TAS 447 – How to Make Enough Money to Leave YOUR JOB (Action Steps + RANT)

Don’t you wish that you had a personal coach or a mentor who would come along and help you develop a roadmap and action plan so you could reach your goals? Do you have an idea of what a solid action plan would look like? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and his team as they share some helpful insights and ways you can get started today to move toward your goals. Don’t hesitate! Take this opportunity and follow through on the exercise and steps that Scott teaches on this valuable episode. Grab pen and paper so you don’t miss a minute of it!

Why you need to establish a real and tangible goal.

If you have any hope of moving from where you are to where you want to be, you’ve got to have a compelling and desirable goal to reach for. What is that goal for you? Do you want to go on more trips with your family? Do you want to make enough money to cover your mortgage each month? Whatever that one thing is that will move you and motivate you to embrace change and keep pushing when things get tough, you’ve got to identify it and write it down. If your goal stays in your head, you’ll never reach it. Listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott and his team discuss the significance of creating a tangible goal and working toward it. You don’t want to miss this powerful episode!

Sit down and make an action plan.

Once you’ve identified your target goal, you need to start making a plan to achieve your goal. But where do you even start? Imagine if you had a whole community of people who were trying to reach their goals too. What if that community also had a whole toolbox full of resources to help you tackle even the toughest parts of your journey to succeed as an ecommerce seller? That is exactly what the TAS team and community are here for! Listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott and his team explain how you can make an action plan and get started on your goals today!

Work your way backwards from your goal.

Make sure you aren’t overcomplicating your roadmap to success. You don’t have to have every single detail spelled out right away. Just get started, take the first couple of steps and learn as you progress. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott explains how you can work your way back from your target goal to develop your action plan. Don’t get stressed out. Commit to making the changes you want to see and dedicate yourself to asking questions and learning along the way. To hear more about how to get started, make sure to listen to this informative and inspiring episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [4:00] Scott’s RANT.
  • [6:00] What is your “Why?”
  • [9:00] Get real with your finances!
  • [13:00] What is your plan? Scott goes over action steps.


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TAS 447 – How to Make Enough Money to Leave YOUR JOB (Action Steps + RANT)


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 447 and today what I want to do is share with you how to…

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…make enough money to leave your job if that's what you're after. And I know, it sounds kind of hypey but it's the truth. I want to give you action steps plus I want to share with you a rant that I recently did in Dallas. I was attending FinCon. I also had a TAS meet up there. I also met with a couple of people on my team. You guys know them, Chris Shaffer and Joel Bower and we sat down and we recorded some segments for some video that we were doing.

One of them I thought we needed to air here on the podcast. It's what I call snackable content in a sense. I'm going to give you the action steps to go out there and make it happen It's going to be a mind shift thing. It's to also give you things that you can look at in your own personal life. Put it down on paper and then create the plan. Kind of reverse back and see exactly how to do it. I'm going to give you ideas and strategies to actually make this happen. That's what's going to happen inside of this audio from this video that we did. With that being said, what I want you to do, I want you to actually do the exercise that we talk about in this segment?

It's really, really important that you do that. Because if you do it you're going to have that plan that I'm talking about and then you can go out there and do whatever you need to do to make it happen. So really, really important. There's a little bit of a rant here so just be prepared. Nothing bad but you guys know how sometimes I get. It's like I get really passionate about something because I believe in it so much and I get a little excited. That happens here as well. So that is what you're going to hear right here. Now, before I do jump into that, I wanted to remind you that tonight depending on when you're listening to this. If you're listening to this when it airs on Wednesday December 6th, we're actually doing our last live workshop tonight.

[00:02:05] Scott: That is on a Wednesday, yes I know we normally do them on a Thursday. We're doing it tonight. This will be our last workshop of 2017. So if you're listening to this on that day or even if you're listening to it a few days after there'll be probably a replay, definitely go check our live workshop. And this is also going to tie in really well to how to make enough money to leave your job or how to make enough money to do whatever you're going after. Now, for you it maybe how to pay off the student loans or maybe it's just to just get a little bit more freedom, maybe supplement your income. Whatever it is I just know a lot of people they email me they say, “Scott I want to get out of my job.”

