1085 • The “AGAIN” Method That Gets Results – (Monday Mindset)

By Chris Shaffer •  Updated: 01/03/22 •  3 min read

So today, I'm going to share the AGAIN method that gets results. I think will help you every week, every day. If you adopt this mindset, and if you take this to heart.

I'm going to share a little story and how it was introduced to me. Why it makes a lot of sense and will help you in all walks of life.

This isn't just about business. Even though you're listening to this and thinking it's a business podcast kind of thing.

I usually relate everything I do to business because there are many parallels. There are so many things that have like qualities.

I always look at this as like we're playing a game, and life is kind of like playing a game. Are you going to win or lose? Why is losing necessarily, right?

Like what is failing? Like many people say, oh, I'm afraid I'm going to fail. I want to share with you how we can continue.

Even if we feel we're not getting results or just not feeling like doing anything. The voice in my head says that this thing isn't going to work.

I've been doing this. I do not see any movement, nor do I see any traffic. I'm not seeing the monetization.

All of this is discussed more in this episode. Watch this episode below or listen to it above.

Enjoy, and let's CRUSH YOUR WEEK! 

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