Brand Building Resources

Email Management:

After having tried nearly every email marketing platform that exists, from free services like Mailchimp to multiple 5 figure per year services designed specifically for large companies (like Marketo), the clear winner for us is ConvertKit.

If you want to get a complete breakdown of all the reasons we love it, check that out here.

Website Hosting

We use and suggest HostGator to host all of our websites (including this one!).

They've been extremely consistent in terms of reliability and support for us and they're pricing is fantastic.

Email List Building

One of the quickest ways we have found to create a targeted email list is by running contests in our market. After trying a few different contest platforms we decided to create our own that had more features for the eCommerce Seller. The plugin is designed to create a contest within minutes and start collecting emails ASAP!

Grab it here.

Oh and if you're struggling to follow up with your list, don't forget to grab the Audience Accelerator Templates too.

Product Validation

If you're looking for a way to validate physical products to sell on Amazon, JungleScout is by far the best tool out there.

They offer a wide variety of tools, from the classic chrome extension for sales validation, to help with inventory management and a supplier database to help connect you with a factory (once you've found that perfect product).

Plus, the team behind their products is fantastic!

Business and Liability Insurance

If you are looking for Product Liability Insurance or want to learn more about this topic, I recorded a podcast with Michelle Love who is an expert in this area.

Product Liability 101 – What you need to know

E. M. Ford Insurance Agency – Michelle’s agency

Contact with any questions – MLOVE(at)

Virtual Assistants

Depending on where you are in your business, there will come a time that you may want to hire people to help grow and scale your business. I recently had the owner (Nathan Hirsch) of FREEE Up on the podcast (Episode 467) to talk about how to hire the best people for your company. He also has information and resources to help in this process.

Special OFFER: Nathan also is offering a $25 Credit towards your first hire. Click here for the details