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  • Scott I just heard you mention Upward and Fiber?? companies that you pay to gather emails etc….did I hear right are those the actual companies. I can’t find them. Also what is the best email program to send emails to customers? Jungle Scout???

    • Hey Phillippa do you mean upwork and fiverr? Those would be companies that you can hire people from to help you with tasks, you wouldn’t pay them to gather emails though.

      For follow up emails, we use salesbacker.

  • Hey Scott, if running out of stock for a few weeks, what’s the best way to keep the momentum going for the keywords that I’m already ranking on and not lose placement?

  • Hey Scott! If an article is published about our product should we give our website link or our Amazon link? You’ve been saying website/landing page a lot lately but we heard that Amazon also rewards outside links and that it helps get us to the front page of Amazon (=$$$). What’s your advice?

    • I would give a redirect link. So something like that way it points to your site(if you want it to later) but you can point it to the amazon listing if you desire as well.

  • Hi Scott,

    I am starting a second brand and I need someone to be the face of the company for social media purposes.

    I know you operate multiple brands so I wanted your advice.

    How much do you pay the people that are the face of your brands.

  • Hey Scott
    Thanks for the podcasts, I’m a long time listener and I’ve found them so helpful and inspiring
    Honestly I left a voice message as well but couldn’t wait until it get answered on upcoming session so here is my issue :
    I’m a new seller and I just launched my first product nearly two weeks ago, my product isn’t restricted and it’s on non gated category, 6 days ago I faced incorrect password while singing in to my seller central, though I changed the password several times but that alert was keep showing up.
    After contacting seller support I realized seller performance team has put my account on hold for investigation.
    They also removed the offer and the buy box of my product so no one is able to purchase any items, since a few days a ho I’m seeing hijackers are showing up on my listing and they are selling my ASIN under they name!!!
    Please help me out with this situation,
    Thank you so much

    • Hey MIchael, it sounds like something you should work through directly with the seller support team, they can get your account squared away for you. As far as hijackers go, send them a cease and desist and follow the product not as advertised process that amazon lays out, if they don’t get off the listing.

  • Hey Scott!
    Great Podcast and YouTube channel. I really appreciate all the hard work you and Chris and your team do in providing the wonderful content for the last 3+ years. Great job.

    I searched but didn’t find an answer to my question which is when ordering samples, how many do you typically order? Do you order just a couple for product testing (drop, use, ect.), or do you order say 10 or 20 so that you could actually do a test selling of some. Please let me know as soon as you can. I need to order some samples of a product for a market that looks promising.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  • Hey Scott, question about bundling. This could be a very in-depth question so I will try to shorten it. Basically, I want to bundle product A and B. Individually they both have price points of $20+\- and would need 300+/- sales to rank on page one. Competition is what I’d consider average. They do not need to be purchased together but I believe someone would purchase a bundle if available. In your opinion, would you pursue a bundle or go for selling each individually and growing a product line? Thank you very much!

  • Hey Scott!! I’m not entirely sure if you work with Shopify platform but it sounds like you know a lot about ecom. We have just worked with item skus on our product but we are not setting up the UPC barcodes to be listed on our tags. Could you explain how I get the barcode into shopify?

  • Hello Scott,

    I am following your build list advice. I have found instagram influencers. Can you please tell me what is the best day/time to advertise product on someone’s page.

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