FBA Private Labeling Webinar – How To Create Your Amazon Business From Scratch

This was a recording of a Google Hangout were I go over all the details to starting an Amazon FBA Private Label Business. Thanks to Jake for putting this Google Hangout on and asking me on to share my experience.

We discuss:

  • How I Got Started
  • How To Pick Products
  • How To Source From China
  • How To Promote Products
  • How To Use Amazon PPC
  • Brands and Branding (White Labeling)
  • How To get (Honest and Real) Feedback and Reviews
  • The 12 Month Plan To $30K Profit
  • And Lots More

This was a marathon at about 2 hours and 27 Minutes, but we cover some really good stuff. The link to the launch plan that I mention is below.

pdf-icon2>>Click Here to DOWNLOAD my 7 Step Launch Plan and Checklist

If you have any questions or comments leave them below or leave a voicemail here.

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  • Hi Scott, can you record your live webinars and make them available in recording? I am in Europe – can not attend at 5 AM…

    • Hey Victor, we don’t do recordings because we like to do them LIVE. We do however try to do at least one a month that will accommodate our European friends (usually 3pm eastern), so keep your eyes out on the page.

  • This is the video I saw on YT that got me hooked! After listening to the full 2 hours, I said I had to find your podcast. I am soooo glad I did. I am honored to be able to sit at your feet to learn the ways of FBA! I am also a member of your TAS FB page. Just soaking it in and doing my research of products. I plan to make my first product purchase by the EOM! In the meantime I will continue to listen to your podcast to get ‘caught up’! Peace….

  • Scott, You are doing an outstanding job. I was so into your podcast that I binge listened to the entire series. Love the excitement that you bring to this topic. It’s nice to find people as excited as I am about the unlimited possibilities that FBA provides the average individual. Your podcast is the best in this category, keep up the good work. Wish you continued success.