're here live, you know, this is like one of the highlights of my week, but if you're not listening to this live, or if you're not watching this live and you're listening to the podcast, you should probably come over and hang out with us on one of these jam sessions. Again, you can do that by heading over to take action crew.com. Again, that's take action crew.com and you can join us over there that will direct you over to the Facebook page, where you can join us and then you'll get notifications when we go live. But what we're going to be talking about today is a topic that comes up a lot, and that is Scott. What makes a good lead magnet?

02:12 So that way there, I attract the right people into my niche, into my market. And if, again, if you're brand new and you're thinking to yourself, Scott, I don't even know what a lead magnet is. Well, here's what it is really quickly. Imagine you have something in your market. So I just use an example and I said, okay, let's say it's in the bass fishing world and you want to catch more bass. And then let's say that an expert, uh, came up to you and said, Hey, I've got this guide. And it's how to catch more bass. You want a copy? And I'm like, yeah. And then he's like, well, all you gotta do is go here, catch more bass.com and enter your name and email address. And I'll send it to you. And you're like, cool. Right. That would be awesome. But the difference is, is what if I took same thing and I just went randomly house to house or person to person just randomly.

03:03 And I said, Hey, I've got this best fishing guide. It helps you catch more bass. You want they're like, no, I don't even fish. Okay, go over to the next person. Hey, I got this guide here. It can show you how to catch more best you want to copying. They're like, nah, I don't really fish. Okay, go onto the next. And then finally you might find someone other way of doing it is to create what we call a lead magnet. And that is what this guide is, but we're not going to go out there and ask people, we're going to let people find it, or we're going to put it in front of the right people. Now we can do this on our own website, because if someone's coming to our website, we've probably created content on our website that is attracting those people write 10 tips to catch more.

03:41 Bass might be a blog post on our website. That right there is bringing in the right people. And then they're going to see my lead magnet. Okay. Or maybe it is a Facebook ad or maybe it's a social media post. You're always going to be driving to the lead magnet to build the list. Now I'm going to give you some examples and if you're listening to this, you're not going to see them, but you can always find them by going to this episode. And, uh, and you'll, you'll see the video that I'll embed into this Friday jam session. Uh, so what I do want to do though, here is I am going to be sharing and I'll walk you through even visually. Uh, I'll just, you know, I'll explain what I'm seeing. If you guys can understand this further, but I'm going to give you some examples. And I'm also going to give you some things that you do not want to do or things that you should correct. That I find

04:29 As I don't want to say

04:31 Stakes, but things that you can do to improve it. Now, we're not going to talk about building a landing page. We're not going to talk about all of that stuff yet. That's not important. We need to figure out what does our market want and what do they need, okay. What would they be willing,

04:45 Failing to put their name

04:47 Came into your little, your little box there that says, sign up here or grab your this, or download your this, right? What is it going to be that they're going to want? Now, I want you to think to yourself right now, what have you entered your name and email address in for? And then you might want to ask yourself, why did I do that? Right? If it was something that you're looking to to create, like, let's say that it's a, you're trying to build a, uh, I don't know, a storage box. And then you're searching how to build a storage box. And then you find someone that says, here's the exact process to build a storage box. And I've actually got a full checklist that you can get with all the materials. And I'll walk you through how to do it. Just enter your name in here.

05:31 No dress. You're like, boom, there it is. Right. That would be another example. Right? You're searching for something, you find the thing. And then they have a list that you can go into Lowe's or home Depot, buy the parts, buy the things. And then from there, they're also going to walk you through it, who wouldn't do that. Right. I want to know how to do that. So that's, that's how you would do that. Now on the backend, we're able to now communicate with this person about catching more best building, uh, maybe DIY projects or whatever, right? So this way here, we know who we are talking to. We know who we are, you know, basically, uh, being able to get our message on a regular basis. Yeah. That's where the conversation starts. And I want you to think about that when you have someone that we call it opting in.

06:16 So if you hear me saying opting in, that's what we're talking about. So when someone opts in and enters their name and email address, they're raising their hand that I am interested in this market. So that's where the conversation starts. Now. There's also really important piece here, and I'm not going to go deep into this. I'll be doing more here on coffee talks and we're doing a full email marketing mastery training inside of BCA. So this is actually another reason why I want to do this for the next, you know, probably four or five weeks here is because we're building that class inside of BCA. And these are the components we're starting with lead magnets. That's the first thing that I need to do. I need to identify what the lead magnet is. So that way there, I can also then see where I'm leading them down the path.

07:02 So I want you to also think to yourself if you took a piece of paper, okay. And you drew a, a, maybe a stick figure on the left, the can side and, and then yeah, a little, you know, a little frown on their face. They're like they're frustrated or, you know, they want to learn something and they're not that good at it. Or they're just, you know, they want something in there. They're trying to achieve something. So they're not happy, happy yet. Right. And then you draw a line. And then at the other side, you draw a happy face because they got a result. What are those steps into getting those results? And then what is the first step? Right? So whatever that first step is, that's going to be the lead magnet. And then maybe those other things are also just little free Goodwill emails that you're going to send to those people.

07:45 And then maybe there's a product also that can be sprinkled in there that would get them resolved faster. Right? So it always starts with what is the thing that you can give them a quick win on, right? If I'm looking to catch more bass and you can give me tips on how to catch more bass and guess what I get that download. I read it and I go out, I try it. And I catch a pass. Guess what? I'm like, I want to go back and get more. I want to learn more from this guy or this girl. Right. Because they got me a result, right. So that's what you want to do. And then you start building that relationship through the email communications. Now I'm not talking about emailing and then just hammer them with sale after sale, after sale. Um, you want to sprinkle in Goodwill, right?

