TAS 431 The Proven Plan to WIN Customers for LIFE and Help Grow Your Business Forever

What does it take to secure and build off of a loyal customer base? How can sellers like you gain traction and develop a solid positive reputation? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares several stories that will help you gain a good perspective on what it looks like to deliver top level customer service. Scott also explains what some of the companies that he interacted with did wrong and how you can avoid their mistakes as you connect with customers. If you are ready to take your ecommerce business to the next level, make sure to catch this informative episode!

Attitude Matters!

Do you love your job? Seriously? Do you enjoy starting your own ecommerce business? What part of the endeavor lights you up and excites you? Can you tap into that excitement in a way where it translates to your interactions with customers? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott explains why attitude is a crucial factor that can have huge implications for your business. If you don’t love to interact with and settle customer service inquiries, it might be best to contact that aspect out to someone who can do it well. If you hate interacting with customers or you find it bothersome, it will show up in how you serve them! Learn more helpful insights from Scott on this episode!

Communication is Key

Don’t you hate it when you expect to hear from someone and all you get is silence? That’s the worst! You feel like you’ve been taken for granted or just simply ignored. That’s the last thing you want your customers to feel, as a business owner. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he describes why communication is vital to the healthy growth of your brand. When a customer has a problem or if their purchase will be delayed, make sure you communicate with them right away! If you communicate and go the extra mile for your clients, your reputation will be better for it in the long run. Hear more about this topic from Scott on this episode!

Impress the Customers You Already Have

Think back to the last time you were impressed as a customer, either by the product or by the service that was provided. How did that experience make you feel a consumer? What can you do as a seller to illicit that response from your customers? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he breaks down why customer service is an important component to a thriving and growing brand. You don’t want to neglect or take this aspect of business ownership for granted! Learn from Scott’s stories and find out what to do and what not to do when it comes to taking care of your customers!

Guard Your Reputation

In the marketplace today, few things are a valuable as your reputation. If you make a wrong move, your brand might be blasted on Twitter and it might end up going viral! That’s the last thing that you want to have happen. So how do you ensure your reputation stays solid? Put the customer experience at the center of your business model. Have a clear idea of what the customer will experience from beginning to end as they engage with your brand. For more practical action steps regarding this topic, make sure to catch this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [5:00] Scott’s pool story.  
  • [9:30] Attitude matters!
  • [11:30] Don’t forget to communicate with your customers.
  • [23:00] Take care of the customers you have.
  • [25:30] Scott’s story about getting medical care for his dog.
  • [36:00] Showing that you care for your customers can make a huge impact.
  • [39:00] Having the wrong people in key positions can damage your reputation.
  • [40:30] Guard your reputation on Social Media.
  • [42:00] Scott’s story visiting a local bar.
  • [44:00] Scott recaps a couple takeaways.


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TAS 431: The Proven Plan to WIN Customers for LIFE and Help Grow Your Business Forever


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 431 and today we are going to be talking about the proven plan….

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…to win customers for life and help grow your business forever. Forever. I'm going to be diving into things that I have learned along the way but also most recently by some of these experiences that I've had in my life whether it's putting in the pool or whether it's going to have emergency surgery for my dog Brody. If you guys did not hear or you haven't read that in an email that I sent out or maybe on my Instagram or Facebook, I just wanted to give you a little update there.

Yes, we had a pretty big scare with my dog Brody. We thought he was having seizures and come to find out he was actually having severe neck and back pain and it would literally go into what looked like a seizure and we panicked. I'll give you guys the whole story because it actually led me to want to do this podcast because it taught me not just in that experience also we're building a pool and I've got a lot of different things going on there. So I'm dealing with companies, I am the customer but I'm dealing with all these different things.

It really comes down to figuring out how you can win customers. In this case I'm being the customer and I'm going to explain to you why it's so important to do some of the things that one of these companies did and then what not to do from another company. I'm just going to break it down for you guys because I think it's really, really important. Just to let you guys know yes Brody is fine. I see him right now, he's laying down resting. He went into emergency surgery to have a ruptured disk fixed and again, I'll tell you guys about that entire story and why it's a lesson to be learned here in business because I am a customer for life for one of the companies that helped me in that issue.

[00:02:14] Scott: One of them not so much and I'll explain that. Before do jump into all of that stuff, which I've got a whole list here of stuff that I want to cover here, a couple of stories I want to share with you. I do believe that if you take these lessons and you apply them to your business I'm telling you, you will separate yourself from the competition. Like so many people are not willing to do this and I'll explain why. A lot of times because they are afraid but if you implement these things which are so simple to do and it doesn't take anything other than setting up a process and then just creating some type of flow for your business, you can really, really change the way that your business is growing and also how people help you grow your company.

But, before we jump into that I wanted to remind you about the show notes, theamazingseller.com/431. Transcripts, show notes can all be found there. The other thing is I want to announce something here. We just recently started to offer our on-demand workshops. What does that mean? Well, for the longest time we were only doing them live. Live workshops that is. And that is  where we take you through the entire process of launching a product from picking a product, sourcing a product, doing a launch, doing promotions, all of that stuff. We do that inside of that workshop. I had so many people say that they could not attend. The hours didn't work right for them or different time zones, all that stuff. People from around the world. So we decided to take one of our top workshops and make it available on demand. You can register for that or pick a date that works for you now by heading over to theamazingseller.com/workshop.

