5 Proven Etsy Shop Ideas For 2023 – What To Sell On Etsy

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 04/03/23 •  13 min read

One of the most difficult parts of being a new Etsy seller is choosing a solid niche that can help you support the income you're hoping for by selling on the platform.

In all the time we spend digging around on Etsy, we come across a wide variety of niches and see lots of successful shops.

Today, I wanted to share five niches that have the potential to build large shops in 2023 and beyond.

The goal with each of the images I'll be sharing is that they are big enough to support your income goals, but also will allow you to build a business for the long term.

Keep in mind that although the broadest version of these niches can be considered extremely competitive, I'll give you a few tips and tricks (as well as the angle I would take) to help you get started and not have to worry about the competition.

Let's jump into it.

A Wedding Store – Bachelorette Party

I know you're probably thinking to yourself, isn't this one of the most competitive niches on Etsy?

The simple answer is yes, but that's because there is a huge amount of sales and traffic in this niche.

Like any good niche, our goal shouldn't be to dismiss something just because it appears to be competitive, but rather to find an angle that allows us to enter the niche and not have to worry about the competition.

We refer to this process as sub-niching.

If I was launching a shop in this niche, the very first thing I would be doing is consider all of the different parts of a wedding as a niche.

For example, before people get married, they often have engagement parties, make wedding plans, throw bachelor and bachelorette parties, have rehearsal dinners, and then they have the date itself.

Each of these events inside of the wedding niche can be looked at individually to see if one or more of them allows us to make our way into the wedding space, without worrying about so much competition.

For example, let's take a look at the bachelorette party sub-niche.

Our first step in this process would be to go to Etsy search and type in the phrase ” bachelorette party”.

When we do this, we will often see several suggested extensions to that search, such as bachelorette party shirts, bachelorette party gifts, etc.

In this case, let's start by taking a look at bachelorette party shirts.

We can see from the monthly search overview provided by our friends over atEverbee, that bachelorette party shirts alone get an estimated 2,000 monthly searches on Etsy.

Although this is a good start, it's important to keep in mind that search volume is not a determining factor and that looking at the sales estimates will give us a more complete view of what's happening in that market.

To do this, you can use the product analytics tool inside of Everbee (yes, even the free version!) by clicking on it inside of the overlay.

From here, we can see all of the different listings, how well they are selling, and how much money they are making each month.

Taking a quick look at the report for this search term, we can see a variety of shops doing pretty well.

One that stood out almost immediately to me is a listing from a shop called “brilliantbridalshop”.

By taking a quick look at the product analytics, we can see that this listing is estimated to be selling 588 units per month and has an estimated monthly revenue of $9,402.

One thing to keep in mind is this estimate is based on the price Etsy is showing when you first enter the listing ($11.99 currently).

It doesn't account for these people buying larger sizes or customized designs, which would increase the amount the listing is generating each month.

Another great thing about this product idea, which applies to this niche of bachelorette parties in general, is that people will typically buy more than one at a time.

After all, it's kind of rude to get a bachelorette party shirt or other swag for just one member of your bachelorette party.

This means, you're likely to be selling three or more items at a time, which means less work and more profit for the seller!

At this point, our goal would be to find a few other bachelorette party products to verify the market.

To do this, we would return to the Etsy search bar and look at the other auto-suggested options.

In this case, we see a huge number of opportunities including:

Beyond all of these initial product ideas, once we have our foothold in the wedding or bridal market by starting to sell bachelorette or bachelor party products, we can start to branch out into the other areas or days associated with weddings.

A Baby/Maternity Store – New Moms

The second niche we wanted to take a look at is another extremely popular and often disregarded niche because of the assumed level of competition.

Just like in the wedding image, lots of competition can also mean lots of opportunity, so our job is to help you find a sub-niche as a way of answering the market.

In this case, we're going to repeat the same process for finding the sub-niche as we did in the wedding space, but rather than repeating the entire thing, I'll just let you know that we found a good opportunity in the baby announcement/ new mom sub-niche.

By starting here, we can not only start to get customers at the very beginning of their pregnancy journey, but we can avoid the most competitive part of the baby niche (nursery decor and new baby clothes) until we have established ourselves.

For example, one of the product ideas we found is the “mamacado shirt”.

By usingEverbee and taking a quick look at the listing, we can see that this shirt alone is selling an estimated 121 units per month and bringing in more than 2700 in revenue.

We can also see, a variety of other keyword ideas to pursue from this product including:

These are all great places to start digging into other potential product opportunities.

One thing that's cool about finding a product like this, is that because it's coming from a store that sells only shirts and not other baby products, they won't be competition for us long term.

The Goal from here would be to find three to five other products related specifically to pregnancy announcements or new moms to build out the shop, using the same process we discussed above.

For example, if we take a look at some of the other pregnancy apparel that is selling, we might stumble across something like the ” I can't, I'm busy growing human” shirt.

By taking a quick look at this, we can see it's doing more than 300 sales per month and $9,000 in revenue.

Once we have our foot in the door with a few products like these, we would be able to expand out even to some of the most competitive products in the baby space and still can rank.

An Rv Travel/Outdoors Store

One of the most constantly popular niches is the sports and outdoor space.

