RYB 857: Creating Perfect Email LEAD MAGNETS To Attract Customers (Strategy + Q & A)

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 07/20/20 •  4 min read

Welcome! Today we’re going to be talking about email list building and how to effectively create lead magnets. You’ll get people to sign up for something in exchange for their email address to reach out to them. I’m here to tell you that email is very much alive and is something you should be implementing in your business. So lets right to it! 

Keep in mind that you should be able to use a lead magnet no matter what market you’re in. If you ever want to hang out in the mornings with us on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 10 am eastern head over to takeactioncrew.com. We’d love to have you! 

What Is A Lead Magnet  

You’re attracting people to your brand with something that you think they’ll be interested in. You only want quality and qualified people. When they sign up, they’re making it clear that they’re interested in what you have to offer, and you send them emails regarding other products and services that you offer.

The problem is that people want to focus on growing out a giant list and don’t stick with their target audience. You only want to be reaching out to people who actually care about the type of products that you have to offer and are interested in your specific niche. 

Understand what your market will raise their hand for and be very specific. The goal is to narrow down your market into a sub-niche. 

How Many Lead Magnets Should You Have 

It’s always tempting to create multiple lead magnets all at once to reach more people. However, keep in mind that it adds complexity to your business, and you have to segment out your lists, which get complicated. Instead, I like to create one lead magnet to start with. Right now, I have one paid lead magnet and one free lead magnet. It’s just so much more simple that way. 

Your one lead magnet should be related to all the topics you discuss on your blog so that everything can point to your lead magnet. This also goes for ones that are paid as well.

Find your one lead magnet, make it a good one, and make great content that promotes it. That’s the basic formula right there. Always make sure to do your research to create something that your audience wants. 

Giveaways can give you a great boost to quickly start your email list, but it has a very short shelf life, so they shouldn’t be used for a long term solution.  

When Should You Start Your Email List 

Start by focusing on building out your website and blog first. From there, add one thing at a time in this order.

Get out there and take action creating a lead magnet for your brand.

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take-Aways From Today’s Episode

  1. What Is A Lead Magnet 
  2. How Many Lead Magnets Should You Have 
  3. When Should You Start Your Email List 


00:01 I think the biggest thing that you have to know here is you need to understand what your market would raise their hand for and also how to be more specific.

00:13 Wait, Hey, Hey, what's up everyone. Welcome to the Rocky brand podcast. I'm your host, Scott. Voelker a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help you. This show is designed to teach you to inspire you, to motivate you, to take massive action and build a future proof business. So whether you're just starting out or taking your existing business to the next level, this is your home. Now, if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's rock your brand. What's up guys. Welcome.

00:46 I come back to the Rocky brand podcast. This is episode number eight 57. And today we're going to be talking about one of my most favorite topics and that is email list building, but really what we're going to be diving into is what we call lead magnets. This is where you put something out there in your marketplace, in your niche and get people to raise their hand and be able to get them to enter their name and email address. So you can further follow up with them. That's really what we're talking about here. And right now, I think it's more important than ever to understand how powerful email still is. And some people think that well, email marketing is dead and they couldn't be further from the truth because I know because I've been doing this for years and it's still just as effective now, as it was, then now are your open rates maybe a little bit less.

01:42 It really depends. To be honest with you, I've seen open rates still as high as 30, 40%, which is way above the industry standard. Right now. I think the industry standard is like eight to 10%. And all of our email lists that we've built on multiple brands is always above 10% always. Uh, and we're actually striving for 20 to 25% on a consistent basis. All right, but I'm not going to go into that today. We will be doing more on future episodes, but today I did want to talk about really the first piece once you've made up your mind that yes, Scott email marketing should be a part of my business, a part of my brand, and I am convinced. Yes it is. And the first thing that we need to talk about then is really how do we get their attention? And so what I'm going to do today is I am going to play a recording from one of my coffee talks, where we talked all about lead magnets, and I went into different, different situations and different styles and different ways that you can take one lead magnet and you can frame it differently, right?

