Brand Building Resources

Must Have Etsy Tools

Whether you're just getting started on Etsy or you're trying to figure out why your new listing isn't selling the way you want it to, EverBee is our Go-To tool for Product Research on Etsy.

Not only do they give the most accurate sales estimates around, but they give you a ton of data to help you pinpoint potential problems with your (and your competitors!) listings.

Oh and did I mention you can check it out for free?

Creative Fabrica

Whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of design or wondering why your latest creation isn't getting the attention it deserves?

From fonts to individual design el Creative Fabrica is our Go-To platform for Design Resources.

Plus, you can get your first 10 Fonts or Design Elements for Free

If you're serious about growing your Etsy Shop by offering Customized products, you'll want to give HelloCustom a try.

Not only do they let you personalize and fulfill orders with the simple click of a button, but they'll help you streamline the entire customization process, without having to bounce back and forth between multiple programs to get your design looking right each and every time.

Oh and if you use code BRANDCREATORS  you can get your entire first month FREE.

Print-on-Demand Resources

If you're looking for an all around great way to find Print-on-Demand Providers, Printify is one of our “go-to” favorites.

They're constantly adding to their selection and their easy-to-use designer and built in mock-ups make them a great resource for POD stores, no matter what size.

Check Them Out Here and don't forget to use code SCOTT to get a free month of Printify Premium and save huge!

If you're looking for high-quality clothing or some more out-of-the-box print-on-demand products, like metal signs, TeeLaunch is another great resource.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use way to create new designs You'll want to add Kittl to your toolkit.

In addition to letting you easily create new designs, they have an absolutely MASSIVE library of winning designs that you can use as inspirations (and even start with them as a template!).
Start Designing With Kittl Here

Email Marketing Resources:

After having tried nearly every email marketing platform that exists, from free services like Mailchimp to multiple 5 figures per year service designed specifically for large companies (like Marketo), the clear winner for us is ConvertKit.

If you want to get a complete breakdown of all the reasons we love it, check that out here.

Although Convertkit is our favorite all around email marketing platform, If you're an Etsy Seller, you'll want to take a look at Aweber.

Not only do they have a direct integration with Etsy, which allows you to pull anyone who buys from you onto an email list, but you can do it on their free plan!

One of the quickest ways we have found to create a targeted email list is by running contests in our market.

The plugin is designed to create a contest within minutes and start collecting emails ASAP!

Grab it here.