How to Get Your First Etsy Sale and Scale to $1,000+ Per Month

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 11/03/22 •  6 min read

One of the most common issues I see with people who have launched products on Etsy is that they struggle for MONTHS before they ever see their first sale.

I wanted to put together a quick guide to walk new seller’s through the key areas they need to focus on in order to QUICKLY get that first sale and be in a great position to scale to $1,000 per month and beyond!

Product and Niche validation 

Before we ever launch our first product on Etsy, it's important to do product and niche validation.

We should never be guessing as to the products that we should be launching or the niche that we are serving.

You may want to check out the full article I've written on product validation here.

As a quick recap, before we create our first Etsy product, we want to verify that other people are selling similar products on the platform.

You can do this very quickly and easily using The product validation tool from EverBee or you can use the manual sales method.

If you choose to go the manual route, you'll need to click on the seller's store page and look for the total number of sales that they have made.

This is usually located along the top section of the shop details and the left-hand side.

Here you'll see a number of sales, such as 1,647, If that number is underlined, you will be able to see every product sold by that store.

If it's not, it means they are savvier than the average Etsy seller and have hidden their stats from public view.

Using this method, you may be able to find the exact number of orders that a seller has received for a product.

Regardless of which method you choose, it's important to understand whether or not a product is actually being purchased by the market.

Rather than just launching any design or product that comes to mind, this lets us focus on only the products we know have a chance to sell.

Launch More Products

The second thing you should be doing to get your first sale and to grow to $1,000 and beyond may sound a bit counterintuitive.

Even if you haven't gotten your first sale yet, you should spend time and effort every day creating and launching new products on the platform. 

Not only does having multiple products allow us to start to generate traffic more easily, but it also puts more lines in the water making it more likely we will catch our first fish.

Additionally, Having more products in our store means our customers have the opportunity to buy more from us increasing our customer lifetime value.

You don't always have to come up with brand-new ideas, and sometimes it's okay to take an existing design that you've tried on something like a mug and move it over to a different product like a pillow.

We recently put the theory of launching more products to the test by launching 30 new designs in 30 days, You really should check that out here.

The results may surprise you.

Create Great Listings

It should go without saying, that creating a great Etsy listing is the name of the game when it comes to making sales on the platform.

After all, you can have the best, most creative products in the world, but if no one ever sees them…. They can't buy them.

While you can spend all day talking to different people and getting different answers about what makes a good product listing, there are three main places to focus.

The first is creating a title that contains the main keywords of your product and is also readable by humans.

The second is to ensure that your main image clearly shows the details of the product your customer will get when they purchase.

The third place you should focus on is creating a complete and accurate product description that includes all of the product specifications.

You also may want to take a look at our in-depth breakdown of what Etsy SEO looks like and how to create a listing that will skyrocket your traffic from organic search.

Get Some Sales

I know after reading the title of the section you're probably thinking, but Scott, the entire reason I'm reading this article is to get my first sale and you are telling me the way to get my first sale is to get a sale.

Bear with me for just a minute.

Inside Etsy, their search algorithm tends to reward people who are already getting traffic and sales, to get our first sale, we cannot just wait for it to come in. 

Even if we have created the world's best listing, most of the time, we will need to kick-start this process.

In many cases, unless you have other marketing resources, such as an email list, you need to drive a little bit of traffic and a sale or two using the Etsy advertising platform. Advertising platform.

If you're serious about creating a business, you should be able to find a few dollars a day (You can literally start with less than $5) to dedicate to something like Etsy ads.

Not only will this kick start Etsy sending people to your listings, which is a great signal and helps you rank organically, but it's very likely to drive your first few sales.

Although the typical return on investment for Etsy ads is very high, even if you were to break even or lose a dollar or two on your first sale, the jump start that this will give you towards making your first $1,000 or more per month is well worth investing the same amount of money you would pay for a latte.

Let People Know

The last thing you should be focused on if you're still trying to get your first sale is letting as many people know about your product as possible.

If you have social media for your brand, be posting and engaging regularly.

If you don't, use your personal social media feeds to let people know about your new store and products.

As I mentioned above, Etsy tends to reward product listings that are already getting traffic and sales, and so even if only one or two of our friends ever click on something we share, it can go a long way to help our listings rank inside of Etsy organically.

Quick Recap

By following the simple steps laid out above, you'll not only be well on your way to getting your first sale on Etsy, but you'll have laid the foundation for getting to your first $1,000 per month or more.

I know that this process can seem overwhelming, but if you take it one step at a time you will get there too.

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