1053 • 3 Steps To Creating A Seasoned Website Domain That Ranks

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 10/20/21 •  3 min read

I'm going to share something that is not talked about all that much—creating a seasoned website domain with authority. My 3 steps to creating a seasoned website domain that ranks.

There's a little strategy for doing this. Now it takes a little bit of time, but I'm going to walk you through it. There are only three steps to doing this. 

Now I'm doing this myself right now on a sixth niche property that we're building out.

As I record this, we purchased the domain about three days ago. The seasoning of the domain is happening right now. 

So the minute that we purchase it, it's fresh. So whenever you hear people talk about a fresh domain, it means it's never been registered before. 

It's a brand new name, and Google doesn't know who it is or what it is.

So what we need to do is we need to season this domain. 

I'm doing a case study right now on taking an expired domain, building some content on it, and seeing how much faster we can get that ball rolling. 

You're not always going to use an expired domain, and you might not ever use an expired domain.

The cool thing is that we can get some domain authority, which will help us with our niche property. It's going to help us rank. 

So, learn my3 steps to creating a seasoned website domain that ranks. All of this is discussed more in this episode. Watch this episode below or listen to it above.

Enjoy, and let's CRUSH YOUR WEEK! 

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