02:51 So you don't have to create 10 different lead magnets. You can really just create one and then just create different pieces of that. Bring up other things that still people would be interested in that lead magnet. So that's really what I'm gonna be talking about. And what I want you to do is I want you to really think about your own market, your own brand and what you can do, what you can create while you're listening to this. And I think that's in anything that I ever create. I always want you thinking about yourself. How does this apply to me? How does this apply to my business? And what could I create? That's how it works for me. Like whenever I'm hearing someone talk about their lead magnet, I'm thinking about how can I create something similar myself that applies to my market or my niche.

03:34 And it doesn't matter what market or niche you should be able to get the attention out there by either calling out a problem, or maybe it's giving someone a solution, uh, or maybe it's giving them a simple checklist, right? So there's a bunch of different ways that we can do it. But in this episode, you're going to hear, uh, myself actually going through this with a live, uh, people that were there at a coffee talk. And what I want to do is play this for you. And I will say this, the audio recording is not my best. And the reason is, is the time that I recorded this. I was at the Lake house. I was on wifi and I was also on my laptop. I didn't have my pro mic here, but it's still pretty good recording. And you're still going to get a ton out of it.

04:18 So just wanted to kind of throw that out there. Alright. And just also to let you know, the show notes and transcripts of this episode can be found@brandcreators.com forward slash eight 57. And you'll be able to get all of that stuff there cause I will have links there. And you'll also be able to see the recording. If you want to have this right here, or if you're watching this, you might be watching it on the blog or on YouTube. So, uh, yeah, go check that out. All right. So I'm going to stop talking now so you can listen to this coffee talk I did with, uh, my take action crew and Oh, by the way, I should probably mention that if you want to hang out with me in the mornings at, uh, let's see, 10:00 AM, am I almost said PM am Eastern time, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, head on over to take action crew.com and you can, uh, while you can join us over there. All right, so I'm gonna stop talking, go ahead, enjoy this episode and let's get out there and create a lead magnet in your market.

05:12 Now, if you're brand new and you're not sure what a lead magnet is, basically, I want you to think about this. You are trying to attract people to your market, to your brand, okay. Or from your market to your brand. You're trying to attract people by giving them something that you know, that they're probably interested in. Okay. And we only want people that are interested in our market, right? Because we have a much greater chance of selling them something or building our email list with qualified and quality email subscribers. Uh, we can do this by having the proper lead lead magnet. Okay. So, uh, for, I'll give you a great example of this. Okay. And it's going to actually be one of ours, so okay. If we go to, okay, if you go to brand creators.com, don't go there by the way right now. But if you go to brand creators.com, there is a checklist there that you can download.

06:14 Okay. That checklist is what we call our brand growth validation checklist. That is what we call a lead magnet. Anybody that, that goes through an ops in for that meaning enters their name and email address. I know that they are interested in building a brand. They also get the resource to help them identify in their brand, how they can get traffic, how they can monetize it through different various ways. It gets them to be able to validate all this stuff before they actually do the build. So that's a lead magnet, right? So I'm putting it out there in the marketplace. Now, if you are someone that's like, I only want to sell on Amazon. You don't want to talk about building a website. It's not going to resonate with you. Right. And that's okay, right now, what we've done is we've taken this big market of let's just call it like online business.

07:10 And then we have like e-commerce and then we have digital products, right. Or we have, you know, wanting to build a website to get traffic, or maybe a combination of all, you're going to raise your hand by, by you entering your name and email address in there. Right. So by you doing that, I know that that list that I have is, is targeted for people that want to build a brand. Okay. So because of that, we're going to be able to now message those people about other things that will help them build their brand. Okay. So now let's take this in another area. Let's say, for example, a guy that I interviewed today, by the way, um, is the name is Colin Castella. And, uh, he actually does basketball training. Okay. And he's been doing it now for gosh, probably seven, eight, maybe even nine years.

08:00 And so, uh, he basically could put something out there, like download our free shooting, drill video series or something like that. Right. Or maybe he would want to offer a physical product or products. Maybe it's, [inaudible] set, that's designed for basketball players. Right. And then he would put that up on the marketplace. Now, if you are someone, yeah. That's not into basketball, not going to pertain to you. You're going to be like, okay, here's my thing. And you're like, I don't want that. I'm not going to use that. I want to, I want to learn how to fish. I don't want to learn how to do agility for basketball. Right. But anybody that, that raises their hand by entering their name and email address, they're going to be more targeted. Right. So that's another example. Now you can do both. We've done physical products, we've done digital products.