08:23 And I look at this as like having a Goodwill bank where basically what we're able to do is we're able to deposit Goodwill into our little bank account, right. No money, but it's Goodwill. Like having you guys sit here right now, knowing that I'm not selling you anything, right. There is nothing here to buy. Other than I do have the playbook, which is like $4 and 99 cents. Um, I'll probably throw a link up here, but there's no pressure on buying anything. Right. Cause that's not my goal here. My goal here is to deliver Goodwill to you guys. Also, I talked to about two talks ago and I mentioned setting seeds for something else that's coming right in your market. And I talked all about that. And again, if you did not listen to that coffee talk, you might want to go back to episodes. If you're listening to this on the podcast, you'll need to go to take action crew.com, go there and just go back and search for planting seeds, I think is that that's what it was titled.

09:19 Uh, or I forget what it was, but it's basically planting seeds, um, and really preparing the market for something coming. So basically, like I said, I'm talking all about email marketing right now. I'm not selling you anything right now. And over the next, probably three to four, maybe even five weeks, I'm going to keep delivering on this topic. And in the end, I'll let you guys know right now that at the end of this thing, we're going to have built a product inside of brand creators Academy that they're getting inside of their email marketing mastery. That's a training, right. And lead magnets as part of it. But now on the other side of it, I'm also going to probably offer that for sale outside of brand creators Academy, but for a higher price than you would get it, if you're in the Academy, right? So it serves both purposes.

10:05 But now I can give this, I don't need to worry about, like I got to promote something and make money. I got to promote something and make money. That's not the, that's not the goal here. The goal is to help and teach you. And hopefully at the end of me going through all of these different things, you're going to walk away and probably go out, build your own list. And then guess what, whether you would join the Academy or do the email marketing mastery, it doesn't matter really because you got a result and now you have a good relationship with me and maybe down the line you do, right. So that's how you gotta think about your marketing. And that's how you gotta think about you're leading them. Your lead magnet is to deliver value, do not do a bait and switch. Do not promise something and then not deliver or hold something back, give right.

10:44 Give. Um, and when you do that, I'm telling you, it will, it will definitely reward you. All right. So here's what I'm going to do now. Okay. Now that we kind of got the framework set, we got all this stuff. Let's talk about, I've got like six or seven different lead magnet ideas yeah. That you can use and what I'm going to do. If you're on here, live with me or watching the replay, you're going to see I'm going to pop up my screen right now. And basically I'll just read what it says. So this way here, if you're listening and you're not watching, it will make sense. So basically we're talking about creating irresistible, lead magnets, meaning like people that are in your market that are truly in your market. Again, you do not want everyone. A lot of people are like, I want to get everyone that could be a potential buyer or a customer or someone that would want to see my website.

11:30 I want a whole bunch of people. Yes and no, I don't want people just coming there that aren't interested. Right. I could give away some air pods and get a whole bunch of people that sign up for that. But are they interested in catching more bass? Probably not. There might be a percentage, a small percentage, but it's just not the right traffic. So I don't want all of the traffic. I just the right traffic. Right. I want precise traffic, um, and have the right people. So we want to create an irresistible lead magnet of something that they want that will get them a result or give them something of satisfaction. We want something that they want and that they can benefit from number one. All right. So let's talk about seven different ones here that I have for you. So number one is your contest giveaway.

12:19 Okay. Now we have built a list inside a brand creators get, and we showed exactly how we built a list of 9,332 emails. And the reason why I remember that number is because when we were going over that training, I kept saying over and over and over again, it's 9,332 emails is what we built from doing a contest and a giveaway. And what we actually did is we did a full brainstorming session of what would make a good contest or giveaway. So the one mistake that people make in this is they put something out there for their giveaway, for their prize, something that everyone would want. That's not who I want. I want it to be precise, the ultimate bass fishing bundle. Right. I want that because if I'm going to then target people on Facebook and we use Facebook ads to do this, we're going to target people that follow fishing magazines and, you know, different, uh, you know, Facebook pages and different maybe influencers in that space like that's who we're going after.

13:17 Right. So it's very important that you understand that, but a contest giveaway is a great way to get an email list built fast, um, and also have the right people. Now, will the quality be the same with a contest giveaway as it would be for some type of, of guide or some type of lead nugget that they're getting information from? Probably not. Okay. It might be a little bit less, but it's still pretty good. Okay. So that's your first thing that you can do. Okay. And again, we did that, we've done it multiple times. Uh, actually the brand that we're getting ready to sell right now, it's should be closing here any day, um, that when there we built using this exact strategy before we even had a product to sell, we built the email list using a contest. Okay. A little giveaway. All right.

14:06 Um, and it's working really good inside of the Academy. We've got multiple members. Who've went anywhere from 3000 subscribers all the way up to 12, 13,000 subscribers. And actually Thai Linda, who I don't know is on here, live with us, but she's one of our Academy members. She was actually on the podcast as well. She built a list immediately because she had physical products to sell. She built an email list of 10,000 people in like 30 days. And she increased her sales by, I think something like 70% because of that, because she was able to get awareness to a brand now. And also it was her products that she was giving away. We weren't giving away our own products. We just found other people's products and then we just bundled them together and then shipped them out. Um, so it's works really, really well. So that's number one.

