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  • Scott, Love the podcasts. Two suggestions for your show:
    1. I like that you added the topics of the show on the podcast but think it would be even better if you listed the time on the podcast that each topic started. This would be helpful to us when going back over podcasts. All you would need is something similar to what Dave Asprey is doing with Bulletproof Exec. Here, is an example if you scroll down the page to “What You’ll Hear”.

    2. You may not want to deal with this right now, but could consider also putting these podcasts up on youtube and just have a generic picture in the background or have a simple talking head type setup like Asprey or Gary V had on his WineLibraryTV/DailyGrape show. Doing this would give you a chance to catch more people who want to do private labeling who are searching on youtube or Google and not aware of the facebook group. I can pass on more info about youtube if you are interested in that angle as well.

    Regardless, like the show. Keep up the good work.

    -John Delaney

  • Hello, Scott. I started doing retail arbitrage last fall and made a few bucks, but I discovered two things in the process: 1) I hate to shop; and 2) I hate that the products are not replenishable. Makes scaling up almost impossible.

    So I find the PL model to be intriguing and your podcast to be both helpful and inspiring. I am still in the information collecting stage and about to embark on trying to find a first product, so I appreciate all the guidance you’ve graciously given.

    After listening to your four podcast episodes I had just one immediate question. You mentioned looking for at least a $10 profit per sale and selling around a $20 price point. So that would mean your total expenses would need to stay around $10 per item. With that said, what is your approximate per product acquisition price from the manufacturer? Also, are you including your PPC costs in your total expense calculations? If you could expand on that a bit, I would appreciate it. Thanks very much!

    • Thanks for the question Scott. I will discus this in more detail on the Podcast.

      But, here’s the short answer.

      First these are just guidelines and feel free to break the rules. If you find a product that has lower competition and you can make $8 or $9 profit…go for it.

      But, I look for a product that I could potentially sell for a minimum of $20, but also ones that I can push to $25 or $30 with some work.

      If I pay $5 for the product to be manufactured and shipped to Amazon, I know my Amazon fees will be around $5…give or take a little. So, there’s your $10 profit. But, in the beginning I’m willing to spend more money on Amazon PPC to get sales so I rank eventually for Keywords organically in Amazon.

      So, to answer your question. In the beginning I’m willing to break even for a little while, but then spend pennies to receive a customer.

      I’ll explain more on a podcast show, but that’s the base of it.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks, Scott. Ok, so your goal is to eventually be able to drastically reduce or even eliminate your PPC costs by getting mostly organic search traffic?

        • A couple other Amazon sellers recommended the 3x rule, which is to calculate that Amazon takes about 1/3 after all of the fees. Your product costs may be about 1/3 and then you get 1/3 profit.

          Seems to be the case so far. For instance, if your total costs to manufacture, source, package, ship the product etc is $5, you need to be able to sell it for $15 to make it worth it. Of course, the goal is sometimes to get people off your site so you can keep the 30% that amazon takes, but support, etc. costs need to be factored in.

          Hope that helps.

          • Dee, that was a great response , only one thing is really important when you sell your product for $15, running the PPC will hurt your margins more badly than it would on $20, so have that in mind. That is why selling at $20 is a perfect start.

  • Hi Scott,

    Great show so far, it’s been very informative, keep it up! In episode two you mentioned a website where you can find bloggers to review your product. I believe you said “Tomason”; would you mind providing the URL?

  • Scott, I am loving your podcast..I too am a follower of Ryan Daniel Moran. I have a question..I have not quite gotten my products onto page 1 for my keywords and I am not quite getting 25 sales a day…what strategies do you recommend to help increase the daily sales. I already have good daily reviews coming in, and I run amazon ads. thanks

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Yes, I will try an answer this on an upcoming show. My quick advice would be to target the keyword on PPC and bid aggressively. Remember…more sales generated through keywords the more you will rank for that keyword.

      I’ll discuss my thoughts in an upcoming show.

  • Hey Scott! Just listened to your first 2 podcasts,.. great start! I’m new to this and in the process of researching products and planning to make my first order from China soon. So I’m wondering, do you recommend I just find a product that is selling well and then list under that item with the other people selling it? Or should I try and skip ahead and create my own little brand and get my very own listing (even if there are others selling the same item under their own little brands)? What do you do?