[00:04:01] Scott: Now, keep this in mind, if we're doing  an upcoming live one, you can just go to that same link and you'll see the live one we're doing if we're doing a live one. If not you're going to see the on demand workshop there and you can pick a date and you can go ahead and watch that. Really, just doing this because a lot of people like I said email me and say, “Scott, darn it. I missed it. I wanted to see it at this time and I know you offer a replay for a short time but wanted to be able to go through that workshop.” So now we've made so you can actually go and select the time, a date and you can go ahead and watch it at your convenience  and attend and actually also go through that live Q&A that we did and really learn from all those questions that we receive during those live sessions.

So we do have live ones we're still doing but we also have the on demand and those are there for you to be able to go through and enjoy and be able to take action now. Because I'm always talking about taking action but I don't want to make you wait two weeks or a month for our next workshop. That's why we are doing it and hopefully you guys are going to check that out and get a ton of value. So theamazingseller.com/workshop. Go check it out. So let's dive into some of these stories that I want to share with you. These stories to me are so valuable because I'm going to break down exactly what happened but then also we'll get some takeaways here. So let me just dive right into the pool story.

My wife and I decided to do an in-ground pool. We never thought that we were going to do this but we kind of wanted to but we were just we don't know if we want to. We're not even sure if our yard would allow it and all that stuff. Long story short we talked about it and we said, “Let's do it. We think that we're going to be here for a good while and let's just go ahead and do a pool.” Like, let's just do an in-ground pool and let's just start that process. So we started the process. We had to go through a bunch of legal stuff as far as with our HOA and are they going to approve it? We're not able to put it in our backyard, we got to put it on our side yard and all of that stuff. But anyway, I'm not going to bore you with all those details. But we finally got the green light and they said, “Yeah, no problem.

[00:06:02] Scott: Go ahead and do it, this is what you have to do though. You got to put a fence up in front of it and of course you got to put it around and you got in front of it some shrubs where it kind of blocks it from the road,” whatever. We'll take care of that. No problem. So we start contacting pool companies. Well, I soon found out that you would call pool companies and you wouldn't get a call back or you wouldn't get to talk to someone. You would get maybe a secretary but then you would never hear back. So that's rule number one. You have to contact people back or you need to pick up the phone. Another little side story here is I was looking to get my driveway done. I wanted to get it pressure washed. I couldn't get hold of a pressure washing guy.

I call people that were running ads in these coupon books for like 800 bucks. I know how much they cost. $800, $1,000, $1,200 for a full page and I would call and I would get an answering machine or I would get nothing. I would get almost like a fax number. So just blows me away that people aren't answering their phone. So number one answer your phone, answer your emails. Like period. That's rule number one. So that's a little take away there for you. So finally got a hold of like four different companies and some of them came out and some actually said, “Well we can come out but we're going to charge you $100 to come out.”

Then I was like, well wait a minute here. Why are you charging me to come? But anyway, whatever. That's their business model, good for them. But what I did was I had four companies come out and out of those four companies one guy was really nice but I didn't really think he knew his stuff. So again, if you're going to sell stuff you're going to know what you're selling and you got to be able to answer the questions and not say, “Let me go check on that.” You need to know that stuff. To fast forward I narrowed it down to this one guy. I liked him, he knew what he was talking about. He came up with a pretty nice design, he was willing to go back and forth with this little bit.

[00:08:01] Scott: Then he handed it off to us. He said, “Here's going to be the price, what do you think?” He was trying to put a little bit of pressure on me and I know about sales and stuff. I say to him, I say, “Give us 24 hours to talk about it. My wife and I want to talk about it.” So we did and then he called right back the next day. He's like, “Hey, just calling back so I make sure any questions I can answer for you, no problem.” So we ended up going with that company because the salesman sold me. Good guy. Liked the guy, we talked… Again, he did a good job too. He came in, we talked about baseball. His son is in baseball. We had good stories to share. That's salesmanship 101 is like get to know the person you're selling to, make them feel as though you're interested in them not just selling them something.

He genuinely did and I genuinely wanted to share and all that stuff. So, went with him, great. Would answer my text back and forth if I had any questions. So we signed on the dotted line, we gave a deposit, we're ready to go and now what we're waiting for is the permit to be pulled. So I texted him and he didn't respond for a few hours and then he said, “Oh sorry. Busy with a customer.” No problem. Then finally he contacted me back. I said, “Hey, we haven't heard anything on the permit.” He said, “Well, let me check on that. So he checks and he goes, “Yeah, yeah. It's' been submitted but it may take a few days.”

No problem. We waited a few days, didn't hear anything. I texted him, didn't get a response at all. I said, that's kind of strange. Let me just call their office because they have someone in there that just does permit stuff. So I call, or my wife calls and she gets the secretary and the secretary on the phone basically sounded miserable. Like, okay, again here's rule number two. Don't have someone answer your phone that shouldn't be answering phones or don't let someone answer your email that doesn't sound friendly. Do not do that. It blows me away when I go to get coffee and you go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or any coffee shop or any business for that matter and people are like, “Hey can I take your order please.” You're like, “No. no, no, no.” Like, let's back up here.