A lot of people that is what the focus is. But no matter what it is, I'm going to give you guys the framework to do that. but the workshop walks you through our five step roadmap to actually get you there. We also focus on how to create a revenue stream of $100 profit per product per day. That's what we call the ten by ten by one. That is all broken down in this workshop. The cool thing about it being live is you get to ask questions. So we answer questions in between each step, each phase and then from there we also do a full blown Q&A at the end. So if you want to register for our last live workshop of 2017 go register right now at theamazingseller.com/workshop.

Pause this, go register and then come back and listen to this. It's going to tie in really, really well because once you have this framework, once you have this piece, then you're going to go ahead and follow what we talk about in the five step road map. So I'm going to stop talking now so you can listen to this conversation, it's only about ten minutes but really, really valuable and you're going to get action steps. I promise you and I want you to do the action steps. Make sure that you take action.


[00:03:54] Scott: Hey guys, welcome back to another little rant here that I want to do. The reason why I want to do this is because number one I want to help you because a lot of people think and they compare themselves to other people that are so called successful. Especially in our space, in our Amazon community or in our even online space community. Our marketing community, a lot of people judge their success off of other people's success. And a lot of people maybe following in this online space or online they are throwing out big numbers a lot of times. And we all know that sometimes the numbers aren't 100% accurate or maybe they are gross numbers or maybe they are not telling us they are only making 5% margin but you get built up, you get pumped up for those numbers.

What I really want to do here is talk about how you can figure out what your target is and then you can go ahead and create the plan to get to your target. Because you don't necessarily need to and I don't know how many times, a lot of times I have had people where I'm like, “What do you want to do?” “I want to make $1 million.” Well, okay, that's not really a target, we just threw a number out of thin air and that's where I really like to revere back and figure out like number one we all know that money is going to buy you the thing that you're desiring or the thing that you want. A lot of times that's freedom or a lot of time that's getting yourself out of debt so you can free, the weight lifted off of you.

That's generally what it is. So what I want to do is if you are thinking to yourself like in order for me to be successful I need to hit this number, that's not true. Like to me that's false information. What I want to do is to give people the tools to figure out what their number is and then they can go after and create that. Even how to create that plan. Who wants to start on that?

[00:05:44] Joel: I want to start. So a lot of people, what they do is they come back with solid numbers and then don’t know what to do, why? Because everybody talks about being a millionaire in this space, like when you're talking about successful, that's just like an ear mark. It's been like for 50 years. What a million means now versus what it meant 50 years ago it's completely different. But the truth is, what the heck would you do with it? What would you do with that million and write that down because that's what you want. If you want a nicer house or if you want to travel more on vacation. When we start writing the things down. We can actually put the numbers to it. How much do a trip cost every year? I want to do five of those with my family every year. How much do that cost?

How much would the rent be on upgrading your house and you get to real numbers. It's like a lot of people think oh it's a million but man, if they got $3,000 extra in their monthly, it'd be a completely different world. They'd be so happy. Make it reasonable and not to say that's where you stop. Because once we get there we go hey, what would more look like?

[00:05:44] Chris: How do I upgrade? And that's the thing a lot of people do get caught up in that and it's been ingrained into us from a young age. There's like three things that we hear, like go to college, the only way to be successful is go to college. The only way for other people to know you're successful is to be a millionaire, to look at the scoreboard and do that. That's not necessarily how anyone should define success because the definition of success for everybody is different and it's interesting Scott, every time we do a workshop you ask the question, “What would this do for you?” And I have never once and Nelson is going to make a lie out of me but I have never once seen somebody to go, “Oh, that would help me make me be a millionaire.”

No. No one has ever said that. It's, “I want to help my husband who's an over the road trucker be able to stay at home.” You can quantify that. He makes $40,000 a year. How do we get an additional $40,000 a year? I want to help my mom pay her medical bills. I want send my kids to private school. All of those things are quantifiable and so again, we have to move past that gut feel of like man that'd be really nice to be a millionaire. Well, you're looking at power ball, right. Like, I don't even know what I'd do with $300 million. But I'm sure I can find a use for it. John and I were having this same exact conversation the other day. Like, if I had $100 million what would happen?

