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  • I am new to this whole scene. The biggest thing I am wondering is if this is really a market I should be diving into. I have a lot of motivation and am willing to put the time in, but I am concerned that it is over-saturated. I understand that e-commerce is growing rapidly and that getting involved is the only real way to find out, but with your expertise on the market and from what I have learned in my other businesses. The established people will get astronomically bigger, and will completely overshadow any real growth on smaller people.

    Furthermore, if you really do think this is something to put time and money into, where do you recommend I start. Again I am very willing and excited to learn more but I want to put myself on the correct track for success. Your help and advice are amazingly appreciated.

    • Hey Logan, every single space has room for new players EVERY SINGLE ONE. While individual products might be “saturated” MARKETS and NICHES are not. Focus on finding and identifying a market, connect with them, and then give them the products they want. It’s worked since the begining of time, we’re just doing that AND using amazon to help us get started ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Scott,
    I have been a builder/contractor for 40 years. I would like to get involved in the Amazon business. Where to begin and what to sell?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Scott, recently started listening again after about a year out, and the issue I had is that I got quite far with the process, ordered the goods and have them boxed up and ready, but things happened and it all for behind, I lost the motivation and confidence to go through with it. Ready to get back into it now but the issue is that the product I have is now extremely competitive and others and selling the exact same thing where they weren’t before. Just wondering if it’s worth going ahead with still and putting more money into the launch phase?
    Cheers Scott

    • Hey Darren, since you already have the product, at the very least I’d suggest going through the listing and launch process ( you already have money invested in the product), the worst thing that happens is……nothing ๐Ÿ™‚ From there at least you can learn the rest of the process!

  • Hi Scott,
    Long time listener first time question asker… I am trying to figure out whether it is worth getting a NDA for our first product. Our product is similar to competitors but our differentiators are different colors, packaging, insert…
    Also it is not a high volume product.
    Do you think a NDA is needed?
    Thanks for your time and for your amazing energy it is infectious!
    If you come to Australia the coffees are on me.

    • If it’s easy enough to get them to aggree to it, you can do it. You may want to do something like, including your brand logo into the mold of the product, that would be more of “security” than a standard NDA. We typically don’t require them of our suppliers.

  • Hi Scott!

    Loveee your podcast! been a listener for the last 1.5 years and have CHANGED my business! Started a brand by building a website, working with influencers, building email list etc and was fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest brands! like Nike! and get into small retail as well!
    My question to you is, I have launched my 5th product and set my ppc budget to $500 per month with default bid to $15 (per click) and after 7 days, I noticed that Amazon has only spent .30 in total! So no impression!!!
    I’ve come across a lot of sellers having the same problem without any solutions!

    Would love to know what the issue is!

  • My husband and I both want to create brands to sell on Amazon. We have a single LLC and then each have a DBA under the LLC. When buying UPC codes, can I purchase the codes with the LLC as the owner of the company prefix and then we can each use them in our individual DBAs? Both brands are similar but non competing products so the goods codes will match.

    We’re just getting started and your podcasts have been so valuable! You were recommended by another Amazon seller and we are so grateful for all the help you give!

  • Hey man! I love listening to your podcasts!
    my question is i’m getting ready to order my first shipment of products and i’m hearing a lot of people talking about how important it is to get a freight forwarder to take care of all paperwork and inspections being that i’m going got have to ship by sea! what is your take on this!?

  • Hi, i just read your book. i am wondering if i should setup a business entity? like LLC or other type before starting this business? LLC in CA is pretty expensive, 800$ per year minimum fee. i wonder if i can sell in amazon without setting up business entity. thanks

    • Hey Indra, you can sell on amazon as an individually, but generally speaking I’d suggest setting up an entity, how and where you do that is a conversation I’d suggest having with your friendly neighborhood attorney

  • Hi! Love everything about TAS. Our very first product is ready for launch. For our first contest giveaway, is it ok to use a gift card from a nationwide store (that is inline with our products)? We’re struggling to find a gift for our pet niche that doesn’t cost $100 to ship out. We thought gift card would be usable for all pet owner types too. What do you suggest?

  • Scott,

    First off, you’re the man. It blows me away how genuine you are and that’s a rarity in this business – so thank you. My question is short and simple. I’ve been diving into the email list building because I understand the value it can provide. Let’s say we build up an email list to 25,000 emails, of which we were able to segment the list and get decent engagement. Do you believe that leveraging that email list could allow me to touch into products that we normally would stay away from because of too much competition? I’m trying to justify throwing even more money into growing my list.

    Using your example, lets say I have that solid list and sold kitchen supplies. At what point do you think we could realistically launch a garlic press and be successful because of that list?

    Well, that wasn’t short, but you get the picture.

    Thanks Scott!

    • That’s EXACTLY why we built our list. We know that if we wanted to launch products that were more competitive or more difficult to launch, that we would be able to do it with much less effort!