How to Build An Email List Funnel To Capture Leads

Brand Building Tips: How to Build an Email List Funnel To Capture Leads

Are you leveraging your brand’s biggest tool? How can you capture leads and funnel traffic into your brand?

Two words: list building. If you haven’t already built an email list, you really need to get that ball rolling! I’ve seen the incredible impact a well-constructed email list can have for an eCommerce brand. Leveraging this tool gives you the ability to communicate directly with your target audience and eventually sell more products if you do it right!

And the best part is, with the different components of an email list funnel in place, you can pretty much build an automated machine that’s constantly building up your brand for you.

What are the components of an email list funnel? It’s actually pretty simple once you understand the flow.

  1. Traffic
  2. Page 1: Offer & Email Capture
  3. Page 2: Thank you
  4. Email List
  5. Auto-responder/Sequence
  6. Broadcasts

So, where the heck do you start? Let’s break down these various pages and steps in the sequence that need to be installed into your business. Some of them, you are technically installing, while others you're just implementing.

Funnel Traffic

The first step is pretty obvious. It all starts with attracting traffic. I've talked a lot about various traffic sources and lead magnets previously. There's YouTube, there’s Facebook, Instagram, your blog, all different kinds of traffic sources that we can make an offer to and attract to our brand.

Once we’ve grabbed that traffic, we’ve got to have a funnel in place so we control the way people get introduced to our brand. The next two pages in the funnel are key. They need to be built immediately before we even know where to send our traffic. Then eventually, at the end of this funnel process is where we can actually start to communicate with our audience and work on getting them to know, like, and trust our brand.

Page 1- Offer & Email Capture

Funneling traffic to an offer email capture page

Now, we need a place to send our traffic. Page number one in the funnel is our offer page, but it's also our email capture page. You've probably seen one of these. You land on this page and it shows whatever offer it is that you were led there to receive. It could be an offer for a free download, for a chance to enter a contest, for a 40% or 50% discount on products, whatever you want it to be.

Let’s say our traffic is coming in from Facebook. In our Facebook ad, we promised, “Five tips to catch more bass.” Well then, this first page we’re taking people to is going to reinstate what we just talked about and present our offer. (It has to match the same offer we promised in the ad.)

From there, we’re going to ask them to enter their name and email address to receive that Five Bass Fishing Tips PDF download. Boom. There it is. We’ve got their email captured on page one.

Page 2- Thank You Page

Email Funnel Step Two: Thank You Page

The second page they’ll come to in our funnel is very simple. We connect them to or send them to a thank you page.

What should my Thank You page say?

  1. Thank them.
  2. Deliver your offer.
  3. Remind them that you just sent something to them in an email.

It’s just going to start with, “Hey, thanks so much for entering!” Then, it’s going to instruct them to check their email. Maybe we emailed them a discount code, a download, whatever the offer was. This is just a way for you to say, “It went through. We've got your email address and we are sending you what we promised.” Or, “Here’s the discount code we promised and we've also sent you an email with more details,” something like that.

Let's say for example, we offered a 50% off discount on our garlic press. Well then, this page would show the coupon code (maybe it's a group code) and then we would include a link to our listing where they can use it.

This step can be automated. There's various tools out there that can help you do that. Basically, once the email is captured on page one, a tool will automatically trigger page two to pop up. Page one email capture will also automatically add that email to our email list because we set up an auto sequence, which we'll talk about that here in a minute.

We actually have a plugin that we created for WordPress, called GiveawayBoost. It's in the 2.0 version now. It has page builders, a place where you can create landing pages for offers, coupons, stuff like that to help you out with this process.  

Build Your Email List

Email Funnel Step Three: Build Your Email List

Okay, so we've funneled our traffic through the offer/email capture page, then the thank you page, and now we need to add them to our email list.

For this step, my business uses ConvertKit. What it does is it allows us to install that email capture form on page one. Once an email gets captured, we can set up a trigger to automatically add that email to our list. Pretty simple. 

Auto-responder/ Message Sequence

Email Funnel Step Four: Auto Message Sequence

Also inside of ConvertKit, we set it up so that as soon as they’re on our email list, we immediately send them a message. That's what we call an auto-responder. This is our auto sequence component of our email list funnel. We usually build this auto sequence out into four pre-written messages.