    Also, if you could go a little deeper into your product research methods and how you go about finding good things to sell, I’d really appreciate that.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    – Dave

    • Dave…thanks for the questions.

      I actually just recorded a podcast show that discusses your questions πŸ™‚

      It’s episode #4 and should be posted soon.

      In short: I will only create my own brand products and own my BUY BOX.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Great! Looking forward to it! So maybe you cover this in your next podcast, but in case you don’t I’ll ask now…

        You mentioned in your podcast that you try to keep your products in the same niche, so they can cross promote one another. So my question is, do you feel that your store name should reflect your product niche?

        Like if someone is in the health and beauty market, should they name their store something like “Beauty Boutique” or whatever? Or should they keep it broader, like “Amazing Deal Den” or something like that, which really has no “affiliation” (which makes it so you can get into other niches down the road). Or does it not really matter either way… your thoughts?

        I’m just thinking that if you are creating a *brand*, I might want to reconsider my store name (right now it’s like the broad version) and come up with a *brand name* that my store can go by.

  • Hi Scott, I love the podcast! Can you explain what you mean by “price it to sell”. Is this only for the beginning stages when you are digging for all sales possible and then after you are getting consistent organic sales, you would increase the price? Thanks so much for doing this podcast!

  • Thanks for this great podcast. I am just in the beginning stages of learning FBA and I am so excited to hear of your success story so far. We are just in the process of getting our first samples in the mail. We are looking forward to this exciting new venture. Your podcast was very detailed and I cannot wait to learn more!

  • Thanks for the podcast- I’ve been doing FBA since Nov and love it. I like your style and information given in a straightforward and honest way. If you could expand on the subtleties of PPC and how to choose keywords. Looking forward to more episodes.

    • Thanks for the comment Sara!

      I will cover this in great detail in an upcoming show. It’s something I really enjoy talking about, because so many people are focusing on the wrong things when it comes to PPC.

      I’ll create a show soon about this topic.


      • One more thing – are you going to do show notes? Just little line notes would be helpful. For instance I came here looking for a link to or name of the podcast you mentioned in the 03 episode. Thanks!
        PS and maybe some audio of your ’80s rock band πŸ˜‰

        • Thanks Sara,

          Yes, I’m going to try and leave links and notes. I’m going to have someone help me with this.

          As for the 80’s rock band…I’ll have to dig up some archives soon πŸ™‚ Maybe a picture with the long hair too!

        • Yes the line notes and links for each podcast are very helpful when doing searches on your site, for SEO purposes, and getting more out of each podcast. If you could also put the minutes that each item started in the podcast, this would be immensely helpful to go to that exact point (while your other person is helping you).

          • Yes, it definitely is of value…..because you could go directly to that point in the podcast when you wanted to rehear a certain topic to get the info readily. We all only have so much time in the day to do everything.

          • Thanks for adding the minutes where each topic begins….I’ve already used this multiple times to go back to several items already….

      • Hey Scott,
        firstly i love the free content you so kindly wish to share. I have been researching for maybe a month now, gathering free information from the internet about FBA. Ive got to say that you have been the most helpful, giving very clear and precise information. Im am American but live in the UK, here is where i am at so far with FBA. Ive riddled my product selection down to three from more than ten. i have a sample already and i am waiting on others. Now my only worry i seem to have is customs? please tell me how does this work? what are the costs and how are they payed?

        p.s. you must have to answer repeat questions a lot, my apologies!

        thanks mate

        • Hey Ashley, costs vary based on the item and they are paid in several different ways. The easiest way (and the way I suggest) is to ship the product Air Express, either the customs and duties fees will be rolled into the cost of shipping or you will get an invoice for them once they arrive. If you want a more detailed breakdown for your specific product, your supplier should be able to give you a pretty close estimate. Hope that helps!

          • Hello Scott

            I am an Irish citizen, currently negotiating with a supplier on Alibaba – the shipping costs (by air express) they have quoted do not include customs and taxes associated with importing from China to the US.

            This is frustrating as I can’t work out my total shipping costs from China to Amazon warehouse(s) in USA – my shipment will be below $2,500 value, but I am afraid these customs and taxes could be significant.

