RYB 861: Secret Mind Hacks To Reach Your Full Potential and SUCCESS with Shannon Irvine

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 07/29/20 •  6 min read

Today I have Shannon Irvine back on the show, and I’m happy to have her! Today we’re going to help people who want to build a business that will set them free and help them avoid doing things they don’t want to do by removing their negative mindset. 

Your An Entrepreneur At Heart  

Entrepreneurs share common DNA. We always have our foot on the gas and are always in some stage of learning and growing our business. However, at the same time, we have our foot on the break without our knowledge or permission.

At times it feels like our business growth is slow, and we can’t get it to where we want it to go. Why? Because our brain is wired to keep us safe and familiar. As entrepreneurs, we have to show up and do things that most won’t, and that’s difficult for our brain to allow. 

We’ve also inherited stories about worth, being successful, and failing. Because we were young when we learned these things, they are holding us back as an adult. These roadblocks make it difficult for us to surpass expectations and achieve our greatest dreams! 

Why We Have Negative Thoughts on Repeat 

You want a big business, and you have a high vision, but you have a story on automation that says that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or something similar. And it makes it easy to sabotage your success. We tend to repeat the negative instead of the positive. If you repeat the same negative story over and over, your subconscious will say that’s what you believe, and it’s on autopilot. It eventually turns into an identity, and you become that person. Out of that place, 90% of our decisions are made, and we take action based on our decisions. So, it’s time to control your thought process so you can stop the self-sabotage. 

The 4 Steps of the Mind Matrix Process 

It’s possible to transform our way of thinking. The Mind Matrix is a four-step process that I take my clients through to help erase these negative stories and achieve their goals. 

Step 1:

Recognize the exact words that you’re saying to yourself that is sabotaging your success. You need to pinpoint the actual words because that is what’s automated and needs to work to reverse. 

Step 2:

Record you saying those words out loud and write them down on a piece of paper. It’s been on automation your entire life. Now we’re taking it out of your subconscious mind. What you focus on does grow, so it’s time to focus on the positive and remove those specific negative thoughts. 

Step 3:

Start to refute it. Your logical adult mind will look at that sentence on a piece of paper and realize that it’s not a thought that you want to keep. Usually, the first time you read it out loud, your brain will start to reject that thought immediately. But sometimes deep down, it still feels like it’s true even though our logical mind knows that it’s not true.

At this moment, think about someone that you love. Take the lie and put it on that person. So use their name instead of yours when you say it out loud. You’ll realize that it’s absurd to say those things about someone that you love, so why would you say those things about yourself. 

Step 4:

Record yourself saying those truths in the first person and listen to it first thing in the morning and right as you’re drifting off to sleep. This is the most simple step, but it’s still so hard. This will help reverse your way of thinking about prune away a story that has been holding you back from success. 

Note from Scott: 

Once you go through this process, you’ll see that as you grow and scale your business, you’ll have new insecurities that you can apply these same tools for the rest of your life. 

It’s Time To Change Your Mindset 

There are people out there waiting for you to start your business. There is only of you, and they need to hear what you have to say! It’s important that you get unchained from these stories holding you back so you can help those people and automate the thing you want most. 

What I see most is entrepreneurs chasing the next strategy or shiny object. They expect some secret sauce to help them. If you’re on this entrepreneur hamster wheel, it’s time to make a change! The faster you train your brain to be a million-dollar entrepreneur, the faster that you will get there.

If you don’t think that you need help, it’s hard to get help. You have to know that you need it before you’re ready to take action. We’re here to help you unlock your true potential and share the tools that will help! 

Final Note From Scott

My mind is literally blown. I love spending time with Shannon and am always learning from her. She makes it super simple to understand the brain and explaining the reason behind our actions. Sign up for her free series to learn how to unlock your mind and reach your full potential. 

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take-Aways From Today’s Episode 

  1. Your An Entrepreneurs at Heart 3:32
  2. Why We Have Negative Thoughts on Repeat 9:42
  3. The 4 Steps of the Mind Matrix Process 15:09
  4. It’s Time To Change Your Mindset 28:09


“We always have our foot on the gas and are always in some stage of learning and growing our business. However, at the same time, we have our foot on the break without our knowledge or permission”.