14:48 Okay. Is your contest giveaways. Okay. So number two is a digital checklist. All right. And I'll give you an example of this here in a minute, but digital checklists work really well. A lot of people think you have to have this massive thing, right? It's gotta be this giant book or this guide, or this course doesn't have to be checklists work really good because people want quick. Right. They want quick, they don't want to have to go through a huge manual. Right. They don't want that. They want to know exactly what they want to know and they want to get it and consume it. Okay. So digital checklists work really well. I'll give you an example of one of them here in a minute, three is a digital guide. Now again, that digital guide does not have to be, you know, a hundred, 200 pages.

15:27 It can be 30 pipe pages, 20 pages. It doesn't have to be massive. A guide is just something that is very organized and it might have certain sections, but a guide is great for that. And it also, I mean, you can basically classify that as like an ebook, right. Or a Kindle book or something like that. Right. So that's number three. Number four is digital templates. All right. A good example of this would be drawings. If you were in the art market, you could then say, you know what, I'm going to go ahead and create these, these different outlines that people can use. Okay. So this way here they can, they can learn how to draw by just tracing or learn by staying within the lines. Right. And that would be digital templates. Okay. So digital templates could work really, really well. I know that Karen, she may be still on right now with us, but she is in like the homeschooling market. And she has things that kids can trace, right. To trace their names. Great idea. Right. So something that they can use immediately that they would want. But again, you have to identify that there's a problem. So in this case, if you were going to be giving away something like that, like Karen is, it might be like,

16:31 You know, um, uh, something like simple exercise, um, to

16:36 Guarantee your child writes their name within 24 hours. Like something like that, right. That would be catchy. It would be something that would identify that there's a problem. Some kids have struggled with their names. This will help them be able to do their name in record time. Right. So that way there you're able to get their attention. And also, it sounds better than just saying like here, grab my, uh, you know, my, you know, my, uh, tracing name, tracing template, right. You gotta come up with a reason why. Right. Um, and something that would get their interest. So anyway, that's that number five is shopping lists, right? If you are in the DIY market of any kind, a shopping list is really, really effective, right. Because people want to go to the supermarket to get their groceries. If you're telling them about a recipe, or if you're telling about a certain thing to make, or maybe you're having them make maybe a soap and you got to go and get these different ingredients, right. Shopping lists, checklists all work really, really well.

17:31 I would definitely say do that. Right.

17:33 So shopping lists work really, really well. Um, especially in the DIY market. All right. Number six is if you have any book, give away a chapter or two, Hey, get the first two chapters for free. And if your name and email address, right, boom, give it to them. Right. It's another way to attention to the ebook that you're were potentially selling. The cool thing is, is any in any of this stuff too, you can be referring to affiliate products and you can be selling affiliate products through your links inside of these guides, checklists,

18:01 Any of that stuff, shopping lists, all of it. Okay.

18:05 Even in your ebook. All right. And then the seventh one is recipes or plans or formulas. Right. So if you are into a, I don't know if like, like let's just say Bulletproof, right? So I'm drinking Bulletproof coffee. Well, maybe there's like a specific Bulletproof blend or shake or something like that. They might be like, get our three amazing detox, uh, Bulletproof recipes, um, to start being healthier tomorrow, right? Like something like that. Boom. You download that. I get the recipes. I get to either just make notes of them or I can download it as a PDF plans. Let's say that you are maybe it's doghouse plans. Right. And you're going to show people how to make doghouses. Right. So maybe you go ahead and you create some plans for that formula. That would just be something like here's our three step formula for you to catch more bass, right.

18:55 Or to, um, here's the three step formula to do, or here's the three step formula to improve your gut health, something like that. Right? Formula people love formula, blueprint, roadmap, any of that stuff. So these are seven easy, simple ways that you can do it. And again, it does not have to be hard. Now the one thing that I will point out, and this is something we're going to be talking about inside of our email marketing mastery, and we're going to be doing another training inside of BCA, which will eventually be available outside of BCA is really how to create a digital product and sell it within 30 days will a great way that you can do this is by mapping out through blog content, through content that you're publishing and figure out what does that look like? What are the seven things? What are the 10 things?

19:43 And then you create blog posts, and then you take those blog posts, you compile those, and then you turn that into a digital product, right? Then you create a lead magnet that leads to the digital product. Or maybe that is your giveaway. Maybe that is your, maybe that is your, uh, your, your lead magnet. Maybe you're going to give away a 40 page ebook or something like that. Right? So again, these are just to give you ideas of what you can do, but just understand, you want to make sure that the, that the lead magnet is, it's not so massive where it's like, Oh, everything, people don't want everything. They generally want the one thing. Then you can offer something like the ultimate guide or like we offer the playbook, right? We have a checklist of how you can validate your niche within 10 minutes.

20:30 Right. And then from there, the next logical thing is once you validate it is like, okay, I want to build this thing. That's the playbook. Right? So we lead them to that playbook. Right. Which by the way, if you want to grab a copy, you can go to the checklist is just a brand creators.com forward slash checklist. All right. Or you can just go directly to brand creators, book.com and that'll take you to the playbook. All right. So, um, and you'll see how that all works, but that's, that's the flow. So now let me show you an example here. Okay. So this is modest fish.com Aqua scape. Okay. So I went there, I'm actually doing a little presentation that I'm putting together that I'm going to be turning into, basically a Facebook ad of some kind, which you guys may see it eventually, but I'm basically going through and showing people the whole brand building process, um, as I've done here before, but I'm just kind of doing it as like a newer version.

