Etsy Seller Vacation Mode: Should You Use It 

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Vacations are an excellent time to disconnect, recharge and reconnect with yourself and those around you for your physical and mental well-being. 

However, that, at times, can mean that you will no longer be available at your shop. This can spell doom for business owners, seeing as customers may tire of waiting for the shop to reopen. 

As an Etsy seller your customers come first and making sure that all inquiries are answered on time and that all orders are shipped out on time is important. 

As an Etsy seller, taking time off is essential for your well-being and productivity. However, taking a break can be difficult when you're running a small business, and you may worry about the impact it will have on your sales and reputation. 

This is where Etsy Seller Vacation Mode comes in. This article will explore Etsy Seller Vacation Mode, its benefits and drawbacks, and whether you should use it and how often you should employ it. 

What is Etsy's Vacation Mode?

Etsy Seller Vacation Mode is a tool that allows you to put your shop on hold temporarily. Similar to a pause button. 

When you activate vacation mode, your listings will be hidden from buyers, and your shop won't appear in search results. Instead, buyers will see a message that your shop is on vacation and that they can sign up to be notified when you return.

Importance of Considering Vacation Mode

Time Off 

One of the most obvious reasons to use Etsy seller vacation mode is the time off. Running a business is demanding. Not only on your physical health but mental health as well. With vacation mode, you're able to take a well-deserved rest to recharge your batteries without the worry of having unfulfilled orders and answering customer inquiries.

Work On Your Shop 

Between answering questions, posting new listings, fulfilling orders, and getting the inventory in line, all these tasks can leave you with little to no time to organize your shop. Vacation mode gives you time to manage your shop, make changes or updates to your listings, and improve your shop's branding. 

Protect Your Reputation

Taking a break without using vacation mode can be risky, as it may result in unhappy customers who receive delayed orders or no response to their inquiries. By using vacation mode, you can protect your reputation and prevent negative customer feedback. 

Reduce Stress

Running a small business can be stressful, and taking time off can help you recharge and return to your shop with fresh ideas and energy.

By using vacation mode, you purposefully ‘’switch ‘’off seller mode for some time, helping you refocus. 

Avoid Unfulfilled Orders 

In case of any sudden emergency or event happening, Etsy vacation mode can help prevent any unfilled orders. By temporarily closing your shop, you can avoid the risk of disappointing customers by being unable to fulfill their orders.

Reducing Stress and Burnout

Running an Etsy shop can be a full-time job. This can lead to stress and burnout if sellers aren't careful. With vacation mode, you’re able to reduce the workload, pause the orders and messages and get a minute to breathe. 

How Vacation Mode Works on Etsy

To enable vacation mode, sellers can go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options > Vacation Mode. They can set the start and end dates for the vacation and choose whether to hide their shop or keep it visible.

During the vacation, sellers won't be able to create new listings or make changes to their existing listings, but they can still access their accounts and communicate with buyers. Once the vacation period ends, the shop will automatically return to normal operation.

Drawbacks of Etsy Seller Vacation Mode

Etsy seller vacation mode can be a useful tool for sellers, especially for most one-person show sellers. However, it  comes with its own set of cons, and they  include, 

Loss of Sales

When you activate vacation mode, your listings will be hidden from buyers, which can result in a loss of sales. Some buyers may choose to purchase from another seller rather than wait for your return.

Delay in Sales

Even after you return from vacation mode, catching up on orders may take some time, and getting back into the swing of things might take you a while longer. This can result in delayed sales and potentially dissatisfied customers.

Impact on SEO

When you activate vacation mode, you’re basically signaling to Etsy that you’re no longer available /online. The effect of this is lower search ranking on Etsy search results. This can lead to lower sales from the lack of visibility.  

Delays in Order Fulfillment 

If you have pending orders when you put your shop in vacation mode, it can delay order fulfillment. This can be problematic, particularly if you have a strict turnaround time or if you've promised customers a specific delivery date.

A Decline in Repeat Business: 

If you have repeat customers, putting your shop in vacation mode can result in a decline in business from those customers. This is because they won't be able to purchase from your shop while it's closed and may turn to your competitors instead.

Alternatives to Etsy Seller Vacation Mode

Hire an Assistant

A great alternative for sellers is hiring outside help. An assistant can help with the day-to-day management of the shop. This could include answering customers' questions and emails and updating the shop's listings. You can choose to either hire a virtual assistant or get a friend or family member who is familiar with the business and can handle orders and messages.

Set Longer Processing Times

Adjust your shop's shipping times. This can give you more time to fulfill orders without officially leaving your store. This helps prevent the need to manage orders while still allowing customers to make purchases.

Limit The Number of Products 

Another way to avoid putting your shop in vacation mode is by limiting your shop's products. By offering a smaller amount of high-quality products, you can reduce the need to manage inventory and fulfill orders while generating sales. 

How to Communicate With Customers During a Break

Use an Autoresponder

A great addition to the vacation mode is the autoresponder. When a customer reaches out to you, an automatic message will be sent back to them, informing them that you’re on vacation. Ideally, this message should thank them for reaching out, informing them of your current status, and providing an estimated return day. 

Set It In Your Shop Announcement

Your shop announcement is the first thing customers see when they click on your shop. You can use this to communicate that you’re going on vacation and will be unavailable and when you plan to return. You can also include information on how customers can be notified of your return.

Factors to Consider Before Using Vacation Mode

The decision to use Etsy Seller Vacation Mode ultimately depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:


Timing is everything when it comes to switching to vacation mode. Depending on your niche and when the slow seasons usually start, you might choose to go on vacation mode during the summer and return to the normal schedule when customers are starting to gear up for Christmas. 


Duration is also another important factor to consider before you go on vacation mode. If you want to be offline for a weekend, switching your shop to vacation mode may not be the best idea. 

The opposite of the above is also true. While Etsy has no issues with sellers putting their shops in vacation mode for an unspecified amount of time, being gone for too long may hurt your sales. 

Sales Volume

If your shop has a high sales volume, you may want to consider hiring a temporary assistant to handle orders while you're on vacation. This can help you avoid the loss of sales and delayed orders that can result from using vacation mode.

Financial implications 

Another factor that sellers need to consider before employing Etsy seller vacation mode is the financial implications that could result from it. The potential losses from sales, shipping delays, and the impact on their search engine rankings must be factored in beforehand.

When Should I Use Vacation Mode?

Vacation mode can be used not only for when you’re going on an actual vacation. There are a number of scenarios where you might need to turn vacation mode on, such as ;

How Long Can You Keep Vacation Mode On?

Currently, Etsy doesn't have a timeline for how long a seller can turn on vacation mode. There's no time limit, whether you'll be gone for 5 months or a week. 

Should You Use Etsy Seller Vacation Mode?

The question of whether you should utilize Etsys seller vacation mode or not is up to you. While the feature itself is quite impressive and can help you avoid angry customers who never got the shipments delivered on time, it can also cost you sales and lead to a lower ranking on its rankings.

Wrapping up

Etsy Seller Vacation Mode can be useful for taking a break from your business while protecting your reputation and reducing stress. However, weighing the benefits and drawbacks and considering your circumstances before deciding whether to use it is important. With careful planning and communication with your customers, you can take a break and return to your business feeling refreshed and energized.

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