00:00 Unfortunately for entrepreneurs, the tiger and the snake are your business. And if you haven't done this work, that's the threat in terms of your mind or your brain.

00:13 Hey, Hey, Hey, what's up everyone. Welcome to the rock. Your brand pod.

00:16 Yes. I'm your host. Scott Voelker, a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help you. This show is designed to teach you to inspire you, to motivate you, to take massive action and build a future proof business. So whether you're just starting out or taking your existing business to the next level, this is your home. Now, if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's rock your brand.

00:45 All right, guys. Welcome back to the rock, your brand podcast today. I've got an amazing guest that I'm going to be able to share with you. And it's kind of a last minute guest. I found out she had some openings in her schedule and I figured I'd get her back on because she's always been a great friend, but also someone that a lot of people that when they listened to the last episode said, Scott, you got to get Shannon back on the podcast. So Shannon is back on and she is going to share with us at a really critical time in our lives right now with, with everything that's going on is really some mind hacks to reach our full potential and achieve our success. So, Shannon, thank you so much again for coming on the podcast. How are you doing?

01:25 Oh man, Scott, it's always a pleasure to be here on this amazing podcast with your tribe. Um, we're doing well, you know, we're hanging in and doing the quarantine life here in California and the kids are going a little stir crazy, but we're creating some fun diversions for them creating, you know, pools in the backyard and doing all kinds of things. So we're, we are, uh, we're, we're doing our best.

01:47 That's all that you can do. And uh, I mean, you are, uh, to me, you know, you're the, you're the one that I usually think of when I think of like mindset and, uh, and really like how to change your thinking and your, uh, just the stories that you tell yourself. And I know you're big on that. Like their stories, they're not necessarily real and they may never be real, but we tell ourselves these stories and it's funny at brand accelerator live. Um, I had, um, a few people come up and they said, you know, I listened to the episode with Shannon and actually one of them, um, Beryl who's actually was one of your clients as well. And she's from Australia. And she came up and told me how awesome you were and all of that stuff, but how you really, really did help her, um, just get through some of the clutter and some of those, those internal voices that always, they seem to come up and they seem to speak to us.

02:41 Not always nicely, as far as what we believe. I mean, even me doing the rebrand, you knew me before I even did the rebrand and how hard that was for me, but had to do it. But there's all those stories, right? That we tell ourselves. So really what I wanted to do though, Shannon today is get you on and kind, just bring you on because I haven't talked to you in a while, but I just wanted to get you on and kind of let's, let's help people today. Let's serve people today that are listening and yes, it's a business podcast and people are trying to build a business, but ultimately they're trying to build a business. That's going to set them free from having to go to a job or having to do something that they don't necessarily want to do. So how can we help people in a time like today that are building businesses, but might feel like they're just not where they want to be right now, or they don't know if they can be there in the future. Yeah. I love this

03:30 Because, um, we are all entrepreneurs. We were either starting or we've been growing or scaling, but we we're all, there's the DNA of people like us, right? We don't need necessarily the motivation. Right? We've got our foot on the gas pretty much all the time where either a million ideas in and trying to figure out which squirrel idea to go for, or we're trying to figure out our niche or we're growing, but we're in some stage of that. Uh, and our foot is always on the gas, but what I really what's vital for everyone to hear is we have our foot on the brake at the same time, without our knowledge or our permission. And we're wondering why it's slow. We wondering why we're going in circles. We're wondering why we feel like we can't get our business to where it is. We want to grow it.

04:18 And especially in this season, right, when there's this pandemic of fear, there's this pandemic of, I don't know what's going to happen next. Our brain is wired to keep us not successful, but safe and familiar, so safe. Like don't get eaten by the tiger. Don't get the virus safe kind of thing. Right. And familiar. And what happens for all of us, especially entrepreneurs, because we're pushing into unknown places because we're really going forward and moving forward in a way that brings up resistance, right? We have to show up live and allow ourselves to be judged. We do things that most won't right. So that's going, but at the same time, even from young childhood or young adulthood, we learned and received as truth stories about money, about what money means about what it means to make money, how hard it is to make money, what it means when you have money, what it means when you don't have money, we've inherited stories about what success is or isn't what it means about you, what it means about your worth or your value in the marketplace, your value in your family.

