How To Increase Your Etsy Store Traffic In 2023 5 Proven Strategies

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 12/04/22 •  14 min read

One of the things on the mind of every single Etsy seller is how can I get more traffic and sales.

It's literally a question I get three to four times a day.

Although there are a ton of different ways to go about this, I wanted to put together a quick guide of the five things I would be doing (if you haven't already) to build our foundation for more traffic in 2023.

I know a few of you are probably thinking, “but Scott sales are what brings in money, shouldn't I be focused on that? “

 Yes, while we always want more sales, we need the traffic to get more sales, and then sales to get more traffic, and then traffic to get more sales.

I think you get the point, these two things go 100% hand in hand and if we can increase traffic we will also be able to increase sales.

Additionally, these are the exact strategies that we will be using in 2023 to continue to grow my wife's Etsy shop.

These aren't random things pulled out of a book or off another YouTube video, these are strategies that work and help to drive our massive growth in 2022.

With all that out of the way, let's jump into it.

Create More Products

The first proven strategy to boost yourselves and traffic in 2023 is to create more products.

You see every time you launch a new product, not only do you get what we refer to as the Etsy bump, but you create another way that someone interested in your products can find you and your store. Store.

By having the extra lines in the water, even if they don't ultimately purchase the first product that they see from you, they become familiar with your brand and may end up purchasing from you down the road.

Additionally, when you consistently add new products to your store, you will start to see an overall increase in impressions and sales of your products.

For more on this, you may want to check out the entire article that we wrote on what happened when we launched 30 new products in 30 days.

I won't spoil the entire thing for you, but let's just say our traffic increased by 379%, and our revenue increased by 276%.

Yes, it's that big of a deal.

On top of all of this, Etsy is starting to do more and more to connect customers directly to the stores they love on Etsy.

Etsy has started sending notifications to people who favored your store for a variety of different reasons, including adding new products to your store.

This is an extremely underappreciated thing.

If you are following our niche or interest-based store approach, rather than focusing on a single product and designing different water bottles or mugs for a variety of different interests, this can be an extremely underutilized way of getting a nice sales to boost.

Every time we add a new product, Etsy is literally letting the people most likely to buy it, people who have bought from us in the past, know that there is something they might be interested in purchasing.

Even a handful of visits or sales from our previous customers can be enough to get that Etsy flywheel moving.

Improve Your Etsy Search Optimization

Hands down the thing that drives most Etsy sales is people finding your listing inside Etsy's organic search.

In fact, making sure that your listings are optimized for the search is often the only tip or trick you will hear people talk about in this space.

Although I don't have time to dig into all of the nitty-gritty of what you should be doing to optimize every listing you have in your Etsy store, you can check out our full breakdown of what to do here, I did want to give you a few quick tips for optimizing your Etsy SEO

What are People Searching For?

Without question, the single biggest mistake. I constantly see Etsy sellers making when it comes to their stores is that they have no idea what people are searching for.

Although many products like a mug, will have a few very obvious search terms like mug, there are potentially dozens or hundreds of other ways that people could be attempting to find your product.

If you're listening isn't optimized for the terms, people are typing in and searching to find, and you obviously have no chance of getting found.

To avoid this problem, we like to use a tool called Everbee.

You can use this tool for free and it will help you understand how to optimize your listings for what people are searching for in two different ways.

First, after you install a plugin, you'll be able to use their search estimate tool anytime you type a word into the Etsy search bar.

This will give you an estimate of how many times per month that keyword and the other auto-suggested Keywords that pop up in Etsy's search bar are receiving from people on the site.

This can stop us from making the very simple mistake of calling something by a name that we use and other people don't.

For example, and I know this isn't a product necessarily but stick with me, there's a plant that we refer to as cilantro.

Virtually every other English-speaking country refers to both the plant and the seed of that plant as coriander.

Although both are technically correct, if we were attempting to sell that plant in the United States, we would want to ensure we were using the term cilantro and not the term coriander.

You would be surprised at how often some products have regional or national names that don't exist anywhere else and this is just the most obvious example of this type of misnaming.

To avoid this altogether, we can simply run a search using the combination of Etsy and Everbee and ensure we're titling our products based on the most popular searches on the site.

This ensures that we have the most chance of reaching the most people.

Additionally, you can use the same tool on listings to Get a better understanding of the tags that they are using.

I like to run EverBee’slisting analysis tool on the top three to five competitors' listings and compare the tags they are using to my own.

All we're looking for here is if there are any obvious differences between the people ranking in the first few positions and ourselves.

If there are, make sure to include the tags they are using in your tags section as well.

What To Optimize First

Like I said before, there are a ton of different factors to optimize when it comes to search engine optimization on Etsy, so I wanted to take just a second to talk about what to optimize first.

Before you worry about picking the perfect keywords or analyzing competitors' tags, the very first thing we need to do is to ensure our listing is filled out.

This means ensuring we have an appropriate title, and complete product description, have filled as many of the image slots as we can, and listed out all of our tags.

At this stage, done is always better than perfect.

We can always come back and find new, better, or different tags or tweak the title or description slightly based on what our competitors are doing, but if we ensure it's filled out, that's a great place to start.

If your listing has been around for a while, focus on doing the competitive analysis for tags and titles and think about upgrading your images or potentially adding video.

