BONUS EPISODE Income From First 12 Month’s Selling on Amazon + Lesson’s Learned

October 2015 marks the one year anniversary of Scott Voelker being a private label seller on Amazon. Throughout that time Scott has been very transparent regarding his costs and earnings because he wants you to see the reality of an Amazon sales business and because his efforts are as much for your sake as they are for his.

So in that spirit Scott’s bringing you THIS BONUS EPISODE that highlights his costs and earnings for this first 12 months as an Amazon Private Label Seller. He’s also going to give you his biggest lessons learned to help you avoid some pitfalls and optimize your business in light of what he’s learned. Scott’s private label business is doing very well and he’s excited to share his real numbers with you. Thanks for listening!


  • [0:05] Scott’s introduction to this BONUS episode.
  • [2:00] Sales figures for the first 12 months – $307,000.
  • [5:53] October’s revenue and numbers (2015).
  • [8:28] Comparison of Scott’s first month and his most recent month.
  • [10:57] Mistakes Scott made on his first products in terms of pricing.
  • [13:00] Building out an authority website as a “next step.”
  • [14:14] Thoughts about selling his business and authority site in time.
  • [15:17] Joining a friend on a second brand.
  • [17:15] Scott’s invitation for you to share the podcast and join him on Periscope.


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  • Wow….just awesome result! But can you say anything about your start-capital? Which how many $$$ you started?

  • I ask that my name is not used. Thanks. I was doing some quick calculations on your PPC% and AMZ margins.

    I haven’t gone through every income report but it looks like your margins are between 34% and 44% and your PPC as a percentage of gross sales is about 5%. Would you say that’s about right?

  • Hi Scott, you spoke about building out an ecommerce store. But I was curious what your plan was on fulfillment from an outside of Amazon ecommerce store. Are you planning to do FBA still, for the ecommerce store, or have your own fulfillment happening somehow? Thanks!

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