BONUS Episode Income + November 2015 Lessons Learned

One of the best things about Scott’s experience as an Amazon Private Label seller is that it’s been a great learning laboratory… not just for him but for you! Scott’s not shy about sharing what he’s doing in terms of profits and losses with his Amazon Sales business. He does it because he’s eager to show you what can really happen with an Amazon business and because he wants to help you improve yours to improve your own lifestyle. On this episode he’s going over his profits and losses for the month of November, 2015. Listen to Scott’s take on his numbers to learn how you can tweak your products, listings, and increase your profits.

Not to impress you, but to impress upon you!

Some people feel that for someone in Scott’s position to share the actual numbers of his profits and losses, they’re just bragging. But Scott doesn’t see it that way at all. His transparency is for a handful of great reasons: #1 – to show you that he’s a regular guy who’s able to do some amazing things because he’s taking action consistently. #2 – He genuinely wants to help you get your Amazon business rolling, and if you can learn how to do that by him sharing the details of his experience, he’s all for it! And finally, #3, he wants you to see the proof that making a great living from an Amazon private label business is entirely possible for anyone who is willing to put in the work.


  • [0:05] Scott’s introduction to this BONUS episode.
  • [1:31] The 4th quarter buzz and experience.
  • [3:00] Black Friday and Cyber Monday comparisons.
  • [4:33] Profits for the month of November 2015.
  • [6:00] Scott’s goal for the future.
  • [7:03] Bundling or differentiating are HUGE for future sales.
  • [7:40] Why competing on price will hurt your bottom line.
  • [10:55] How Scott’s bottom line was impacted by a pricing war he got into.
  • [17:38] Scott’s current activity: including some new product launches.
  • [19:26] Remember that every business will have its ups and downs. How do you weather them?

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  • Hey Scott. What you call net income is not really your net income, because you aren’t taking into account the money needed to restock, as you are not just going to sell out of your product, and lead times are prob 1 month or longer.

    • Hey Ed, I generally call that out in the episode specifically. If I walked away right now, that could all be net profit (there are no additional expense coming out of that) and I still have additional inventory that would be more than enough to pay for my next order. Does that make sense?

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