RYB 1005: How To Make $1k Per Month From Blog Content ONLY (Case Study)

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 06/30/21 •  2 min read

How do we get to a thousand dollars per month from content only? First off, we need to understand how this even happens.

When I first had this idea of just creating a niche content site to get paid through two different ways. One would be through an ad network or affiliate offers.

There's Amazon, ClickBank, and other private networks. So we get the traffic that we can monetize and want to validate this beforehand.

Your online properties are like real estate because they are selling like real estate and as fast. I've seen sites sell for $5,000 up to $20 million.

I've also heard that content sites, selling just content for around 10 million. So you can do just content sites and get a lot of traffic. We'll get a little bit into that in this episode. Enjoy the episode and let's CRUSH YOUR WEEK!

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