            Is there anything I can do to get an all-inclusive quote where the fess will be rolled into the cost of shipping like you say above?

          • Hey Dave,

            Ask them for an Air DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) quote, they should be able to provide it. If not you should be able to reach out to DHL and get a quote that includes you taxes and fees.

      • Scott, I love the podcast and would like to leave you a 5 star review. The only issue is, I don’t use iTunes. Is there any other way I could leave you the feedback?

      • I am an artist and very new at this. Be gentle. Love what I had heard but too advanced form m. I have my own designed products and found a few mfg through alibaba that will make them. Do you have a list of your pod casts where I can go back and review. Do you have the basic for dealing with Amazon? Thanks

          • Hey Scott! I’ve found a suppier. The check out when it comes to trade assurance and gold supplier. Somehow I have been communicating with my supplier via my email address. Somehow when my quote was sent, the supplier responded using my email address not via alibaba messaging center. I’m ready to place a sample order. They’ve provided their email address to do so. But, I’m concerned. Shouldn’t I do this thru alibaba? I want to be protected just in case. IF the answer is yes, how do I initiate this using all the quotes I’ve received on alibaba?

          • This is pretty common, Gina. No need to fear for your sample order! Many suppliers will go outside of alibaba for this, because when you’re managing lots of emails inside alibaba it can become virtually impossible!

            Make sure you’re using a protected payment method (like paypal) for your samples and you should have nothing to worry about πŸ™‚

      • Scott – when selecting a new product, what is the maximum # of competitors that’s acceptable to say it’s okay to enter the category? For example if my primary keywords shows 40k results on amazon’s listing, with all product selection criteria you taught being met, is it still good to launch?

        • Hey Kate, there is no number for “too many competitors” what you care about is how much they are selling and how many reviews they have! If they are all selling and the reviews look good, go for it.

      • Hi Scott.
        Great podcast. Keep up the good work. I’m sure you have answered this before, but how do you determine if there are too many others sellers offering the same product?

          • If a product has many different variations how does that effect the choice you make for your first item. For example I choose to sell a Garlic press and there are 40 differt versions of this but only one that is similar to the one I decided to sell. Do I worry about the reviews of all garlic press sellers or just the one similar to mine? Thanks Scott. Love the Pod Cast. Full of such great info.

          • Hey Keith it depends on how different they are. If all of the items press garlic, than they are all your competitors regardless of if they press it into circles or squares. Make sense?

      • Hi Scott,

        I’m about to register my Seller Account on Amazon. I’ve stuck on the tax info stage. As I’m not US resident (but have friends who don’t mind me using their address) I need to chose one. I’m don’t know if I will affect my taxes if I will chose Oregon address over New York address. I know they have “0” sales tax in Oregon. So, does it really matters when opening an account? Will I save if open it with Oregon address? Please advice.

        • Hey Jack, since I’m not an attorney or account I can’t provide legal or tax advice.

          States with less regulation and lower taxes like nevada and Wyoming seem to be easier to register in, but you’ll want to work with an attorney to be sure

      • Great book so far; Amazon Selling Blueprint. Just started it. The section on using Aliexpress: In regard to most products I see on Aliexpress- seems like there’s always a handful of the exact same products offered on Amazon. So, how can you compete? Start a pricing race to the bottom?

        • Hey Dan,

          If you’re sourcing from Aliexpress the intent would still be to create your own brand at a solid price point. No need to list on someone elses listing and start a price war

    • Hi Scott

      I live in Belgium and starting to sell on

      I have a question about reviews, what would you advise to people that dont live and dont have friends in the USA to ask for a honest review for your product . .


      • Hi Abdel,

        I would use places like and ask people to review my product. You could also reach out to blog owners in your market and ask them to review your product. This may be a slower process for you, but it is doable.

        Hope this helps ya!

      • hi scott& Abdel,
        i live in belgium two and im well excited to start my FBA business on amazon us or , the issue that im lost in a jungle of informations about importation taxes fees …
        Can you enlighten me about the process please

    • Hello! I just found your podcast and really appreciate your down-to-earth, transparent approach. I have learned a lot of interesting and very useful tips. Two questions, if you have the time to answer. 1) You mention your filtering down method for BSRs and how you look past the top 100, which I think is a great idea. However, I’m having difficulties locating a BSR filter on Amazon’s page. I can find the top 100, but when I search within a category, I do not see this filter. Am I missing something? 2) It seems that a majority of private label products are similar to others, even well known major brands which are patented and/or trademarked, with not a lot of differentiation. So how is this possible? I feel like this is my major struggle. Sorry for the long comment. Your advise is greatly appreciated. Keep recording, we’re learning so much from you.