05:35 We inherited stories about failure. You know what that means about who you are and what that means about your position within your family and all of that. And we know we we've inherited stories about worth. And so we didn't ask for those. We also didn't grant them permission. You, it happened when we were seven or eight or 12 or 17. And because we were young, we accepted them as truth. We didn't, we don't have our prefrontal cortex, our thinking brain to say, I'm not sure I want to keep that right. So it just kind of goes in our mind, we hear it repeated constantly. And it goes into a part of our brain, our subconscious mind, which is creates this automation, which is supposed to work for us. And it does work for us. If we have an automation, all the things that actually grow us to the next level, but usually the stories that are holding us back, maybe things like, you know, money doesn't grow on trees, right?

06:37 You have to, and the old equation, hard work equals success. Right? Right. So we grow up with these thoughts and these idioms. I mean, I know I've shared with Scott before. My story of, I could make literally $199,999. But as soon as I was going to pass that $200,000 Mark, I would sabotage it somehow. I would not show up big. I would get kind of procrastinate a little bit or maybe get overwhelmed. And what I now know is that I had a story going that people we would drive around these neighborhoods right. Does nice houses. And I would hear my dad say things like, Oh, you know, those people make about 200,000 a year and they're just, you know, they've used people. And so I want to grow this business. I want to do really well. I want to serve people deeply, but in my mind, there's an automated story. That means, that says to me, when you get to 200,000, you're a bad person. And so my mind does what it's wired to do, which is gives me release valves to get me back down to safe and familiar things like overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism, all of those things. And then we beat ourselves up for that. But the reality is, that's not your fault. It's your brain trying to align with the automation. That's on autopilot right now.

08:01 Yeah. That's interesting. Um, because that is so true. And, and you always wonder why, why does that happen? And then you'd say to yourself, like, I'm not sabotaging myself. Like, I didn't say I didn't want to do it, but there's things that you start to do that you don't even know that you're doing to sabotage and you don't know why. Right. You're just thinking it's bad luck or it's, uh, you know, something that didn't work your way, or you were just that close because you know, you were doing your best, but you know, it just wasn't enough. And really, if you went back and traced the steps back to what you did, there's probably things there that you did or didn't do. And that was because of the result of not wanting to have that. So let me ask you this though. I want to dig into a little bit of money.

08:45 Doesn't grow on trees, right? We've all heard that my grandfather, who he was a farmer. Right. And he was everything paid, cash owned. Everything never went in debt. And, but also was the type that was very, very frugal. Like he would go to the salvation army buy pants that were three times too big and wear suspenders because they were three bucks. And that's the only size that they had. Right. But money doesn't grow on trees. So that was ingrained in my father, my father ingrained in me. Luckily I was able to break that, break that cycle. And I'm like, no money doesn't grow on trees necessarily, but money isn't limited. Right. We can go out there and get whatever we want. We just have to go out there and want it. And we have to also have the abundance mindset. Let's, let's talk about that real quick. Cause I do think that people think, you know, I was brought up in that, you know, like, and now I'm, I'm kind of sabotaged and in a sense, so let's speak to that. How can that limit someone if they just say like, yeah. So I was taught that.

09:42 Yeah. So the brain science of success and how our brain wires, these thoughts. I want to talk through that for a second. Cause it'll make crystal clear sense of why and what happens that yeah, you don't mean to sabotage. Absolutely. You still want that success. It's not that you don't want it. You want it. We're on video. So I'm like using my hands, but you want this, you know, big business, right. This big success. And you've got that high vision, but yet you've got this story on automation that says money, doesn't grow. Money grows on trees. You know, you have to work really hard for it. And so there is a disconnect or we call it cognitive dissonance between what you want and what is on automation. And the reality is your automated stories run 90% of your daily decisions. So 90% of your daily decisions, we know this from neuroscience.