21:26 Um, so anyway, this year was one that I stumbled on and I said, this would make a great example for lead magnet, right? So I came to modest fish and this is what came up. Now, if you're listening, you don't see it. But what it is, it's a cute little site. It's got good colors, it's blues. And, you know, cause obviously if I'm into a aquariums or Aqua scaping, it's going to be like blue, right? Like water and all of that. Right. So I have a cute little picture of a goldfish here. It looks like a goldfish. And then I'm going to read what it says. It says, claim your free, fresh water glossary of terms, subscribe today and get your free, fresh water aquarium, glossary of terms, ebook plus weekly tip on how to create a healthy environment for happy fish email. Now in that little spot there where it says email, I would say, enter email here.

22:10 You always want to give calls to action. And then what I do like here is their button. Their call to action button says, yes, I want a free ebook and tips. A lot of people will just put there and say subscribe, right? That's a, that's a no, no, we don't want to do that. Subscribe here. Right. I've done it. It can still work, but it's better if you give them the answer that you're looking for, which is yes, I want a free ebook and tips. Right? So the other thing is I think that they would do better if they would just tweak their, uh, their offer claim. I like claiming, cause you're claiming your copy. I like the verbiage, their claim, your free freshwater glossary of terms. But I think here it should be, I should know it's an ebook because if I just have the glossary of terms, what is it? Is it a checklist? Is it a, um, you know, is it a guide? What is it right. I want to know that this is a guide. I want to know that this is an ebook. I would probably say a guide claim, your free freshwater glossary of terms and guide something like that. Or ebook something, something like that. So this way here, if I don't read that fine print,

23:19 I don't know it's that, but now that I'm,

23:21 I'm looking at it, it says, subscribe today. Now I wouldn't say subscribe. I would say, um, grab a copy today and get your free, fresh water aquarium, glossary of terms, ebook, plus a weekly tip on how to create a healthy environment for happy fish. Right? So they're letting them know they're going to get the ebook and one, uh, one tip a week. Um, which I don't know that you have to give them that, but it's okay that they are, but this is a decent lead magnet. Okay. And what I'm seeing here is it's a pop up as well. So when I go to this page, I'm on it for like five seconds. And then this thing just, it comes in really softly and subtly. It's not like abrupt. It's not like what they call an exit pop, um, where you would then you're like leaving the site.

24:01 And then it says, wait, before you go, we've all seen those. They're annoying. Um, so it's not what we're looking at. What we're looking at here is it's just a very subtle, you know, kind of it comes in and then I can decide, you know, I don't want this. I can just X off of it if I don't want it. Right. And then I can keep reading, but this is good. I like this, um, this offer. Okay. So let me move on. Now. This is a woodworking for mere mortals.com. Okay. I've been following this guy for a little while now, and he's doing a really good job. He's got, uh, he's got woodworking classes and all that kind of stuff. This is what you see when you come to his home page, right? His home page is getting probably a lot of the traffic. So this is what he's doing.

24:40 Right. So what I'm looking at is him. He's in a workshop, right? He's got a sign behind, behind him and says, welcome to camp Christmas. So late, that's funny. That's from the movie. Uh, what does that, is that how Roween or Jason Jason's from Halloween. I forget guys, let me know in the comments. Um, so he's, he's obviously a woodworker. It's him. It shows his face and it shows him in a way woodworking environment and looking at you with a slight smile. All right. So again, I'm describing this cause if you're listening, you don't see it. And then you're going to see a little, a transparent box. It's kind of like a white overlay and it says woodworking doesn't have to be expensive. Get my curated list of the most affordable woodworking tools as a bonus, get a walkthrough video showing you the features of each of these tools.

25:25 Send me the list. This right here is a perfect lead magnet. Okay. Number one, you don't see a place to enter your name and email address yet. This is what they call a two step opt-in. Okay. So a two step opt-in looks like this. The minute that I would click on, send me the tool list. It would then pop up a little window that would say your name and email address to receive the tool list. Like that's what it would say. Okay. Um, this is good. I like this because immediately you're not caught off guard and your, your guard isn't up like, Oh, they want to get my email address. So this is what we call a two step opt-in. Um, so again, I'm just gonna read this real quick. I think it should be bigger though, where it says woodworking working doesn't have to be expensive.

26:05 Cause a lot of people that are getting into woodworking probably think it's gotta be expensive to get into this. And he's like, okay, I know that that's a concern. It doesn't have to be a concern. Let me help you. And then he says, get my curated list of the most affordable woodworking tools as a bonus, you'll get a wa a walkthrough video showing you the features of each of these tools. Send me the list and what I love about this, right? Someone's raising their hand because they're interested in one working. They're also interested in purchasing tools. So this little checklist, this little guide is worth him putting in the time to create it because now he's recommending tools. And guess what? All of these tools are probably 50 bucks all the way up to probably a thousand, $2,000. He's probably got affiliate links littered throughout that entire book in a good way, by the way.

26:53 And every time he mentions a product or goes over a review, this is kind of like taking, this is like taking maybe 20 blog posts that he's already done reviews on these tools. And then he compiled of into this and now he made a lead then. So again, little tip for you. If you're struggling with like, what do I add for a lead magnet? Find out if you want to do product reviews, do five product reviews that you know that your market's going to want. And then from there you can do the reviews, post them on your website, on your blog. Now what that's going to do is also be content that could get indexed by Google, by Yahoo, by bang. Right? You can share it on social. And then from there, you also compile that, make a digital little guide out of it. And then you do this exact strategy.

