3 Stupid Simple Methods For Creating Your Next Lead Magnet in No Time


If you're trying to build your email list, I would argue that there's no better way to bring in consistent and quality leads, then to create an excellent lead magnet.  

Lead magnets, as you probably know by now, are a small bribe if you will in order to get someone to join your email list. Typically these are going to be things like free ebooks, checklists, video series, or something to help your ideal customer plan or execute something that they are interested in.

Here, we're going to dive into 3 different ways that you can create a lead magnet your audience will absolutely love. We are specifically going to be focusing on how you can use them to create a written Lead magnet, such as an  ebook or checklist.

This article is about creating your lead magnet in the shortest amount of time possible, if you're looking for additional ways to generate ideas for things that may work in your Market you may want to check out this article here on the process of finding ideas.

Use Existing Written Content To Create Your Lead Magnet

One of the best ways to repurpose existing content in order to create a lead magnet, is to take a blog or a series of blogs that you have written ( we suggest writing at least one piece of QUALITY content per week),  and combined them into  an ebook or guide that your audience would find useful.

 For example, you could take a series of blog posts that you wrote on how to build an email list, and combine them into the e-book “ The Ultimate Guide to Building your Email List”. 

I know many of you are probably thinking, “Chris  why would anybody want to sign up for a lead magnet if they can get all of the content on my website already?”

The simple answer is formatting. 

While a handful of people in your audience may be willing to dig around on your blog or read all of the articles that they would need to gain the information inside of the “ultimate guide” that you are creating, the vast majority of people would rather give you their email address in exchange for having it in an easily digestible format.

What You’ll Need To Get Started:

Obviously, if we're going to be using existing written content to turn into our lead magnet, we have to have existing content.

 Additionally, we want to have content that has been around a little while, so that we can use a tool like Google analytics in order to see that it is actually popular with your audience.  

There obviously isn't much of a point in creating a guide from existing content if no one likes the existing content.

The Process

The process of building a lead magnet out of existing written content that you have is actually super simple.

You can either decide to do it yourself, simply copying and pasting existing written content and then editing it together, formatting, adding a cover, etc, or  you can use a tool like designerr,  that allows you to do all of those things in just a few clicks.

For the purpose of this post, we're going to focus on using designerr.

Start by going to designrr.com and creating an account.

They have both free And paid versions, so you may want to take a look to see which one will be the best fit for you.

Creating Your Lead Magnet From Existing Content

 Once you create an account you're going to want to login and click the create a new project button.

After that, you can select which option you would like to use to import your content into the platform.  My suggestion would be to use the import blog post option, because it will easily import all of the written content as well as the photos and it will keep your formatting intact.

If you haven't already posted your content onto your blog you can also import from Microsoft Word Google Docs or a variety of other sources.

Each of these options will allow you to import multiple pieces of content and easily combine it into a single document, so if you have several blog posts spread out across different places on your site. fear not because you can use this tool to combine them all easily.

When all of your content has been successfully imported, The next step in the creation process is to select a template.

Designerr has a wide variety of templates that you can choose from, that all have their own unique font Styles colors and cover designs. 

If you don't find one that you like out of the box, my suggestion would be to take a look at the “plain vanilla” template they have, which allows you to create your own cover from scratch and change fonts and formatting without messing up the existing template.

Editing Your Lead Magnet In Designrr

After you verify that all of your content was loaded and you chose a template, now it's time to move on to the editing of your lead magnet.

 This is a very easy process inside of designerr,  since they use a “what you see is what you get editor”,  just like what you are used to seeing inside of something like WordPress and not any more complicated than what you would see inside of something like a Google Docs.

Once you verify that everything looks correct all of your pages are laid out the way that you want them and that you have no typos, you can click the publish button located in the bottom left corner of the editor and designerr will export your document as a PDF.

Using Existing Video or Audio To Create Your Lead Magnet

Using a tool like designerr is great if you already have text created, but what if you're a podcaster or have video content that you would like to use decreed you're leaving it.

 Thankfully the process is virtually the same with a few small changes in order to get your content into the correct format before we turned it into a lead magnet.

What You’ll Need To Get Started:

Since we are talking about using video audio in order to create a lead magnet, it stands to reason that in order to use it you must already have it.

 To use this process you can use either videos that you have posted online, audio from your podcast, or video or audio that you have stored on your phone.

 It's important to remember that this does not have to be professional quality video or audio files, simply using the on-board camera on your smartphone or the microphone in your bluetooth headset should give you a good enough quality to use for something like this. 

The Process:

Before we can actually start creating our lead magnet from our audio or video content, we need to get that content transcribed  Into a text format.

 There are a variety of ways to do this, but there are two services that I've used that I recommend strongly.

Turning Your Audio or Video Into a Usable Format:

The first is going to be from rev.com, this is a human transcription service, meaning that an actual person will be listening to your audio or watching your video and then transcribing word for word what you are saying.   

They tend to be around 99% accurate and only miss terms that are industry terms or aren't commonly used words.

As of the time of writing this post, they're currently charging about  $1.25 per minute of audio that they transcribe.

 If you're looking to save a little money, and are willing to invest a little bit of your own time to make sure the transcripts are correct oh, I would suggest taking a look at temi.com.