10:35 Now that's the part of the brain that fires 90% of the time, not your prefrontal cortex. So the way our brain wires, anything, it starts with a situation you're trying to build your business. Right. Um, the next piece we know from science that it's, that you have a thought, right? Your thought money doesn't grow on trees. So we're going to insert that thought there, right from that thought emotion gets created. We know that now without a doubt, it's microseconds, but still the thought fires first before the emotions come to support it. Right. And we have our emotions based on memories. So we're, we, we have this thought money doesn't grow on trees. And then we have all this memory right. Of grandpa and all those things. And that just floods right in. And if we repeat that enough, it starts to signal to our subconscious mind, Hey, Scott believes this because he's repeating it now isn't that ironic.

11:34 We tend to repeat the negative more than the positive. And that's what ends up automating, even though we don't want it. Um, and it's crazy. But if we repeat it and it's literally about 67 times, if I can give a voice to your subconscious, your subconscious isn't moral, it doesn't look at your vision board. It does not access to your goals necessarily unless you're repeating them a lot. It has access to what you repeat. And so if that story of money doesn't grow on, trees continue to be repeated. Then your subconscious says, okay, he believes this. I will now take that thought and put it on automation because our brain thinks about 60,000 thoughts per hour. So this automation system is there to help you. So you're not having to spend all that energy and thinking. Right,

12:22 Right. Even Maisie thought that was a good point to hear a Barkin. Go ahead.

12:29 So that, so when it automates into your subconscious, it's now a belief, right? And it's on autopilot. So now it's firing without you thinking. And without your permission on like that, like without any, it doesn't have to jump a synaptic gap, which is a real sciencey word of like a regular thought has to jump a gap. It no longer has to do that. And so your subconscious is doing this for you. Remember it's job is to automate so that you have to spend less energy. Right? Because we couldn't honestly even pick our heads off, off, up off the pillow. If we actually had to use our prefrontal cortex to think every thought, so that automation is firing. And because the automation is firing, that's almost creating an identity. Right. And I, you just described your grandpa with his identity. He had an identity I'm frugal and I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm put on the suspenders cause money doesn't grow on trees.

13:22 It's who he was. Right. So he had an identity, um, that served him to a degree, right? So we don't, we don't continue to do things that don't serve us in a way, but out of that place creates 90% of our decisions. And then our actions come from our decisions, right. And then our results come from those actions. So we call that in our success, which method, the STEM Dar model or the neuro coaching model. But that is how our brain hardwires anything. And, uh, the good news is just like Scott gave the example. He went in and he knowingly or unknowingly, he started training his brain to transform this. Right. He started not being available for that story being truth anymore. And that's the process in reverse that we do in order to neutralize and erase those success, sucking stories that hold us back from the very thing that we want.

14:20 And that, that was going to be my question because, okay, we've identified this, this problem. We all know that we tell ourselves stories and you know, I'd be lying. If I said, I still don't tell myself stories, but then I have a way now of being like Scott, you're telling yourself a story, right. So I recognize that it's a story. And I'm like, you don't, why are you doing this? Right. Like I actually interject now the other voice that goes, wait a minute, you're that story guy. That's telling, telling Scott stories, you know what you're telling them, we don't know that that's gonna happen. And, um, and have a way of interrupting that. But still, how does someone, how does someone like recognize it or is the first thing to recognize? And then how do we, how do we reposition the story? So this way here, it doesn't sabotage us.

15:06 So I love it. My favorite thing to say is whether you realize it or not every seven and eight figure entrepreneur has done this work. And so Scott's telling you, like, I have this way of recognizing it. And that is the powerful step. We have a four step process that we take our clients through. It's called the mind matrix. And literally it's so simple, but most people won't slow down in order to speed up. Right. They, most people won't slow down. So I want to challenge our listeners. Like this is so simple. If you can build with big, chunky Legos, like four of them, you can actually neutralize erase these stories and it's not, you know, wishful hoping or like thinking, and maybe it'll happen or trying really hard or using willpower. It's science. It's literally step by step of how we neutral, how we prune away a thought, right?