27:33 Right? And so what I do is when I'm looking at this stuff, I'm not saying, Oh, this doesn't pertain to me because it's in woodworking, I'm adapting this, or I'm looking at this and I'm modeling this, how does this fit inside of the bass fishing market? Right. How would this work? Right. So this could be like, get my curated list of the most affordable fishing gear. So you can catch more fish, right? As a bonus I'll, I'll walk through the video showing you features of each of these, uh, fishing rods, all these fishing lures, whatever. Right. Just adapt it to your market. Right. So all I'm doing is I'm seeing here, he's been running this for a while too. So I say, Oh, he's probably doing pretty well with it. I don't know how many opt-ins is getting, but he's probably doing okay. Um, and I also know that he's getting quite a bit of traffic to this website.

28:20 I think the last I looked is like 40 or 50,000 monthly. And that's just through Uber suggest telling you that I is probably getting like a hundred thousand. Um, so he's doing pretty well and he's got his own courses. He's doing very well. Okay. So let me move on. Okay. So this one here is fret jam. Okay. Now fret jam is a place where you would want to learn how to play guitar. Okay. So, and the reason why I did this is because I'm interested in learning how to play guitar more. I play. Uh, and I've actually, if you guys missed that session where I actually played the guitar on a Friday jam session, that was on our hundredth episode. I believe you might want to go back and check that one out, but, um, I'm gonna read this to you. Okay. So here's one thing that I want to point out.

29:01 Okay. This is the home page. Okay. The homepage. And I'll describe what it looks like here. So you guys can, can see it. If you're just listening, it says fret jam, little logo, it's nice little guitar head. And then it says, lessons, resources donate miscellaneous. And it has a search bar. Okay. And then the subject line or the headline says, don't just learn guitar, learn to be yourself on guitar. Okay. Join me in 19,000 others. And I'll show you how to use the mechanics of music to explore the fret board, intuitively, meaningfully and creatively, write your own music and improvise confidently on guitar. Develop a truly responsive ear, plus grab your free chord book, uncommon chords, learn more. So then there's a picture that you can see of. It looks like it could be him, um, playing the guitar kind of out in like on the, like the railroad tracks.

29:53 Okay. So there's some things I like about this or something things I don't like about it. So number one, the learn more. I don't like the learn more go here to get your free chord book, right? Like that would be better or yes. Um, yes. I want to get free lessons or yes. I want to learn more. Right. Something like that. That would be okay. Just learn more. It doesn't give me a real, like, yes, I want this. Right. The other thing is, is I'm not sure. Excuse me. Then. I like the, um, I didn't take a sip of water here. I don't really like the don't just learn guitar, learn to be yourself on guitar. I know that might be his statement or something like that, but it's not really, if I'm going here and I want to learn how to play guitar faster or learn complicated chords or, you know, any of that stuff, that's better. This is trying to cover too many things all at once.

30:55 All right. I had to take a sip of water there. So I like the idea, but I think this could be better. The other thing is I like here is where he says, join me and 19,000 others. And I'll show you how to use the mechanics of music to now the language I don't like as much, but I like that he's adding social proof. So what he's saying is there's 19,000 other people that are getting this. So that must mean that he's an authority in this space of some kind people are listening to him. So that's a social, that's kind of like a social proof place. Um, so just a little bit of, um, huh. A little background there. So again, I like it, but I think this could be better, but again, yeah, it's better than nothing. Okay. He's getting people, he's got 19,000 people now.

31:37 He might be using a different lead magnet and not just this one either. So we don't know that, but then what you do is you click on, learn more. And then I come here and now this is where I don't like this. Okay. Because number one, there's a lot to read here. Okay. And whenever you have a landing page, you don't want a lot to read. If you do have a lot to read, it should be down below the fold. We call it below the fold above the fold is where all of your prime real estate is. So if you're on a desktop and you go to a page and you see this and I have to scroll, um, that's where we start going below the fold. Okay. So everything above the fold like this here. So I'm going back to the homepage. This is above the fold.

32:19 This is before I have to scroll, which is great. But then once I click on that, I go here and it's like, boom. I'm like, okay, wait a minute. Now I'm not seeing the exact same thing that I just seen before. Okay. Subscribe to receive fret jam updates again. Now I'm like, well, wait a minute here. Uh, I thought I was getting free lessons. I thought I was getting chord chart. Oh, I see a picture of the chord chart, but I I'm looking over there. Subscribe to the fret jam newsletter to receive new lessons. And don't like the word newsletter guys. I don't like it. Um, no one really cares about a newsletter anymore. Um, so I would change that. Okay. Exclusive deals and extra, straight to your inbox. You also have my personal email address to get free. One-on-one help with overcoming your problems.

33:02 Not only that, but as you, as you think. Yeah. But as a thank you for your time, I'll give you my free guitar chord book PDF, download uncommon chords, 100 vibrant voices. You won't find on typical chord charts inside. You'll discover fresh, simple to play chords that will really spice up your playing. This is not, or this is no ordinary core chart. Enter your email address below and hit subscribe. Subscribe. I hate spam as much as you do. I promise to use your email address only to send you. So it goes through the whole disclaimer there. Right? I don't like the word subscribe on here. Um, now again, have I used it in the past? Yes. Um, you know, have I realized that that's a mistake? Yes. So I'm telling you that, you know, if that's what you use, it's fine, but I wouldn't use the word subscribe.

33:49 Um, I would say like, yes, send me the free chord chart or yes. Send me free lessons or yes, send me this. Right. Um, so again, this looks like it's, it's a collect all of, as far as like where, where he's going to send everyone to subscribe. So again, I don't like that part of it. So I would change a lot of this and I would just make it here where it just be the uncommon chords, 101 vibrant voices. You won't find on any typical core chart. And then here it would be like, um, enter your email address, um, of where you want me to send the uncommon chords chart and then boom, here. It would be like, yes, send me the uncommon court's chart PDF or download. Right. That's what that would be. Um, so anyway, we're kind of talking about landing page stuff right now.