      • Hi Candy,

        There is no filter. You just scroll down to the description area and locate the Best Seller Rank. Once you dig into sub categories it’s easy to find BSR higher than 500.

        As for products being similar…this is true. But, private labeling has been going on for years. Look at your supermarket. They have cereal made and other products with their name on it. That’s the same thing we are doing here.

        Hope this helps.


    • Hi Scott,
      Want to say I love your podcast! Accidentally came across it. I really want to get started with the FBA.
      I do not have the funds to purchase a large quantity. On Alibaba I came across the e credit line as an option.
      What are your thoughts of Alibaba’s e-Credit Line?
      Thank YOu

      • Hi Laura,

        I’m sorry, but I don’t have any experience in this.

        Maybe someone else does and can reply.

    • Hi Scott,
      Just like to say great podcast, I want to be in the 1 or 2 per cent and this podcast is doing it for me. My question is how do you understand the costs involved with FBA as I feel at the moment this is holding me back – Thanks

    • Hay Scott,

      My fianca and I thank you so much for helping make the boring long bus journeys, airport delays and rained out beach days so exciting for us. You see we left the UK to travel the world in hope of finding a new opportunity in our lifes. I must say your podcasts are realy inspiring us and off the back of them we are actualy changing our travel plans.

      The First exciting stop is the Canton fair and then we intend to base ourselves in China whilst we create good relationships with suppliers aswell as do total quality control right at the source factory.

      This is the start of an exciting new chapter in our lives. However i have a few questions you may be able to shed some light on that could help smooth the process.

      Q1 – do you feel there is big room to negiotiate with suppliers on price? As we will be face to face i dont want to offend them but also i want to try and get a good deal. Is there a ball park i should be going in at?

      Q2 – i have noticed that own label products are being copied. Is this something you are worried about and if it happens are there any techniues to get them to stop.

      Keep up the great work. Your a real inspiration to us both.

      Much Love

      Sam & Stu your traveling fans

      • Hey Sam and Stu,

        Wow, that’s freakin Awesome! You are traveling the world and now you get to hangout in China to build relationships? Awesome!

        Q1 – I would first just ask their prices and ask what the best price is for different quantities. Then I would ask at least 1 other supplier and see what there price is. Remember, you don’t want cheap product, you want a quality one. You may pay more for the better product, but sell more and have better reviews.

        Q2 – If you’re private labeling there’s not much you can do unless you Patent the product design. But, I would always put the logo on the product clearly and also use your own UPC code. Some say registering your brand helps, but I’ve also heard it doesn’t matter.

        Keep me posted on your progress.

    • Was unable to register for your workshop. I kept getting an Error 404 Code. Not sure if its my end or yours. Is there another way to register for July 9?

    • Hello Scout, first of all i want to tell you thank you very much abot all the information that you share with us, i am from israel and 2 monthes ago my amazon account was suspended, i creating now a new account with my friend name and i buy a new computer and i do a new internet buy my location is stay the same place, do you think have any chance that amazon will find that i mange this account? And i want to know if you have more than on account? If you can extend in this issue it will be gteat! Thank you very much!:)

      • Hey Ron,

        there isn’t much need for a second account on amazon and most of the time you can squeeze by with just 1. If you have a legitimate business reason to have more than one, make sure you reach out to Amazon in order to give them a heads up.

        The key to this is to make sure that you loop seller support in!

    • I don’t have a question (yet) but I want to let you know that I’m enjoying the podcast. I’m only a few episodes in but I’m so inspired. I’m a brand manager…I source products from China, design packaging, manage profits, build brands and deal with anything but that goes wrong. I love my work but I don’t like my job! Maybe this is the first step for doing these things for myself! I’m early in the process, like just learning about FBA, but I know that over the next few months I can launch my own business.