08:50 Right. And I think there's a place for both. If you're just starting, we like to do a physical bundle because it's easy. Also more, it looks like it's more value because it's physical. It's, it's something that's going to get shipped to your house. So we've done that in the past where we're able to take physical products and put them out there as a, as an offer and then get people to opt in for that. And now we know that they are into bass fishing, right. Or they are into, maybe it's a they're into home brewing, uh, you know, beer. Right. We would put together the ultimate home brew kit. Right. And then we would target those people. So that's the idea behind it. The problem that I see people making is they're like, I want to grow this giant list and they're going to put something out there, like a free iPad.

09:41 Right. Well, everyone in the world probably would put their name in a hat to win an iPad. Right. But they're not going to put their name in the hat to win the ultimate bass fishing set or the ultimate home brew kit or the five tips, or I'll give you a better that, um, uh, how to brew your first batch of wheat beer. Right. That would be maybe a PDF download that you would download and then the follow that process. Right. That would be your lead magnet. And then on the back end, you're going to go to talk all about Homebrew. Right. So that's how that would work. All right. So, um, I think the biggest thing that you have to know here is you need to understand what your market would raise their hand for and also how to be more specific. Right. I see, I see a lot of people, again, wanting to go too broad and it doesn't really get that market narrowed down into a sub niche.

10:40 Right? So again, if I'm, you know, uh, Colin that I interviewed today on the podcast episode eight 31, by the way, on the rock, your brand podcast, great episode. Awesome. Get awesome guests. Uh, and, um, so if it's, if he wanted to, he could start by just narrowing down the focus on maybe kids that want to shoot better or dribble better, right. Or jump higher. Right. So he could create a special lead magnet for that segment of the market and get those people that are interested in that. So my son, for example, he does help people get vertical jump training, right? That's what he's specializing in. Currently, he's going to put out content and leave magnets. That's going to be how to get four inch, how to increase your vertical by four inches in 30 days. Right. And that might be a lead magnet that he puts out there and then starts to collect emails from that.

11:37 Now anyone that ops in, he knows they want to increase their vertical jump right now, could they want to also learn how to have better handles, you know, basketball handles or shooting or fall shots. Sure. But you got to start a little bit more niche and then that way there, you're getting those people to raise their hand. So guys, if you have any questions on lead magnets now would be the time to drop them in there. Jennifer, how many lead magnets do we need? Oh, that's a good one. I'm glad that you asked that question, Jennifer. Cause I just had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday who, who wants to create an, and this is a common thing that a lot of us want to do it. We want to create multiple lead magnets. But I personally don't like that. Yeah. Because it adds more complexity to your business every time that you add a lead magnet.

12:32 Okay. There's people coming in from different lead magnets. Right. So then I have to segment my list. So now I have maybe five lead magnets. Right. Which I don't recommend, by the way, I have five lead magnets. And they came in, one, came in from shooting drills. One came in from vertical jumping. One came in, uh, I don't know, defense drills. Right. So I've got three different offers. There they come on my one list. I got to segment that list. Now, if I'm sending out something, I got to ask myself, does that pertain to that list and that list and that list, right. What I like to do is I like to create one lead magnet to start with, okay. One lead magnet. Okay. And for us right now, there are, I have two lead magnets. One of them is a paid lead magnet and one of them is a free lead magnet.

13:19 All right. So what this, what this looks like is if you want to get into my world of building a brand, the way that you would do that, that is you would come in through this angle of okay. Building a brand through the brand growth validation checklist. Okay. So now all that I have to do is I need to think of different ways to create my content different angles. That would also pertain to the one lead magnet. Right. So instead of creating multiple lead magnets, I'm creating one lead magnet, right. We're going to call this coffee mug. Can you, yeah. You guys can see it. Let me, let me put position this down a little bit. This will be my prop. Okay. Let me do it this way. There it is. This is my lead magnet. Right? So now I just want to get a whole bunch of tension to my lead magnet right here.

