2009 • The 70/30 Mix That Increases Results and Growth

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 02/28/22 •  2 min read

After talking to so many people and seeing a common thread here, I learned. So that's where I'm coming up with this 70/30 mix that increases results and growth. 

I'm talking about 70% of your time should be working on a niche property that can create a result. So I'll give you an example that everyone can understand. 

We can read a book about getting in shape, but if we don't get in the gym, we never will get that result. 

Reading it doesn't translate into running on the treadmill, walking, and lifting weights. I will elaborate more in this episode on how the 70/30 mix increases results and growth.

Watch this episode below or listen to it above. Enjoy, and let's CRUSH YOUR WEEK! 

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