    • Hello Scout, first of all i just want to thank you very much for that you are share with us all your knowlage, i just think whats happened if amazon kick us out or something happened with amazon platfom, i just want to know on whice channels do you use addition amazon, can extend more about your own website and others chanels that you use?

      • Hey Ron,

        I don’t currently use any channels beyond Amazon. There are a variety of other channels that you can look at, like your own website or eBay, but with the power of Amazon, I would highly suggest maximizing your return from there before you start to work on other channels.

    • HI Scott,
      I am starting to sell on Amazon FBA and I have a question that I can not get a clear answer on.

      Can case packed items be shipped to Amazon together with other case packed items in one big shipping box? What if they are different SKUs ? Every time I call Amazon I get a different answer. If I do ship many cartons in one box, Amazon will open the first master carton scan one item it will say that I am shipping 100 but the box will only Have 25 because there are another 3 boxes in the shipping box or not even in that shipping box… maybe in a DIFFERENT shipping box! this sound like a total disaster in keeping inventory accurate.
      I would really appreciate if you can shed some light.
      I have listened to many of you podcasts but not all maybe you spoke about this once?


      PS your podcasts are the most accurate material out there including all Amazons help pages and costumer service. Thank you.

      PPS I would have recorded but I have no idea how to get the mic on my computer to work.

      • Hey Sam,

        I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to send multiple different kinds of cases in the same shipment order, provided that you label each box correctly and Amazon is having you send them to same place. My suggestion would be to setup the shipping plan with the case packed product and see how Amazon wants you to send them!

        • Just had to… LOL

          Your information is great, just jumping in, I’m a restaurant owner and technology/information product seller online.

          Love the idea of private label and MAY jump in with kitchen items, since I can tie my brand into it, what thoughts would you have on that?

          I believe you were interviewed on a podcast I heard, and were you into photography? Perhaps I’ve mixed up my podcast episodes? I’m not, just checked. πŸ™‚

          You rock, lots of episodes to listen to.. LOVE PODCASTS!

    • I have been selling on Amazon for 1 month so far. I jumped straight into fba and I’ve sold close to 100 items so far. I am currently working on ungating categories and building seller feedback via RA. My store currently has a 5 star ranking but only has 5 users rating me so far. Do I need to be patient and continue building my account or do you think it’s fine to jump right into PL as a new store? Love the podcast! I am still learning about your process but it’s incredibly helpful!

    • HI Scott,
      I have been listening to you for a couple of months – I really like your style of info sharing – Thanks for all the help!…Quick Question I remember a while back you talked about if you have a new/additional size to your product ( 1oz and now a 2oz) to not create a new listing / just try to attach it to the existing listing…Is this correct? I currently have a 1oz product and now I want to add a bigger size-2oz and I wanted to list it correctly the fist time – so please give me your thoughts. Thanks again for your time and help.


      • Hey Ryan, you do indeed want to just create a variation on your currently listing. If you set your listing up to take variations to start with, it’s a pretty straight forward process, if you didnt’, you may want to reach out to seller support to get some help with the inventory file sheet.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thank you so very much for all of the great information you share with us. I have and keep on listening your pod casts (up to # 60 right now) you are great! Great inspiration !!

      While working my way to private labeling I am currently doing retail arbitrage to get the funds I need to get going with the private labeling portion. While going around, I came across a merchant who buys merchandise by the pallet and sell back in his brick and mortar store. The situation is that he would like to also sell on amazon but has no time do do so and is possibly wanting me to take care of the amazon portion for him. My question is what would be a reasonable commission to charge for such services if we use FBA and this merchant handles the shipping to Amazon ?

      Thank you so much and hope to hear back soon.

      Mike Mayer
      From From Montreal Canada.

      • Hey Mike, that sounds fairly similar to what Chris was doing with clients ( episode 23). You will want to charge a commission of the sales price of the product, just like Amazon does. Something between 10 and 25% is usually fair, but it varies a little from product to product and price point to price point

    • Hello,

      Im in desperate need of some help and advice.
      I have had many of my listing hijacked by people selling different products to mine and can’t get amazon to take any action! I am the registered brand owner and part of the Amazon brand registry. I have contacted seller support, logged many violations and infringement forms (in excess of 70 now) and Amazon do nothing. All i get is the same auto reply every time, i have followed Amazons instructions to do the test purchases and nothing comes of the complaint even after i do this. What am i doing wrong? I’m in a constant battle with these other sellers that i suspect to be one in the same but with 2 accounts. They add images to my listing that are nothing like my product and when they have the buy box their image shows, i have had these images removed by seller support many times but can’t get anyone to get these sellers off my listings. I can’t afford to take them to court but have sent them a cease and desist, i get a sarcastic reply telling me they are planning on adding to a lot more of my listings. Please advise as to how i get amazon to take some sort of action with the sellers?
      Thank you in advance.

