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  • Hi Scott, big fan of the podcast! Got a problem with my listing which I was hoping you’d be able to help with

    I launched my first PL product about 3 weeks ago. Recently I’ve noticed that changes I make to the product name in ‘Edit Product Info’ don’t actually update. I’ve edited the price, the photos, the description and the bullet points; all of them updated onto my live listing when I made the changes. The product name, however, doesn’t. Even after 24 hours. This is obviously pretty frustrating because I want to update the title as I learn more from keyword research and PPC data.

    Have you experienced this problem before where you’re not able to edit your own product’s title? Let me know if you have any tips

    Many thanks


    • Hey Tom, that can happen. My suggestion would be to put in a support ticket and let them know what’s going on. Sometimes when you submit multiple changes over a short period of time, it can lock their system up (kinda like a clogged toilet)

  • Hi Scott!
    Do you know how can I verify the authenticity of a UPC code? I tried to look on GS1 website but I could fine anything.

    Thank you in advance,

  • Hi Scott,

    Any advice on how to get access to Product display ads? I tried through AMS, but it seems that it is only for vendors.

    PS The brand is in the brand registry.

  • Hey Scott,
    I know that non US citizen have to get an EIN number if they want to sell on Amazon (but in any business really) but it’s still unclear why i need it and when/how it’s needed.
    Can you give me some infos please? Thanks!

    • Hey Giovanni,

      An EIN is a number that identiifes your company as being registered in the U.S. If you’re not sure if/when you need one, that question is best directed to your friendly neighborhood business attorney

  • I enrolled in your free Private Label Workshop. The link you emailed me takes me directly to a page to download documents. Does the ZIP file contain the course? It appears the file contains supplemental documents. I may be misunderstanding how your free course works. I was expecting videos.

  • Hi Scott,

    I’ve been waiting to hear more about your off Amazon sales platforms but so far nothing detailed has been released. I’m most curious about the integration you mentioned between a WordPress blog/site and Shopify (I think that is what I heard). I’ve used WordPress/woo commerce in the past but keep hearing Shopify might be superior so am thinking about trying it out for an upcoming brand roll out. I’m not sure how or if a blog can work with Shopify though so the content creation piece seems lacking. I would love to hear your thoughts and experience on this topic.

    Thanks for what you bring to the selling community!

  • My product is very similar to a panted one but the patent was from March 1999 and is very old , and the product Iโ€™m trying to private label is new and has more features should I proceed ?? Thanks so much !

  • Hi Scott. Love the show! I have a product that has accessories and one of the accessories we are finding is not working correctly in many cases. Lots of customer service. The manufacturer may help us with a solution, but my question is whether you know of any way to remove the inventory, correct the problem with the accessory, and then send it back? Where would I even start to find someone to do that??

    • Hey Trevor you can issue a removal order through seller central and have them sent back to you. Keep in mind that it may affect your ability to resend inventory on that sku in the short term.

  • Hey Scott, thanks for everything. Thanks to you we have now reached the number one spot for one of our keywords and are ranked for about 5 of them! We’ve been following your teachings and tools over the last 8 months are now making our $100 a day in profit! Sales have been going great and only getting better however, as of this week someone has now started selling our private label product from their own amazon seller account for about half of what we charge and have hijacked the buy box from us! They are not using FBA either. Since we are the manufacturer, I know they are not selling real versions (since they can’t be) but is there anything I can do to stop this? For now, I’ve matched their price to get the buy box back however it won’t be sustainable since it has taken my profit from almost $10 to about $1. Any tips from the master?

    • Hey Rebecca, I would send them a cease and desist through the seller messaging platform. If that doesn’t work, buy the product they are selling, document the differences and alert amazon.

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