14:11 So what I'm going to do, just gonna use the brand building thing. Cause it's, you know, it's mine and it's what we do, right? So today I'm talking about how to create lead magnets, right? Well, if you want to create lead magnets to build your brand, I'm going to do that right here. So today I'm talking about lead magnets, but lead magnets also can be found on how to it you're out your market and what they want by going to here brand growth, validation, checklist, boom, there's one piece of content with a frame around building a lead magnet or creating a lead magnet that will bring people into your business. Boom, brain growth, validation checklist, boom. Right. There's one. Now I could also, uh, we're doing a Pinterest training coming up, right? So I can do a talk, which we're going to do an upcoming talk here maybe tomorrow on Pinterest.

14:58 So Pinterest. Right. So now I have Pinterest training here. Right? But in order to do Pinterest, you really need to validate your market. You really need to know where your market's hanging out and you need to also know, are they on Pinterest? How do you do that brand growth validation checklist. Right? So then you can say, okay, now let's talk about another topic could be email this building, not lead magnet, just email this list. Building how to write to your, how to write to your market, right? How to right. A message that gets them to open the email. Right? Well then there's going to be another one over here. Now let me try to demonstrate this. Right? We've got another one over here. That's about how to write emails to your potential customers, but we need to know who the customers are. How do we do that?

15:46 Brand growth validation checklist, right? You see how everything that we're doing just pointing to the lead magnet or just I'm thinking of different points around here that always come back to here. Same thing with the paid lead magnet. Now there's a page, the lead magnet, such as the playbook brand creators book.com. Let me give you the link. Okay. And I think you always should be having these links. Like I, an X there created URLs, web addresses that are easy. They're not surely brand creators.com always. Right? It's this case right here that I'm going to share with you is this one, a brand creators book.com. Right? So brand creators, book.com, right. I bought that domain name that we'll go to page on brand creators.com. Okay. And that right there is going to take, take you to a landing page that is a paid lead magnet. Okay.

16:42 Now a paid lead magnet, right? And ours is $4 and 99 cents. Right? The playbook is a bigger chunk of what it looks like to build the brand, the brand growth validation checklist. It's like the overall view and also a way for you to validate really quickly and to identify if you can even build a brand in that market, the place is really like the next step. That's going to outline all of this six parts of building the brand. Right? So now I can talk about just like today guys, brand growth, validation checklist. It's a must. But if you want everything laid out for you in those set, in all of those steps, then you want to go to brain creators, book.com. That'll give you the playbook. Yes. It's $4 and 99 cents. It's going to buy me one. Okay. These a cup of coffee and a, and it's going to be well worth your investment.

17:34 Right? All I'm doing there is I'm. Then I'm talking about all of the things, again, that relate to the playbook because the playbook, there's a lot, a lot of parts to it. Right. So I can talk about part one, part two part three, right? How to validate your market, uh, as far as making sure that your niche is buying products, right? That's in there, that's in part one, right? Part two is how to build your home base. Right? Part three is, uh, how to start creating content ideas, right? Four is how to create the content itself, how to actually do it. Right? And then five is how to build the email list. You can start to amplify the content in six is how do we monetize? Right. So I can talk about monetization, boom, playbook. I can talk about how to build an email list, boom, playbook.

18:22 I can talk about how to validate your market and your niche, boom, playbook. Everything is pointing. Right? So to me, the easier way is to come up with a, a, a lead magnet, okay. That, you know, would be the right person to buy your stuff or to come to your website that could potentially find an affiliate product or whatever. And then your content is going to basically point to that. Now we have to, we've had more in the past. Um, but right now we're sticking to two. Why? Because I just want to find the different angles that could pertain to you versus me saying, I have to go ahead and create five different lead magnets. And then I have to manage five different parts of my list, segments of my list. It just makes things more complicated. Right. So don't overcomplicate it, find your lead magnet, make it a good one.

19:17 Right. And from there, just create content that promotes it. Right. That's basically the formula. Uh, all right, let's go ahead and get some more questions here. Uh, what about prize giveaway for the email? Is that, is that a lead magnet or lead magnet too? Like sneakers for a blog on sneakers? Yes. That is a lead magnet. That lead magnet is probably going to have a short shelf life. It's going to be maybe 30 days. You can do it shorter. We like to do 30 days. Hey, Kayla, did you want to say hi, everybody kind of seeing you there and your new title, nice shirt. She got her new tie dye shirt on from her, uh, her little award there the other day. Uh, so anyway, so the, the, the shelf life of a giveaway is going to be here and then gone. Right? So that's something that, yes, it will give you a really good, uh, boost to, to jumpstart the list.