Rather than trying to be everything to everybody in a space that has more sub-niches than I can count, This is a case where we should start directly at the sub-niche level.

One thing that has been growing in popularity over the last few years, especially since 2020 is traveling, camping, and outdoors.

A bonus to going after something in this sub-niche is that people who love to travel, love to talk about it and show it off.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about camping and outdoors is how terrible it is to sleep on the ground in a tent.

This led me to think about all of the different people who travel in RVs and to take a look at RV travel as a niche.

Just like with the other examples, I started by simply typing RV into the Etsy search bar.

In this case, immediately went to the suggested keyword of “RV gifts” just to see what popped up.

From here, I was able to instantly see a wide variety of products including some cool wooden travel maps and personalized campsite/ RV markers.

The first example I dove in to take a look at was a custom RV sign in the style of a national park service sign.

Although the volume of a product like this is not nearly as high as say the bachelorette party t-shirts, the price point is substantially higher.

This particular sign is selling about 34 units a month at an estimated 100 per unit, meaning this listing is generating 3400 (likely more given the customization options), just from this listing.

As you probably know by now, we don't ever want to look for just one product in a niche.

So the next thing I took a look at were some of the custom travel maps that were available.

Although there are a variety of different sizes and styles (most of which you're selling pretty well), this particular example blew my mind.

This fairly simple wooden travel map is selling more than 200 units each month and generates more than 10,000 per month in revenue.

These two products are great, but I wanted to find one more thing that would be extremely simple to produce and could still bring us revenue.

Then I stumbled across what some might say is my new favorite sticker.

This simple decree product sells for only $4, but what we're looking for here is what the volume is like.

By digging into the numbers usingEverbees product analytics tool, we can see that this listing has been around for  13 months.

In that time, they've sold more than 2800 units and are making an average of over $800 (about 50% profit) per month from the sticker.

I don't know about you, but even if I couldn't figure out how to do something more complex like the wooden travel maps, I could come up with a few more RV or camping-related sticker ideas to build the foundation of a shop in this niche.

A Mental Health and Spirituality Store

Let's be honest, virtually everyone is aware that they need to care for not only their physical health but their mental health as well.

Although health and fitness (or mind and body) are typically considered to be a fairly saturated niche, there's a huge variety of angles we can take to avoid the most competitive parts and still have enough volume to build a solid foundation for our shop.

For example, if we take a look at the sub-niche of spirituality (as it relates to mental health) We find one such opportunity.

The first product I came across in this sub-nicheis exciting for a few reasons.

It has a ton of sales volume, but it's also not even a physical product… It's being sold as a digital download.

This means, except for Etsy fees, virtually every dollar generated by this listing is profit for the seller.

By taking a quick look at the numbers out of every be, we can see that this sells an average of 327 times per month and has an estimated revenue of 4,800.

Now before we get too excited by that number, when I looked at this listing it was on sale for $9.32 (instead of the $15 retail price).

If we assume every unit they are selling is sold at this price and not the $15 retail price, it would mean they are “Only” generating a little over $3,000 per month in revenue (still great!).

Tip: If you see a high-volume product like this in your space being sold as digital only, there's a huge opportunity to add a physical option (through something like print on demand), to your version of the listing. Not everyone can or wants to print them out!

Now, when we start to think about this niche in general, the other products we would want to add to a successful shop in this space would be other things related to having a positive life and mindset.

Our goal from here would be to find three to five other products that can also help serve as reminders of their positive life and mindset.

For example:

Any product that can help serve as a reminder to them throughout the day would be potentially something we could include in this store.

A Boho Or Western Decor Store

One of the most popular niches, since the invention of the house, is home decor.

Obviously, if you've been following along by now, a general homemade decor store would be way too broad of a niche.

By using the same process we've used for the other examples, we were able to quickly stumble across the boho/western decor niche.

Like with the other examples, I started in the Etsy search bar, by typing in western boho art and ran Everbee.

Almost immediately, I stumbled across a set of six printable boho southwestern art pieces.

Now, if you're not familiar with the printable, it's a fancy word to let us know that this is another digital product like the one that we discussed in the last niche.

By taking a quick look at the numbers associated with this listing, we can see it's selling more than 100 units per month at an estimated revenue of $2300.

Yet again, because this is a digital product, almost all of that revenue is profit for the seller.

Because we always want to find a minimum of three to five products in a niche, I immediately started looking for more inspiration from this same store.

By clicking on the store name from the original listing that I found, I was taken to their store view and usedEverbee to take a look at their other popular products to see if anything else stood out.

Just by looking at what was selling, I was able to quickly identify three more products that were all related to western decor, easy to make our versions of, and best of all, being sold exclusively as digital downloads.

Not only is a store in this niche possible to create, but this market is extremely underserved on the physical product side, meaning there's a huge opportunity to add some print-on-demand products for your shop.

Wrapping Up

I know how hard it can be to find a solid niche idea for your shop and that's why I wanted to share these five that I found in some of the most competitive niches on Etsy.

Not only are these able to be used to achieve your goals, but if you pair any of the ideas with the concept of niche stacking (combining multiple sub-niches to create a bigger niche) the potential is virtually limitless.

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