[00:10:02] Scott: “Hey, welcome to the Dunkin Donuts. How can I take your order today?” That's it. I'll be, “Hey, happy to greet you today. Happy to serve you today.” Anyway, she was just annoyed that we're calling. My wife's like, “Just called about the permit, wondering where that was.” “Let me check.” Then she checks, comes back. “I'm not seeing it right now so must mean it's not really yet. We'll call you when it is.” My wife says, “This is our first time talking to you.” My wife called her out. My wife is really, really nice but you do not want to get on the other side of her especially when you're paying a lot of money for something.

She says, “It sounds like you are really, really upset and you're really not happy with your job.” She said, “What do you mean by that?” Then she said, “I called and all I'm asking is this simple question and this is our first time dealing with you guys. I would think that you would want to make us happy and also want to sound as though you're excited for us. We're buying a pool. We haven't even started yet.” She says, “Oh, no. I'm sorry.” Then she apologized lightly but whatever. That was our first taste. My wife's like, “This is our first experience, our first little hiccup and boom, we already got an issue. So not feeling good about it. Little bit of time goes on. We get the permit. Now, they say we're going to have our dig day.

Well, they don't give us a date but the go ahead and say that it's on the schedule. Okay, we went on, it's on the schedule. So now I text my salesman again. I soon found out that as soon as the salesman sells the job and signs it, it's handed off to someone else in their office. This was not said, “Scott, not how it's going to be in Tim's hands. And now you're going to be the one communicating with him.” That was not said. So again communication problem. If you guys do not communicate with your customers you are going to leave a bad taste in their mouth. Trust me, picking up the phone, answering emails. If they have a question. Any of that stuff.

[00:12:00] Scott: I know this stuff seems super basic but so many companies are not doing it and I'm blown away by it. Blown away. I truly am. If I can go into a company and say, even this company, there's this pool company, I can go in there and probably consult with them and turn their business to where they are doing 75 pools to doing 150 pools if they would just do this. But maybe they don't want 150 pools. Maybe they are happy with doing the 75 pools. I don't know. It just seems like they don't want that extra business because they are not doing it properly and they got too many hands in the mix. So anyway, we figure out who we're supposed to be dealing with. So I call Tim and I'm like, “Hey Tim. Just want to know like where are we on the schedule.” Oh wait a minute, let me just back up a minute here. That's not right.

That's not what happened. What happened was we called the office talked to grumpy the secretary. She handed us off to the person that schedules. So now we've got someone that just schedules. Then the scheduler said, “Let me look. I'm reaching out to Mike who is actually the head general contractor kind of for the pool build.” So then from there we've noticed now that we've got this guy Jim who does the scheduling. We've got this other guy Mike who handles all of the subcontractors but then there's a guy underneath him. His name is Tim that actually does all of the going out to the job site and really running the crews.

There's this Mike guy that I don't even know why he's there. Again, what does he do? That's a whole another story. I'll tell you why I've got a little bad taste in my mouth about him. So we get down with Jim and Jim got frustrated with us because we're saying, “Can't you just let us know when we're going to have a dig date? It's been two weeks and we don't even have a dig date yet and you guys are leaving us up in limbo.” He's like, “What do you want me to do? Do you want me to call you at 12 o'clock at night?” That's exactly what he said to my wife. Now, my wife's on speaker, I'm there. I said, “Listen, Jim number one that's no way to speak to a customer. Number two, all we are asking is for some communication.

[00:14:05] Scott: If you don't hear anything, we still want to call back to say, listen I haven't heard anything yet. I'm still trying. We want to know that you're still trying. We don't want silence.” So then he said, “Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to hand you off to Mike.” So now we meet Mike for the first time. Mike gets on, “Hello. Can I help you?” Like yeah. Told him the whole story. He's like, “I'm not really sure what you want me to tell you. All I can tell you is we've submitted it and we haven't heard back yet. Do you want us to call you tomorrow? I don't know what you want us to do.”

This is basically what these guys are saying. We have not even dug yet. We haven't even put the backhoe in the ground. We haven't taken the first scoop out. Haven't even gotten to that point. So now I'm really annoyed. I'm really frustrated. I said to him, “Listen Mike. I want to ask you something. This is the first time you've ever talked to me, first time you've ever talked to me and we're already having these hiccups. Does it normally get better or does it normally get worse when it starts like this?”

This is exactly what he said to me. He goes, “To be honest. It generally gets worse.” He literally said to me, “It generally gets worse.” Now, wouldn't you think that he would say, “Hey Mr. Voelker I just want to apologize. Yes, we should have communicated with that a little bit better. I'm going to do my best to get you an answer by the end of the day but if don't, I will definitely call you in the morning just to give you an update. Is that cool? Is that okay? Can I do that for you Scott. I'd really, really want to get this taken care of for you so I'm going to go out and try to make some phone calls.”