16:03 So the synaptic pruning is the geeky word for it, but that's what we're going after. And the first step is literally recognizing it's not rectify recognizing in generalities. And what you heard Scott say was really important because what he recognized were the exact words he was saying to himself. Like nobody says that I know of, nobody says I have imposter syndrome. So therefore I'm not going to go live. What can you say is who the heck do? I'll keep this PG, but who the heck do I think I am to do this? Everybody's going to judge me. Everybody's going to think I'm, I'm don't know enough. I'm not expert enough. Right.

16:39 Things that we say.

16:41 So it's important to recognize the actual words that you're saying, because that's, what's automated. And if you want to neutralize it, you got to know what it is. The second step is so simple, Scott, this is why people are like, ah, I it's gotta be harder. Right? Um, we record it. We write it down on a piece of paper. Why on heck, why would we do that? Because it's been on automation, your entire life running 90% of your decision making. So now we're taking it out of your subconscious. And one of the ways we do that is by writing, because now you're using brain systems that are involved in the subconscious to pull it into the conscious mind. So things like writing, its physical motor skills, which calls forward your memory, it calls forward your nervous system, which are all part of your subconscious. So we're pulling it out of the subconscious by using all the systems that the brain ties together, that automates.

17:41 So as I write down and I've shared this story a lot, like I write down, um, I was starting the podcast four years ago and I had similar, like you, you catch the thoughts. Right? So I had this thought of like, I don't have any value to bring to the podcast. And I think I might've shared this story before, but you know, I wrote down, I don't have enough value to bring to the podcast. That's exactly what I said to myself. Right. It's crazy. It's crazy. But what will happen? And yes. Thank you, Tony Robbins, what you focus on does grow. So if I hear like your, your argument that you might be thinking in your head, like if I'm paying attention to this, doesn't it make it bigger? Well, yeah, for a minute, but I don't know about you, but if something's running 90% of my decision making and it's not aligned with where I want to go, I'd like to know what it is and choose it to choose that.

18:32 Thank you very much. Putting it on paper with pen or pencil, not in a computer, it's a different way. Your brain wires, that it allows your prefrontal thinking brain to see the lie for the first time as it is, as you've automated it. So I wrote, I don't have enough value to bring to the podcast and I read it out loud. I don't have enough value to bring to the podcast. It brings me right to the third step. It naturally happens. And you talked about it. You start refuting. That's the third step. You start to refute it. Your logical adult mind will look at that statement and think, well, that's stupid.

19:15 What that right? I mean, it's so funny. And we beat ourselves up for these, these, uh, symptoms like procrastination and perfectionism overwhelm, all the things we do to avoid doing this. But in reality, once you actually see it on paper, your prefrontal mind, your thinking brain gets a chance to look at it and decide if you want to keep it or not. And usually the first time you read it, in the actual words you're telling yourself, your logical brain just starts naturally refuting. It it's like an, it did for me. I said like, Oh my gosh, I've helped people build six, seven, and even eight figure businesses. I've done this and this and this. And so you just start recording those down. You just start writing down all of that logical evidence in opposition to what I now call the lie that has been on autopilot.

20:04 Now. I wish it was that simple. There is a little piece that you have to kind of bring in. Cause remember how I said that thoughts create emotions, which create beliefs. So this is why sometimes you'll even be able to recognize a belief and you'll logically be able to refute it. But you still feel like it's true. And that's because it's so embodied in our emotional States that even though our logical mind can see the reasons why it's not true, our emotional state, which is even lands in your physical body. Right. Kind of feels like. Yeah. But I feel like it's true. And that's why when you're going to go on stage or go live or go do these things that require some of upleveling, you don't think it, you're not aware of it. The thought you're, you're aware of the feeling like the feeling is the thing that wants to stop you, right.