20:14 But then you want an ongoing lead magnet that will be on your website. The one thing I see a lot of people doing that I think is a mistake, is they just throw up, join my newsletter, right? What does the newsletter give me other than another person showing up in my inbox? So you need to ask yourself, am I, you know, when they joined the newsletter, what am I giving them? So I would rather lead with, you know, join our insider's list for catching more bass. Right. That's better than a newsletter list. Right? Come up with what they're going to gain, what they're going to get. What's their win for putting their name in the hat. Okay. Or, you know, on your list is really what I'm saying. Um, so you really need a narrow niche for a less magnet to work. No, that's, that's not true.

21:03 Like, think about mine. Like theirs. Mine could be like, mine is right. My, my lead magnet is really covering a wide area of the market. So again, if you are, and I think that, yes, you should niche down, but I don't think you have to niche down so far. Right. That it's like the only thing you can ever talk about is kayak, bass fishing, because you have a lead magnet about kayak, bass fishing. No, I'm not saying that, that I'm saying is you might start with a narrow one and then you can go wider. But if you are, if you are like, okay, you know what? I just want to help people that want to do more outdoors things. Right. We got to get more specific. Right. So then it's like, okay, I want to help people that want to do more outdoors, but they are more about fishing.

21:49 Now we're getting closer. Right. Then we might focus on maybe the segment of that market as bass fishermen. Maybe that's where we're going to go right now. Okay. So I would say, no, you don't have to go narrow, narrow, but you do want to go more narrow than just, I want to help people that want to, you know, basically, you know, do outdoor stuff. Right. We gotta be more specific than that. Uh, Mike Smith. Good morning to you as well, my friend and Troy with a little flecks of the muscle. All right, Troy. Uh, let's see. Is it better to start with one lead magnet initially or segment? Yes. One start with one and start creating content to promote the one, uh, Ashley, what's up. Ashley, did you tell your mom? I said, hi, uh, how soon into starting your blog? Should you start your lead magnet?

22:36 Well, I would say as soon as you can. So that's why I'm saying, so the way that I would look at it is this okay. If you, if you have one thing to do, I would start the blog and the website first, that's your home base first thing. Okay. So that's why it's important that you understand what that market is that you're serving up. Okay. The second thing that I would say, and this is a toss up, okay. Is I would probably bolt on the Pinterest thing if your market is there. Okay. So that's number one. Okay. Um, that I would bolt on the second. Anything that would be a followup is I would run a contest to build my list in that market, giving them something really, really specific to their market. Right. So if it was in the kayak bass fishing market, I would be giving, I would be raffling off, maybe some accessories for the kayak when fishing, maybe, maybe some pole holders, maybe it's a pouch thing.

23:35 Uh, you know, maybe it's, you know, maybe it's a bag specifically for the kayak, like whatever. I don't know what it what's out there, but I would look for that. Right. So I would say it's blog website, right? Homebase. I call it Homebase. We talk about that in the playbook. Homebase is, is, is really, really important, right? That's where everything is going to reside. That's our property. That's our online property. That's our real estate. Okay. Pinterest, over here, if your market is there and then from their email list, right. And that's the formula. Now, if YouTube is, is easier for you, then maybe you do YouTube before you do Pinterest and then you drive traffic to your blog and you can do all that stuff. But that's another component that I like because it's evergreen. Now we haven't started the YouTube side of things on either one of those brands that I talked about it is in the plans, but it wasn't first because it was easier for us to do the other things versus doing, you know, the YouTube thing.

24:29 But we are going to be playing with that. We actually have plans to start that in probably, Oh, I don't want to give a date, but in the near future. So all of our brand creators Academy members are going to be able to follow along. And there's also some of our Academy members actually, who are doing YouTube right now. And we're watching them grow, which is pretty exciting. And I know Troy has one of them. Uh, let's see Ashley. Okay, got that one answered Selma. What kind of lead mags have you used please quiz, et cetera, which works better. Um, I liked the, uh, the checklists are good or a shopping list are good. Like, so if you're, if you're doing like a, a, you know, a do it yourself project, give them a project list along with the step by step. That's great. But checklists really work well.