But he did not do that. He basically just was annoyed and said, “What do you want us to do? Call you if we don't' have any information? Why would I do that? Why would I waste the time?” That's basically what he was saying. So already he was annoyed. I said, “You know what. Here's what I'm going to need you to do. I need you get in touch with my salesman. Have him actually call me back because I think I'm going to cancel this deal.” It's exactly what I said. From there I instantly got a phone call from the salesman. Why? Because he's paid on commission. So now he calls me, “Scott, what's going on?”

[00:16:02] Scott: “Well, number one you didn't call me back, you didn't answer my texts.” “Oh, oh sorry. You know I've just been super busy…” “You weren't too busy when I was going to sign the deal, when you were collecting the check. You weren't too busy there.” I said that to him. He goes, “Yeah, I know. I know that's my bad. I should have… But what's the problem?” This is what he said too. “I got a lot of time invested in doing your plans.” I go, “I understand that but I've got a lot of money going into this thing. And I got a lot of money going into this thing and you're basically just handing me off to these guys which these guys are really not communicating with each other.

I can't even get a dig date.” He goes, “Oh, your dig date. I can find that for you. Oh, you're scheduled for next Tuesday.” So all of this didn't have to happen if they were all on the same page. And if, number one they were nicer in that  process. So now. the day they were going to come out and start painting where the pool is going to go, Mr. Mike shows up. Cockyy Mike. He's a cocky guy too. He's one of those guys, if you've ever had a building inspector and I'm from the building world so anyone out there that's in the construction field or deals with inspectors or anything, you can get some that are really cool and you get some that they wear this thing like a badge and they just want to enforce and they want to show you that they got power.

They want to just be, not nice. They want to just go out there and show their authority, really pump their chest. So he comes out, chewing his gum. Imagine this guy he comes up, got his cap on, he's got his shorts on, his Dickie construction shorts. He doesn't get dirty. He's just a neat looking guy. He's got his boots on with his socks just above it. You guys can get the visual. Chewing his gum. Might have even had a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. He shows up and he starts waking the property and he starts asking questions to Jeff, the guy that sold me the job. So now, I'm sitting out there and he's not really even paying attention.

[00:18:01] Scott: He's asking Jeff all these questions. He's not talking to me. He's talking to him. I'm like, “Hey buddy. I'm kind of over here.” Anyway, we get out there and he's trying to find a way that it doesn't make sense to put the pool where they wanted to put it. So number one I said right there to him, I go, “Mike do you want sell this job? Do you want to do this job?” “Yeah, yeah. Why are you saying that? I'm like, “Because you haven't even addressed me while I'm here. You haven't even addressed me.”

Then he goes and he didn't really say much. He just said, “No, I didn't mean that.” He tried to turn it around but the guy can't even be nice if he wanted to. He went down, made a phone call about something else and I say to the other guy Tim who's below him, who actually does all of his work which really I don't think that guy Mike even needs to be there because Tim does all the work anyway.

I said to Tim, I go, “Tim, nice to meet you and all but if I got to deal with that guy, I don't want to do the deal.” He goes, “Let me just tell you right now. You're going to be dealing with me. Any questions you have you deal with me. Don't worry. You're right. Technically people shouldn't talk to him. I don't' know why he's here. He shouldn't talk to customers. At his last job he got into trouble for the way he talked to customers. So I don't know why this company would even hire him. Maybe they are friends of the family. I don't know. This guy should not be talking to customers.” Same thing in the restaurant business.

If you're in a restaurant business, you have a greeter and your greeter is seating people and is not happy and bubbly and welcoming, do not have them wait on people. Have them in the back doing dishes or prep. It's just 101 business guys. 101! So anyway I'm going to wrap up the story because I want to go on, there's a lot other details too but I just want to get to the nuts and bolts here just so you guys can have some take aways but I went ahead and I said, “Okay, Tim that sounds great.” Then Tim has been phenomenal. Tim has been phenomenal. If anyone should get a promotion it should be Tim.

[00:19:59] Scott: Tim should be the lead guy, Mike should be fired and Jeff, my salesman, he should have someone teach him more about customer experience, customer journey to where he would make a phone call. I have not talked to him in over eight weeks since we started this project and that's no-no number one for him. He needs to contact me a week and a half after maybe they dug, “Hey Scott. Just checking in. How's everything going?” “It's going pretty good,” or maybe, “It's not going so good because of this…” “Let me make a phone call. I'm going to make sure that that's good for you because we want to make sure that you are totally happy and satisfied or any of your questions are addressed.”

He did not do that. He's out there just selling, selling, selling, selling. But what he doesn't realize is that I am someone that you want to be happy because even though you took my check and you cashed it, I'm going to be telling every single person about this. And yes, I'm not exploiting their company right now publicly with you guys. I'm not going to say like if you guys live in South Carolina, North Carolina don't use this company. I'm not going to say that. I could but I'm not but I'm going to tell everyone. I've already told probably told 12 to 15 people that I come across and they ask who's doing the pool? Are you happy? No, I'm not happy with them and here's why. Boom, boom, boom. I start listing them out. It's so fresh for me that when I hear about this I cringe a little bit and I can't wait to tell people about it.