34:33 Um, I'm going a little bit deeper than I wanted to, but it does have to do with the lead magnet. The lead magnet here to me is the uncommon cords, not all this other stuff, email newsletter, and you can email me and you can do this and you get this and this, I don't want all that. I want the uncommon chords. I want the one thing I want the 101 vibrant voices. You won't find on a typical chord chart. Right? I want to learn how to play better. I don't care about all that other stuff. Right? So I'd get rid of that. All right. So moving on, I'm going to look at this one here. And this is a good friend of mine, Cassidy who has succulents and sunshine. Now she doesn't do a two step opt in. This is on our homepage by the way.

35:09 And it's five simple steps to succulent success. Even if you don't live in the ideal climate, what if you knew the five most common reasons succulents don't don't thrive and could fix all five with certainty over the next five days. This is exactly what's going to happen when you take this free email course. Now, if you're thinking, but I struggled so much, I even kill fake plants, have no fear. The success system will make all the difference. The success system is a care system that works regardless of the climate you're in. It will completely change the way you're you care for your seconds and show you why your succulents have met a mushy gooey doom in the past. Enter your name again, email address below to stop killing secular, to start helping them thrive. And then again, she has name, enter, email address, get started.

35:51 I like to get started, right? And then below that she has a little social proof, 31,277. Second lovers have taken the course this month and are on their way to, right. So there you go. This is the homepage. This is above the fold. Now there's a lot there, but you do read that it's somewhat of a sales page where she's killed. She's she's really killing all of the kind of funny that I'm saying killing. Cause she was saying, don't kill your succulents. She's she's really taking all of the concerns and getting rid of those, right? She's like, even if you kill fake plants, I get it. Okay. I'm going to help you. Right. So it's broken down those so you can scan it. She does have things bolded. So I'm okay with this much. And she did a really good job with the copy. The other thing is, is you still are able to, um, to enter your name and email address without scrolling.

36:42 Um, so that's a good thing there too. Um, so anyway, five simple steps to succulent success success. So this is her free email course. Okay. Now the last one is this one. Okay. And this is it. This is, this is as simple as it gets guys. Right? The simple three step process to validate the potential of your niche in minutes, without wasting a ton of time and money, then I have a video about three minutes long explaining what the checklist is and why you should use it. And then what it's going to do, sign up to get the free cheat sheet name, email, send it to me now, simple guys, right? Simple. That's it right? It doesn't have to be that long. I know that if people come to this page, they are probably struggling with either choosing their niche or validating their existing niche and really seeing if it can grow and they feel like they've been wasting time and money in starting a business or growing their business.

37:36 Right. So what I'm doing here is I'm giving them three, a three, a simple three step process. So again guys, like it's all about simple ease. What's going to happen when they get done with this, they're going to feel good. They're going to feel competent. They're going to see all these opportunities or they're going to go, Scott, thanks, man. For pointing that stuff out to me, I'm not going in that direction. Thank you. Right. So that's what it is. It's a way to get that done easier and give them a result. All right. So, um, that's what this is here. So we're, we're keeping it super simple and I've tested a whole bunch of things and we're always testing things. Um, so again, right now this is what we're using and this is working pretty well. Um, so, okay. So let me just recap here real quick.

38:16 All right. And I'm recapping how to create an irresistible lead magnet in your niche. Okay. So number one, contests and giveaways, number two, digital checklist, number three, digital guides, number four, digital templates in example is drawing or maybe it's how to trace your name for a right number five shopping lists for a DIY project, six free chapter or two in your ebook and seven recipes or plans or formulas. All right. So now what I'm going to do is I am going to open it up to some Q and a and we'll see who's still on here. And this way here, I can answer these. Now I will say this. If you're listening to this on the podcast, what you're going to want to do is if you want to listen to the Q and a keep, keep listening, um, or if you want to join us in our live Q and A's on Fridays, all you need to do is head over to take action crew.com and you'll be part of our morning crew. What part of our, uh, take action morning crew. All right. You can ask questions there. Alright, cool. So what I'm going to do now, I'm going to bring this back over and we're going to see what we got here. Okay.

39:22 So, alright.

39:24 So a Salomon says, did you test a lot of different lead magnets before choosing the current one? We're always testing and it's not even testing. It's like, what is our goal right now? So right now we're talking about email list building. I don't have a lead magnet right now for email list building. Is there one coming? Yes. Right. I haven't developed that yet because what we're doing is we're building the email marketing mastery inside of the Academy. We're also going to be building just through all of these coffee talks, all of the podcasts. We're probably going to compile it and put it into a digital guide. And then we're going to create a digital lead magnet, a good lead magnet that will deliver a result that then will advance them into maybe the guide. Right. So we don't always just come up with it right out of the gate, although you can, or you can take an existing blog post and go, you know what? That would be a good one to try and test. And so it's not always like, uh, you're going to just have them happen. Right. We have to think through it and think, who do we want and who do we want to attract? And we don't want to attract everyone. Um, another question, is it better to have lead magnet only on your website or also a standalone page when running ads? Well, if you're running ads, you want basically to create a,

