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You made it through another week of building your ecommerce business or laying the groundwork, good job! Don’t pat yourself on the shoulder just yet; it’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller. On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares his thought of the week, an answer to a question from a TAS follower like you, plans for the Brand Accelerator Live event in September, and much more. This is the episode you need to keep you headed in the right direction, don’t miss it.

Take care of your customers!

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that one of Scott many soapbox issues is customer service. It’s gut check time, how are you doing when it comes to customer service? More importantly, how would your customers say you are doing in that area? If you don’t get this critical aspect of your ecommerce business right, you’ll never stand out from all the other brands on the marketplace. What are you waiting for? Put together a customer service plan for your business today! Here more about this topic from Scott by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Launch a product on Kickstarter?

Have you ever backed a project on Kickstarter? Just going to the site and browsing around can give even the least creative entrepreneur inspiration to become the next Thomas Eddison! What would it look like if you could leverage your brand to launch a successful product on Kickstarter or a similar crowdfunding platform? Thankfully, Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income has done just that! According to his experience and Scott’s assessment, launching a product by crowdfunding is a great way to get your product on the marketplace, but there are factors to consider. To get the full run down of his experience, make sure to check out the link to Pat’s podcast episode located in the resources section at the end of this post.

Brand Accelerator LIVE

Do you have all the tools you need to take your ecommerce business to the next level of growth?? Sure, you could buy a few more books or take some courses online but imagine what it would be like to attend a live event with like-minded business leaders. Scott’s Brand Accelerator Live event was created with leaders like you in mind. It will feature sessions and workshops filled with material that you can use right away to improve your business. Make sure to check out the link to grab your ticket below!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [4:15] Scott’s thought of the week. Take care of your customers.
  • [6:50] Question: How and can I launch a product on Kickstarter?
  • [15:00] Closing thoughts from Scott.
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TAS 661: How and Can I Launch Product on Kickstarter? Ask Scott Session #207

[INTRODUCTION] [00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 661 and session number 207 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and guess what, we’re going to do it again here today. And this one here is a question that I… Click Here to Download Transcript <<

…have not been asked actually, that much at all but I'm so glad that I have been asked this question because it's a great question. And that one is, and I'll give you all the details here in a minute.

But basically, I just want to let you guys know what we're going to be talking about is how and can I launch products on Kickstarter? Should I? Is it possible? And we're going to dig into that because I actually have someone that I know personally that just did and sold about $415,000 in about 60 days’ worth of product before it's even been delivered, pretty crazy. So I'll share that story with you. If you want to ask your own question on an upcoming Ask Scott session, all you have to do is head over to theamazingseller.com/ask.

Leave a voicemail there and I'll do my best to answer it here on an upcoming session which I love doing this. Guys, like I've said before so many times I really look forward to hanging out with like-minded people like yourself and just jamming on business stuff. I mean that's what I do whether I'm here in my office or I'm at a coffee shop or if I'm at a live event which probably should drop a little reminder in here for you. If you have not grabbed your ticket yet for our event, I say our event, it's our event.

It is Brand Accelerator Live and that's coming up in September 2019 and it's September 18th through the 20th and I am getting really, really excited about this event because there's a lot of reasons but. But one of the main ones is because there's a lot of you guys coming and I can't wait to hang out with everyone there.

[00:02:05] Scott: We've got some really cool speakers. We have got one that I haven't even announced yet which is huge. One of my mentors and someone that's really inspired me and I'm going to bring them there. They've agreed to speak which is crazy. So that's going to be awesome and then just a lot of great sessions to help us build our brands and accelerate the growth of our brand. Whether you're just starting or if you're growing it's going to be an event you're going to want to attend because there's like-minded people there which is always huge. The energy is going to be off the hook.

And then there's going to be some really cool things that I'm going to be revealing there. One of them is a secrete project that I've been working on now for just about six and a half to seven months. And it's been a lot of work but it's going to be revealed at the event. And everyone there is going to get free access. So it's going to be pretty awesome, pretty amazing. So if you want to know what that is, you better attend and it's going to be… To me it could be life changing for people.

So definitely, definitely I want you guys to attend if you're interested in hanging out with some cool people for a couple of days and learning more about building our businesses and our brands and yes we’re going to be focusing on Amazon. Yes, we're going to be focusing on how to get external traffic and how to get people that are within our market to buy more and probably going to go into how to make our business run a little bit better without us. Like all of those things. All those things that we want but we have to work towards and that's what we're going to be doing there.

