Can You Get a Review Removed by eBay?

By Chris Shaffer •  Updated: 08/02/23 •  8 min read

Sellers on eBay are not strangers to negative or neutral reviews. 

Some reviews are often unfair, inaccurate, or malicious. It can be challenging to deal with unhappy or dishonest buyers. 

Some will leave unfavorable feedback on your products or services. However, are reviews worth anything?

Reviews are crucial for the success and reputation of any seller on eBay. 

That's because they affect your visibility and sales. They also boost trustworthiness on the platform. 97% of online shoppers say that reviews influence their buying decisions. 

So, when you get a bad review on eBay, it can have serious consequences for your business.

eBay Reviews: How They Affect the Seller’s Performance and Reputation?

Reviews can affect your performance and reputation as a seller on eBay in various ways. They can influence:

Customers also use them to make purchasing decisions. Let's discuss these in detail:


Reviews affect how often your listings appear in eBay’s search results recommendations. eBay uses an algorithm called Best Match to rank listings. It functions based on various factors like:

Listings with higher ratings and positive feedback often rank higher. However, those with lower ratings and negative feedback rank low.

Also, listings with more reviews may rank higher than listings with fewer reviews. They often signal popularity and engagement with buyers.


Reviews affect the likelihood of buyers completing their purchases. 

Buyers employ reviews to compare different products and sellers. 

They are also effective in evaluating the quality and value of what they're buying.

Also, buyers prefer products and sellers with higher ratings and positive feedback. 

They avoid products and sellers with no ratings or feedback. That's because they perceive them as risky or unreliable.


Reviews impact customer satisfaction. It also determines their loyalty to you. It helps buyers verify the accuracy of your item descriptions. They also learn about the following:

Buyers use reviews to express their appreciation or dissatisfaction with their transactions. 

They also use it as a medium to communicate with you or other buyers about any issues or concerns.

Earlier, we said reviews influence the shopping decisions of 97% of online shoppers. However, 49% of online shoppers trust online reviews as they would personal recommendations.

That means you need to aim for as many positive reviews as possible from your buyers. Also, avoid or minimize negative reviews by all means.

When Can a Seller Request a Review Removal From eBay?

Now let's discuss when you can request or receive a review removal from eBay.

Requesting a Review Removal From eBay

In some instances, you may feel like the review breaks eBay’s feedback rules or that it's not your fault. In such a case, you may request eBay to remove it. Here are more examples:

To ask eBay to remove a review, you need to show them why they should do it. For example, you could provide the following:

However, you need to contact eBay within 90 days of the deal date.

Here’s how to ask eBay to remove a review:

eBay will email you to confirm your request. Included in the email is their decision. If they agree with your request, they will remove the review and any bad remarks that go with it. However, if they disagree with your request, they'll tell you why. They'll also inform you of the steps you can take.

Exceptions and limitations

Here are some exceptions and limits that apply to review removal requests or actions by eBay:

You cannot ask for a review removal if you:

Other limitations include the following:

eBay may not remove a review if they think it is fair, true, and relevant to your performance.

eBay does not remove a review if they think that you have tried to trick the buyer. It could be by offering rewards, threats, or promises.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Getting a Review Removed by eBay for the Seller


Here are the benefits you stand to gain when eBay removes a review for you:

It improves their seller performance and feedback ratings. These are essential indicators of your quality and reliability. As stated earlier, higher ratings can help a seller attract more buyers. You also earn more rewards and benefits from eBay.

Review removal enhances your seller's reputation and credibility. That means you can effectively build loyalty and trust with your customers. A good reputation helps sellers establish a positive image. It differentiates you from your competitors.

It strengthens your seller-buyer relationship. This is vital for customer satisfaction and retention. A good relationship can help you:


Getting a review removed by eBay can also have the following drawbacks:

1. Challenging and time-consuming process. Thus requiring a lot of effort and patience. The process may involve the following:

2. It can also involve variables and factors that are beyond your control. You may have to rely on the following to get their review removed:

Furthermore, you may have to: offer concessions, face penalties or even lose customers

How to Avoid Negative or Neutral Reviews

Here are some tips to prevent or reduce negative reviews:

Describe Your Products Accurately

You should use clear titles, descriptions, photos, and specifications. Use keywords and highlight benefits and value.

Price and Ship Your Products Fairly

You can offer free or discounted shipping if possible. Use reliable and cost-effective shipping services.

Communicate With Your Buyers

You need to respond to their questions, messages, and requests as soon as possible. Remember to use polite and respectful language and tone.

Offer Safe and Secure Packaging

Use appropriate packaging materials and methods to protect your products from damage.

Ship Your Products Quickly

You should ship your products as soon as possible after receiving payment. Also, provide tracking information to the buyer and eBay. Remember to confirm the delivery address with the buyer before shipping.

Offer Flexible and Easy Returns and Refunds

Accept returns from buyers who are not satisfied for any reason. However, it should be within a reasonable time frame (such as 30 days). You can offer full or partial refunds.

Resolve Issues or Disputes Amicably

Do you have problems or complaints from your buyers about their purchases? You should resolve them with the buyer first. Apologize for any inconvenience and offer a solution. If you cannot reach an agreement, reach out to eBay for help.

A Quick Recap

That’s it, folks! Your business’s success, to some degree, depends on the reviews you get. These reviews help eBay users make informed buying decisions. Therefore, having negative or neutral feedback could impact your overall performance.

eBay allows request review removal if it violates its policies. Other circumstances include when the customer or eBay is at fault. Remember that there are limitations, so you can’t have frequent removal requests. You can, however, avoid bad reviews by offering customer-friendly services. Happy selling!

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