I was like, “I couldn't even spend a $100 million.” And he's like, “well, you're interested in Biotech.” and I was like, “Yeah, that makes sense.” I would find a use for it but I don't need $100 million. That'd be amazing. What do I need to actually get the things that I truly want and then everything else is bonus. The thing that you find out of that is a lot of times when you hit that number, there's also bonus because you're not striving for the million dollars. You're striving for the quality of things and the other stuff just happens as a result because you're doing the things to get you the stuff that you need, that you want and then you desire. When you do those things, it turns out a lot of those same things help to turn that up and to make that a lot more scalable.

[00:08:46] Scott: Okay, and so what I want to do here is I said I wanted to get these guys some actionable things that you can do. So what I want you to do is I want you to get real with yourself and your finances because generally that's what we're doing this for. Sometimes it's scary to do that because you don't want to know how much you're in debt. I've been there. I'm like, “I don't know if I want to do that because that's probably not going to be as good as I think. I think I've been kind of lying to myself a little bit.” But once you do that, it's actually relieving in a sense to know that that's the number. Then now what you can do is you can reverse yourself back. That's why we always talk a lot about like ten by ten by one.

We come up with like a plan to create a product that can do $100 profit, like profile not gross. So this way here we can say, okay $100 for 30 days that's $3,000. What would that do? Okay, that would help pay our mortgage, that would help pay a car payment or two depending on what you live in. So for us, like you said the person who makes $40,000 a year. You're almost there with that right there. You're almost there. So now if you're sitting there thinking to yourself what you just said is close to me, someone's making $40,000 a year and they want to replace that that's like one and a half products. Like one and a half products.

[00:10:11] Chris: Not even because one ten by ten by one is $36,000. And I think the way that a lot of people need to think about this and the easy way to figure out that number, you can say, “Okay I want to replace my income. That's my actual goal to start with.” Next year we'll double it. Next year we'll figure out what that is. But don't even start there. Start one level down from that. How do I pay my mortgage? What is my mortgage? What is my cable bill, which for a lot of people it's like $120 a month.

[00:10:38] Scott: I think ours is on a $150.

[00:10:41] Chris: Whoa. You must have some crazy sports package.

[00:10:44] Scott: No, that's internet, TV and phone. So I got the all in one package.

[00:10:49] Chris: So if all I did, if all this process helped me do was pay my cell phone bill, if all this process helped me do is this, would that be successful because people only ever look at the big picture and say, “Well, I'm not successful until I'm out of my job.” But if I can do something that's going to pay my mortgage and guess what, I just freed up an extra $1,000 a month. And I can either suck that away so that I can retire faster or I can suck that away so that I have a runway when I do choose to leave the job or I can just reinvest that into the business, do something I want to do with that but it's basically an extra $1,000 then.

That is success because you're covering it one bill at a time. And if you look at it that way, okay if I improve my products and I sell an additional five a day, I'm now paying my mortgage, my cable bill and my phone bill. Those things are tangible, they are chunked down and they are actual goals that you can realize.

[00:11:46] Scott: I was going to say, they are goals and they are definitely goals that you can reach. And that's important because we want to be able to see these mini successes so we feel energized and motivated and inspired.

[00:11:57] Joel: You look at a goal and I've talked to people and they'd say million and they are actually more excited when they realize they can pay off their mortgage. They are way more excited about that because it's real and tangible and it's like double edge sword and people say a million and it feels daunting and so they don't stop and they don't really know what they want so they are not truly motivated versus like, “Hey this actually would change my life right now.” It's like it's taking from you in a lot of ways if you don't know what that million is going to be used for because when we can bring it back, that's real

[00:12:25] Scott: Okay, cool. I want to wrap this up. I like to keep these snackable. So here's the action plan for you guys. Number one, figure out what the number is that you're shooting for. Forget everybody else. Forget about the ones that are saying |I made $2.3 million last year. Gross. Let's not worry about. And there's a lot of gurus around there doing stuff. I'm not going to call anybody out by name but there's a lot of them out there and they've been doing it for years. But figure out your number. Don't worry about anybody else. Figure out your number, figure out your plan. That plan, for us is like our way of being able to do that and getting started into a business is using Amazon as a platform as a channel to start an ecommerce business.

You notice how I said, “Start an ecommerce business,” because then we can build a brand outside of Amazon but that's where I'd start because you can do it quicker. So that's what I would do and that would be my action plan. Get a piece of paper, get a pen and start writing that stuff down. Don't use your phone, get off line. Set yourself, give yourself that time because I'm telling you right now it could be really, like a wakeup call for you. And it's also going to probably seem like it's something that you can definitely do. And then just go out there and take action on it one step at a time.