Run a Sale

The third strategy every Etsy seller should be using in 2023 to increase their traffic is the promotion or sale feature inside of your Etsy marketing dashboard.

This is another underutilized strategy that can have a big impact on your overall level of traffic and sales.

Although we obviously lose a little bit of profit during the sale, the increased traffic and overall sales velocity we gain from something like this can lead to larger traffic and sales increases down the road.

Using the promotions feature works like a charm for two main reasons.

First, Etsy has been extremely smart about the way that they handle these promotions in terms of traffic.

 In addition to sending notifications to the people who are most likely to buy from you, you'll often see additional placements in Etsy's organic search or potentially even on their social media networks during a promotion.

More traffic will almost always lead to more sales, especially when paired with the time-sensitive nature of these promotions.

As the end of your promotion years, Etsy will begin to show a countdown clock letting people know when it will expire.

Types of countdowns have been extensively shown to increase the conversion rate of the traffic coming to that listing.

That's right, these promotions are specifically designed to drive not only more traffic but to turn that traffic into more sales.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to be looking for every excuse I can find to take advantage of this feature throughout the next year.

We recently tested this feature to see exactly how it will impact traffic and sales, you can check out the full article and learn more about all of the benefits here.

Use Social To Your Advantage

I know that most Etsy sellers don't need anything else on their plates, but if you are looking for a great way to continue to increase traffic in 2023, it may be time to take a look at growing your social media presence. Presence.

Although you've likely heard me say that many social media networks can be a waste of time, there are two main ones that I would focus your time around. 

The first network I would suggest taking full advantage of is Pinterest. 

Not only is this more of a search engine than a social media network, meaning that the work we do on this platform is essentially evergreen, but it's also a great way to reach people interested in just about every niche. 

It's extremely common for people to create Pinterest boards of products that they enjoy, gift ideas for down the road, or just things that they would like to have one day.

Being pinned or shared on these boards gives us a potentially evergreen source of traffic coming to every listing that we create on Etsy.

If you have a little bit more time and are looking to add something a little less evergreen but also powerful, you may want to start playing around in some Facebook groups. Groups.

 Are groups for virtually every niche under the sun and the chances of you finding a group of people extremely passionate about the types of products you sell is very high.

Although openly promoting and selling in these groups is usually discouraged, by answering people's questions related to your niche and contributing actual value to the group, you will naturally start to see people becoming interested in what it is that you sell and potentially purchasing your product. 

Turn On Etsy Ads

The last strategy and I cannot recommend this one enough, is taking advantage of Etsy ads. Etsy has a very easy-to-use and extremely powerful advertising platform built right into your Etsy store dashboard.

There's virtually no learning curve and even spending just a few dollars per day on promoting your newest or best listings can lead to insane results in terms of driving traffic and sales.

One of the biggest objections that I see people having to use this platform is that they think it's expensive.

Although it's not free, even just a few dollars per day ( we typically only spend about 5 to $10 depending on the time of the year) can solve one of the biggest chicken and egg problems in the Etsy world.

As we've talked about before, one of the biggest ranking factors for any Etsy listing is traffic and sales.

If we can't get traffic and sales, we can't get traffic and sales.

By paying just a few dollars a day, we can get a few initial visits and potentially some sales and start to see the flywheel of Etsy sales growth on new listings.

Don't overlook this or think that you have to run ads for every listing.

If you spend a few dollars on a listing and it doesn't result in traffic or sales, turn it off and try another listing.

Not every listing will turn into pure gold simply by turning on an ad, but it's a great way to shortcut the waiting game of Etsy organic search.

The Secret Bonus of Etsy Ads:

On top of being able to drive sales, you never would have gotten otherwise and help you quickly test new listings, running Etsy ads also has a secret bonus.

You see, whenever you get traffic from an Etsy ad, they tell you the exact keyword that each click came from inside of their platform.

This is data that you can't get anywhere else, even with the best keyword research tool.

All of those tools use rough estimates and they are nice for understanding direction, but they don't tell us exactly what's happening in our store and what's leading to people clicking on our products.

Spending just a few dollars to understand the way that actual Etsy customers are referring to your products and to understand the words they are typing in to come to your store is more than worth it.

Once we have just a little bit of this information, we can go back to our listing and make sure all of these different keywords that have already been proven to lead to traffic are included in our title, description, or tags.

This in turn will reward us with an increased amount of traffic from Etsy's organic search.

After you've mastered the basics, I wanted to leave you with one more bonus tip to drive more traffic and sales in your Etsy store in 2023.

Facebook ads are still one of the least expensive ways to drive traffic and their carousel ads are virtually ignored by most people running ads on Facebook.

A Facebook carousel ad allows you to display multiple products to someone interested and by clicking through the different products, they are then able to visit the specific product listing that is most appealing to them.

We typically take three to five products at a time, start with your best sellers, and dedicate a few dollars a day to this type of ad.

Since starting to do this in March, we've had over 5,000 individual people click over to our shop.

Even if this extra traffic never led to a sale, and it has to the tune of thousands of dollars in direct revenue, it would still be a great way to break us out and start the Etsy traffic flywheel rolling.

Quick recap

If you're looking to drive more traffic to your Etsy Store in 2023, make sure to follow these five proven strategies.

To recap really fast they were:

Make your way through each of the suggestions, and you'll be well on your way to making 2023 your best Etsy year yet.

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