The first message will maybe deliver what we promised in our offer on page one. Maybe it’s just a reminder, or if it's a contest, we say, “Hey, I just want to let you know that you're entered. Everything went through fine and you have more chances to enter by going here.” Then, we might send them back to the thank you page, which lets them know that they can go watch our YouTube video or subscribe to our channel to score more entries, whatever the deal is. Or maybe the first message says, “Hey, if you forgot your code or if you missed your chance to get the discount, here it is again.”

So we're basically just taking the thank you page and installing it inside of this one follow up message. But again, that email is triggered automatically by our auto-responder. The minute we have page one setup, we can set the auto-responder to trigger the thank you page, add them to our email list, and send out our first email. So you can see that once it’s setup, we don’t even have to think about it!

We can also start to set these messages to deliver in different increments. If we want message number two to get sent out three days later, we can do that. We can send them whatever we want in message number two. Send them more information, send them more tips, let them know a little bit about our mission, offer to answer any questions, etc.

In the end, these messages in our auto-sequence are a way for you to open up a line of communication with your audience. This is where you can really start to cultivate that relationship. You also get people to know, like, and trust you and your brand.

Setup your Auto-responder

At this point, I suggest you sit down, write out four emails and install them into the auto-responder of your choice. Connect your auto-responder to page one so you can capture those emails, send them on over to your email list, and have it ready to go with email number one. Your other three emails should be timed to follow.

There's Aweber, Convert Kit, Mail Chimp, Click Funnels. Like I mentioned, Convert Kit is super easy and it gives you a lot of cool features. If you want more information on Convert Kit, I am an affiliate for it. You can go through my link here.

Email Broadcasts

Email Funnel Step Five: Broadcast Emails

Another question I get asked a lot:

Now that I’ve got them on my email list, do I send them an auto-responder messaging sequence or do I send them broadcasts?

So first, what's the difference between an auto message and a broadcast? An auto message means that I've pre-written these four messages and programmed them to be sent out at certain times. A broadcast means that I write up an email right now, hit send, and it’s sent to everyone on my list with one click of a button.

The difference is, a broadcast is only going to get sent out once, when I tell it to. The auto messages are going to get sent out automatically at different time intervals. So, if someone joins my list today, they're automatically going to get my pre-written message number one today. If someone joins seven days from now, they're also going to get that message number one at that time. The person that joined seven days earlier might be already triggered for message number three or four in the sequence by then.

The broadcast gets sent to everyone at the same time, no matter when they joined my list. That's how broadcast works. So, broadcasts are more timely.

How often should I broadcast emails?

I like to do a weekly broadcast of what's new, what's been added to the blog or to the YouTube channel. It's a way for you to communicate and give your entire list weekly updates. You want to stay in touch with these people. You don't want to let it go a month or two, or three without hearing from you because then you're forgotten.

Scott, isn't that too many emails?

No. If you're delivering value in those emails, I don't believe it is. And if it is too much they'll let you know. They'll unsubscribe and that's fine. Right? We want people on our list that want to hear from us, but we also want to deliver the value to those people.


So again, just a brief recap here. You started by pulling in traffic and directing them to page number one, then page number two. Those are really the only two pages that you need to build. From there, you’re going to add them to your email list and trigger those pre-written sequence emails to be sent out. In those emails, you can then direct people back to your content if you choose to.

Take Action

Now, you have the building blocks and something that you could put in place very easily. You can literally setup this funnel in an afternoon and install it into your business.

You’re building a machine in a sense. Once you have traffic to send to your funnel, it just leads people through and educates them while you're pretty much sleeping. You've heard that ‘make money while you're sleeping.’ I don't believe in that, but I do believe in this process and yes, this can turn into profits. Eventually, you can sprinkle some offers into your auto sequence messages and that really could be making you sales while you sleep!

The Amazing Seller Email List Building Blocks Video
If you have any questions about this, please drop them in the comments! If you want to check out the whiteboard video I made on this topic, you can click on over to our YouTube channel here. And as always, take care and take action!

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