Dealing with HATERS (i almost didn’t post this)

It’s Friday morning and it’s been a pretty good week, but I did have one small distraction that made me pretty ANGRY!

Let me get right to it.

This past week I received a pretty harsh email, basically saying I’m full of crap and most people will never succeed.

This random guy emailed me and said I shouldn’t tell you about my life.

How I was just in Florida at a ballgame or how my dog was sick or how I’m spending time with my family.

blah blah blah…BULLS#%T (his words not mine)

I have to be honest, at first (for a minute) I was pretty upset and I wanted to email back and prove myself. (yell at him)

I was like…who is he to come at me like that.

Then I asked myself…why is the guy even on my email list?

I was UPSET and to be honest…ANGRY!

READ MY HATERS Full Email Below

Note: This email was sent from my previous week's TAS weekly recap.

You can read the email he replied from here.

I decided to block (Jaime my HATER's email), because I’m not that kind of guy where I would wish bad things on him.

God knows, some of my hard core TAS’ers would flood his inbox.

Here's the thing.

Everyday, I put my heart and soul into achieving my WHY and helping others do the same.

Heck, I’ve published almost 500 podcast episodes 3 times a week for 3 years now…for FREE!

Yes, I do have some paid training and I do earn money from them, but I help WAY more people through my podcast for FREE!

I’m helping people everyday and I’m not one of those guys flashing pictures of me in front of fancy cars or big houses, because that’s not me. (that’s not my WHY)

So, I had to calm down for a minute and take a deep breath after reading this email.

I’ve been told in the past by friends and my team that the bigger you get, the more HATERS you'll get.

…and I get it, but it still makes you think for a minute.

We are all human and we want everyone to like us.

But, I’m still learning that everyone won’t like you and there are some angry…jaded people in the world.

So, my next move was to walk over to my “Thank You” wall and look at all the letters sent from people I’ve helped in the past.

I receive emails and voicemails just about everyday thanking me for the FREE content I provide.

Don't Feel Sorry for ME!

Now, the reason I’m sharing this with you, is to not feel sorry for me, but to understand you will always have haters or people that don’t believe in you or what you are doing.

Here’s what I do and you can do as well in the future.

Ask yourself this question.

Do I Believe in What I’m Doing?

If you don’t…then re-think it and ask WHY?

I personally KNOW that what I’m sharing can change people lives.

I’m not just saying everyone that launches a business on Amazon will be a millionaire or even financially FREE.

But, I do know that by starting and learning through the process, it can lead you to success if you continue on your entrepreneurial journey.

Here's an example of the success trail:
I started over 12 years ago selling cedar wooden bridges on Ebay and that put my kids through private school. (and taught me many lessons)

Then that lead me to selling old projectors on that platform and making over 6 figures in 18 months.

Do you see what I’m saying here?

Everything leads to something as long as you continue and are willing to learn along the way.

Having the right mindset is HUGE and not having major set backs when something doesn’t work 100%.

So, even though my Hater (Jaime) said that most people are idiots and won’t succeed, I don’t believe that.

I believe in YOU and know that if someone wants it bad enough…they will find a way and KEEP Trying!

I know I’m going to get some flack from my team and maybe some listeners for sharing this, but I don’t care.

I’m an open book and sharing this felt right.

Plus, I felt like venting and getting it off my chest 🙂

There…now I feel better. lol

if you are reading this and you don't like me or how I'm sharing stories about life…unsubscribe from my emails and stop reading my blog.

I only want to hangout with people that I align with and if that's not you…that's fine.

Now, on to a more positive note…let’s get to this week’s content.

TAS Weekly Recap:

Before I get to the training I wanted to let you know we are having an TAS Un-Official Meetup in Orlando, FL.

When? This week on March 23rd.

If you are interested in hanging out with us for an evening, click here for the location and details.

I’ll be in Orlando attending an event, so I figured why not have a small meet up and hang out with my online friends 🙂

Here's the list and links to all of this week's training.

Podcast Episode Topics
-TAS 488: (HOT SEAT) No Organic Sales after Launch…What Am I Doing WRONG?
-TAS 489: BIG Amazon UPDATES: Helping Drive External Traffic without Hurting Our Listings
TAS 490 : Ask Scott #151 – Facebook Landing Pages – Variations and Titles – Business LLC Stuff + Baby Rant

YouTube Video Training

Next week while in Florida I’ll be with my team recording some new trainings and doing some FB Lives.

Make sure you keep and eye on the TAS FB Group this coming week.

Update: Product Discovery Bootcamp

This week we are finishing up the last training inside PDB and should be ready for release. Our latest students that have competed the training are so fired up and already on their way to sourcing their first product.

If you are stuck with choosing a product and finding a market, this training is for you.

Click here to see more details

That’s it for now.

TAKE ACTION and have an Awesome Day!


Remember, most successful people will tell you that 80% of their success is from having the right mindset.

You need to know how to deal with failures and negative people.
Believe in yourself…I do 🙂

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  • Hi Scott

    I agree with other comments it is hard to deal with haters but this response empowers this guy so better to ignore and just move on. My wife writes books and sells on Amazon and responded to an unnecessarily negative review once which escalated to pointless back and forth. We now don’t respond.

    You put a lot of decent content out for free and lots of decent people really appreciate it myself included. Most so called gurus offer a small bit of free content to lock you in to a paid for course.

    Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Misery loves company and “haters gonna hate”. He’s just saying that because HE failed and so he thinks everyone else will too.

    He’s given up and resents anyone who’s trying because it makes him wrong for giving up. He wants to be right so if people try and succeed, he’ll be wrong and have to admit it.
    Keep on keepin’ on Scott. You rock and you’re helping tons of people myself included.
    P.S. There’s nothing wrong with making money selling things that help people. Don’t let the hater ruin everyone else’s party.

  • Hmm, I’m trying to figure out what the point he (or could be she?) is making:

    1. Shut up I’m 10X more successful than you
    2. You’re a fraud, you’re just selling a dream
    3. Don’t tell me what to do I don’t have to listen to you

    For #1 and #3, just unsubscribe. For #2, yes I’ve never paid for any of your services and I get so much value from you. And I’m a full time Amazon seller.

    You’ve really made it when you have a hater. 🙂

  • Hi Scott

    In a way I’m disappointed in you. The person is talking from his point of view and is obviously having a shitty day or is a shitty person . You NEED to be able to let this go and not even let it bother you in the least bit. The reason he did this was to Shit on you and you are rewarding him by making a post about him. It’s like having 99 positive reviews and getting 1 bad review and letting it get to you.

    You have helped people, you have changed lives for the better. You don’t even understand the positive ripple affect you have had as not only have you helped entrepreneurs but their families as well who also helped out their communities

    Thank you Scott and remember

    Those who mind don’t matter
    Those who matter don’t mind

  • Scott,
    Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a very genuine person and those who know what’s up can always see that come through. I personally don’t understand those that would waste their valuable time tearing down someone else. Live your life to the best of your ability, bring people up in the process, and don’t worry about all the negative. You embody this. Keep it going!! This guy can continue to be friends with people who tear others down…..And it always comes back to bite you. We’ll all stick together doing what is right!!

  • I’m sorry you had to deal with this guy today, Scott. As you said, you have a whole wall of people who’s lives you have changed for the better with all the (free) help you and Chris have given out – me being one of them! I personally appreciate all your stories, rants and motivation you share along with the educational content and find myself looking forward to each podcast to see what inspirational nugget I’ll take from it, sometimes more so that the actual topic you’re sharing/teaching about! Keep doing what you’re doing and know that it’s very much appreciated by most of us 🙂

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