So if you're interested head over to brandacceleratorlive.com. You can go there grab your tickets if you're listening to this when this airs there will be, I believe it's super early bird pricing and then we're going to go to early bird pricing and then from there if there's any tickets left, will be going to general admissions. So definitely go grab your ticket before they are gone. Going to be a smaller event because I don't really care for the ones that are like thousands of people.

[00:04:07] Scott: I like small intimate events. So definitely check it out if you're interested. So, here's the thing I also want to share with you guys. You guys know I like to share my little thought of the week or the day. And this one here is big. The last episode, 660 I had Lion Rion and we talked a lot about this. And it made me say, you know what we got to bring this up more and more and more. And that is customer service. Taking care of your customers because guess what? It's easier to sell them something again than it is to go find new customers.

It's just reality. The other thing is, word of mouth is still a thing. It really is because let's face it, we’re selling physical products for the most part and when we have a physical product and we're using it, and people like it they're like hey where did you get them? And then it's yes, some people could say Amazon and that's great. But who is the brand? What kind was that? I want to get the same one you have. And this actually happened to me. My father was looking at thee little ticky torches that I had around my pool

And he was like, ‘Oh I really like them.’ And then he wanted to know the brand. And I really didn't know the brand of the top of my head. But I looked it up and then I sent it to him and he was trying to do a little price comparison and stuff. And he found some of that were like half price but he didn't get those. Because he felt like they were junk if they were that cheap. So he bought the more expensive ones. And that's because they’ve built a brand and the reputation on quality. So again, realize how important customers are in your business.

So many people are just focusing on the next customer versus worrying about or concentrating on and focusing on their existing customers. It's so powerful to be able to get those people to buy from you again and that's also something that they can help you. What they’re saying like what do they need next? What do they want next? And that's exactly what we talk about in E-comm Business Formula is really how to find more than one product to sell to the same customer. So much easier to make more on the back end than just on the front end.

[00:06:05] Scott: So just don't forget that guys. Your customers so, so important. Go over the top for them. Make them feel special. Add something to your insert or to your package to make them feel special. Bring them back to your brand by giving content or resources or maybe you're in a business where you can have humor in there.

Make them smile for the day. Whatever it is think about your customers, think about your market, how can you better show up and serve that market. So that's customer service. So I’m going to stop talking so we can go ahead and listen to this question that came in and we can go ahead and dig into this whole Kickstarter thing.

So let's do this.


[00:06:47] Jason: Hey Scott. My name is Jason. Just want to say that one, I love your show. It’s helped me out a ton. I've already launched one product and right now I'm working on launching my second. So my question I had for you today is I want to see if you or anybody worked with has ever tried running a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to not only raise money for launching another product but also to use it as a way to get a lot of eyes on your brand before you launch your product.

[inaudible 00:07:20] little bit, thank you for your help and look forward to hearing from your answer. Thank you.

[00:07:26] Scott: Well hey there Jason. Thank you so much for the question. And yeah, I'm so glad that you asked this question. I also want to say thanks so much for being a listener and all of the kind words. And guys if you're listening to this and you haven't given a review yet on iTunes if you could do that, that would be awesome. Again, an honest review. If you think this has been awesome show or maybe shows in the past that's helped you in any way, go there and give us a little bit of a thumbs up or a little bit of a pat on the back if you would.

It always feels good to read those and to know that we're out there doing good in the world. So if you haven't done that please do. So Jason's question is really, really awesome because this just happened with a friend of mine, his name is Pat Flynn. You guys might have heard of him from Smart Passive Income and this here is a product that has been in development for about probably close to a year now. Maybe even a little bit longer. And what it's called is a Switch Pod and what that is it's a handheld device, not a selfie stick. It's a handheld device for your camera.

So Vlogers can actually take a digital SLR camera or their phone or whatever they are using and it's held differently in their hand than just a selfie stick. The other cool thing is it's a tripod build in. So if you've ever had one of those I believe it's called like a gorilla tripod or one of those where you can kind of attach, it's all flexible, they get all out of shape and stuff and you can hook them on things. That is what vlogers were using. And he seen that there was a market for this. Also, understand that he is into blogging and vloging and podcasting and video.

So his audience that he's built over the past ten years are following along with what he's doing. And that is video because he's doing some YouTube stuff or podcasting or any of that stuff.

[00:09:29] Scott: So what comes with that is using your phone or a camera or digital SLR. So he came up with a solution to a problem. And now he's built this thing called Switch Pod. You can check it out at Switchpod.com and I'll link that up in the show notes as well which the show notes can be found at theamazingseller.com/661. I probably should have said that earlier. If I hadn't already, well there you go. But that's where you can find all the information, I'm going to be posting here on this. They raised over $400,000 in this Kickstarter time period.