40:34 A clone, a copy

40:36 Of that page. So you can track those differences. You do not want to drive all your traffic to the same landing page. Again, we're not going to talk about landing pages right here today. We will in the future, but we don't want to drive all the same traffic or all different sources of traffic to that same page. Um, outside of organic, if it's organic, I'm fine with doing that. But if we're paying for something we're going to then create a dedicated page and then we're going to track the results on that. So we can see the conversion rate. We can see how it's performing,

41:05 All that stuff. Uh, let's see, uh,

41:10 We use Canva to create yours. I'm not quite sure you mean the lead magnet as far as like a checklist or something like that. I definitely would. Um, that can work really well. Uh, Derek Atlanta in the house better, late than never. Hey, Derek, what's up, man. Uh, contest giveaway can be used for physical product only. Uh, no, no. You can use it for a digital product. If you have any type of digital product, if you have guides, uh, maybe have four eBooks, you can give those away. Or maybe you have a, maybe you have a video course that you, uh, that you're creating. Maybe it's a, maybe it's a four, a four part video course or something like that. You can use that as a giveaway. Um, but you know, you would probably charge for it. And then that would make it where it was.

41:50 Um, you know, it gave it, its perceived value, but no, it doesn't have to be physical products. Physical products works really well because it's tangible, right? It's someone can see that they're going to get something. Um, so it does work really well, but you do want to make sure that it's aligned in your market. If I'm giving away the ultimate bass fishing bundle, then I wanna make sure that I'm going to be delivering content around catching more bass, right. Or bass fishing, because I know that that goes well together. Uh, what is your favorite tool for creating these digital guides and eBooks? Well, I mean, a simple thing to do is, and I'm experimenting with a few things right now, but the simple thing to do is to like, if you write your blog posts, you're already formatting it almost identical to how it would be in an ebook. And then I would just hand it off to someone on Fiverr or Upwork or free up and I'd have someone compile it for me, create a nice looking cover, edit it, make sure that everything's clean and then format it and probably get that done for a hundred bucks.

42:47 Mmm Mmm.

42:49 Brandy says love focusing on one thing. Simplicity. Yeah, me too. Uh, okay. Is it better to have popups or lead magnet? Opt-in that is always there on the website. The answer is both. Uh, usually we'll have a popup on the website that will only show for four 30 days for that same person. So you can use tools like well, convert kit has their own now built in. You also have hello bar. And what you can do is you can set it to only show to a visitor maybe after five seconds and then it won't show it to them again until 30 days later or you can have it show never again. And then what I would do is I would take that same lead magnet and either put it as a sticky at the top or maybe in the sidebar or maybe I'm a footer of a blog post different places, but you do want it to be static somewhere.

43:36 Uh let's see. Okay.

43:37 Is it easy to connect lead magnet to convert kit support available? Yeah, there's a ton of support available there and yes, it is super easy and I believe that even have a it's hosted, it can be hosted there too, where there they'll deliver it for you, but you can also use Dropbox. You can use a Dropbox account and then link it over that way. There's tons of different ways that you can deliver the content.

43:59 Uh, let's see here. Um, let's see.

44:04 Have you ever use constant contact for email capture? I've never used constant contact. That's the one I've never used. I've used, uh, a Webber MailChimp Infusionsoft send grid. Uh, what's the other one active campaign and now convert kit and I'm sold on convert kit right now.

44:25 Can you

44:26 Bye good lead magnet somewhere? Uh, not necessarily. I mean, it would have to be a ditch. I wouldn't buy it Tamra. I would create it. And the way that you could create it is to map it out. Even if you don't create it, I would have someone create it. I would just tell them what you want and Tamra you're inside BCA. So we're going to be going through this process too. So we'll have a lot more resources for you, fate. How long should you run a giveaway magnet before switching to another type? We always give it at least two weeks, but a lot of times we'll go 30 days. Um, cause a lot of times it has to do with targeting too. So I would say at least two weeks, but I would give it as much as 30 days. Uh, do you use keywords for your lead magnet?

45:06 Hey D uh, well, not necessarily. I mean, our lead magnet is something that we're not necessarily looking for. People are searching for, although it could, um, we're really looking for what is the pain point or what is the thing that we can help someone to quickest and then create that lead magnet? So what I would say is no, we're not using it for keywords or for people to find us, although they could. Um, I'm really looking more for it to be that thing that will serve the purpose and then we'll drive awareness to it. Right. We'll drive Facebook ads to the lead magnet, um, or we'll create content around that topic that will lead to the lead magnet. Um, what is the Apple time span to run a contest giveaway once a week. Oh, okay. So I just answered that question. Um, I would say once a month, I wouldn't do it more than that.

45:52 Uh, do you have a cheat sheet of a take action words for the lead magnet because you don't want to say newsletter? Um, we don't right now D but um, the, I know that you're inside BCA as well. You're one of our new members. So, uh, welcome once again. Um, we're going to be going through this stuff in detail, like building out like leap or landing pages and verbiage and all of that stuff. Um, the big thing is, is we don't ever want it to be just a generic newsletter. If anything, it would be like the insider's list for weekly tips. Like that would be better. Newsletter just is so old school. Um, but if that's the last thing that you, if that's the only thing that you can think of at the time to do it, it's better than nothing. We can always change it.