The thing is, it's like this all could have been resolved or this all could have been better if they just would have communicated better and had a better attitude. That's all they needed. The workmanship has been okay. There's been a couple of issues here and there but they took care of them. The reason why they took care of them is because I got with Tim. Tim is the guy that makes sure all the subcontractors do the right jobs or if there's something wrong he gets them to come back to fix it. All that stuff. So he's like the guy that makes everything happen. The salesman sells it. I guess the permit guy that's all he does is submit permits all day.

[00:22:02] Scott: Then he shouldn't be talking to people. Mike, no idea what that guy does. Zero. I'd sit with that company and I would say I want to know what everyone does here. I want to know what that guy does right there because that guy right there is costing… Let's say he's costing you $100,000 a year. That's $100,000 you can put in your pocket or in the company's pocket. Get rid of that guy. You don't need the guy. There's no reason for him to be here. So, I'm not going to go on too much of a rant with Mike. Not a fan of Mike. I'm sure he doesn't listen to podcasts but if he did, I would definitely sit down with him and I would tell him exactly what I'm telling you guys. Not happy with him. I can't wait. I guess we're supposed to sit down with like the owner which again, that's another rule.

You should talk to the owner. The owner should be able to call, “Hey, how's the experience so far? How's everything going? They are not calling because they don't want to hear. They just want to sell the next pool. That's what I'm saying. Like people could do so much better in business if they'd focus more on the people that they currently have, making them happy to spread the word. This turned into a little bit of a rant. I apologize but I hope that you can see with all these little things, you really, really can change the game in your business because so many people are doing it this way and it's the wrong way. They are just looking about selling the next job. Selling the next job, selling the next product, selling the next product. Take care of the ones you have, they will help bring more customers.

So here's what it looked like for me. Salesman sold me then disappeared. Don't disappear. The problems were from day one and it went with the permit lady, with the lady she was short and rude to my wife. Communication was bad on the dig and it continues to be bad unless I call, which now I've just been calling Tim about every day and I literally call him I'm like, “Hey buddy, it's your best friend Scott. How's it going man?” “Oh, it's going all right. He tells me about internal problems and stuff inside of the business, lack of communications, like all of this stuff. It's frustrating for him because there's nothing he can do about it. It's just he's one guy. But attitude when asking questions, I got so much attitude. Why?

[00:24:04] Scott: Why give attitude? I understand you might be understaffed. That's not my problem but I'm a customer. I don't deserve attitude. Again, just you have to realize that when you're dealing with a company of this size it can be run smoother but a lot of times it gets out of control so when you think to yourself I want to scale and I want to sell more products and I want to get to a bigger level think about this stuff because if you went from like a single person running a business to 12 people you're going to have problems unless you have a process in place and you need to have almost like a company policy on how your customer's journey will be.

Map out that customer journey and really it should be even with a salesman. Part of your job as a salesman to sell the job and then to follow up a week later, two weeks later, three weeks later, four weeks later and so on. That should be in that process. So anyway, that's that. I didn't plan on going that long on the pool story but that's that. Now, I'm going to keep you posted on the latest of that saga because we're not completely done yet. It's been about ten weeks. We're just wrapping up now. Today the plaster guys are supposed to be coming as I'm recording here. So we'll see. All right, let's jump into this one here. This is a good story.

This is a happy story for them most part because part of it was of one of the businesses I dealt with was not so good but the one did really good. This is about Brody. Recently if you guys follow my emails that I send out or maybe it's the Facebook post or whatever, Instagram, I posted about this but we had a really big scare with Brody. We thought he was having seizures and it ended up that he wasn't having seizures. He was having severe back and neck pain. He had a ruptured disk that we didn't know about. We immediately rushed him, before knew this we thought he was having seizures. We rushed him that day to…  My wife did actually.

[00:25:59] Scott: And called me, rushed him to a local vet and they didn't have any space, they didn't even have anybody on staff that could help him so they asked us to go to the emergency center. We started actually going that way and then I said to my wife, “Did you feed him lunch?” She goes, “Oh my gosh, I don't think I did.” I'm thinking maybe he's weak. Maybe he's having like a reaction to that. Let's give him some food and I'm going to see if that helps. So we did and it did kind of help for the time being. The following morning, woke up, he seemed a little sluggish and then all of a sudden, boom. It's like he had one of those seizure things again. What it seemed like it seemed like he would lay almost flat and like lock up and literally just shake. It was scary.

So we picked him up, we rushed him to a different local vet not that far from us. They got us in immediately, like seven o'clock in the morning. Seen us right away, it was an emergency call. The vet looked at everything. All his vitals were great. He wasn't having a seizure at this time that we thought. He wasn't having one of those spells but he wasn't himself. So she goes, “I do notice though that when I take his neck and I move it to the one side he resists a little bit, not a lot but a little bit.” She goes, “I'm thinking it could be something in the brain that could be. It could be epilepsy, it could be something like that so I think we should have an MRI done.”

From there they can tell a little bit more what's going on. There's emergency hospital that's about 30 minutes away. I would take him there. I can see if they got some on staff and we can get him in right away. He said perfect. So we checked… These guys were so phenomenal. So friendly, the vet was so friendly but then they had like one of the vet's assistants come and she was rubbing his head and talking to him and just really they cared. They truly cared and it showed so much through just their actions. We're getting ready to check out. They got us all lined up with the appointment. We're getting ready to go and I had to pay the bill. I'm thinking to myself, it's going to be 100 bucks. At least it's emergency visit, it was 54 bucks.