20:56 Or call you back. So we take them through a process of, we call it a mirror exercise, but it's definitely going after the emotional piece. And this is where people usually want to throw something at me, but it's okay. I've got thick skin. Um, what, what I want you to do in this, this part of the refute is I'd like for you to think about somebody you love, like right or die, jump in front of a bus for kind of love. Um, if it's your kids, I know you love them all. Just choose one. So I chose my son max, and you want to actually take that lie, not in their presence, but out loud, put that lie on them. So it kind of looked like this. I said, max, you don't have enough value to bring to the world. Obviously he wasn't starting a podcast.

21:44 So that didn't, that part didn't apply. So I S so as soon as you say that, now all this emotion comes up of why that is not true. Right. And you know, um, we're parents, right? So the parents will thing. Like we're like ready to take somebody out that might say something like that to our child. So I start writing down, like, he's amazing. He can do anything. He puts his mind to. And of course the list just went on and on about how that was so not true for him. But the reality is that's a mirror truth or truth for you too. We're just so hard on ourselves that it's hard for us to see those things. Right.

22:24 That's awesome. That's really interesting. I would never have thought that last piece, that is a really cool strategy, really, of taking the thing that you're saying you're not good at. And then you put it on someone that you care about and that you believe that

22:42 Yeah, you can go conquer.

22:44 And then you're like, Oh, I'm and my son, Scotty, I'd be like, I'd be like, Scotty. There's no way that you're going to go out there and build your own successful online business. Or are you right? If someone said it to him, I'd be like, get the hell out of the way, Scotty take care of this. You don't know him. You don't know what he's capable of, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right. And yeah. So I'm ready to go to war.

23:06 Yeah, absolutely. Why don't we go to war for ourselves? There is a reason though, Scott, there is, and that's why this, this is a little hack that we do within the neural coaching model, because we have a system set up that kept us alive back in the cave days, right? It's called a negativity bias. We see nine times more negative for us in our environment than we do for others because it kept the tiger from eating us, kept the snake from biting us and kept food in front of us. Right. Kept us being able to hunt and get food. Um, unfortunately for entrepreneurs, the tiger and the snake are your business. And if you haven't done this work, that's the threat in terms of your mind or your brain. And so then we see so much more negative for ourself than we do for others.

23:54 And that's why using this little brain hack allows you to truly bring up the emotion that was connected with that original thought, right? That is going to actually become that successful place on automatic, which is what we move toward. So after we've refuted, we've got all this written down information about what our logical mind sees as truth. And now what your mirror truth is we just flip that mirror truth into the first person. And this next step is so simple, but it's so seated in science. It's how we wire any thought. So we literally just take everything you just wrote, logical and mirror. And we record it. We record ourselves saying it in the first person. And we listened to it in the morning, right? As we wake up and we listen to it, right, as we're drifting off to sleep. And the subconscious, those are times a day that our subconscious, uh, at night, our subconscious takes and processes, everything we've done during the day.

24:57 And that's it's time to automate. So we listen to this right before we go to bed so that your brain listens to that and automates that. And then we start our day with it so that we reload that as truth, before we get started in our day, it, it's not a blue pill. It's not like, Oh, the switch. You know, I talk a lot about flipping the success switch on takes about 60, 67 days to make that process complete. But I don't know about you 60 to 67 days versus like 15 years worth of a story that you can literally flip on a success, which in your brain prune away, like literally eliminate a story. That's been chaining you back from your success and build an automation toward the truth, which truly sets you free in your life and your business.

25:42 Yeah, no, I think it's really powerful. And I think actually, once you go through this process, you'll probably also see that as you grow and scale your business, you're going to, you're going to realize you're gonna have new insecurities new things, right? And then these tools, these, these strategies, these hacks, if you will, are there to apply to that next thing. Cause as we're growing, we're going to have these thoughts come in and I've I've achieved it. Or, you know, not even achieved it. I've actually had them come into my life because I wasn't achieving certain levels of success. And then you, you go back and you go, wait a minute here. Now I'm doubting myself on this, but I shouldn't. And, but then you go back to kind of like old habits in a sense. Um, so I really love the idea of being able to use this as a tool set that you'll have for the rest of your life, really, as you grow and build, before we go any further, I know you have to run here soon, but I did want to just bring up, you're doing something pretty amazing here, and I want you to speak to it.