46:34 Um, but I would say not a newsletter and I would try not to make it so open and broad. Like I would do something better than just like sign up to receive weekly insider tips. It's better than a newsletter. Also let them let them know that there's weekly tips, but I don't know. I just, I don't like the idea of it being so broad or so open. I want it specific, right. Download the guide to throw your next 300 or to roll your next 300 and bowling. Right. Like I want that guide. Right. Like, but I'm going to talk about bowling tips, right? Bowling just came to me just cause I'm an avid. Well, I used to be an avid bowler. My father used to ball up until just recently because of this quarantine and he's had several 300, so shout out to my father. Okay. Um, couple more questions. And then we are going to wrap up here. Uh, just my notes when I searched, create a clone of my site to be, to keep track,

47:31 Um, create a clone of my,

47:34 Or to my site to be able to keep track. Um, yeah. So I think with what you're asking is,

47:40 Um, is how

47:42 Do we, or maybe this is just for you to go back and check, but, um, we're going to show that also in BCA is like, literally, like when you start to drive paid traffic, you're not going to drive it to the same page. You're going to have two pages. One of them is going to be organic, all your organic traffic. So the other thing that that would be a great idea to do is

48:02 Something like, I'll give you an example. If you go to brand creators, book.com

48:09 That takes you over to our book right now, that's a paid book, but it's the same idea. If we're going to do that for the checklist, you know, we would do something like brand creators, checklist.com, right. And then what we're doing is we're buying a domain name and then all of our organic traffic, we're just going to mention that. So like right now, or a pretty link, a pretty link works great too. So I'll give you another example. I'll put it up here on the screen and if you're listening, you won't see this, but I'll explain it. So basically something like this brand creators.com forward slash

48:38 Checklist. Okay. So all the time,

48:41 I'm always mentioning that every single time I mentioned that it's going to that one page, right? So I'm like, I might jump on a YouTube and I might be like, Hey, if you guys want to grab my checklist, head on over to brand creators.com for it's slash checklist, right? That's organic. I might do a blog post and I might reference it. I will put this link in the blog post it's organic. The minute I go and create an ad and I'm going to drive traffic to my lead magnet, which is the checklist. I'm creating a new page. And on that page, I'm going to maybe put FB and it might be like, uh, you might be like brand creators.com force us checklist dash F FB. That way that page is now identified as the only people that are seeing that are the people that I'm paying. And I'm sending from Facebook. If you did YouTube ads, you would probably do another page. Just duplicate it. It's not hard to duplicate it. And then from there it would be YouTube. Right. And then we can track that. Okay. We always want to track that stuff.

49:39 Alright. So, uh,

49:42 All right. So I think we wrapped up

49:44 All of them. Uh, let's see, is okay. Wait here. I got Nicholas.

49:48 Good morning, Scott. Happy Friday, a little off topic, but I'm currently posting my first blog article as we are here on this coffee though. Thanks again for the niche breakdown. Nice. Nicholas and Nicholas is also part of our BCA Academy and, uh, yeah, he actually revealed his niche and we talked all about it and I did a deep dive, great niche by the way. And I'm super excited to see it. So Nicholas, when you do post that and you make it live, make sure that you share it in BCA. Cause I want to see it. We all want to see it. Um, alright. Right. And the last one here, uh, have you ever used a quiz? Uh, we have, but not much. Um, it is something we're going to be thinking about using, but not necessarily for a lead magnet, although they can, um, what we're looking to do.

50:30 And you might even go through this process because you're, if, if you're on my email list is we're going to send a quiz out to our email list and that quiz isn't even really a quiz necessarily. It's more of a little mini survey, right? So we can help them. Right. And then at the end of them submitting that the only people that would either see an offer or that would be led to another piece of content in that direction would be people that filled out and hit submit on that survey. It's a whole nother conversation, but it's a great idea to do inside of your list to really segment the list and see who are people that are interested in that stuff. Cause as we build the list, we may have different lead magnets that, that just driving in. And we might not know where they're at in the journey.

51:15 If we are able to do this type of separation and segmentation, we're then able to speak to those people differently. And it all often leads to a better conversion on a paid product. Um, Oh Diego, it's the landing page within my home base or separate. Um, you can put it on your own domain. Um, which I think is always a good idea. Um, cause this way here, when people go there, they see that you're your, your, a URL is the same. Although you can use external ones like convert kit, they have their own landing page hosting area. Um, and then they also, uh, land, you can use like lead pages or any of those, but I would just use your own website. Um, and, and convert kit has a plugin that's installed in WordPress that you can very easily connect everything. Um, let's see here.

52:06 Oh, and Franco says, hi Scott, how can I join your FBA Academy? I'm looking for mentorship. Well, um, uh, I think it's Franco Franco. Um, yeah, it's not FBA Academy. It's BCA Academy. It's basically brand creators Academy. So it's just BCA. Um, and it's not FBA related. It's more brand building stuff and currently we are closed. Um, but your best bet, honestly right now is to get the playbook and the playbook can be found at brand creators, book.com, brand creators, book.com. You can always shoot me an email to Franco and, um, scott@brandcreators.com. Let me know where you're at and maybe I can direct you over to some resources. Um, so all right, guys, that is going to wrap up this Friday gym session. This was awesome. If you are listening to this on the podcast, here's what I want you to do. I want you to go to take action crew.com, make sure that you are part of our morning crew. We are going to be showing up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but every Friday is a jam session where I answer your questions and we have a topic like we did today. So make sure that you do that. Go over to take action crew.com.

53:19 All right. Well, I hope that you enjoyed that Friday jam session. And like I said, in the, if you want

53:26 To attend one of our live Friday jam sessions, all you need to do is head on over to take action crew.com. That is where we show up every Friday, 10:00 AM, Eastern time, and you can join us. You can ask a question and then, uh, I can answer it and we can go ahead and also publish it here on the podcast. So once again, I just want to say thank you so much for listening. This is always one of the highlights of my week. And until next time, remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it. Proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now go rock your brain.

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