[00:28:00] Scott: So I'm like, “Holy crap. That's pretty good.” We thanked them. They said let us know how everything goes. We'll check in with you later but just good luck and he's going to be fine, he's going to be create. You just gotta get that MRI done. We're like, “Okay.” So we rush him to the emergency room. We go in. This is a bigger place now. This is a bigger place busy, we go in, it's pretty organized though. They've got people on the front of the waiting room area that are taking people in and they have a check out area where they take when you're picking up your dog or if you're leaving. So two different areas. They got like a welcoming you in and then taking all your information and getting you set up and then other one is like out the door.

So two different types of check ins, check outs. So different people. There's like three people on the front, three people on the back. I'll tell you why that's important here in a second. So we are out there in the waiting room. We get our stuff filled out, checked out and everything and then he started to have like one of those fits again. So they looked over at us and we signaled them and they go, “Is he having one?” We said, “Yeah.” They immediately came out, picked him right up, they were great. Picked him right up, brought him in the back room and then about ten minutes goes by. They say, “Come on in.” We went in. They say, we got them in the back and everything. What we seen didn't look like it was a seizure and then they started going through like what did you see, what were the signs?

We told them everything and they go, “Yeah, we don't think it's a seizure. Sometimes what we see is severe back pain or neck pain and it seems like his neck is bothering him in a sense.” And we're like, “Wow, really?” Then we started to put things together. We remember like maybe a month and a half, two months ago he had a little bit of a limp and we didn't know why. We didn't know if he tripped on something, did whatever. He had a little bit of a limp and we didn't think enough of it. Not terrible, just a little bit of a limp. Then it went away. Then once or twice my son picked him up, just picked him up, “Hey buddy, what's going on?” And he yelped. We're, oooh that's strange. What did I do? Didn't do anything. Then it started to make sense that he must have had some back pain but not severe at that time.

[00:30:03] Scott: It was like something that was probably nagging at him and then now it got worse which it did. They go, “So what we're going to do is we're going to do an MRI and then from there if we see that it's a ruptured disc or some other type of issue in the back or neck, we're probably going to want to probably immediately operate on him.” We're like, “Okay, that's what we're going to have to do then.” Oh by the way the cost is going to be between $5,000 and $6,000.” Holy crap! But it's my kid. I'm not going to not do that. So I'm fortunate enough that it didn't faze me.

I'm like, “Okay, whatever we got to do let's do it.” So they said it was going to take probably an hour. So my wife and I went over, got a coffee. We were just talking and all that stuff. We're upset. We had some tears and we had some emotions going and everything so we just love that dog so much. Then we get a phone call. They said, “Yep, confirmed. We ran the MRI and sure enough, it's a ruptured disc.” The way that they explained it to us is like a jelly donut in between your vertebrae and then that actually cushions it and what happens is kind of the jelly leaks out, kind squishes and then that part of the disc is actually putting pressure on the spinal cord.

I looked up pictures and stuff online I'm like, “Holy crap! That looks terrible.” That's what it was. He's having all this pressure on his spinal cord up by the neck. We're like whatever. So you gotta do what you got to do. Anyway, so we went ahead and said, “Go for it. Do it.” They said it's going to take about an hour to an hour and a half. So we started heading home because they said he was going to stay for two, maybe three days because it's a major surgery.

[00:32:01] Scott: We ended up going back home. We got a phone call an hour and a half later saying that the surgery was successful, everything went well, he's in recovery, he's kind of doped up a little bit but he's doing fine and he made it through. That's awesome. Great. We were nervous as heck. Anyway, it was good up to that point. But then we got the phone call that night at five o'clock and they were very short. Very, very short. Now, we just had major surgery on a child of ours in a sense and you'd think they'd spend a little bit more time. But they just said, “Here's what happened, here's how he's doing, we'll call you tomorrow morning and we'll let you know if he can come home?

I'm like, “You said he was going to stay two days.” “No, he can probably come tomorrow as long as he's vitals and everything are good.” Okay. We go through the night. Actually, let me back up. My wife goes, “So what else did they say?” “They didn't really say much.” I said to my wife, “We got to call them back.” My wife calls them back, talks to the vet and we get a little bit more story. But we had to call back. So that was kind of not sitting right with us. We were feeling like we're just a number and it wasn't like they were really were about the dog. It was about the procedure, about the money, about the business. It wasn't like it was in the vet that we took him to in the first place.

But these guys are specialists, this is what they do, if they fix my dog I'm cool. I don't need that but doesn't mean I'm going to recommend them to everyone either but it's like they kind got you because there's not a ton of people doing this. So we end up talking to the vet, they made us feel good about the procedure and what to expect and all that stuff. So now, the next morning we get a call from the main vet, the surgeon. He gives us all the details, he was really good actually. But he said, “We're going to let him go home today if you're okay with that.” I'm kind of thinking okay but I'm kind of thinking, sounds like he probably should have kept him an extra day but we do want him. So okay.

