2083 • 3 “LIVE” Etsy Shop Growth Audits For Increased Sales

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 01/25/23 •  2 min read

In this episode, You'll see Me, my partners (and friends), Chris Shaffer and Debbie, go through not 1, not 2, but 3 LIVE Etsy Shop Growth Audits For Increased Sales.

I love doing these types of things because it allows us to see what people are doing right and help them avoid the mistakes that could be deal breakers or problems over the long term.

We aren't just talking surface-level stuff here, either. After all, the goal of these audits is to help people GROW!

We dive DEEP into each aspect of the stores we look at in this episode. From talking through their existing niches and giving ideas for defining or broadening the niche better.

I am also offering specific product feedback and many potential product line extensions.

So, if you've been wondering exactly how we like to think through the entire selling process on Etsy, from niche selection to product line creation (and beyond), this episode is a must-listen.

Oh, and as always, we hang on for a bit at the end to answer some questions from our live audience!

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Remember, I'm here for you, believe in you, and rooting for you! Now it's time to take action and rock your brand”! 

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