They had over 4,000 backers. I believe it was $415,000 generated or raised to launch this. And in his head, I believe he was just targeting like 100 grand. And he well over exceeded that. Now, before you get all excited and you're like, ‘Well I’m doing a Kickstarter.' A lot more that you need to consider here. And I'm not saying that it can't work. It can and it doesn't have to be $100,000 Kickstarter. Maybe it's $25,000 it's all you need to bring this thing to market. And there's benefits to doing it on Kickstarter. But the one thing that you need to understand…

And again, I'm not a professional in this. I will link up the episode that Pat did on his podcast, episode 356 where he breaks down the entire process of this launch which you're going to hear there's a lot that went into this. A lot. Not just in developing the product in prepping for the launch on Kickstarter. The thing is with Kickstarter, you can't just go there throw it up and expect it to sell or to get out there where people are going to back it. There's got to be some buzz.

It's either going to be through your list, it's going to be through influencers or both or press. Now what he had is he had ten years’ worth of building up an audience through his blog and his podcast and his YouTube channel. And then once he was ready, he got a nice little push there. Now, the other thing that he's done over the past ten years is he's developed relationships and connections. And now he's able to lean on those connections that he's built over the years.

[00:11:49] Scott: And that's why again I say going to live events or conferences or maybe Brand Accelerator Live you can establish these relationships or connections that could pay you later. There's so much value in that. And because he's built these relationships over time it came back to help him ten years later. Now, again if you were starting from scratch right now, might now have did the Kickstarter. Don't know. Maybe he would have just brought his product to market and did some traditional marketing. Who knows?

That might have been what he might have did. We don't know that because he's already done those other things. But the thing that you need to realize is kick starter can be very, very powerful but you do need to be able to have some type of media package, some professional video showing the product. Whether it's being used or how it works and then getting people to be aware of it. Not just launching it on Kickstarter. Now, again, I’m not a professional Kickstarter campaign runner or promoter.

But I do know people that have done it and I always here the same thing that if you're going to do it successfully you do need to work on the prelaunch months in advance and lining up people that are going to help push this thing or if you have a sizeable audience yourself. Now the cool thing about this, if you just went and searched for Switch Pod right now, you're going to see the number one page that comes up is Kickstarter. So Kickstarter it's also another place where you can get ranked pretty easily because Kickstarter has a really, really popular domain, their website and their history.

And because of that you have another page in a sense, almost like a sales page built in and then when people see it they can hear what people are talking about, and they can see how much has been raised and all that stuff. So it gives it credibility in the future. And in the future you can point that link or those links over to the main product if you want to.

[00:13:47] Scott: So there's some benefits in doing that there even after, even a year later. But right now we’re asking the question should I do this? Well you got to ask yourself this; do you have a unique product? Number one. And if you do, I would definitely have that under patent before you even went Kickstarter because here's the thing; people are out there right now just looking at Kickstarter stuff and they are going to go ahead and rip that product off before it even hits market.

And then before you even know it, Amazon is filled with these products. Definitely, definitely have that done. Trademark, definitely have that in place so when you do go on Amazon you can go and get brand registry right away. Again that's depending on who you use. Could be a four month to a year process for that. Your patent you want to get that filed and going. So those are things that you want to do before you even put it on Kickstarter in my eyes. That's what I'd be doing. And then from there you want to lay out like how are you going to get buzz?

Is it through your list? Have you already built up your own list in your market and been developing the relationship over time? Those are the questions you want to ask yourself. So hopefully this has answered your question Jason or anyone else that's listening about this that might be like oh, I'm just going to do a Kickstarter. Some things you need to think about. I'd definitely recommend checking out that episode that Pat did on his podcast where he breaks down the entire launch like start to finish and everything in between and some of the hiccups along the way and all that stuff.

That's episode 356 on SPI, that’s Smart Passive Income. I will go ahead and link that up in the show notes at theamazingseller.com/661. And guys, if you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ask Scott session all you have to do is head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and you can ask it right there.

[00:15:44] Scott: And then the last little reminder here because you might have skipped through the beginning and I’m going to go ahead and mention it here at the end again, brandacceleratorlive.com. If you have not grabbed your ticket yet for this live event this two day event, actually two and a half day event of where we're going to be there in person, helping each other build our businesses, building our brands, accelerating the growth of our brands, on and off Amazon then you're definitely going to want to be at Brand Accelerator Live 2019.

So grab your ticket, brandacceleratorlive.com and I'd love to hang out with you for a couple of days in September. All right guys so that's it. That is going to wrap up this episode.

As always remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you. But you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.

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