[00:34:02] Scott: So we go there, we meet with them and it was the surgeon and the vet and one of their assistants and we talked to them, they asked me questions. They were really good but still kind of short to be honest with you. I thought that they would spend a little bit more time. Here's where it gets a little not so good. We bring him home and he really shouldn't have been at home. We were talking to a vet friend of ours that used to live where we used to live in New York, we were really good friends with them. They said, “That's a major surgery. He should have stayed another night so they can monitor him, give him a little bit more of an extreme dose of the pain medicine because he's going to be in pain.” And we found that out in the middle of the night.

In the middle of the night he was in extreme pain. We had to call the emergency number. We did and they were helpful but really not. It just felt like there was a huge disconnect in from the time that he was diagnosed and the time he had surgery to now the follow up and the after of the surgery. We got through the night. We really were asking if we can give him another dose of his medicine so we didn't overdose him. They said yes, we did that. Me and my wife slept in the couch with him the whole night. We were rubbing him and just comforting him and everything. He got through the night and then the next day we called again and they basically just reiterated… Actually let me take that back.

We called our vet locally and talked to them about the story and they told us we can take something else. So we went in and got something else that could be taken in between the pain meds. Again, they were really great and just oh my gosh, so glad that they were able to find them. We were so happy that he's fixed and everything and keep us posted. Then literally that night, the vet themselves from that office, the good office, the one that we originally went to she called personally and just wanted to see how he's doing. If there's anything they could do, bring him in, don't ever hesitate and, “Oh, could you give Brody a big hug for us here from the office.” They genuinely, genuinely cared and again, I don't want to go into this whole long story about like how awesome they really are but they really were.

[00:36:07] Scott: The thing is they understand. Whether they know it or not they understand that we are a long-time customer. Understand this, I want you guys to take this away from these stories that I've shared with you today. It's that you have people that might be buying your widget or your one thing but understand that that person can talk about you. And they can come back and buy from you again. Whether it's you or someone else. Now, for us I know that we're going to probably spend thousands of dollars over the course of our time here at our new location.

We may be here the next 20 years, the next 30 years, I don't know but while we're here we will be doing all of his checkups, any of his shots, anything that we have issues with or that we need help with as far as our pets, in this case it's Brody right now, we are going to bring them there. So they have our business. We are locked in. We are totally locked in. Now the other part of that which is going to be like a side effect of this or a side benefit is that we're going to tell everyone that we know about their business, about how good they are, about how much they care about their pets.

If you are a pet owner you want to know that you are dropping off your pet or you are bringing your pet to someone that genuinely wants to help these animals. Now, I'm not saying that at the big facility that they don't want to take care of your pet, they do but they are so probably understaffed and they don't have the people in place to do that. So they need to get that in check and then figure that out. It's as simple as them having someone that is designated to just make phone calls on their behalf to communicate to you and make sure that everything is okay. If you have any questions let us know.

[00:38:02] Scott: We have still not gotten a phone call from the place that did the surgery, the hospital. We have not gotten a phone call from them other than the day after he got home. That was it. It is a major, major surgery as we were told by our friends that ran a veterinarian hospital. There can be things put in place for that business that could do a better job. I'm not sure if it's just us or if other people have felt that. I'm sure there are other people probably have because it's not just us.

Now, the other thing is and this is like another side note but in that facility, in that hospital facility we actually had to go and pay. Well, we went to the front where we initially came in and they go, “No, no. You can go around to the back and that's where you'll do that stuff.” We're like, “Okay. Fine.” So we went back there, there was one lady back there and she basically didn't pick here head up to look at us or anything. Here we are, we just had major surgery. We are feeling like just stressed and just not good and she was miserable. She was like, “Can I help you?” We're like, “Yeah, we're here to basically settle up for Brody's surgery.” And she's like, “Okay.” My wife says, “Is this where we are supposed to pay?” “Well you can pay wherever there's a body,” kind of thing. Anyone that's here you can go to them and they can check you out.

Kind of like, not just me. Why wouldn't she say, “Yeah, absolutely. I can help you and I hope so much that Brody is doing better or that he does well or he recovers well. What did he have? I see he had back… Just some compassion. This lady was totally a bookkeeper type lady. So she doesn't belong to talking to people. It's the same thing with the guy in the pool company. He doesn't belong talking to people. He might be good at something but one's not good at talking to people.

[00:40:01] Scott: So remove him from that part of his job description. Same thing with the lady here with the bills. Do not talk to people. Just collect the money some other way or do something else in the bookkeeping or data entry or whatever. Not a people person. So anyway, understand, the big take away here and I'm going to stop here, is understand that people that are buying from you are customers that can buy from you again but can also tell people about you and that is the best form of advertising that you'll ever do. It might not come today, it may come a month from now or a year from now.

The other thing is, these people can share you on Facebook. They can share you on Instagram, They can share you on YouTube. They can share you all over the place, wherever they are having conversations they are going to be talking about you. Give an example, we have a forum for our neighborhood and I think a lot of people have them, it's called Nextdoor site. And everyone has these forums in their communities. Well, that's how we find a lot of the people that do work for us or maybe a vet or whatever. We're going to go here and rave about these people. Now, the ones that are go on there are going to rave about the job that did not do a good job for them. They are going to do that too because they want to let people know don't go here. They are miserable. I hate going there. They make me feel like they don't care about my pet, my animal.