Okay. So like I said, that was going to be short and to the point and it absolutely was. There was some action steps there that I want you to do. These exercises to me will uncover the magic. It really will because it's going to give you that number. It's going to also give you the plan. So here's your action steps. I'm going to get right to it. I just did them before on that other little section and now we're going to do them again right here. Number one, what is your target? You got to know your number. Don't just pick a number out of thin air, I want you to really think about that number. Now, we talked about maybe finding that one bill that you want to pay. Maybe it's a car payment. That's $400 a month, or $500 or $600. Whatever you drive.

[00:14:26] Scott: Maybe that's what it is. Put that number up there, shoot for that number. Or maybe it's a $1,200 mortgage payment or $1,500 mortgage payment. Whatever it is or maybe it's your rent. Whatever that one bill is, make that your target. That will be your number. Number two, create your plan. It's really easy to create your plan guys if we know what we're going after. If we know that our target is $40,000 net profit every single year then we just have to reverse ourselves back. That goes into step three. Once we have that we have to create that plan. How do we create that plan? Well, in step three really we're reversing what it will take to get there to hit the target. So that's really it.

That's the magic. If you do that, then once we go into okay, now we know that we have to make $1,000 a month or let's call it $3,000 a month because that's going to make those two bills that I want to go away then all I have to do now is follow the ten by ten by one strategy that we talk about in the workshop and we talk about in our class. That's our main focus because if we learn that, guess what, we do two things. We get a product that can generate $100 profit per day, and that's $3,000 per month by the way. We've accomplished that and the other thing that we accomplish is we've learned so much through that process.

I can't stress that enough. Like you're actually getting like a college education in a sense that you would pay for by going through this process. And that's why some people say, “Well Scott, should I even invest in education? Should I go to college? Should I go invest in a class like yourself?” To me it's like, is it going to help you get there easier or is it going to help you get there faster? Is it going to give you the support that you need? Then if that is going to help you, then the answer is yes. So, let me just say here I'm going to remind you, I'm going to let you guys go because I did want to make this a shorter episode.

[00:16:32] Scott: Because I want you guys to actually go out there and actually do something. I want you guys to just turn me off and then turn anyone else off and just block everything out and just go create your action plan. I want you to do that and then I want you to attend the workshop if you have not attended one of even if you have, I have people that come back five six times because they learn something new every time. I want you to attend the workshop. Go to theamazingseller.com/workshop. Do this exercise, then register for the workshop, show up for the workshop and I'm telling you, you're going to have all the ingredients there.

Then, yes if you wanted to invest in our class, you're more than welcome too. That will be open until I believe the 13th of December and then we're closing until after the 1st of the year. So the private label classroom will be open until the 13th. So once you go through the workshop and once you create this little action plan if you want that additional help and if you want that road map that we really dive deep into, then you'll want to invest in the private label classroom. Listen, like I'm not here to push a class on you. I think there's a lot of people out that can do it on their own just by piecing it all together.

But there's a lot of people that need hand holding. if you need hand holding you may just need the workshop. The free workshop. Maybe that's going to give you your detailed plan but then there's some people that need more detail and they also want support and they also want to jump on a call with me twice a month. If that is you, then the class would be for you but I'm not here to push that on you. I'm giving you the resources and you can decide what you need that will help you get there. I'm just trying to give it different ways to get through this process for different people. Depending on where you are and how you learn and what you need, that's what I'm trying to do here. It's create those resources for you because I know this model works and I know that it can happen if you figure out your pan, create an action plan and then execute and take action.

[00:18:26] Scott: It's really that simple. All right, here's your reminder. Do the action step, definitely do that today. Register for the upcoming workshop, theamazingseller.com/workshop. That will be live. You can ask as many questions as you want there and if you're ready to jump into the private label classroom, then we can talk more about that as well. That's it guys, that is going to wrap up this episode. Get out there, make it happen, and remember as always, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, we're going to do this thing in 2018 by the way too. We're going to really, really rock this thing, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode or maybe I'll see you tonight at the workshop but I'll see you around. Take care.



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