25:12 Uh, you know, it could also be like the ultimate tool checklist for, um, for your workshop, right. If you're doing woodworking. Right. So yeah. I like checklists. Cause they're easy. You got to remember too. You want to give them something, that's going to allow them to achieve a result without them having to take 30 days to do it. Right. So our, our brand growth validation checklist, you're going to go through that probably within an hour and you're going to identify your market. You're going to identify what, you know, what your market is capable of. And then you're going to be like, alright, cool. I validated it. This is awesome. This is gonna, this is going to be great, but wait, I need more. I need, I need help to build this thing out. Oh, the playbook. Right. You see how that led to that. So it's just a natural progression.

26:00 So it's easy. Right. It's easy to understand. Uh, let's see, uh, how many, um, molecules ozone. Nice as they say, Oh, that's funny. Uh, okay. So, uh, how complex should the lead magnet be? Not complex at all. Right. This is a simple way to do it is to create the checklist and make a PDF out of it. You don't even hardly need any images unless you absolutely think it's necessary, but basically give them what they want and what they need quickly. All right. And you can always modify it. That's the other cool thing. How long do you think you need to test the lead magnet? Would you have multiples? Okay. I mentioned this. I wouldn't have multiples at first. What is the one thing that, you know, people are like, I, I want that it's, it's either going to help me, like, okay, I'll give you an example.

26:48 If James, I don't know if James is still on, but James teaches how to play guitar. And in my case, he teaches how to play some hard rock or some heavy metal. Right. So let's say AC DC's, uh, you know, um, uh, let's see. Um, uh, back in black, let's say, right. So if he knows that that song is like really getting a lot of traffic and he builds a content piece around that on YouTube or on his blog, the natural lead magnet would be go here to download the tab for it. And tab is just a short way of saying it's tablature. Um, and in the group, in the guitar world, we want that. So I would want to download that inhabit so I could go through it. So it very simply, he could just create some tab, right? Just some lines and Mark out, you know, the, uh, you know, the different frets that are being played.

27:41 And then just map that out and then just give that as a free download. There's your lead magnet done. Right. So anybody that comes there, they're like, yeah, I want that as my lead magnet, that would be one lead magnet. But again, you might have one video that talks about the rhythm. You might have another one that talks about the handpicking. You might have another one that talks about the, the, the solo in it, right. Or then it might be the guitar tone in it. Or maybe it's the type of type of effects that are on the song. Right? So there's different things that we can build around that one piece of content that would need to that lead magnet. Right. So that's how we would do it. And I would not recommend doing multiple lead magnets out of the gate. I'd find one that, uh, that you think that your market would want.

28:24 And I would also, again, do the research, see what they want, see what they need and, and give it to them. The very first thing that you can do is go to Amazon and you can start with a physical product if you want, right. If you know that your guitar player, uh, you know, you know that they're going to want certain components, right? Maybe it's a guitar pedal, right. And in the guitar world, there's different effects that we can buy as pedals. Uh, and so maybe we're going to raffle off this, uh, you know, IBEN as tube screamer pedal, and maybe it goes for 150 bucks and you find it, you know, it's being offered on Amazon and then you send it to him directly in the mail, right? Like that's how you could do it.

29:06 All right. So there you have it lead magnets, right? Pretty important, pretty good stuff. And probably something you should be considering if you're not already using them and start building that email list. All right. So guys, if you want the show notes, the transcripts of this episode, head on over to brand creators.com forward slash eight 57. Also, if you missed me a mentioning the link to grab the playbook, make sure that you head on over to brand creators, book.com, and you'll be able to grab a copy of this. And if you're not watching this and you're listening, you don't see me. I'm holding it. It's the playbook, the brand creator's playbook. This will walk you through not just lead magnets, but it'll also take you through how to build the email list and everything in between. So guys, head on over to brand creators, book.com, check it out if you want that.

29:56 And well, in the meantime, get out there and just start taking action towards creating assets in your business. And in this case, it's a lead magnet today. So go out there and make it happen. All right, guys. So that's it. That's going to wrap it up as always remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come up, say it with me, say it loud, say it. Proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. And I'll see you right back here on the next episode, let's rock your brand.

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