The restaurant was terrible, they took them 40 minutes to come out and ask me what I wanted to drink. Whatever. That stuff there on social media now can crush your business or it can blow your business up. So just really understand, there's so much power in just communicating with your customers and understanding that they can come back to you and buy again and again and again or they can share their experience with other people. They can tell other people and bring more business. So simple but so many people miss it. So many people. All right, one last quick story I'm going to share with you and that's on a barbecue restaurant that we go all the time. This is going to be really short but it's going to reiterate the same thing.

[00:42:01] Scott: We go to this one place probably once every other week. We love it. It's great. Great barbecue restaurant. We go in there and we get greeted by the hostess and she sits us down and very happy, great smiling, small talk, everything. We go to the table, we get our waitress or our waiter. Every single one that we've had there so far has been awesome. So someone's running this place right, Right off the bat. Then from there as we are eating, this is happening just about every time we've been there. The manager comes around and says, “How was everything tonight folks?”

And we usually say, “Awesome or I just got to let you know and I said this to him a year ago, your waiter has been phenomenal. That person right there you need to have other people model him. And we've had other people too but this guy is really good. Just so personable and likeable and funny and that stuff,” and he's, “Thanks so much.” He goes, “Yeah we do take a lot of pride in our waiters and waitresses. I said, “Well, I got to tip my heart to you because honestly you're coming around and asking how we are doing and if there's anything that they can do better, whatever you want to know.”

He's like, “Yeah I think that that just builds our business better because we're actually showing people that we want to do right by them and if there's something wrong I don't want you to leave and be unhappy. I want you to leave and say there was a problem but they fixed it and they went out of the way to fix it.” But so many people don't want to ask that question because, why? They don't want them to say, yeah, actually my hamburger was undercooked or my beef biscuit was tough.” They don't want to hear that. But he wants to hear it. He's welcoming that. Out of ten tables he might receive one of those comments but the nine people that they'd say wow, that's awesome that that this guy comes around and asks how everything was.

[00:44:02] Scott: Or the one guy that says, yeah, my fries were a little old. No problem, let me take care of it for you. Let me grab some new ones and you know what, let me give you a free dessert on the house. Simple stuff like that goes so far but he's doing it right. They are packed and they've got a great business going so that's how you do it. Bottom line is this guys, I've got couple of take always here, actually a few. Communicate with customers, tell them if you're going to be late or maybe you're going to be delayed on something or even if you see that you have a message coming through and you can't actually answer it fully tell them, “Hey I received your message, I'm going to get back to you tomorrow when I have more time to look into this.

I just want to let you know that I did see it and we are working on it.” Like something like that. Just let them know. Don't avoid it. Big thing there. Questions, if there are questions answer them as soon as possible. Don't let that stuff sit. That's emails or questions from Amazon customers, your regular emails from your regular customers on maybe shopify or maybe your ecommerce store but really respond as soon as possible. Address any issues as soon as possible. If they have a problem, don't question it, don't make them jump through hoops. Just send them a new one. Like literally send them a new thing or maybe an extra coupon to say sorry for the inconvenience it's kind of like getting that free dessert. Here's the free product, we're going to give you guys another one and we're going to give you 25% off your next purchase just because we want to make sure that you are happy.

People want to know, how do I get reviews on Amazon. That's how. You over deliver. Ask if they are happy, it's another one. If they are not happy, fix it and the way that you do this is that you follow up with them in your follow up sequence whether that's on Amazon or on your own ecommerce site. Ask them if they are happy and if not fix it. “Hey, was everything okay when you received it? Was there any issues? Is there anything we can help you with? We want to make sure that you are completely happy because we really value our customers.” That's it.

[00:46:00] Scott: You're going to be surprised at what you get back on that. Then the last thing is just really, just be nice to people and over deliver. It's really simple. Just understand that that one person that bought from you is a person and not just a number. That person is someone that bought because they needed your product, they wanted your product but now for you to go over and beyond by just even just communicating with them goes so far because most businesses aren't doing it. I know I went on a little bit of a rant there today, a little bit of storytelling but hopefully you guys got value from this and just let you guys know that I'm always paying attention to this stuff.

You guys should be too. You guys should be greeting your waiters and waitresses. If they are doing a good job, let them know. Like recognize that stuff. Those guys love it. I had a girl the other day, I was at Dunkin Donuts for the first time in a long time and I got a coffee and this lady was just so awesome at the window and she was so energetic and bubbly and I just said to her, I said, “I'm just going to let you know you're doing an awesome job greeting people and getting their orders and Dunkin Donuts should be proud to have you as an employee.” She was like, “Oh my gosh, thank you so much.” She was so, so happy that I let her know that. I made her day. Do that. Like right now, that's what I want you guys to do. I want you guys to pay attention to people that you're doing business with and I want you to also let people know that they are doing amazing job and call that staff out.

You will make someone's day. I promise you. It feels pretty good. All right guys, reminder, the show notes, theamazingseller.com/431 and don't forget the stuff guys. Pretty easy stuff but really, really super powerful. All right guys, that's it. That's going to wrap it up. Remember as always, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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