26:43 And before I even allow you to set this up, cause I want you to set it up. Um, I want people to know that you are doing some free training, um, and you are going to be doing this complete series. And um, I want people to go there. If they want more of Shannon and really these mind hacks, I'm going to give a special URL. That's going to bring people to this, um, this page where they can sign up for it. And it's totally free go in there and have you helped them. But if they go to brand creators.com forward slash mind hacks, all one word, I'm not gonna put any hyphens in there. Just mind hacks.com or not.com, brand creators.com forward slash mind hacks, go there. And Shannon, I'm going to have you set it up now, but really what you're doing here. And you've spent months preparing for this to really help and serve people. Do you have paid stuff? Yes, absolutely. But people that go through this free training are going to be transformed. I know that for a fact. So go ahead, tell people a little bit more about what you're up to and what's about to happen here. Yeah,

27:46 I would love to. And you're right. This is my life's work. I'm poured into this five part video series, literally unpacking the entire success switch method from clarify to erase, to automate all the keys, all the steps, all the processes. And the reason why I did this is because I see so many amazing, incredible entrepreneurs that are literally being chained back from the very thing they want the most. And they're beating themselves up over these brain-based blocks like overwhelm and procrastination perfectionism. And they're playing a smaller game than they want to. And they know it because it keeps them up at night. It drives them crazy, but they're still not letting go of the idea of the dream, getting to the next level. That's how, you know, you're like one of us, you just, you can't let it go. It doesn't die. Right? And that's the typical definition of an entrepreneur, but nothing really irks me then seeing people that literally need to be out in the marketplace, not going to the level that they need to go yet.

28:52 And people are waiting for that. I am such a firm believer that there are people, clients, customers waiting for you to get out there in that big way so that they can get their transformation because they can only hear it from you. Yes, there's a million people growing businesses online, but the reality is there's only one of you and there are people that can only resonate with you. And so this is super important that you get Unchained that you neutralize and erase these stories that have been blocking you up till now, without your knowledge or your permission, right? That you, you didn't give them permission. And once you go through this success, which method, and really flip that brain success, which on you will automate the thing that you want most that successful business, that's creating that freedom and time and that impact, and really step into that dream you've been dreaming. And that's what this video series is all about. There are five videos that are a hundred percent free. My goal is to make that free series as more valuable in most people's paid products so that people can truly get a transformation through this five part series.

30:03 Yeah, no. And, and I've seen, uh, some of the footage, um, and, uh, you, you just did an amazing job and uh, I'm always looking to up level my, myself in the mindset. And I think anybody that doesn't feel as though they need to, they need to really address, like where are you right now? And if you keep doing what you're doing, are you going to be where you want to be in the next six months, 12 months, two years. And you really need to get real with yourself. Cause the way I look at it is, and Shannon, I'm pretty sure you agree, but it's like, if you don't think you need help, it's hard to get help. Right? It's like we can't convince you that you need help. It's a, it's like someone that's a drug addict or an alcoholic they have to, they have to know they need the help.

30:48 We can't force them. We can try to, you know, give them some signs and like, you know, kind of bring it to their attention. But when they're ready, they're ready. And I think anyone that's listening right now, if you've been struggling, whether it's to grow your first business or your second or third or scale, you're probably saying to yourself, you know what? I know that I tell myself these stories and there's probably a reason why I'm being held back this series. This podcast alone should help you and really unlock your true potential and give you the, the tools, the strategies and the skillsets to really take it to the next level. And again, that's why I wanted to have Shannon on here. I knew that this was coming up and I wanted to kind of do this a little emergency podcast episode because so many people need the help of the mindset. As much as people don't search for it necessarily. They're like, Oh, I want to look for the next hack on how to make more money in reality. It could be you most of the time it is. That's holding you back from making that money. So, um, what do you want to leave people with here? Shannon, before you jump off and jump on another call, I know you got another call here alive, but you're going to be doing, um, what is something you want to leave people with before we end today's call?

