BONUS June 2015 Income Report + Exciting News

Income Report for June 2015 – $32,760.20

1,900 Units Sold
1,738 Customers

63 Units Per Day Average

-Product Cost – $9,786
-Amazon Fees – $9,578
-Amazon PPC – $1900

Misc. Costs – $300.00
TaxJar – Leadpages – Aweber – Website Host – Feedback Genius – AMZ Shark

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Costs = $21,564

Profit = $11,196 = $2,799 WK – $400 Per day


My Action Steps in June:
Used Keyword Inspector to find more keywords – Tested New Campaign
Used lower cost variation and found it to convert higher and get more impressions and clicks

Amazon PPC Campaigns:
Winner: $139.68 – $622.04 at 23% Average Cost Of Sale
Loser: $176.08 – $59.94 at 294% ACoS
Tweaked others and moisture performing at 40% and under

Lessons Learned in June:
Look at Google Analytics – Upcoming show
Price is the main driver – Use to spike when needed

Slow Months Are Here – July – August – September

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  • Are these numbers for all 3 products or just your primary? Just curious if these numbers are 90% from the first product.

  • This podcast is great. Besides using Amazon PPC have you experimented with using Google Adwords and driving traffic with your amazon listing? If so, what was your experience?

    • Hey Michael,

      I haven’t done much in the way of driving external traffic to my Amazon listings, because the internal traffic (PPC and Organic) is so powerful and it converts at a much higher rate than any other type of paid traffic would. If you think you’ve truly maximized your potential on Amazon PPC (hint: you probably haven’t) then start to look out for other opportunities like Adwords.

  • Appreciate the transparancy. It sounds like you need to maybe raise your price or cut your costs to get your net closer to $10 a piece. Otherwise repleneshing inventory isn’t ever going to leave you much meat on the bone there. That can lead to a slow and painful spiral down.
    I’ve seen this kind of situation on several semi-competitive products where two or three sellers have found a way to cut their costs by a lot more than everyone else (typically, by buying full containers via sea freight). Market pressures then force other sellers to work for too small a margin.
    That’s when you need to delineate yourself from others with some kind of added value be it real or perceived. Sometimes it’s simply time to move on to the next product.
    I saw the product you are probably talking about as being your best one
    (you may want to make that harder to find since haters gonna hate and they will make it public which would suck for you)
    and it looks like you could possibly get the costs down a dollar through negotiation or cheaper shipping while charging around $18. That would probably put that product in a good place for earning and you can then move on to the next one.
    Good luck to you!

  • Amazing how much I have learned from you. I have been kicking the tires and now ready to jump in. On all of the resources you use, which is the one you would start with……jungle scout?

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