This is actually an automated transcription service from the people at rev.com, Meaning a computer program (think siri or google assistant)  is listening to the audio or the video and transcribing it into text.

 While it's slightly less accurate then human transcription ( about 90 to 95%)  temi can turn around audio files in just a few minutes and the best part is it only costs $0.25 per minute transcribed.

 To make up for the small reduction in the quality of the transcript, they give you access to the raw transcription file inside of an editor that lets you play the audio or video file and see exactly what it thinks you are saying.

 If you've ever watched a sing-along video, it's a very similar concept.  Essentially, they highlight each word as you are saying it and inside of the editor you have the ability to change it if the word is incorrect.

 Similarly to Rev, the biggest place where these transcripts tend to be inaccurate is if you're using industry-specific terminology or acronyms frequently throughout the audio or video file. 

Moving To A Finished Product:

Once you're happy with the accuracy of your transcription, you can download the files from either Temi or Rev in a variety of formats.

My suggestion would be to download them either as a Microsoft Word document or as a Google doc, whichever you prefer, so you can edit and format them easily.

From here, we can essentially follow the same process as laid out for creating a lead magnet from pre-existing  written content and upload  each file into designerr before choosing a lay out and making finishing touches using the editor inside of designerr.

Create New Content and Build Your Lead Magnet From Scratch

What You’ll Need To Get Started

Since we wouldn't have any existing content that we could use to build a lead magnet for starting from scratch, we need to start with the idea for the lead magnet.

Like we mentioned at the start of this post oh, this blog is not about how to come up with ideas if you want more on that check this post out here.

However, once we have an idea that we think will work for your audience there are a few different ways that we can create the content.  

The Process

 The method you use to build your lead magnet from scratch will vary slightly depending on which method you use. In this particular case we're going to cover three different methods.

Outsource It: 

If you don't have any existing content to use to create your lead magnet, one thing that you can do to get that content created is to Outsource it.

Hiring somebody to create a lead magnet for you can be a great use of a little bit of money to save you a substantial amount of time.

 It can also allow you to do things, like creating an infographic, that you may not have the skills or technical know-how to do on your own.

 If you're looking to Outsource, my suggestion would be to look at Either upwork.com or freeup.com.

Both of these sites do a great job of helping to pre-screen Freelancers in order to make sure you're getting someone that is going to be helpful.

 They will both require you to outline a project and tell the Freelancers exactly what you were looking for and I will then quote you a price, either per hour or per project.

You can then choose to have the freelancer do the entire project from writing and layout to the finished design or you can choose to have them do only the creation of the content and then use the steps laid out in the sections above, in order to have a little more control over the final product.


If you're anything like me it's almost always easier to speak my thoughts than it is to write them down.

 If you have access to a cell phone you can choose to record audio or video through that device and then use the audio or video steps that we laid out above in order to create the lead magnet.

 Where people most often get tripped up with something like this is that they don't operate off of an outline. You're going to want to make sure to have a written outline, my suggestion would be just bullet points, in front of you while you are recording your voice note or video.

 This will help you make sure that not only you cover everything but that you stay on task and don't wander away from the point that you were trying to convey in the first place.

 It's also helpful because it will make  sure that the audio flows in a way that minimizes the editing you have to do after you use the transcription step above.

 I found that with an outline I'm able to create a blog post like this, or a lead magnet, in very little time at all. In fact right now I'm looking at the clock And up to this point I've spoken just under two thousand words for this post in about 45 minutes.

Which means, even if THINK you don't have a ton of time to create your lead magnet you could have a few different sessions where you speak into your voice notes or the video application on your phone while you're in between running errands or waiting to pick up your kids from school.

You can then choose to combine those files together or upload them separately to Temi or Rev as mentioned above and then continue on with the rest of the process we outlined in the audio or video section.


 Since the vast majority of lead magnets are going to end up as written content, regardless of how they start their life, choosing to write your lead magnet yourself can be a worthwhile endeavor.

Just like with the video or audio method mentioned above, one of the single biggest shortcuts to helping you through this process is to make sure that you're using an outline before you start writing.

 There's absolutely nothing worse than staring at a completely blank screen to create a vicious cycle of writer's block.

If you choose to write your  I would also suggest checking out this article on content creation. While it's tailored towards writing blog content, all the principles laid out in this article will absolutely apply to creating your lead magnet.

One last tip for writing your own lead magnet…Do not try to do it all in one sitting.

 Since lead magnets tend to be substantially longer than blog posts, it's important to keep in mind that you don't need to do this all in one take.

 In fact it might be easier and more productive to think of it as several separate projects. 

Breaking them up into sections not only helps you keep a clear head but it makes sure the quality of the work stays consistent.

Once you're happy with what you've created inside of your favorite word processor you can take that same material and follow the steps we laid out in the  pre-written content section above.

Wrapping It Up:

Creating a lead magnet that your audience will love may seem like a daunting task, but if you follow the steps laid out above, you can build a lead magnet in as little as 10 to 15 minutes ( if you already have existing content).

Speed may not seem all that important, but the reality is that the less time you need to spend formatting your lead magnet, the more time you can spend doing what matters and actually putting it in front of people to see if it's the right offer for your audience.

Chris lives at the intersection of business strategy and growth tactics. Having consulted with dozens of different businesses (as well as building several of his own), he brings a unique perspective on what's working across the eCommerce world in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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