31:57 Yeah. So one of the biggest things that I see from most struggling entrepreneurs is what you just described. It's this I'm chasing the strategies. I'm spending 90% of my time chasing the next shiny object. The next strategy, something doesn't work, they try something different. They hop from strategy to strategy coach, to coach guru, to guru, you know, expecting like that little secret sauce that they're obviously not telling the world. And if that's you and you've been on what I call that entrepreneur hamster wheel, where you just, you're never staying in the zone of your genius, but you're always popping around and looking for the next thing and the next thing and the next thing, or you're trying do it through hustle grind, work harder, spend more time. And you're expecting different results than you have. Now. That is evidence that that automation is on full tilt because your brain is trying to keep you safe and aligned and perceived to be busy and accomplishing things.

33:01 But in reality, you're not getting any closer to the success you want, because if it was another strategy or tactic or just another guru, then you would already have all the success that you want right now. But you don't. And I say that with love in my heart for you, because spending your time chasing that 80% of the time, where there is a tool available for you to become your greatest competitive advantage and superpower, and you've had it with you all along, it's your mind, your brain. That's why, if you imagine like a racetrack with two amazing vehicles, NASCAR, you know, top of the line, NASCAR cars, right? They're amazing vehicles. So are the strategies, the same things. That strategy is just a vehicle, but the difference imagine walks on the track. Mario Andretti gets in one car and a 92 year old grandma gets in the other, right, right.

33:59 Who's going to get to that finish line first, right? It's the operator, it's the, it's the thinking and the mind and the processes of the person operating the vehicle. And so the more you lean into truly training your brain to think like a six or seven or even eight figure entrepreneur, the faster you're going to get there. And when you use your brain system and automate that to where every thought, every decision, every action aligns with the results that you want already and all that is on autopilot. Literally the only thing that holds you back is how high, how much you can dream. So I just want to call you for the video series is called the unleashed entrepreneur just for that reason. And I can't wait to see the transformation that happens for you.

34:49 Yeah, no, I'm excited. I think people are going to get a ton of value and I think you're gonna change a lot of people's lives and really just really break people free. And the mind is such a powerful thing. And it's not talked about enough, uh, because it's what controls what we do on a daily basis. I mean, I'm talking like, okay, I want to get up earlier. Well, it's up to you to set your alarm and get up, right? It's your mind, you know, telling you, you know what I got to get up, I gotta get to it because my day is going to be amazing and, and all of that. But our mind controls everything. And when you're looking at running a business or even just taking your business and being able to make it so you can have some more free time.

35:32 So you're not running your business every single second of the day. And that's another thing to be able to let go, some things in your business. Um, so Shannon, I want to thank you so much for doing this. This has been absolutely amazing. I'm always, always learning stuff. When I talked to you and I could geek out about this stuff all the time. So we'll definitely get you back on the podcast. But in the meantime, I'm going to head on over and check out this video series myself, because I know how powerful it is. And guys, I want you guys to do the same. If you want to go through my quick little easy link here, it's a brand creators.com forward slash mind hacks. I will also leave it in the show notes to this episode. Once again, Shannon. Thank you so much. This has been amazing.

36:14 And uh, thank you again. Appreciate it. You're welcome. You're welcome. Appreciate you, Scott. Love your tribe. Can't wait to see about there. All right guys, I don't know about you, but my mind is literally blown in a good way. And every time I sit down with Shannon, whether it's her and I sitting down having a cup of coffee, or if it's here on the podcast, I'm always learning something. And the thing is, I always love how she makes it super simple to understand the brain the mind, because it controls everything. I do want to encourage you to make sure that you sign up for her free series. All right, now, again, I was saying this on the air, she does have a full training. She also does a different coaching. Um, but if you just go through her free training, you are going to learn more about how to really unlock yourself and really unlock your mind so you can reach your fullest potential and stop living in that self sabotage world that we we've all been known to live in at times.

37:17 All right. So if you want to go over there and access that free training head on over to brand creators.com forward slash mind hacks again, that's brand creators.com forward slash mind hacks. It will take you to her page. You can sign up there and get the free video series. All right, guys, that's it. That's going to wrap it up as always remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to do you have to come up, say it with me, say it loud, say it. Proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now go rock your brand.

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