      • Hey Mani, If you’ve sent a cease and desist and still aren’t having much luck, your only recourse is to deal directly with the Amazon catalog team. I would reach out to customer service and ask for them directly. As long as you can prove that the other sellers are not selling your branded products. They should be able to help you out, since you’re a part of the brand registry program!

    • Hi Scott, Hope you are doing great and all is well. I am asking about the tool that you said to use call salesbacker. I contacted amazon and they said that i am responsible for their actions and if possible they can get me suspended. Is it safe to use this software for my emails? Because if it is I would like to get started right away to send feedback requests. as well one more question on camelcamelcamel. It doesn’t show units sold how can i see how many units sold?
      Thanks for your wonderful podcasts I am listening every day on my commute to Manhattan. Very helpful. Keep up the good work.

      • As with anything, HOW you use it determines if it complies or not. Obviously the tool itself complies with TOS and is even tied directly into the Amazon API, but if you use it to do things you’re not allowed to do (like sending links to external websites) you can still run into issue. If you use it in a similar way to what we’ve laid out here, you have nothing to worry about. 3C doesn’t show units sold, it only shows BSR. To see units sold you would want to take a look at Junglescout.

    • Scott thanks for the show, I listen to it religiously since I found it a week ago, now is take to take action, I’m in a short budget but want to start getting the FBA experience, is there any tip you can give me to start doing some arbitrary sales? Thanks for your time and show!

    • Scott,
      I love the podcast and I’m signed up for Thursday’s workshop! I found you through Niche Pursuits and the show you were on with Spencer. I haven’t started my FBA journey yet but I’m hoping to be more prepared after Thursday.

      One question I can’t get a clear answer on is how you know whether or not you’re infringing on a patent when going private label with a product that already sells on Amazon. Can you help? What’s your protocol on that?

      Thanks again,

      • Keith! Pumped to have you on Thursday. The only way you can really tell is by running a patent search on . In most cases if the vendor does have a patent it will also be mentioned on the listing or packaging somewhere. If all else fails, you’ll want to contact a patent attorney (if you’re unsure about the product) and have them run a search for you to clear things up.

      • Hey Kevin, we do occasionally run a recording but very rarely. We try to shift times between 9pm eastern and 3pm eastern. If you can’t make either of those, keep your eyes peeled, we may have something for you shortly πŸ˜‰

    • I have jut started looking into Amazon FBA and is an amazing place for information about training to sell on Amazon by private label.
      I just listened to your podcast “HOW TO LAUNCH YOUR FIRST AMAZON PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCT AND START GETTING SALES” and in particular the information about how to use

      I live in the UK and would like to know if a campaign on would be beneficial or does because ONLY target the American Amazon market

    • Hi Scott thanks for all the great content. Just wondering how to access the Web feed on Friday at 9pm. Where do I go what do I do?

    • Scott:

      Thanks for the wonderful series of podcast. One aspect I don’t hear covered by anyone out this is the actual process of signing up for your Amazon seller account. I did it today, but I’m curious what tax settings, what company names, or DBA or LLC you decided to go with or you have any advice around the specifics of Amazon seller accounts. Do’s and Don’ts, and things to avoid account suspensions. Thanks in advance

      • Hey Curt, since tax settings and your corporate legal structure will vary wildly from seller to seller it’s hard to cover in an episode.

        As far as tips for not having your account suspended. It really isn’t all that common of an occurrence, especially if you READ the emails Amazon sends you. If there is ever an issue with your account, Amazon will let you know and will often give you time to remedy the situation BEFORE it even becomes a problem that results in any negative action being taken against you.

    • There are so many recommend apps to use from product research to sales history via camel, I’m having a hard time deciding which ones should I start with!! These are all so overwhelming.

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